Roleplay british milf gets fucked

Roleplay british milf gets fucked
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BimboTech Chapter Three: Bimbo Wife Gets Caught By mypenname3000 Copyright 2016 Alice Jackman, Chief Research Scientist of BimboTech Chemicals I giggled at Natasha's jaw dropping. The doughy, overweight grocery store employee had no idea how to test for a cucumber's hardness. I shuddered as I pushed the vegetable so deep into my cum-filled pussy as I lay against the melons stacked on the produce table. I was so glad that nice, Black man had taught me this method.

First he fucked me with his cock so I could remember how firm a big, thick dick was, then I shoved the cucumber in to compare. It was super smart. "Oh, this one is so right, Janet." "Yay," cheered my bimbo wife. She sat on the produce table beside me. Her thighs were stained with her pussy juices. She had masturbated with the cucumber and came so hard while the nice man fucked me. Cumming was the bestest, most super-duper thing in the whole world.

It made my mind feel even more marshmallowy and yummy and bubbly. I loved that feeling so much I needed another cum. And the cucumber felt so amazing in my pussy. "You have to stop that," Natasha gasped, her second chin wobbling. "You're in the middle of the store, for Christ's sake. You can't do that here?" "Why not?" I moaned, pumping the cucumber faster and faster. "Is there a special spot in the store for testing out cucumbers?" "Why?

Because it's fricking unsanitary, for one," the woman said. "You're getting that man's cum everywhere, you're soiling the fruit, and your masturbating in public. What is wrong with you?" "You have to clean up the cum," moaned Janet as she rubbed at her pussy with her fingers, trembling. "There's so much yummy, vitamin-filled jizz going to waste.

It's your job, Natasha." "Uh-huh." I nodded my head, my pussy clenching on the cucumber. "You have to clean it all up." "That's disgusting," Natasha said and lunged forward, grabbing my arm and pulling it away from the cucumber. "Oww," I complained. Why was she stopping me? Didn't she understand I needed to do this? "My pussy is so hot, Natasha. I need this. I need all the yummy, bubbly delights of cumming!" "Yes," Janet moaned.

"Don't you understand?" Then Janet's eyes widened. "No, no. You're not a bimbo. You don't know how super-duper wonderful this is." "You're like I was before," I gasped.

"You don't understand sex. You think it's icky. But it's not. It's so yummy, marshmallowy goodness. It's the bestest thing in the world." "Oh, my god," Natasha groaned, looking around the store.

"This is crazy." "But don't worry," I told her, reaching for my purse. I shoved my hand inside and found one of the syringes. I pulled it out. It was filled with a bright-green liquid.

"I'm a super smart sciency person, and I know just how to fix you." Natasha gasped as I jabbed the syringe into her leg and pushed on the plunger. I giggled as it shot the serum into her body. Now she would understand. Sex would become all yummy and marshmallowy and bubbly goodness. She would get all hot and horny and aching to just cum and cum and cum. Then she would help us shop and clean up this mess. "I thought Frank said you had to have his permission to make bimbos?" Janet gasped.

"You're being bad, Alice." My eyes widened. "Oh, no, you're right. Oh, it's so hard to remember. Now Frank will have to spank me." Natasha just let out a giggle. "You are bad," she nodded her head, her hips shaking.

She looked like a muffin, her stomach spilling over her brown slacks, her body so pudgy and thick. "Ooh, yes, so bad. You need to be spanked for what you're doing. You can't." She trailed off, fanning her face. "Oh, it's hot in here." "Uh-huh," I purred, grabbing the cucumber and reaming it over and over into my pussy. My toes curled. It was so thick. So hot and wonderful. My snatch clenched on it as I reamed it inside me, watching her change. It was so wonderful.

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The most wonderfulest thing to see. Her muffin body rippled, shrinking. Her khaki slacks and her big, grandma panties fell off her narrowing hips. Her shirt grow baggy for a moment, and then her large breasts grew.

So big and juicy and wonderful. The fat melted from her face revealing her smoky beauty. She giggled, her hair growing long and luxurious, her eyes vapid and full of bubbly joy. "Oh, wow," she gasped, ripping up her shirt. Her bra struggled to hold her tits, the cup too small for her pillowy mounds.

She pushed her bra up next. I giggled as big, bouncy, perky tits spilled out. "Yay," Janet clapped as Natasha bounced on her heels. "My tits do that, too. See!" Janet bounced on the table, her tits heaving. "They do," Natasha giggled. "We both have bouncy tits. Wow. And black hair. It's like we're sisters." "Titty sisters," Janet said, cupping her big tits and making them bounce even more. It was so hot, my pussy clenching so hard on the wonderful cucumber.

"Yes, yes, such beautiful titty sisters," I moaned, my lush mounds heaving as I writhed. More melons tumbled around me as I leaned back into them, reaming the cucumber in so deep.

