Masseuse Jayden loves licking Olivia pussy

Masseuse Jayden loves licking Olivia pussy
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The turning of the lock was all it took for her aching clit to start pounding in earnest. She had the urge to touch herself, to press hard on her button and make it stop. It hurt--in a delicious way. It begged to be appeased. But there was no quashing that throb once it started. Not without intervention from her King and Master: He alone elicited that unequaled throb. And only He could quiet the need. She squirmed on her pillow waiting for Him to come in, to take her.

To make it stop. She loved and hated that moment when He was just outside the door about to step in. Tantalizing as it was, an eon passed as she waited. Finally. Click. Her ocitocin levels surged. The noise of the world vanished and her peripheral vision melted away. She began to float. Then all there was were His feet. He petted her soft hair. Hello, my princess. She loved the sound of His deep, calm voice and when He used her pet name. She sank into His strong, yet gentle touch.

Warm juice rushed from her pussy. "My Master," she said. "Thank you for coming. I hope to make this evening special for You." Thank you, my princess. "You do know how I exalt this day, My King? The day You were born was actually a gift to me. Thank you. Happy Birthday, Master." He took her leash from its hook on the wall and raised her chin.

She purred as he fastened it to her collar. He stroked her head. Come, princess. Let's see what you have prepared for your King this night. And they moved into His Lair. Inside He found gifts. The first was a sweet pink blossom of a slave with a tiny waist and huge buttocks. Princess had bound her in pink silken Shibari, enunciating her generous curves and female lines.

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She was strapped down, face up on the sex block with her legs spread open. Princess had rigged the slave so her fat ass cheeks were spread open for King's viewing and playing pleasure. One leg extended out behind her, suspended by the ankle from a hanging o-ring, the other was strapped back onto the sex block.

King's cock swelled at the sight of her puffy pussy lips and pink asshole. The slave laid there smiling, inviting her use. King inspected the bondage job. It was a beautiful web of constriction. The ropes and cables, the o-rings, the intricate harness corseting her body to show off and make available the wicked curves of the lusty slave.

"She has beautiful puffy nipples, Sir", princess said. And a sweet little asshole, he replied. He would destroy it. "She's a good little slave, Sir. I tied her up at 3:00, ate her pussy for an hour--which is delicious, then I left her alone for another hour. She was a gymnast. She's shown remarkable flexibility and strength.

She hasn't complained at all. But I did hear her giggle a few times." Master grinned. "I also brought You other slaves, my King," she said. "Cock slaves," she called out, "come give King something to watch.".

Five women stepped out from behind the curtain. A lovely black servant with deep dark skin and perky tits; a young emo-type with a little basket ass and soft pink nipples; a shy-looking Latina who breasts looked as if they were bursting with milk; and the twins.

The twins were a sight to see. Virtually identical, they had tight, athletic running bodies. Their short platinum blonde hair and ice blue eyes would make any man desire them. The girls filed over to the deep built-in bench behind the sex block, in perfect view of King's eyes.

There they laid down in a daisy-chain and began nestling their faces into each others pussies. The twins took the first two positions next to each other. Master heard one say to the other, 'I love you', just as she planted her mouth on her sister's lips. They began to make out, feeling each other up. The black slave got behind one of them and started tongue fucking her ass. The twin pushed her ass into the girl's face.

The slave wrapped her arms around the twin's ass and sunk her face in deep. Princess looked up with pride from her place at Master's feet. He began to unbutton His shirt and slip off his shoes. My pants, princess. She gently undid his pants. He slipped them off letting His boxers go with them. Now, let's see what cream we can divine from this little cupcake, He said, moving toward the Shibari bound slave. Princess followed on her knees and stationed herself next to her King's now swollen cock.

He began to inspect the blonde bound under Him. As He spread her lips and fingered her asshole, princess asked if she could fluff her Master. He allowed his first chair to do so, and she licked and sucked His cock as He probed the slave. Soon, His cock was fully hard and dripping wet. As princess came up for air, Master stepped over to the slave and teased her pussy with His fat head.

She drooled in anticipation.

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Princess soaked in the beautiful black cock contrasted against the slave's swollen pink pussy, while Master watched His harem kiss and eat each others pussies and asses. Get her nice and wet, princess, Master commanded, looking down on His current conquest. Princess slipped underneath Master's cock and licked the slave's cunt.

She lavished it with her wet mouth and lubed up Master's head. Master pulled back briefly so princess could completely cover the slave's pussy with her mouth.


When princess pulled back for King to inspect the holes He pushed His cock straight into the slave's ass. He had to work her tight ass to enable it to take His massive thickness. After awhile it sunk down deep in one stroke. "Oh, thank You, Sir," the slave whispered.

He groaned and then He began to work her over. He fucked that hole for half an hour. He went soft and slow. He went hard and fast. He teased it with the head of His dick and He buried it to the rim. Occasionally, He'd pull it out and stuff it into his princess's throat or He'd smack princess in the face with His rock hard member. The bound slave was in ecstasy, begging for more. Princess was moaning in pleasure too. King watched the other slaves devour each others pussies, as He pumped His slave hard.

