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Stacked milf pleasures a massive meat pole brunette big tits
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I was driving home from college for Christmas break. My sophomore year had been, so far, pretty boring. I had broken up with my girlfriend from freshman year shortly after summer break had begun, because I caught her cheating with her old high-school flame. I worked hard all summer, trying to save up enough money to pay some of my tuition and costs for my sophomore year, so I had pretty much had no life over the summer. When I had gotten back to campus at the end of August, I applied myself very hard to my studies, and really didn't socialize much.

I made no time in my schedule to pursue a campus romance, partially because I had been hurt so deeply by my experience the previous year. I had really only tried to approach one girl, a sophomore who came from the city only a few miles from my home town. She had pledged the snooty rich girl's sorority. Tara was polite enough to me at first, until she found out that I had worked as a mechanic at a small garage in my home town for a year between high school and college to save enough money to go to college.

She learned that I was the only son of a dirt-poor family, while her mother was chief of neurosurgery at a well-known research hospital and her father was senior partner in a powerful corporate law practice.

Both parents came from old money, so Tara had been raised in the lap of luxury.

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Basically, she was a spoiled brat who never had, and probably never would, understand hard work and hard times. She was beautiful, 5'6", blonde, slender, with what I guessed were C-cup tits, a tight little ass, and a come-fuck-me smile. She had initially seemed attracted to me, until she found out about my pedigree. Then she would only talk to me in the one class we shared.

Another dream shattered. It started to snow as I was packing for my hundred-mile trip home. I wasn't really that worried, since I knew that my old rust-bucket Chevy 4X4 pickup was mechanically sound and I had mounted four good used snow tires on it before I had left for school in August. Even when the radio station I was listening to announced that the main highway I was planning to use for part of my trip had been closed due to a massive pile-up, I figured I would be OK, since I knew the back roads I could use to get home.

I settled in for a long, slow drive.


After about an hour of crawling along in what was turning into near-blizzard conditions, I saw a car ahead of me. The emergency flashers were on. I quickly realized that the car had skidded off the road and had crashed into a large tree. There was a lot of front-end damage. I put on my own four-way flashers and parked behind it. I zipped up my insulated hunter coveralls and put on my warm hunting cap and got out of the truck.

As I approached the car, a new BMW coupe, I could see the driver was still inside. I walked up to the driver's window and knocked on it. The driver opened the window an inch or two. It was Tara. "Seth! What are you doing here?" "Driving home for the holidays, same as you," I replied. "Are you OK?" "Do I look OK, you fucking moron?" she spat back at me.

"Tara, don't talk to me like that. I want to help you." "Wonderful," she said, "use your finely honed mechanical skills to fix my damn car so I can get home!" "Considering that the radiator is leaking, the airbags are blown, and you have pretty heavy front end damage, this car isn't going anywhere without the help of a tow truck and a body and frame shop.

I don't know how you even got this far on those performance tires you have." "Daddy said it has all-wheel drive.

It has all the latest driver aids, including a built-in GPS system. That's how I knew the route through this god-forsaken wilderness when they closed the interstate. Oh, shit, Daddy's going to kill me when he finds out I wrecked my car.

I wish I still had my Cadillac Escalade that he and Mom gave me for a graduation present." Her and her damned money, I thought. "Tara," I interrupted, "are you OK? Are you hurt?" "My left hand hurts like a bitch. I think I sprained my thumb, and part of my hand burns like fire. I guess that's from the airbag. The engine won't start, the climate control is only blowing cold air, and I'm getting really cold. My cell doesn't get any reception out here in the boonies.

What am I going to do?" "You're going to come with me. I put a new radiator and heater core in my truck this summer, and it gets toasty in there in no time." "I'm not riding with you in that piece of shit.

I'd rather wait here. You go home, and call my family, so Daddy can send out the gardener to get me. Oh, wait, do you actually have a telephone in your family shack?" she sneered. "Tara," I said. "At the beginning of the semester, when I first met you, I thought I could have real feelings for you. I'm actually glad you snubbed me when you found out I was not born with a silver spoon in my mouth.