I pumped it faster, loving the squishy sound. It was such a bad sound. Nasty sound. Sexy sound.

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Natasha had such a huge smile on her lips. She was so happy now. Her body slim and curvy, her tits overflowing and beautiful.

She was a bimbo. A giggly, horny bimbo. I made her better. "I improvised you into a hottie!" "Yay," she giggled as she pressed her tits into Janet's. My wife shuddered, their nipples kissing as they both giggled in delight. Janet's thighs wrapped about Natasha's waist, pulling her closer and closer. The women humped together. "We're pussy kissing." "We are," moaned Janet. "I love kissing your pussy with mine.

Oh, yes." "So hot," I moaned, my orgasm swelling inside of me. I reamed the cucumber so deep into me. I squirmed and moaned, fucking myself with the thick cucumber.

The pressure swelled inside of me, keeping me humping and moaning as I watched their titties and pussies kiss. They were both so beautiful, panting beside me. I improvised Natasha. Like an actor would on stage. I improvised and made her into a delicious bimbo. I moaned, my toes curling. The friction of the bestest cucumber sending thick, cotton candy delight flowing through my body.

It stuck to all my nerves, making me tremble and moan as I came closer and closer to my orgasm. "Yes, yes, kiss your pussies together," I moaned.

"Kiss them so hard. Smooch them." "Yes," Natasha moaned, her body trembling. "Ooh, wow, this is so amazing. I feel like the bestest woman in the world." "You're not a muffin any longer," I purred. "But you have such yummy melons now." My pussy spasmed on the cucumber. My orgasm burst through me. I gasped and moaned, shuddering on the produce table. I bucked back into the melons as the rippling delight rushed to my mind. It dribbled over my thoughts, coating them in more marshmallowy goodness.

I screamed out my pleasure, letting the entire grocery store know I loved this cucumber. "It's so firm! It's perfect! It the most perfectest cucumber!" "Oh, my god," a woman gasped, her cart backing away.

Then she turned and darted off. I blinked in confusion at her, my body trembling from the wonderful, yummy pleasure sliding through me. What was wrong with her? I pulled out the cucumber from my pussy. It dripped with pussy cream and that nice, Black man's cum.

I held it up to my lips, licking it, savoring my spicy musk and his salty cum, a hint of its waxy skin bleeding through the stronger tastes.

I opened my mouth as wide as I could, sliding it inside like a big, thick cock. I sucked on it, cleaning it up of all my juices. I shifted on the produce table, cum dribbling out of my pussy and onto the table.

I popped the cucumber for my mouth. "Oh, the director's going to love the party tonight," I squealed to Janet. "We have the bestest produce. He'll be so happy to help us and shoot the film." Natasha broke the kiss, her breasts still pressed tight to Janet. "Film?" "We're staring in a film for our bimbo serum," Janet beamed. "Alice and our husband are so super smart.

They're the sciency people that invented it. It made us so hot and yummy." Janet's hands slid up, cupping Natasha's breasts. "Oh, you are so yummy, too." Natasha giggled as Janet lifted a breast and sucked on a fat, pink nipple. The new bimbo squirmed, her hips shaking as she stared at the mess between my thighs. She licked her lips, hungry for all the yummy proteins found in cum and pussy juices.

"You need to clean up the mess," I giggled. "You work here. It's your job." "Yes," she moaned as Janet nibbled on her big boob. I bet it would be wonderful if milk came out of her nipples Just sweet and delicious. "The store must be spic and span!" My super smart sciency brain went to work beneath all the syrupy, marshmallowy delight dribbled over my thoughts, making everything so yummy.

Strange chemical names danced through my head. I couldn't even come close to saying them, but I was so excited to talk to Frank. He would love my new idea. I gasped, blinking, realizing Natasha was kneeling before me.

She licked at the cum staining the produce table, cleaning it up with a darting, punk tongue while her brown hair rubbed against my hot and juicy pussy. I giggled, savoring the feel of her rubbing against me. "She's cleaning up the mess," grinned Janet. "Isn't that so sweet of her?" "It's her job," I nodded. "Just like it's our job as wives is to shop for all the yummy produce for the party tonight." Natasha's wonderful tongue found my pussy, lapping at it.

I groaned and shuddered, my breasts jiggling. Janet leaned over, her hungry mouth latching onto my nipple. My bestest friend sucked so hard on my nipple, making me coo in absolute delight. She was so hungry for it. "I don't have milk yet," I giggled. "Milk?" blinked Janet. "What?" "From my boobies.

I don't have milk, yet." "Are you preggers?" she asked, eyes widening. Her hand shot to my belly. "I don't feel a baby in you, but that's how you make milk." "I'm a super smart sciency person," I told her. Though my eyes were wide. "Oh, it would be so hot to be preggers.

