Big Tit Milf masturbiert im Auto

Big Tit Milf masturbiert im Auto
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(Part 4) After my experience with the delivery guy it didn't take me long to figure out that sex with adults was far more enjoyable for me than sex with my cousin and his friends, that didn't stop me from doing them, just made me look for other adults to play with.

I got my next opportunity about a month later, my parents set up for me to be tutored by one of the teachers who was recommended by the district. I was thrilled, I thought he was yummy. First session was nothing exciting, just school work which I hated, but 3 days later it was much more exciting.

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I was still 10 and I went to his office for tutoring I was wearing a little blouse, and short skirt with of course no panties on. I had stopped wearing panties except for when my mom was around so I didn't get in trouble. He had given me an assignment and I was sitting in a desk in front of him.


I kept slouching in my chair, opening my legs so he could get a perfect view of my pussy. I noticed him staring but he didn't say anything for awhile, so finally I reached down and rubbed my clit. He asked me, "Why don't you have panties on?" I just told him, "I am always horny and they just get in the way." He couldn't believe that I was sexually active and I told him what had happened between me and my cousin and others, but I never told him who I had played with.

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I could see I was having a serious effect on his cock it was bulging through his pants. I asked if I could help release the pressure and you could tell he was having a battle with himself on whether or not he should let me.

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Finally his cock won, I promised it would be our little secret and he got up and locked the door. I was sitting on his desk when he came back, he sat in his chair and laid me back and I spread my legs and he just stared, so I got bolder and grabbed his head and pulled it firmly to my wet pussy. He started very slowly with long licks from my hole to my clit then he would suck my clit gently biting it.

He was making me crazy.

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I was grinding on his face, and he told me he wanted me on my stomach so he could tongue fuck my ass. I turned over reached back and spread my cheeks, and he told me how beautiful my asshole was and that he couldn't wait to taste it, a moment before he stuck his tongue in my ass. I could feel my ass muscles pulling on his tongue trying to pull him in deeper.

He put a finger in my pussy while he tongue fucked my ass to another orgasm. He stood up to fuck me and I stopped him telling him that I wanted to suck him. So I took the head of his cock in my mouth swirling my small tongue around his large cock.


I could barely get half of his cock in my mouth and I could feel him pressing against the back of my throat. I knew he was going to blow because I could feel his cock getting larger and larger, then he shot a huge load of cum in my mouth and I swallowed every drop.

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He asked me if I had ever licked a man's ass and I told him no. He told me to get on my knees in front of him, he sat back in his chair and put his feet on the top and spread his ass cheeks for me. I slowly licked his ass.

I was thinking this isn't bad and I started licking him and tried to stick my tongue in his ass the way he had done to me. He was hard again, I started stroking his cock while I tongue fucked his ass. I then went up and started licking and sucking his balls, he was harder than he had been previously and told me he wanted to be inside my tight pussy.

So I got up and lay on the desk again and he rubbed his cock up and down my wet pussy and then he started to enter me.

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Mmmmmm was all I was thinking as he stretched me as every inch of his hard cock pressed inside me. He was trying to be very gentle, but I started pressing to meet every thrust and then he started to fuck me hard.

He was slamming his big cock deep inside me, and he started to pinch my nipples as he fucked me, he thrust hard inside me as he shot another huge load inside my pussy.

I laid there feeling very yummy and he asked me if I had ever been fucked in the ass, I told him yes and he asked if I would let him.


I was a bit nervous I had never had a guy this big in my ass. He leaned me over the desk, my feet were not touching the floor and he spread my ass and started to eat my asshole again.

I loved it, I was squirming back against his tongue and as my body shook from the orgasm that was coming on he stood up and shoved his hard cock straight into my ass, I tried to muffle my scream as he fucked me, he was so gentle with my pussy but he was not going to let me forget that he was in my ass.

He grabbed my hair as he fucked my asshole.

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I could feel him stretching me, he kept telling me how tight my ass was around his cock. He kept pounding me till he pushed deep inside me as he shot another load deep inside my ass.

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He pulled out slowly and looked up at me, I had tears streaming down my face I had never been fucked so hard in the ass.

After he pulled out he spread my ass and licked me again, my body started to warm again as he licked his own cum from my ass. After a few moments he turned me around, kissed me, and shared the cum he had taken from my freshly fucked ass and shared it with me.