I'm embarrassed to admit that I didn't see at first what a miserable, snobby little bitch you are. That being said, I still feel obligated to help you. Not because I'm the least bit attracted to you anymore, but simply because you are a fellow human. No amount of money is going to keep you from freezing to death if I leave you here, so you might as well gather your designer purse and get you blueblood ass in my truck so I can get you home before Mommy and Daddy have drunk all the vintage scotch and eaten all the caviar they probably have waiting for their little princess." "God, you're insufferable!

You don't know anything about me. And you're way too poor and ignorant to ever be able to comprehend how I live," Tara hissed.

"Stop being a bitch and face reality, Tara! You're going to suffer hypothermia and frostbite, if not worse, if you don't come with me right now. Hell, I'm dressed for the weather and I'm getting cold out here. You must get out of that car and get in my truck now so I can get us out of here.

There's already a foot of snow and the wind is picking up. If we don't leave soon, it's going to be hard for my truck to get through the drifts. Then were both fucked!" "Oh fine," she sighed, sullenly.

She tried to open her door. It unlatched, but it wouldn't open. "Why can't I get out of the car," she asked, suddenly looking panicked. I wiped snow off the seam between the fender and the door. "The fender's crushed around the door, and it looks like you have enough frame damage on this side that we won't be able to get the door open. You'll have to get out the passenger's side." I walked around the back of the car to help to pull her out, only to find that the other door was wedged against a tree that was at least a foot in diameter.

I went back to Tara's window. "You're not getting out that way, either. I have a crowbar in the truck. I'm going to get it and try to pry your door open.

If that doesn't work, I can break the windshield and you can crawl out that way." "Just be quick about it. I can't stop shivering, and my feet are so cold they're getting numb." At that moment, we heard a vehicle approaching from the other direction. It was an old Jeep wagon. When it got next to us, I could see that it had huge mud tires and a high suspension. The entire under-carriage was at least 18" off the ground. This rig would be able to get through almost anything, I thought.

The driver and his passenger got out. They were both huge. The driver looked to be about thirty-five years old, roughly 6'3" and over 300 pounds. He had a beer belly, but still looked like he was mostly muscle. The passenger looked a little younger, but he was taller and could have been close to 400 pounds. They both looked like pro wrestlers who had degenerated into grizzled mountain men. They were dressed for the outdoors in old, ratty hunting gear. I didn't like the look of them, and Tara seemed actually repulsed.

"Man," the driver said, approaching Tara's car. "Somebody really fucked up their purty little furrin car. Oh, pardon my French, little lady," he laughed, showing his brown, broken teeth. "And pardon my manners. I'm Zeke, and this here's my kid brother, Merle. I call him Ox, 'cuz he's that strong and that dumb. Ain't you, Ox?" "Fuck you, Zeke," Ox growled. "Aw, that's no way to talk in front of a fine, pretty little lady. You apologize to her right now." Ox just stood there looking at the ground.

Finally, he mumbled, "Sorry, missy." "That's better," Zeke said. "Looks like you kids need a little help. What's your name, boy?" he said, addressing me.

"My name is Seth, and the young lady here is Tara." "Well, Miss Tara, you ain't goin' nowhere in that car on these here roads, even if you hadn't gotten real friendly with that there tree.

You'd best get out of that car." "I can't," she said. "The doors won't open, but my friend had everything under control. He has tools in his truck to get me out, and then he's going to drive me home." "Oh, missy, I don't think that's how it's going to work out.

The road the way you was going is blocked by a downed tree. This here old Jeep was able to crawl over it, but your boyfriend's pick-up would never clear it. You're just going to have to come to our cabin to warm up until this storm lets up. Ox, help this pretty young thing get her door open." Ox walked over to the car, grabbed the door handle and pulled.