Frank could makes us all super-duper preggers." "Yes," Janet gushed. "And then you would have yummy milk." She seized my tit, almost like she was milking it. Like I was a cow. I glanced at Natasha. Maybe she would like to be a bimbo human cow, making milk for the whole family. "There they are," a woman shouted. She sounded so angry like the last pair of cute panties was taken by another woman. "Look at them. In your produce section." I blinked and then waved as the woman with the shopping cart had returned with several big, strong men.

They marched towards us, and I giggled, humping against Natasha's mouth while Janet sucked on my tit. "Do you think Natasha would make a great bimbo human cow?" I asked them as they glowered at me.

What was wrong with them? Were their cocks all backed up? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Frank Jackman, CEO of BimboTech Chemicals The warm, wet, sucking mouth on my cock drew me out of sleep. I groaned, my head shifting on the soft, pillowy breasts I lay on. My eyes blinked open and I groaned again, the hungry mouth sucking so hard on my dick, one of my bimbo wives so eager for her morning vitamins.

"Good morning, husband," Nicole beamed at me, her brown hair a mused mess. "It's a wonderful morning." "Uh-huh," I groaned as my bimbo wife took more and more of my cock in her sweet mouth. I was on my side, snuggled against Nicole. Her hard nipple was right beneath my cheek. I nuzzled at it, batting it with my tongue.

"Oh, Frank," she giggled, vapid pleasure crossing her lips. "That's so naughty of you. You're making my pussy all tingly and achy." "Your pussy is always tingly and achy," I grinned at her. "Guilty," she laughed. Then blinked. "But what did I do wrong to be guilty of?" "Being a naughty, horny bimbo-slut," I grinned and then sucked on her nipple like my wife sucked on my dick.

Her mouth bobbed on my cock, sucking so hard. She slurped and licked beneath the covers. They moved as she put her all into the blowjob.

My balls already ached beneath the pressure of her delicious mouth. I moaned about Nicole's nipple. I nibbled on the fat nub, my nuts churning, my cum aching to explode. Nicole moaned and wiggled.

Then she let out a soft sigh, licking her lips. One of her legs lifted, the blanket sliding off, revealing the naked ass of the wife sucking on my dick. I frowned. It didn't quite look like Alice's ass. Where was my first wife?

My true wife? I popped my lips off Nicole's nipple, curious to see who was sucking my cock. I threw back the covers, revealing Donna's face looking up at me, her brown, dull eyes staring at me with hungry desire. She sucked so hard, bobbing her mouth up and down my dick. "Donna," I panted. "Where's Alice?" She tried to speak about my dick, almost biting me in the process.

"Mouth off, then you can speak, remember?" You had to be patient with bimbos. But they were so worth it. Their bodies all perfect curves and bountiful breasts. And their pussies were hot twenty-four/seven.

They just wanted to fuck and suck, and all you had to do was whisper naughty suggestions to them. Donna popped her mouth off my dick, saliva dripping from her lips.

Her large tits swung beneath her as she sat up. She grasped my wet dick, stroking it as she said, "She was gone when I woke up. I checked all the rooms. Janet, too." "They're not in the house?" I panted as she leaned down to lick at my cock's tip. She shook her head. "By the pool?" She shook her head again. "Damn," I panted, leaning back on the pillows.

"Maybe they're checking the mail?" "Mail comes to the door." Donna giggled. "I have to suck the mailman's cock each time to get it. That's the law." "Of course it is," I groaned, shaking my head. Donna stayed at home to tend our house. She used to be my wife's supervisor at BT Chemical, a real bitch of a woman. Then she became a bimbo when Veronica Beigh had tried to steal our product, sending her in as a spy to our investor meeting. Now she was our wife.

It was delicious revenge. Donna didn't mind. She loved being a bimbo instead of the fat hag she used to be. Donna engulfed my cock again. I leaned back, trying to think where my wife was. But that was hard when a beautiful woman bobbed her mouth up and down your cock. I had no idea where Alice and Janet could be.

Luckily, I had my women tagged with GPS just in case they got lost. "Nicole, hand me my phone," I panted.

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"Yes, sir," she smiled, snapping to attention. She used to be a cop and sometimes acted like she was a soldier around me. Of course, no soldier had breasts that bounced so beautifully when she saluted.

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So I didn't mind. She grabbed my phone and handed it to me as Donna took more and more of my cock into her mouth. I groaned as her hot mouth sank down my shaft, engulfing every inch of my dick. She swallowed my cock with ease, a skill no doubt born from all her practice with the mailman. Her lips nuzzled into my pubic hair as she hummed and moaned. I groaned, gripping my phone as a wave of pleasure rushed through me. My balls tensed.

