Amateur wife playing with dildo

Amateur wife playing with dildo
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This is the last part of Mike's Sleepover. Look for more story lines to come from these characters however. Or maybe even some new ones, feel free to post ideas of what you would like me to write about.

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Katie leaned in and started to suck on mikes ear as she slid her hands down his chest. Mike was in a total daze not sure if he can believe what is happening. The thoughts running through his head about what is happening and, what will happen.

Mike opened his eyes to see that Kristin had finally striped completely. She was locked in a deep kiss with his sister Missy. Missy hands were roaming all over Kristin's body starting at her pert little breasts. Missy slowly moved her hand down Kristin's chest and flat stomach until she was at her goal, Kristin's now sopping pussy. She began to rub her best friend pussy and they contained to kiss. Mike brought his attention back to Katie who had work her way from behind him and was now sucking on his right nipple.

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She bit down ever so slightly, as mike ran his hands down her sides. He reached around and grabbed her plump ass and lifted her on to the couch. She let go of his nipple and move he attention upward and drove her tongue deep into his mouth. Mike broke the kiss and began to kiss his way down her neck.

He neared her soft breasts he took the left breast in his hand and he began to suck on the right nipple. He twisted the left nipple as he nibbled at he right as she as done. "Mmmmm…" the low moan escaped Katie. Missy now moved up onto the couch. She then straddled Kristin's face, and Kristin need no more invitation. She went to work on her best friends dripping pussy.

Kristin pressed her mouth to her friends wet, swollen love cannel. Kristin thrust out her tongue, pushing it deep inside Missy's throbbing cunt hole. Missy leaned her head back and moaned loudly in ecstasy. She wiggled her ass as Kristin started licking and lapping, moving her tongue up and down between the pink, juice folds of Missy's cute little pussy. Katie switched places with Mike so he was now sitting on the couch. She trust her tongue into his mouth one last time as she then proceeded to lick her way down the middle of his chest.

She was caressing mikes face with her right hand so mike took one of her fingers into his mouth. He could clearly taste the tanginess of pussy on her finger.

Mike moaned with excitement at the thought of Katie fingering herself before she came out to him. "Don't worry stud you get to taste the real thing shortly." She then pulled her hand away from his mouth so she could focus on her job at hand.

She gripped his now ragging hard on and admired the size. While being an amateur my no means, like her two friends, this was definitely the largest cock she had seen. She lowered he head down and took it into her mouth. Mike almost blew his load right then, feeling the skills of the expert cock sucker she was.

Sliding her hand up and down his shaft while twirling her tongue around the head of his cock. "Oh…Yes…OH…YES&hellip.I AM CUMMING!" Mike looked over to see his sister hitting her climax as Kristin continued to eat her pussy.

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Once his sister came back to her senses he waves for her and Kristin to join him. Kristin came right over and wrapped her arms around Mike's neck and kissed his check. "Well did you enjoy yourself over there? I am sure my sister did." He said with a smile "Oh my god yes, I love the taste and smell of pussy." She said as she snuggled up next to him "Come on over sis and join us." "I can't mike you're my brother. It would not be right." "Come on sis come help Katie she looks like she is getting tired." Missy move over and got on her knees next to Katie.

Katie stopped and offered mikes cock to his sister. She stuck her hand out and it was shacking like a leaf and she was about to cry. "That's ok Katie you can continue. Kristin could you go get off me for a second so I can talk to my sister." With that Kristin got down onto the floor, and took one of mikes nuts into her mouth, while Katie was still going strong with Mikes cock. "Come here sweetie." "You are mad, I am sorry." "Look what you have set up for me tonight, how can I be mad.

I am the luckiest brother on earth." Missy smiled and cuddled up next to her brother.


"You help your friends set this up. You dressed in some very sexy lingerie. With no panties, then I watched your best friend eat you out. You must have thought this was a good idea at some point." "Well I did but then I remember what I heard about incest.

About how it is a sin and we will go to hell." "Well if that is all then don't worry god can't think it is a sin according to his book we came from the same two people so every one is doing it." "I know but this will also be my first time so I am a little scared about that as well." "Don't worry baby we will not do any thing you don't want to do.


We move at your pace." Mike then leaned over and kissed his sister on the forehead and pulled her close and embraced her. Missy could tell mike was breathing heavier and was starting to moan. "Oh YA baby keep sucking&hellip. Keep sucking I am almost there." When Katie heard that she rammed mikes cock to the back of her throat.

The head of mikes cock slid down her throat a little and that was all Mike needed. "YYYEEESSSSS!!!!" Mike then grabbed the back of Katie's head and shoved the rest of his cock in to her mouth but it did not fit and she gagged. This caused the load of cum he shot to ooze out of her mouth and down her chin some dripping on to her cleavage. Kristin leaned over and licked the cum off Katie's breasts. Katie then licked her lips and grabbed Kristin's head and pulled it up to hers.

On the way up Kristin licked the rest of the cum off Katie's chin before locking their lips in a deep cum filled kiss. Mike would have blown his load if he had not just.