I could actually see the sheet metal of the door bow out as he pulled the handle. Suddenly the handle ripped out of the door, and Ox landed on his butt in the snow. Zeke roared with laughter. "They don't make 'em like they used to, do they? Ox, get off your stupid ass and grab the door frame." Ox did as he was told, wedging his huge hands into the space between the body of the car and the frame of the unlatched door.

He started to pull on the door and, incredibly, it began to open. I couldn't believe my eyes. This beast was actually bending the sheet metal that was crushed around the front edge of the door.

The bent hinges were groaning, and the door was moving. I've seen rescue crews, using hydraulic jaws, struggle to do what this giant was doing with his hands. In only a few seconds, the door was open wide.

"Good boy, Ox," Zeke said. "Now help the pretty little lady out of the car." "Don't touch me," Tara said, her voice trying to sound defiant, but seeming truly scared. "Now, I don't know nothin' about the manners of the high and mighty," Zeke said, but us simple folk would say thanks to someone who helped them out of a jam and would accept their hospitality. You don't got nowhere else to go, so you're gonna have to stay with us." "You're right, I was rude," Tara said, her voice trembling.

"Thank you very much for helping me. I do appreciate it. But we really can't stay. Seth will drive us home." "I told you before, missy, the road's blocked ahead. You ain't goin' that way. I know these woods real good, and with the wind and the condition of some of them trees back the way you came, I reckon you won't get far that way either. Just be real nice and let us take you to our cabin. We got plenty of firewood and grub, and some of the best moonshine you ever tasted to help you warm up.

We'll have a regular party." "My father will pay you very well if you would drive us home," Tara said. "We'd much prefer to be home with our families." "You just don't get it, do you sweetie? See, me and Ox don't get to see many fine women around here. We're gonna go to the cabin and have us some real fun. "You'd like to spend some time with this here pretty girl wouldn't you, Ox?" Zeke said leering at Tara and grinning his broken-toothed grin.

"Yeah, Zeke, that would be real nice. I ain't never had no woman that looks like her." "OK, guys, that's enough," I said. "Boy, you need to shut the fuck up," Zeke said, moving in front of me. Now, I'm a pretty strong guy myself. I stand 6'1", and weigh 225. I was a varsity tackle in high school, I do a lot of manual labor, I lift weights, I've never backed off from a fight, and I've won every one I was involved in since kindergarten.

Still, I knew this wouldn't end well. "You're scaring her, and I don't like what you're saying either," I said. "You really don't know when to shut up, do you, wimp?" Zeke said, his putrid breath in my face.

"I guess I gotta show you." With that, he lunged at me and grabbed me in a bear hug. With no effort at all, he picked me up and threw me against Tara's car. My head hit the rear window frame hard. As I blacked out, I heard Tara scream.


The next thing I knew, Zeke had thrown a cup of water in my face. I sputtered awake, and realized I was tied to a chair in the brothers' filthy cabin.

There was a fire roaring in the huge fireplace. Tara was tied to a chair next to me. Zeke grabbed my hair and pulled me to look at him. "Sorry I had to knock you out, kid, but you just wasn't cooperatin' and you was gettin' real annoyin'.

I thought you might like to join our little party, but I guess you're just gonna have to sit there and watch the fun. We're gonna keep you real comfortable, though. The fire's makin' it nice and cozy in here, and Ox is cookin' up some real nice grub for all of us. I'm gonna go help him.

When dinner's ready, we'll untie you so you and the pretty one here can get your bellies nice and full. I'd be happy to share some of that fine moonshine with you, then we'll get the real party started." He checked the ropes holding Tara and me to the chairs. "Now don't go nowhere, hear?" He belly-laughed, pleased with his own joke, and left the room.