Donna's mouth was too good. She was born to suck my cock. Her cow-brown eyes looked up at me as she worshiped my dick. "So good, slut," I panted. "You are making my cock feel amazing. You're going to get so much vitamins this morning." She hummed louder, hip wiggling. "I need vitamins, too, Frank," Nicole pouted, her thighs rubbing together. "You'll get them," I told her, logging into the app that tracked my women. It showed a map of our town. Nicole's, Veronica's, Becca's, and Donna's tags appeared in the house, almost on top of each other.

But Alice's and Janet's were across town at the grocery store. "Why are they.?" I groaned. "The party." Nicole gasped and clapped her hands. "We're having a party tonight! Yay!" "Uh-huh," I groaned, my balls aching. I stared at the two dots of my wives at the grocery store. What were they doing there?

And were they being naughty? Yes, they were. They were bimbos. I had to get down there before they did anything to get themselves in trouble, like having sex in the middle of the grocery store.

They wouldn't understand why that was wrong. It was how we ended up with Nicole as a bimbo wife. She was a cop who had wanted to arrest Janet while Alice had been lured off by a group of Black men for a gangbang. "Damn," I groaned, my balls boiling in Donna's mouth.

She sucked so hard. "Make me erupt, slut. I need to dump my cum in you." "Yes, yes, suck so hard," moaned Nicole, her hot pussy grinding on my thigh. Her plump breasts were pressed against my side. She nibbled at my ear. The feel of her made me dick ache more and more. I groaned, my eyes rolling back in my head. My dick ached in Donna's hungry mouth. She deep-throated my dick, taking every inch with practiced ease.

I groaned, my head turning, finding Nicole's hot, hungry mouth. The former cop kissed me with abandon, her tongue thrusting into my mouth, her pussy humping hotter and harder against my thigh. She dripped with juices. She was so turned on. Her tongue danced and fenced with mine as I trembled. My cock ached and throbbed. It wouldn't be long before I erupted and flooded Donna's gullet with my cum, her humming throat vibrating about my dick, massaging me and— My phone rang.

I jumped as it suddenly hummed to life in my hand. I broke the kiss with Nicole, swiping the screen. "Hello," I panted. "Who's this?" "I'm Mark Peterson, the general manager of Lucky's. Is this Frank Jackman?" a man asked. "Yeah?" I asked while in the background I heard women giggling. Bimbo women. "You found my wives?" "Yes, Alice Jackman and her friend, Janet," the man said.

"I think they're high on something. They were.acting inappropriately in our produce section. They've contaminated a large section of melons and one cucumber with their antics. I think I have to call the police." "No, no," I groaned, picturing my wife and a cucumber.

I bet she had reamed in and out of her cunt, her red hair flying as she fucked herself. "I'll pay for any damages. No need to get the police involved." "He stopped our fun, Frank," Alice cooed in the background. "But we met a new friend. Natasha." "Hi," a woman said then she squealed. "Ladies," Mark snapped. "Stop that." He cleared his throat.

"That's the other thing we need to talk about. Your wife.injected something into one of my employees, and there are.side-effects. Impossible side-effects." "Look at my big boobies, Mr. Peterson," the new bimbo giggled. "Oh, they're so big now. I bet you just love looking at them." I groaned, my dick throbbing in Donna's mouth.

Why was Alice running around with a syringe full of the bimbo serum? "I'll straighten everything out," I groaned. The women squealed again in the background. They were being so naughty. I would have to spank Alice for this. "I'll be down there soon." "Good.

I would hate to get the police involved. But if I have to." "Yeah," I groaned and hung up. "Fuck, Donna." My balls tightened.

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Alice was in so much trouble. I groaned, Nicole's pussy rubbing on my thighs. I pictured this Natasha, her new body heaving and curvy. I hoped she wasn't married or had a family. That would make this so complicated. "Erupt in her mouth, husband," Nicole moaned in my ear. "Give Donna all your yummy vitamins. She's a growing girl. She needs them." "Yeah," I panted, not sure where Nicole got the growing girl from.

"Keep sucking, Donna. You bimbo-whore. Make me cum." Donna's eyes slid up to stare at mine. She smiled at me, sucking my dick so hard. She hummed about my cock as she bobbed, deep-throating my dick over and over. I squirmed on the bed, panting, the pressure building in my balls. And then exploded out of me. My cum spilled into her hungry mouth. Blast after blast of jizz painted her tonsils.

Her cheeks bulged as she tried to hold it all in her mouth, and then she swallowed, shuddering, her shapely ass swaying. "Fuck," I groaned, my eyes rolling back into my head. "Damn, that was good, Donna." "Goody, it's my turn," Nicole said, clapping her hands.

"I want your cum in my asshole." "No time, I have to go rescue Alice. She's been naughty." Nicole gasped, clapping her hands over her mouth. "So I want you to get your favorite dildo, strap it on Donna, and let her fuck your pretty ass while I'm gone, okay?" "Okay," Nicole said, powered her hands, and beamed.