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"Well ladies that was one of the best blow jobs I have ever received." "You really liked it, it was the first time I have every done that." Kristin said as she got up on mikes lap to sit on the opposite side as Missy Mike moved his hand down to both support and caress Kristin's ass. "You did great; you did not play too hard with my balls but not to soft either." "Let's not forget the person that was working the dick." "How could I Katie, you were a pro." With that Katie then sat on the middle of mikes lap.

They continued to caress each other for a few minutes. "Ok ladies you have to get off me I cant feel my legs any more." "Who needs legs?" Katie said as she ground her but in to mikes crotch. "That is true but if blood anit getting to my legs what else anit it getting to." They giggled and started to get up.

"What time are your parents coming home?" Kristin said as she stretched. "Well normally when they leave like this it will not be until Monday morning" Missy said as she headed for her room, Kristin followed closely behind. "I better go join them" Katie got up and started to walk away.

Mike grabbed her arm and pulled her back, but she resisted. He looked at her with a stern look and said "You still own me a taste." She looked back with a sly smile and tried to pull away again but she could not get away from mikes grasp. This time mike pulled her with more of his force and shoved her on to the couch. He got on top of her and with a sarcastic tone she said. "Oh please mister let me go." Sensing where she was going Mike played along.

"You have been a bad girl, teasing me with this young body of yours. You will need to be punished." Katie fought back to stay in the character. "Please mister I did not doing any thing." "Oh but you did you naughty little whore." Mike got off Katie and moved over to the recliner and sat down. He motioned for her to come over to him.

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She got up and walked slowly over to where mike was sitting. She hung her head and bit her lip. Much like a little girl would that knew she had done wrong. "Hurry up and come get your spanking damn it!" Mike shouted She looked at him with her big round eyes and pouty lips.

He just gave her a stern look. She then lay across his lap. He rested one hand on her bare ass the other hand took a handful of her hair. He leaned in and pulled her hair making her head come back. "This is what happens when you say I can have a taste then try to leave." "Please mister let me make it up to you, don't spank me please" she cried. "Don't worry you will make it up to me after." SMACK!!!

His hand fell making contact with her bare ass. "MMMMM" she moaned as she bit her bottom lip He raised his hand again SMACK!!!

"MMMMM&hellip. Harder." He raised his hand again and brought it down swifter SMACK!!!! "OH…YES&hellip.Harder!" He raised his hand again and admired the imprint he left on her ass. SMACK!!! "MMM you hit like a girl HARDER!" Mike taking a little offence to the remark raised his hand again SMACK!!! SMACK!!! "OH GOD YESSS, that's it. MORE!!" SMACK!!! SMACK!!! SMACK!!!

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SMACK!!! SMACK!!! Mike continued to spank her until he felt something dripping down his leg. He looked over at her and all she could do is nod.

He could not believe she came form the spanking. However it would appear that is all it took. Mike flipped her over and picked her up. He took her over to the couch and put her down.

"Gosh mister is it time for me to make it up to you." "Damn right it is you dirty little whore, now spread your legs." She lowered he head and did as she was told. Mike moved his face to with in inches of her steaming cunt, which was oozing from her juices. Mike immediately pressed his tongue on her tight clit starting to lick it up and down, taking in her sweet juices.

His tongue going all over her pussy as she moaned for more.


He spread her cunt and slowly pushed his tongue inside her love hole. Fucking her vagina with his tongue, her juices pouring onto his face. Holding her pussy open with his fingers he darted his tongue in and out of her. Making her moan and sigh for more. Her body pulsing on his tongue. Mike felt her starting to tense up building to orgasm as he fucked her harder and faster with his tongue and fingers. Katie began to shudder as another orgasm rocked her body. During all of that she had pulled the top of he corset down.

She was rubbing her breast and nipples with extreme vigor as she bucked her hips into Mikes face. Mike continued to suck and fuck her hole with his tongue and fingers during and after her climax.

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Once it had subsided she sat up and pulled Mikes to her lips. They kissed for what seamed like forever. Until Kristin came out of the back room and yelled "Shit! Save some for later." The pair laughed and Mike started to get off Katie. She grabbed him and kissed him once more and said "Wait we are not done yet." "Sorry honey I am.

I still have a paper to write. I want to get it done so we can have the whole day tomorrow to enjoy our selves." "Fine" she said with a smile "Anticipation helps the appetite any way." Mike started down the hall and turned around. "Hey help my sister get over being scared for me. I want us all be enjoy it tomorrow." Katie nodded blew Mike a kiss.

Mike went to his room and finished his paper. He then got some sleep to rest up for what he knew would be a great day of erotic pleasure. *************************************************************************************************************************** The next day came and the girls woke Mike up by all being in his bed naked. Mikes bed is were they spent the rest of that glories day. Mike was never able to get his sister Missy to touch him, or let him touch her.

He knew his sister and it would only be a matter of time before he popped that cherry. That is a story for another day however.