Tara said, "I thought you'd never wake up! Seth, you have to get us out of here. I'm terrified. I think Zeke is planning to rape me! Do something!" "In case you haven't noticed, Tara, I'm tied up just like you are. What do you expect me to do?" "I don't know, Seth. Think of something, please. I'm begging you. You have to save me," she cried, miserably. I had long since convinced myself that I didn't like this girl, but seeing her so terrified and helpless touched me deeply. I also realized that these two Neanderthals probably weren't going to just rape Tara and then let us go so we could report it to the authorities.

I didn't know exactly where we were, but I knew the area fairly well from hunting here when I was in high school. If they threw us out into the storm, we would probably freeze to death before we got help, and if they kept us here, they would probably kill us both. "Tara," I said, "I need you to calm down so you can help me." "How can I help you?" she moaned.

"I was knocked out when Zeke threw me against your car.

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The last thing I remember was hearing you scream, and the next thing I knew we were sitting here tied up. You have to tell me everything that happened while I was unconscious. Try to remember every detail. Maybe something will help us to plan our escape." Tara wiped her eyes with trembling hands and forced herself to breath deeply, trying to gather herself. "OK, I'm trying to replay the whole thing in my mind. Let me get it all in order." Sounding a little calmer now, Tara said, "OK.

The scream you heard was from me watching Zeke pick you up and throw you like a rag doll. Then Ox dragged me out of the car and held me in a bear hug so tight I thought he was going to crush me to death.

He picked me up and kissed me. I thought I was going to vomit in his mouth. Then he put me down and held me tightly, but not painfully. I couldn't have escaped him, but he wasn't hurting me.

He put one finger under my chin and raised my face to look at him.

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He smiled at me with a vacant look and told me he thought I was pretty. Then he apologized to me for scaring me and for Zeke having hurt you, since he thought you seemed like a nice guy. He said Zeke was mean, and that he thought Zeke was crazy.

Zeke was busy tying you up and making room in the back of the Jeep to put you in, so he wasn't paying any attention to us. It dawned on me that he was actually afraid of Zeke. "I asked him if Zeke was mean to him. He said Zeke was always mean and that he didn't like it.

I started to get the idea that if I was nice to him, I might be able to actually get him on our side. "I asked him, 'How do you feel when Zeke is mean to you?' "Ox said, 'It makes me feel bad. It makes me sad. Sometimes I get real mad at him.' "I gave him a sympathetic look and said, 'What do you do then?

Do you tell him to stop? Do you tell him how you feel?' "He said, 'Oh no, Miss Tara, I couldn't do that. He'd be even meaner to me. He'd hit me. Zeke's a real bad man and he can get real mad. Once, he killed a man who was hunting near our cabin. He just sneaked up behind him, and kicked him real hard.

The man dropped his rifle and fell. Zeke rolled him over, sat on his chest and looked at the man right in the eye.

He told him no one hunts on this land but us. Then he took the man's hunting knife and slit his throat. Zeke made me bury the man in the woods.

He didn't have to do that to the man, Miss Tara. He's just mean and crazy.' "I said, 'That's horrible, Ox. Do you think he would do that to you?' "Ox thought a moment and said, 'I don't think he'd kill me. He likes to have me do stuff for him. I think he likes to have me around to do all his dirty work for him.' "I said to him, 'Then just tell him off when he's mean to you.

If he hits you, hit him back. You're a big, muscular guy. If he really decides to make a fight out of it, I know you could beat the shit out of him. I know it would be hard for you, since I can tell you're a really nice guy, but you have to stand up for yourself.' "Ox just looked at me and said, 'Do you really think I'm nice? I really like it when you say things like that to me. I really like you, Miss Tara.' " Tara continued, "By that time, Zeke had finished loading you and the rest of his stuff into the wagon.

He looked over at us and yelled, 'What the fuck are you doing standing there and talking, retard? Get the bitch in the back seat with you and don't let her try anything. It's time to get home and start our party.' Then he laughed that cruel laugh of his. "I think we drove about two miles to get to this cabin. Zeke had the radio on listening to some hick station and wasn't paying any attention to Ox and me in the back seat.