"That sounds perfect. You are so smart, Frank." "And you're just a dumb bimbo," I sighed, stroking her beautiful cheek. "But I love you anyways." "Yay," she cheered. "Come on, Donna, to the toy room!" We had a huge room full of sex toys. With five horny bimbos in the house, it was a necessity. Yes, I had the stamina to fuck and fuck thanks to Alice's compound, but there was only so much of me. The bimbos loved their toys.

I groaned, rolling out of bed as they scampered through the house. I stretched, shaking my head. I needed a find a way to make the intelligence serum last longer. Alice was the ringleader of all the trouble my bimbo wives got into. If she was smart more often than an airhead, it might cut down on my headaches.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Alice Jackman, Chief Research Scientist of BimboTech Chemicals "Come on, Mr. Peterson," I said as I sat on the desk in his cramped office in the grocery store. "What's so wrong? We were just testing out the produce." Janet nodded her head. "We had to make sure the cucumbers were as firm as a cock." Natasha giggled.

"They explained it to me, Mr. Peterson. And it all made sense." "Jesus, Natasha, what happened to you? You're.?" "Hot?" she giggled. "Sexy?" I added. "Look at her boobies. You can't tell me those aren't delicious boobies." Mr. Peterson was a handsome enough man, tall and thick-shouldered He had that swarthy, handsome look of Italian men. Which meant he would be the bestest cook.

All Italians were bestest cooks. Everyone knew that. I reached over and grasped Natasha's boobs, pressing up to her from behind as I slipped off the desk. I shook them at him, loving how plump they felt. My stretchy dress—wasn't that the bestest word ever, stretchy?—was bunched around my waist, my tits and pussy exposed.


"Jesus," the man groaned. "Stop that. I should call the police." "Police?" I gasped, my eyes wide. "What did we do wrong?" I pinched Natasha's nipples. "We weren't bad criminals." "No," Janet said, pressing up behind me. "Were we, Alice?" Her hard nipples rubbed in my back.

Her hands reached around, cupping my tits as she held me, trembling. She rubbed her hot pussy on my ass. I rubbed mine on Natasha's. "You were having sex in the middle of my store," Mr. Peterson said, exasperated. "What's so wrong with that?" I giggled. "I like sex. Do you like it, Natasha?" "I love it," she moaned. "Oh, Mr. Peterson, I'm so wet right now." I gasped, my hands letting go of her boobs to slid down her body.

I shoved them between her thighs and felt her juicy pussy. She had no hair down there—no bimbos did, it was a site-effect of the serum—and rubbed at her folds. "She is so wet," I moaned, my fingers slipping into her pussy. "And so juicy. Oh, Mr. Peterson, your employee is so horny. Don't you help them out when they're like this?" "Shit," he groaned, staring at Natasha. "I'm married.


You have to stop this. I really should call the police." "Because her pussy is wet?" I gasped. "You should be ashamed of yourself. She's in need. When someone's in need, you help them." "I'm so in need, Mr. Peterson," moaned Natasha, her pussy clenching on my fingers.

His hand moved to the phone but froze, eyes locked on Natasha's crotch. He let out a pained groan. My eyes widened, seeing his khaki slacks tenting with his erection. The poor man was also in pain. That was terrible. "We have to help you, Mr.

Peterson," I gasped, yanking my fingers out of Natasha's juicy pussy. "We made you so hard." "We're so sorry," Janet moaned behind me. "What?" The man blinked in confusion as I pushed Natasha forward. "When you make a man hard, Natasha, you have to help him out. He's in so much pain right now. He needs his cock sucked." "Mr. Peterson, I didn't know," Natasha gasped, falling to her naked knees.

She reached out, grabbing his crotch, rubbing at his bulging hardon. Mr. Peterson groaned. He shook his head. "That's really not necessary, Natasha." "It is," I insisted, nodding my head.

I fell to my knees beside Natasha, my pussy dripping with excitement. It was always so yummy to help a man in need. "We help those in need. That's the ethnical thing to do. No matter what their race." "Especially Black men," Janet moaned, kneeling on Natasha's other side. "Yes, that's why it's so ethnical," I moaned, stroking Mr. Peterson's crotch. I found his zipper. I loved the raspy sound it made.

That sound meant sex to me. My pussy clenched as Natasha's eager hand reached into his fly. "I'll make you feel soooo much better, Mr. Peterson," moaned Natasha. "We're a team at Lucky's.

And teams have to help each other out." "Shit," he groaned as his dick slid out of his fly. It wasn't very big, not like Frank's or that nice man who helped me in the produce aisle, but it was hard. And dripping with precum. I grasped the shaft, stroking it as Natasha leaned forward. She licked at the clear liquid leaking out of his cock, caressing his shaft with his tongue. Janet's hand wrapped over my fingers.

