Nice Femdom Anal Fisting until cumming

Nice Femdom Anal Fisting until cumming
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While she was on her period, I had to get creative. I think "Carol" was thinking that I had dropped it all for the time being, but that was a no. We go bowling together once a week, used to be in a league but that didn't mean we were good. This bowling alley is near a navy base, and often times you have their newer recruits killing time there.

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I wanted to try something kinda different. It had been days since her work assignments, and I was craving something on a different page anyway.

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While we were bowling together, there were a lot of acquaintances we both knew there, so the game was casual at best, we just chatted most of the time.

There were some of these recruits (seamen?) next lane and they were just playing their own game and having their own good time. I asked my wife "do you like men in uniform?" which was more of a joke since these guys weren't really dressed in uniforms anyway they had their navy T-shirts and pants on.

She kinda joked it off, and I asked her, "of those guys over there, which one makes you horniest?" and she sat there dumbfounded, obviously wasn't on her mind at all before I asked her.

She didn't really answer me, but I rephrased "if you had to see one of them naked, which would it be?" and she didn't have to look long.

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There was a muscular half-hawaiian guy there, had a good tan and seemed to be having a fun time, looked like a fun guy, but he was built to impress. She didn't say, but I watched her look. I told her that I am giving her an assignment, but she flatly refused because "I'm still on the period honey!" I told her that this isn't going to be like that. I took her where she could hear me, and told her that I was going to start playing a game of pool with three other people, and while we were doing that I wanted her to go sit next to them with an empty beer cup and make small talk with them.

She was very nervous about this, so I explained the situation I had in mind.

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She would just be friendly with them, let them know that her husband was playing pool and didn't have time for her, and her friends left, so she is just bored. I told her to sometime ask to borrow that guy's cellphone, say that her phone is dead, lost, whatever make a random call and head to the restrooms.


When she got there, hang up, take her shirt and bra off, and take a picture of her rack held up, and save it on his phone. Then give the phone back and tell him thanks, that he'll find that she paid him back on the phone, and that she bowls here every week on the same night. That was all.

I didn't tell her that I wanted no proof, I figured after articles of evidence she gave me that she could pull this simple task off. She hasn't shown anyone her breasts prior to a week ago, now everyone will get a peak at those nice melons. Carol pleaded to keep her face out of the picture for fear of being on the internet, I told her I didn't care, and that he would probably remember whose tits they were anyway. My wife's friends really did leave, and there really wasn't anything else to do.

I didn't care about playing pool, I just wanted a quick alibi. She said "fine, if it will make you happy, I'll show a total stranger my rack" and I told her "if you got it, flaunt it." So I started playing pool and she went to do her mission.

I was only fleetingly paying attention of her sitting near the crowd of six guys, I didn't want to be caught looking. I could barely pay attention on whether I was stripes or solids thinking about what to put my wife through next.

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After the game was over, she and I left the bowling alley. On the car ride home, I asked her how it went. She said that they didn't really pay much attention to her, which was a drag. However, she eventually got the Hawaiian guy's name, which was Luke, and they poured her some draft.

Carol found out that Luke was single, liked the new James Bond movie (Casino Royale, this was back in January 07), and rode dirt bikes. I didn't care about the fine details, just like you guys, only that she managed to build a rapport with this random dude. My wife asked to borrow his cellphone to make plans later tonight, and Luke asked her "what are you doing later?" She said she doesn't know, might get together with some girls and watch a movie.

He backed off, she went to the restroom. She called one of her random friends, actually did set plans to watch some random chick flick, but then did what I asked her. She took the picture, got the phone back to him.

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He didn't look or anything, she said she would be here next week, he said "that's cool" and that was the end of their conversation.

I have more exciting stories, and this does indeed lead to some very fun shit, but I hope I'm not boring yall with the details. Once again, I can't write worth a damn, I find other sex stories to sound too Penthouse anyway, and this being real feels more fluid to me. As soon as "Carol" got through her period and started up her birth control again, I was ready to see her do more.

Apparently at work, Mark had continued to make some comments to her, like "we should spend more lunches together" and "I have an itch you might be able to scratch" and "need to go to the bathroom?" and "you look good in that skirt." I gave her SEVERAL assignments, which I will tell you all about. First, I wanted her to please Mark some more because he was pleasing me! I didn't want to continually hijack her well-earned lunches just so I could be happy, so the night before her next work day I made her make a cellphone video of her stripping and peeing in our bathroom at home, and she had to say "this is for your eyes only, Mark." That was it, it took about 90 seconds.


Then that morning, I made her a turkey sandwich, and I told her what her assignment was. She was going to take her lunch, find Mark, give him her cellphone and her sandwich, and tell him to go to the bathroom and watch the video that was on the cellphone.

She had to tell him to jack off to it, but cum inside the sandwich, and to record a video of him doing it for her. She had to wait for him to come back with the sandwich, watch the video he made, and then he would record a video of her eating the sandwich.

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That was it, I knew this would gross her out because she didn't like cum in most circumstances, but I don't care. She needed her protein after all the hard work she had done! Carol complied with my wish, she did exactly as I told her and brought the videos back. Seeing this guy's cock masturbating furiously over that opened sandwich was hot, especially seeing that familiar bathroom floor where my wife performed so many services for him. That video was only 20 seconds long, he didn't cum as much as I had hoped, but you take what you can get.

The video of her eating the sandwich was actually pretty awkward looking, she was watching the camera the whole time, took a few minutes, ate the whole thing. I caught Mark's voice behind the camera though, saying "you like what I made you?" and she nodded. The whole task itself was hot, but the talk made it really awesome. I hadn't heard this guy or seen him other than a few times walking into her work, and now both of them in the break room, my wife eating his cum after giving him a full-frontal fetish show, his excited cock, and now him talking about "so what else you wanna do, you weird slut?" and she said "I don't know" and was generally avoidant.

Near the end of her sandwich, he said "I'll cook you up more cum for lunch from now on" and she said "okay" and that is what did it for me! I didn't tell her that this was another assignment, she did it herself! Awesome! At home, I asked if she enjoyed that and she said she didn't really like the taste of cum, and I told her "too bad, he's going to give you it from now on because you told him to." My wife said the reason she said "okay" was because she didn't know what else to say, and I'm sure that's true, but I don't care.

I told her that she was going to do a lot with this Mark guy at work, and she asked me, almost worried, "am I going to have to fuck him?" and I told her dead-on, "what would you do if you were him?" and she said "probably fucking me in the janitor's closet." She gave me a great idea there, but I'll come back to that assignment some other time.

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I told her straight up that she was going to be the most fun girl in at her work someday and she just kinda laughed, I knew she was still nervous about what I was going to make her do next, but she always delivered, and still does to this day.