Ox was hanging on to me so I couldn't move, but he was being really gentle.

I said to him, 'Just remember what we talked about. You're a nice guy, Merle, and you shouldn't let him be mean to you or anyone else anymore.' "He gave me a surprised look and said, 'Why did you call me Merle? Zeke always calls me Ox.' "I put on my best kind smile and said, 'Merle is a nice name.

It fits you. It sounds strong, but kind, just like you are. Ox is just the name Zeke uses to make fun of you and to be mean to you.' "Tara, are you nuts?" I said. "You almost sound like you like this beast!" She replied, "I feel really sorry for him. When I was in high school my Mom made me do volunteer work at the children's hospital that is affiliated with her hospital.

Some of kids were brain-damaged from birth or childhood trauma. They functioned on a really low level, but in some way, I really got to like them. Merle reminds me of them. A lot of those kids are going to grow up to be like him. Plus, we can use any ally we can come up with at this point." "Do you think he'd really help us?" I asked.

"I don't know, but it's worth a shot." "But Tara, he's going to rape you." "Zeke is going to rape me, but somehow, I'm not sure Merle will. And if we can make Merle realize how wrong that would be, maybe he'll try to stop it." "I only hope you're right. If we can escape, we'll run back to my truck and drive off." Tara said, "I don't think that will work.

The snow must be almost a foot and a half deep by now, and the wind is really strong. I can't walk that far without freezing to death.

Zeke was probably right about your truck not being able to get far on these roads. His Jeep had to struggle to get over some downed trees to get here. This is a really bad storm, Seth." I was starting to get hopeful. "If we can get out of the cabin, I can try to hot-wire Zeke's Jeep.

I've had to hot wire cars before to get them to the shop." "Seth, you won't have to! I just remembered that when we got here, I saw that Zeke left the keys in the ignition!" Zeke bellowed as he came into the room, "Grub's ready!" He was carrying a big kettle. Ox was behind him with four dirty, mismatched bowls, some spoons, and a big jug. "My kid brother here may be dumb as a stone, but he's a real good cook. This here's venison stew. We hunt or grow most of our own food up here.

About the only time we leave these woods is to sell our moonshine and hides and go into the village about ten miles down the road to buy the stuff we can't get ourselves. That's where we was comin' from when we found you.

Ain't that right, stupid?" Zeke said, glancing at his brother. "Don't talk to me that Zeke," Ox said. "That makes me mad." Zeke ignored his brother, but Tara and I saw the look on Ox's face. He looked a little pissed.

"Well," Zeke said, "I guess you two kids ain't gonna be able to eat if you're tied up over there. Ox, carry them over to the table and untie their hands.

Don't untie anything else though. I ain't sure they have the manners to accept our hospitality. And just to be sure we understand each other, I think I'll just get my old six-shooter here to keep me company. He walked over to a shelf and picked up a gun, checked the chambers, and stuck in his belt.

Ox came over to us and untied our hands. When he leaned over Tara, she whispered to him, "Don't let him be mean to you, Merle. Remember what we talked about." When we were positioned at the table, Zeke started serving heaping bowls of the stew. Tara said, "I'm really not hungry.

I don't want any." "Now see, that's just what I was talking about. Your manners ain't so good. We took you in from that storm, got your wet coats and boots off you, thawed you out in front of this nice fire, and cooked you up a nice meal." He pulled his gun out and pointed it at her.

"Now you be a nice little girl and say you're sorry to my brother here. He worked hard to make this stew for you." Tara looked at Ox and said, "I didn't mean to offend you, Merle. I'm sure it will be delicious." "Merle?" Zeke said. "Ain't that sweet, Ox? I think little missy here likes you." "Well, I like her too, Zeke," Ox said. "Oh do you now? That's so cute. I bet you'll like her a lot better when you're gettin' sloppy seconds from her after I finish fuckin' her brains out," Zeke laughed.