We stroked him as Natasha licked and nuzzled. "That's it," I moaned. "That's what good bimbos do. We help all those poor men we hurt with our sexy bodies and big boobies. We make them so hard, and that's painful. Blue balls is deadly." Another nice man taught me that. "Yep," Janet nodded. "We have to suck their cocks or fuck their cocks and make them cum. I love it." "Yes!" My pussy clenched. Being a good bimbo was so the bestest.

"Am I making you feel better, Mr. Peterson?" Natasha asked after taking a long, slow lick across the crown of his dick. "Yes," he groaned. "Shit. You can't ever tell my wife. Or anyone else. It has to be a secret. Or you're fired." "Oh, no, I don't want to be fired," gasped Natasha. "I won't tell a soul. Cross my heart and hope to die." Janet giggled. "Who would dye you if you told? And what color would they choose? Would they make you blue? Or purple?" "Ooh, green," I added.

"I don't know," Natasha giggled and then she sucked on the tip of Mr. Peterson's cock, her cheeks hollowing. He groaned, running a hand through his hair. "You hear the sounds he's making?" I whispered into Natasha's ear. "That means he likes it. You're making him feel so much better. Isn't that just the bestest feeling in the world?

Being a good bimbo?" Natasha moaned about his cock. I couldn't understand what she said. "It makes my pussy so hot," Janet moaned. "Mine, too. I bet Natasha's got a hot pussykitty who needs to be petted." I shoved my free hand between Natasha's thighs.

Janet joined me. Together, we petted Natasha's kitty. And boy did she purr around Mr. Peterson's cock as we rubbed her shaved flesh, stroking her hot pussy lips. We made her shudder and shiver. Her large breasts jiggled, brushing mine.

I turned, rubbing my nipple into her tit as I stroked Mr. Peterson's cock. This was so much fun. Helping people was the bestest thing in the world. Our fingers rubbed and brushed together as we petted Natasha's juicy pussykitty. She sucked and purred, bobbing her head on Mr. Peterson's cock, doing her bestest to relieve his blue balls.

He kept groaning, his back arching, feeling so good. The door opened. Mr. Peterson cursed. "You shouldn't say such naughty words," I gasped at him.

"Alice," my husband groaned behind me. Bubbly, wonderful, marshmallowy goodness burst through me. I hopped to my feet, turning to see my handsome husband Frank. He stood in the doorway, wearing a pair of blue jeans and a shirt, his brown hair combed, his glasses giving him a nerdy vibe.

But he was still handsome anyways. My sexy, super-duper-smart, sciency hunk. "Frank," I squealed and threw myself at him, my arms going around his neck, my naked breasts pressing into his chest, my pussy humping against his crotch. He was so hard as I ground on him, his dick so thick.

Almost as big as that nice Black man. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Frank Jackman, CEO of BimboTech Chemicals "Alice," I groaned again, my wife grinding against me, my dick throbbing hard. She was so lush, so excited, her face flushed, her red hair gorgeous and sleek, her lips full and plump. And her fingers were wet with the new bimbo's cunt. "What are you doing here?" "Shopping!" she giggled. "For the party! We have to have everything ready for the director." "It's being catered," I groaned, my hands sliding down, grabbing her naked ass.

Damn, she had a perfect ass. "You didn't have to go shopping. We're rich, remember?" "Oh," she pouted. "But.but. I had so much fun. I met this nice man, and he showed me how to tell if cucumbers were firm." "By fucking you?" I asked, guessing where this went.

"So you know it, too," she said, her eyes bursting with delight. It was so hard to be mad at her with such simple joy shining in her green eyes.

"It was so much fun, Frank. Oh, yes. He made me cum so hard." Hearing my wife talk about being fucked by another man made my dick ache. I grabbed her ass again, pushing her back for the desk. I glanced at the grocery store manager. He groaned, savoring his blowjob. Janet was down there with the other bimbo, the pair sucking on his dick.

He looked at me and then away. "Just enjoy," I told him. I would have to straighten this out later. But my wife's pussy was so hot, so wet, she had already soaked through my jeans. "Are you going to demonstrate how to check cucumber firmness?" Alice asked as I pushed her down onto a desk crowded with papers. An inbox, loaded with invoices, fell to the ground as my wife writhed, grinding against my dick. "Yes," I panted. "And then, when we get home, I'm going to spank you for being naughty." "Oh, no," she groaned.

"How was I naughty?" "You know how," I grinned, savoring her grinding on me. "But first, unzip me." "Yippee." The pure glee in my wife's voice made me throb so hard. She was so simple as a bimbo. Almost a pure creature. Except she had a pussy so hot she always needed fucking. "Shit," groaned the manager. "What are these women?" "Bimbos!" Alice cheered, having already forgotten about her punishment as she unzipped me.