Princess stayed below His cock and the slave's ass licking and sucking, keeping everything lubed and wet. After a long hard pounding, Master told princess He was going to cum.

Be ready to take any cum that spills out, princess. She followed His command and greedily lapped at the girl's asshole and Her Master's fat rod. The vein in His cock began to swell and get very warm. The skin on his member got tight. That's when the first pulse happened. Master grunted.


His seed surged out, the first shot shooting deep into her ass. He continued to pump her as His cum spilled into her hole. Each stroke coming out, princess licked the cum off His cock. When King was finished cumming, He stayed buried in his slave's ass for a few minutes. The girl quietly cooed as princess sucked the juice from the slave's ass. After a few minutes, Master took a leave to visit the lieux. Inside He found another gift, a cock holder.

The slave was a Japanese plum with sugary soft skin and ample lips. Her breasts were of near anime quality, unbelievably round and yet pointed like footballs. She sat on her knees on a pillow, before a short stand holding a handsome book.

Well, hello there, Master said. Who do we have here? "Hello Sir. I am Your cock holder. Your bathroom slave." Her English was perfect, spoken with a delicate accent and a sexy little squeak. I see, He said. And what is my little cock slave reading? "Well, um, I'm studying." She lowered her head. "Sonnet 57. I am studying Sonnet 57, Sir." She was nervous.

That is a fitting sonnet for a slave to study. "Yes, Sir. It is. My Lady, the Princess, told me to meditate on it because I was impatient." She looked up for a moment, pouting. "I guess I asked too many times if You would ass fuck me tonight." She dropped her head in embarrassment.

Slave needs her ass stuffed with Master's cock, does she? "Yes, Sir. I have a fetish," she confessed. "And Mistress told me how fat and strong Your cock is. I can hardly wait any longer," Her sweet whimpering made King's cock jump slightly. He took her chin and raised her head. Well, you know Your Lady is a giving and loving Mistress. She will allow You to take my cock if You serve her well.

And you know, serving her well means you are serving me well. Follow her instructions and you will get your wish. Bide your time well; be patient. Isn't that what the sonnet tells you to do? "Yes, Master.". 'What should I do but tend/Upon the hours and times of Your desire?'".

Precisely, He replied. Your Master needs to relieve himself now, slave. She slipped off her pillow to His feet.

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Master looked down upon her, taking in her plump ass framed by the bow of her servant's apron. He was pleased with the slave princess had selected. The cock slave gently cupped King's balls and cock. It popped up brushing against her lips. Stars sparkled in her eyes at the sight of it bobbing before her. She bit her lip.

Looking up, she wanted to ask for it, but feared the reprisal of denial. She lowered her hands to her lap and bowed her head. King liked this delicate slave. He looked forward to the moment her ass succumbed. There is nothing like taking a dainty little nymph hard, sometimes abusively, all for the pleasure of watching her make it through. Master liked tapping His slaves' inner strengths and giving them ecstasy as He did so.

King stepped to the abode, taking her along with the back of her hair. She slid over next to Him and took His fat member with two hands. She aimed it and Master peed hard. When he finished the cock slave asked if she could clean Him. He allowed her to lick and suckle on the tip of His cock for a few moments. Then just when He saw her sinking into the ecstasy of it, He pulled away.

He pointed to the basket of vibrators and dildos next to His slave's pillow. Make your pussy nice and wet with those.

I will be back for your asshole. Back in the sex room King went to His lounging corner and laid on His plush potato chip chair. He turned one of the big screens away from porn, and found a game. He left the porn up on the other screen, which was showing a spectacular group of women licking and dildo fucking each other.

Princess covered her King in a sheet and asked if she and the slaves could prepare Him some food. He granted the request and as the girls shuffled out of the sex room to the kitchen, He nestled into His chair and watched the game. After awhile, princess and the slaves rolled in a tray piled with sushi and fruit.

A few of the slaves settled onto their knees on the floor next to Him. Master relaxed watching the game, nibbling on the food. After 20 minutes or so, He dozed off to sleep. Princess left two slaves at King's feet, in case He awoke and needed anything. She went to His bathroom and made preparations for other Devotions.

King slept and dreamed about cruising the open sea while mermaids dashed around the yacht. When He finally emerged from His slumber, He found the two slaves stationed next to His chair, lounging with their heads next to Him. They smiled sweetly at Him. He was pleased. Where is your Mistress?, He asked.

Then He heard the cooing and soft moans.

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He looked back and saw His princess with her face buried in a twins' pussy. He loved how his prime slave loved to eat pussy. The sweet chocolate slave was sitting on the twin girl's face and princess was kneading her ass as she slurped on the twin.

A string of benwa balls hung from the chocolate slave's pussy, dangling onto the twin's neck. Princess heard her King stir and she rose to greet Him. "Would Master like a bath and a massage now?", she asked. (Princess loved this devotion more than any other.) He replied simply, yes. She reached over and rang a small bell. King got up and came over to the slaves. He rubbed the twin's pussy and He massaged the other's ass. He fondled around her hole and stuffed another ball in her pussy.