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He turned and looked at me and his ugly smile disappeared. "Don't you get no dumb ideas, kid. Me and my brother are gonna have a lot of fun with this little sweetie over here, and you ain't gonna do nuthin' to stop it.

If you're a good boy, though, I'll let you watch. I bet she looks real nice when she's taking a real man's cock in her." The gun waving in my face did a good job of convincing me that it was in my best interests to be quiet. I noticed that Ox was looking very upset with the things his brother was saying. "OK," Zeke said. "Eat up. Ox, you and me are gonna need some energy so we can fuck her all night, and little blondie here is gonna need some good grub in her to have the strength to cum as much as she will getting' screwed by two real men.

You, too, kid, fill that belly of yours. We aim to please our guests." The stew actually was very good. I was surprised at how much I was able to eat, being scared half shitless by what had already happened to us and by what might happen later.

Even Tara managed to eat. I hoped she had realized that she would need her strength to be able to survive whatever was coming.

Zeke soon started taking swigs out of the jug. "Damn, Ox, this may be the best batch of moonshine you've made yet. Have some!" Ox took a small swallow, and passed the jug to me. "Drink up, boy. Don't go offendin' your hosts." I took a small swallow.

It tasted like almost pure grain alcohol. "Girlie, have a drink," Zeke said. "You need to get in a party mood." Tara took the jug and took a tiny sip. She sputtered and choked, and her face got bright red. When she recovered, she gasped, "My God, that stuff is strong. It tastes like gasoline!" Zeke roared with laughter. "Yeah, it's a little stronger than the fine wines and double-malt aged scotch you're probably used to drinkin'.

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But I tell you, honey, it's damn good shit." He grabbed the jug back from her and took a long pull. I honestly didn't know how he could do it.

We had all finished eating. Zeke got up and took the kettle back into the kitchen. When he came back out, he grabbed our bowls and took them out too. Ox looked at us and said quietly, "Zeke's getting' kinda drunk. He can get real mean when he's drunk." I whispered to Ox, "He's real mean when he's not drunk." Ox nodded, but said, "Not like he can be when's he's hittin' the moonshine hard. Don't do nuthin' to piss him off. That's why I ain't drinkin' much.

I gotta have my wits about me if he decides to hurt you two." Zeke came back and flopped in his chair. "Everyone needs an after dinner drink before we get to the best part of the party, namely fuckin' the shit out of this purty little college girl here. Ox, you'd best have another drink or two. You too, girl. You're gonna get laid here, and you wanna be nice and loosened up so you can really enjoy it. Boy, you ain't gonna get your rocks off, but you might as well get drunk!" Zeke took another big swallow from the jug and passed it to his brother.

He was leering at Tara when Ox took the jug, so he didn't see that Ox tilted the jug, but didn't actually drink.

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Ox passed the jug to me with a wink, so I did the same thing he had done. I made sure to make a face when I set the jug down, to look like I had just swallowed a big gulp of the strong drink.

"Ox," Zeke said, "we're gonna do her here on the floor in front of the fireplace. Real romantic-like." He put the jug in front of Tara. Feed her some of that stuff and tie up the kid here. Turn his chair so he has a real good view.

I gotta piss." As Zeke was getting up, Tara picked up the jug. Zeke grinned at her and turned away. Tara did the same thing Ox and I had just done, not actually drinking. She then made the same choking and hacking sounds she had made before. "Good girl," Zeke yelled as he left the room. Ox came over to me.

"I gotta tie you up Seth, but I ain't makin' the knots tight. You should be able to work them loose in a couple of minutes. Just don't let Zeke see you." He finished with the rope and turned my chair so I was facing the floor where Zeke had indicated he was going to rape Tara. Zeke was back in no time. "It's stopped snowing and the wind's died down some. If anyone needs to use the facilities, there's a privy out back. It's damn cold out there, though, so you can just use the bucket near the back door like I did.