She shuddered as my zipper rasped. And then she pushed my boxers down, pulling out my cock. "Mmm, the bestest cock in the whole, White world is right here." I groaned as she smeared my dick into her juicy pussy. She was so hot. So burning. I thrust into my wife, filling her pussy. She engulfed me. My balls ached as I sank into her cheating cunt. I loomed over her, watching her tits jiggle. "You fucked another man, Alice," I panted. "You naughty wife." "So naughty," she panted, legs locked about my waist.

"Oh, yes, Frank. Fuck me. I love my sexy husband's dick in me. Isn't he sexy, Mr. Peterson?" "Shit," the manager grunted, the two bimbos devouring his dick with noisy passion. "He's busy, honey," I panted, ramming my dick into my wife's cunt. I seized her big tits, squeezing them so hard. "Just focus on my cock." Her pussy squeezed so hard on my dick.

"Yes, yes, fuck me, Frank," she moaned. "Oh, my pussy needs this. I'm so happy to see you. We were having so much fun shopping." "So much fun," moaned Janet. "Oh, yes," Alice squealed, her hips bucking. "We're making a movie tonight. For our produce!" "Product," I grunted, slamming into her. "And you are. You're going to fuck Director Steffan.

You're going to be his whore and win him over." "Yes," my wife moaned. "I'm your whore, Frank. Mmm, yes!" Those words had my hips pumping hard, slamming my dick into her cunt.

I had such a hot wife. A sexy wife. I was so lucky to have her. Every guy that saw her wanted her. They wanted my woman. And sometimes I would let them fuck her.

Whore her out. It made my dick throb at the thought of watching her with another man tonight. My balls cracked into her taint as I plowed into her cunt. They churned with my cum. She was so hot. Her pussy so tight. She moaned and gasped, bucking into my thrusts, her red hair fanned across the desk. Papers crinkled beneath her as she writhed, pumping her hips back into my thrusts. "Yes, yes, yes! I love you, Frank! I'm your whore! Your bimbo whore. Keep pounding me. Keep fucking me. Make me cum.

I love cumming. Give me all those yummy delight." "Yes," I hissed, squeezing her tits. My fingers found her nipples. I pulled hard on them. She squealed as her large tits stretched. Her pink nubs throbbed between my fingers.

I let her tits go. They bounced and jiggled. She moaned louder, humping into my thrusts as I pounded her. Her pussy sounded so wet. So juicy. I groaned, savoring the noise as I plowed her. I drove my cock into her juicy depths. The heat, the friction, burned through my cock. Every stroke brought me closer and closer to erupting into her thrashing depths. I pinched her nipples again. She squealed. Her pussy spasmed about my dick. "Frank!" she gasped. My bimbo wife bucked as she came.

It became exquisite in her pussy's convulsing depths. I savored her massaging flesh as she moaned my name over and over. I loomed over her, letting go of her tits and planting my hands on the table. I drove myself into her. "I'm going to cum, Alice." "Do it," she moaned. "Cum in me. It's the bestest thing in the world, Frank, when you cum in me.

Love you!" "Love you," I groaned, meaning it as I buried my cock into her pussy. Her massaging flesh embraced me. My dick throbbed. I came. I grunted her name as my jizz spewed into her depths. I pumped her full of my cum as I groaned, my body shuddering. So much pleasure flooded out of me into her.

I drew back and slammed into her depths, her thighs gripping me. "Oh, Frank," she panted "Love you. Love you so much." "Uh-huh," I groaned, looking over my shoulder. "But honey, why did you make her into a bimbo?" "She didn't understand," Alice said. "She didn't realize how amazing sex was. Now she does. All those normal women don't understand it at all. But bimbos do!" Natasha shuddered, the manager groaning, cumming into her mouth.

I grunted, "But what the fuck do we do with her?" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Magnolia Savage, President Femme Allure, Inc. My bimbo sex slave, Annalee, ran her tongue through the wet folds of my pussy.

My toes curled in my shoes. It was Friday, and I expected a slow day to enjoy Annalee. I had so many fun plans for her. And the bimbo would do anything I said.

I made her from the bony, bitchy head of my company's R&D to the submissive thing dying to lick my pussy. She had to. She thought she would literally die if she didn't get the antidote found only in my pussy juices. That was how stupid bimbos were.

"Mmm, yes," I moaned as Annalee dug her tongue through the folds of my pussy. At the same moment, the large doors to my office opened, my executive assistant standing to the side, ushering in my visitor.

My plans to enjoy Annalee without interruption ruined. Ivy Eads of the FDA entered. She was a middle-aged woman, walking back straight, her hair grayed by the stresses of life, her face covered in unsightly wrinkles. She was a woman who was too busy to take care of herself, and had let herself deteriorate as youth fled her.

Probably costing her a marriage, too. The man couldn't handle being married to such a strong woman. "Good day, Ms. Eads," I purred, not hiding the throaty cadence churned by Annalee's delicious tongue sliding up and down my pussy. I clamped my thighs tight about her head beneath my desk. She was hidden completely from view. Ivy Eads had no idea as she gave me a nod.