She arched receptively as He slapped her cheeks a few times. He jammed His middle finger into the twin's hole, lifted the other slave's pussy of the twin's face a bit and stuck His sticky finger into the twin's mouth. He swished it around getting it nice and slobbery, all the while grasping the black girl's ass cheek and sucking her tight asshole.

When He was done fishing in the twin's mouth, He slid His wet finger into the black girl's ass. He finger fucked her and toyed with the string of balls in her pussy. She begged for more. When she was panting and whimpering, when He had worked her up to a frenzy, He stuffed three fingers in her and left them buried at the base of her asshole.

And then He pulled the string of balls from her pussy one quick motion. She exploded, crying out in heat. The twin sucked her pussy as the balls came falling onto her chest and the pretty little coco muffin collapsed. Master patted her ass and left the room.

Princess followed Him to the bathroom, where a few of the slaves we're drawing the water for King's bath. Two of them got in the tub, including His Japanese slave, followed by princess. Master sank into the hot water and relaxed as the slaves bathed Him. The feeling of so many soft hands on His body helped Him melt into relaxation.

When He was finished being bathed, princess led Him to the massage table and began her long treatment. First she poured hot oil over His body. She massaged Him from head-to-toe under the oil until He was deeply relaxed. Then she called over another slave. Together they worked deeply on His muscles, attending to each one sufficiently before moving to another part of His beautiful, strong body.

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They concentrated on His upper back and shoulders, His head and neck. They devoted much attention to His lower back and buttocks, His legs and feet. Next, leaving the oil on Him, they poured warm honey all over Him and began the long massage again.

From His head to His feet, they rubbed the honey into His skin. After 20 or 30 minutes of massage, princess poured hot water over King's body and the slaves washed Him off. Then they lavished His body with one more light massage, this time using warm milk and yogurt. They finished by pouring hot water over His body and patting Him off. His stiff and tired muscles relaxed.

His skin was silky smooth. Princess covered Him in a warm towel and the girls left Him alone to nap. When King was ready to get up, He rang the bell. Princess greeted Him. He took her leash and they returned to the sex room. Master took His place on His chair again and commanded the slaves to join Him. For an hour, the girls traded sucking His cock, eating His ass and caressing His balls. Master watched a golf game on one screen and the video of the bi girls having an orgy on the other.

He was content. Master was ready to pluck His Japanese slave's ass now. Princess told her to mount Master and she did so, cowgirl style: straddling His cock, ass toward His face.

King held His hard cock up and she sank it into her ass.

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She laid forward onto His legs and, gripping them like handles, she began to gyrate on His hard on. Her belly and chest laid flat against His legs, she buried her face between his shins and held on tight. She pumped up and down, begging Him to fuck her harder.

He found it amusing, considering she was doing all the work there was to do. He was virtually pinned from the waist down by this little pearl and she was bouncing on His stick. This slut has a sweet asshole, my princess. The girl methodically worked her ass up and down on His rod. He was moaning. Does my slave like that cock in her ass,? He inquired. "Oooooh yyeeeessss'" was all she could say. She pumped her ass up and down. King found the sight very arousing and soon His seed was ready to flow.

Yes. Yes. Just like that, He commanded. The slave kept her pace perfectly. Princess was on her knees to the side of the chair fucking one of her hand maidens with a big strap-on. She watched in delight as her Master was spoiled by the soft Asian ass, mimicking the slave's pace with her own. Princess knew her King was about to cum when His grip on the slave's hips tightened. He moaned and closed His eyes. He clenched her ass cheeks hard. His cum exploded into her ass.

The slave pumped hard, somehow taking all of His massive cock into her tiny little hole with driving force. She was crying out. She was cumming too. Princess salivated at the sight and came watching the scene. She pushed her own fuck toy's face into the carpet as her pussy convulsed, panting, "take that cock you little whore." Everyone collapsed.

King was satiated. Princess was very proud of her slaves' work. After sleeping it off, King awoke and announced He had to leave. His harem all cried for Him not to go, but He dressed and gathered His things.

Princess headed to the door and took her place on her pillow. Her harem of slave girls knelt behind her, side by side next to the statue Princess has sculpted. It was a 5 foot high rendition of "Flower in a Crannied Wall", the statue Frank Lloyd Wright commissioned as an homage to Lord Tennyson.

Master approached the harem girls and told them he'd fondly remember the occasion. Now, mind your Lady, He said. Please her and it will please me.


Please me and our happy band of slave girls will be rewarded and will remain as my harem. "Yes, Sir," they said in unison. King stepped over to His prime slave.

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Princess, you have pleased your King. Your work and your harem deserve special recognition.

I know I did not fuck your sweet hole today. But I will be back tomorrow. Then my cock will be yours alone to worship. Princess was relieved her Master had enjoyed His gift. There was so little she could give Him, this Man who had everything.

It brought her joy to know He was pleased. He bent and kissed her head. Until then, sweet princess. With that, her pussy began to throb.