Don't get any foolish notions. One of us will take you there and make sure you just do your business and come back. "Now, Ox, you untie our little fuck-toy here. It's time to have some fun." Ox untied Tara and helped her out of her chair.

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Zeke pulled a chair next to me and sat down. He gave me his evil, ugly smile and said, "How good do know this girl, kid? Ever fuck her?" "No," I said, trying not to choke on the fumes of his breath. "Ever seen her naked?" "No." "Well you ain't gonna fuck her tonight, neither, but you're gonna see a hell of a show. Time to strip for us baby," he called to Tara. "Do it real nice and sexy slow. I wanna get a real good look at you before I decide whether I'm gonna fuck your pussy, your ass, or your mouth first." Tara just stood there in the middle of the room.

She was crying again. It broke my heart. Ox was standing near her with his head down. Fat lot of help he is, I thought to myself. How can I stop this? "You gonna stand there cryin' like a little girl," Zeke roared, or are you gonna give us a show?" Tara was trembling with fear. "Maybe I can persuade you, sweetheart," Zeke said, pulling his gun out of his belt.

He cocked it and put it against my head. "Zeke, don't kill him," Ox said. "Why the fuck not, moron?" Sooner or later I'm gonna kill both of them. Are you so damn simple that you think I'm gonna let them walk out of here and go tell the sheriff what we did to them? Hell no, I'm gonna shoot him now if she don't get naked. If she starts actin' like she's in the party mood she should be in, I'll be as good as my word and let him watch while we fuck her.

When we're done with her, I'll shoot both of them. We'll throw 'em outside so they don't stink up the place, and when the snow melts some, you'll bury 'em." "I ain't gonna let you do that, Zeke," Ox said. "You stupid fuck, Ox, you'll do what I say or I'll kill you too. Now Missy, on with the show, unless you wanna see college boy here get his head blowed off." "Please don't shoot him!" Tara cried.

I'll do what you say." "That's the party sprit!" Zeke gave me an evil smile and said to me, "Here's your chance to see some fine pussy, kid.

Seems like the least I can do for you before you die." He still had the gun against my head. Tara took her socks off and started to pull her sweater over her head. "Do it nice and slow girl. And dance for me while you strip, like one of them high-class show girls." Zeke looked at me again and said, "This is gonna be real nice!" Tara started swaying her hips and forced a smile at Zeke. She slowly lifted her sweater, showing her smooth, flat tummy.

She turned her back to us and stuck her pretty ass out at us as she pulled her sweater over her head and tossed it away from her. Then she turned to face us again, covering the cups of her lacy bra with her hands. "Keep goin, baby. I wanna see your tits," Zeke said. Tara slowly slipper her hands off her bra-covered breasts and rubbed slowly and sensuously down her belly and back up her sides.

She pulled her bra straps off her shoulders and slowly lowered the bra until it was barely covering her nipples. She turned away from us again and, while grinding her hips, unclasped her bra and tossed it on top of her sweater.

She turned around again with her hands hiding her breasts. She began massaging them and licking her lips. Then she put her hands on her hips, exposing what I have to say were the nicest boobs I had seen in a long time.

She started thrusting her pelvis at us and tweaking and pinching her nipples until they were very erect. Zeke let out a long, low whistle and turned to me. "Hot damn, boy! Look at them tits! Nice and firm, big enough to look real womanly, but not big enough to sag. Tell me them jugs don't give you a hard on, kid?" He was cackling and slapping his knee, but he still had the gun at my head.


Ox had started looking at her too. It was obvious he like what he saw, but he looked really upset at the same time. "That's enough, Zeke.

Don't make her get naked." "Oh fuck you, retard," Zeke said, still laughing. If you ain't man enough to fuck her, I'll do it for you! Loose those pants, girl!

On with the show!" Tara looked at me hard and started slowly rubbing her wrists. I couldn't figure out what she was doing at first, but then I realized that she wanted me to untie herself. Her slow striptease was meant to give me the time to get myself loose. I nodded slowly at her and she flashed me a big smile. Zeke thought it was meant for him. Tara un-buttoned her jeans and started to work them down her hips.