"Pleasure to finally meet you, Ms. Savage." "Will there be anything else?" asked my gorgeous executive assistant. Melissa was a vivacious redhead with sultry lips. Usually, it would be her beneath my desk. That lesbian would do anything to please me.

But now I had Annalee, and I didn't have to pay her. It was even more sweet. I couldn't wait for my company's R&D to crack the bimbo serum my spy stole for me from BT Chemical. I would have a harem of busty airheads all eager to please me. "Coffee?" I asked Ivy. "Or tea?" "Tea," she nodded. "Earl Gray." I nodded to Melissa and she retreated. Annalee's lips found my clit. She nibbled on it, her hands stroking my thighs.

I trembled, my hands clasped before me. My smile grew as Ivy took her seat, setting her purse on the floor beside her. I wiggled my hips, trying so hard not to know. Oh, Annalee had a delicious pair of lips on my clit. The things she could do with her mouth.


Just wonderful. Then her tongue probed into my pussy, licking, swirling, teasing all my delicious parts.

Her fingers slid up, rubbing on my clit. Delicious flutters ran through my body as my bimbo slave worshiped my cunt with such loving gusto. Annalee loved pussy now. Becoming a bimbo had ramped up her sex drive.

It had transformed her into a horny nympho who just needed the slightest suggestion and she would do anything I asked of her. She was so gullible. Melissa returned with the tea. My guest took it with a nod, and Melissa bustled out. Ivy sat the tea down on my desk, steam rising, her eyes intent on mine.

"So how can I help you?" I asked, sucking in a deep breath as Annalee's fingers rubbed slow circles on my clit, the delicious pressure rippling through my body.

"Frank Jackman from BT Chemicals reached out to my boss, Director Steffan. He's been invited to a party at Mr. Jackman's home." "Trying to get the FDA to back off on the comprehensive review?" I asked.

"But they won't." "Of course not," Ivy said, ignoring her tea. "Not if what you report about this bimbo serum is correct. It makes women that gullible? It's almost science fiction. And BT Chemical left off those side-effects from their proposal." "I know. Shady of them," I purred. "That's why we can't let this go to market." Not in Frank Jackman's hands. No man could own this. They would use it to turn women into their playthings.

No, it had to be in my hands. So the right women would be changed. "This will setback the last hundred years of the feminist movement." "Exactly," Ivy said. "And that's what concerns me. My boss, Director Steffan, is an older man.

And he's rumored to have, well, boinked a few of the interns over the years. Young, impressionable girls whom he preyed on." "How terrible," I moaned, my chair creaking as I humped against Annalee's wonderful mouth.

Her tongue swirled through my hole, teasing my flesh while her fingers rubbed faster and harder at my clit. My breasts rose and fell in my designer blouse. "Are you. okay?" she asked. "You keep squirming." "Just an itch," I moaned. "Don't you worry about it." She nodded. "So my fear is, if he learns the truth, it will be too enticing for him to resist. He's the type of man who would love to have one of these, um." "Bimbos," I moaned.

"Yes, a bimbo at his beck and call. Someone he could use for his lusts. And he can override me. I'm just the assistant director." "And then it'll have an FDA fast track to market?" I asked, humping harder.

My orgasm swelled in the depths of my pussy. "We can't have that." "No," Ivy said. "Now maybe my boss isn't the horndog I think he is, but." "Oh, he is. He's a man. They're all thinking with that nasty thing between their legs." The world would be far better place without them.

Just thinking that thought made my pussy clench on Annalee's sweet tongue. My juices flowed hotter. "So we need another ally." "Who?" "Senator Delilah Murphy," I groaned.

"I know her. She's on the." "US Senate Committee on Health," supplied Ivy Eads. "I know her, too. She's a staunch feminist." "Uh-huh," I groaned, my eyes fluttering.

"We might need to get her involved if your boss proves to be so.regressive." "That's a good idea," she smiled at me. "We'll stop this terrible drug from ever seeing market." "Yes," I moaned, my orgasm spilling through me. My pussy spasmed, juices flooding into Annalee's mouth. The dumb bimbo gulped them down as I squirmed on the desk. "Ms. Savage?" frowned Ivy. She had no idea I was cumming so hard on my slave's mouth.

I clasped my hands so tight together before me, forcing myself not to scream out my bliss as I smiled at her. "Oh, we are going to work so well together, Ivy. You're going to be head of the FDA one day." A smile crossed Ivy's lips as I shuddered again on Annalee's licking mouth.

"Well, is there anything else?" I asked, fighting to scream. "No, Ms. Savage." She stood up, extending a hand over my desk. "It was a pleasure to meet you." I clasped it, another ripple of orgasmic delight shooting through me.

"Oh, the pleasure was all mine." To be continued.