When she got them down far enough that we could see the top of her thong, she turned around again. She slowly worked them down, exposing the most beautiful tight ass I had ever seen. Sensuously slowly, she lowered them to the floor and kicked them over with the rest of her clothes. She stayed bent over and made a big show of shaking her ass in our direction. Poor Ox was standing there, trying not too look at her, but failing miserably. Zeke, meanwhile, was practically wiggling out of his chair.

He was stroking himself through his pants. Even though he still had his gun pointed at my head, he was too engrossed in the show to notice that I was making slow progress on the rope tying my hands behind me.

Tara turned back toward us and started rubbing her hands up and down her body. She played with her tits some more, making her pretty little nipples hard again. Zeke didn't seem to notice, but she was staring at me the whole time.

She kept this up for a minute or so, then stuck put two fingers of her one hand in her mouth and started sucking on them, closing her eyes and tilting her head back like she was getting really hot. Then she looked in our direction again and slid her fingers under the top of her lacy little thong. She was playing with herself, which was driving Zeke wild. I have to admit I had trouble concentrating on getting my hands loose, because I was totally turned on, too.

It really seemed like the show was for my benefit. Too bad I doubted that I would live to do anything more than look at her. Tara was panting and moaning now. Whether she was actually excited, or was just a good actress, I couldn't tell. She pulled her fingers back out of her thong and plunged them deep in her mouth, sucking on them. Then she turned around again and slipped the thong off and added it to rest of her clothes. Zeke and I could clearly see her pussy lips between the backs of her thighs.

She turned back to us with her hands hiding her sex. Not letting us really see, she started to finger herself. In different circumstances, I probably would have cum in my pants. Instead, I forced myself to concentrate on my ropes. Tara moved her one hand up to fondle and twist her nipples, finally allowing us to see her plunging two fingers into her clean-shaven pussy.

Zeke had finally had enough. He undid his pants and pulled out a huge, dripping cock and started rubbing it hard. "My God, baby I'm gonna fuck you until the sun comes up," he said.

He laid his gun on the table and walked over to her. "Don't you dare touch her!" Ox yelled. "I ain't gonna let you do it." Never looking away from Tara, Zeke back-handed Ox so hard he knocked him to the floor. He walked up to Tara and grabbed her by the hair, tilting her head down.

"See this baby?" he growled. This cock is for you. I'm gonna fuck all your holes, twice if I can manage it. Hell, I ain't gonna have to shoot you when I'm done. I'm just gonna fuck you to death!" He let go of her hair and moved a step backward to her could stare at her. Tara had dropped her sexy act and was looking like she might faint. Then she started screaming. Ox was struggling to his feet, obviously stunned by Zeke having knocked him down.

"Stay away from her Zeke. I'm warnin' you. If you try to rape her, I'm gonna kill you." "You ain't gonna do shit," Zeke snapped at him, and punched him hard in the mouth. Ox dropped to the floor again, blood pouring from his mouth. Then Zeke grabbed Tara and started grinding himself against her, mauling her tits with his huge, filthy hands.

"Get ready to get tore up, you little slut. You're gonna find out what a real man's cock feels like. I was desperate. I still hadn't freed my hands and I was going crazy. If only I could get a hand free, I would grab that gun and empty it into that animal. Zeke pushed Tara to the floor and dropped on top of her.

He was kissing her with his disgusting mouth and cramming one of his fat fingers inside her. "Do you like that bitch? Is it making you hot? Wait until you fell this!" He raised himself off of her, grabbed his monstrous cock, and started rubbing it against her outer pussy lips. Tara was hysterical, screaming and crying. Just as Zeke was about to enter her, Ox sat up. He grabbed a piece of firewood and smashed it against the back of Zeke's head.

Zeke let out a howl of pain and rage and rolled off of Tara. She scrambled to her feet and ran over to me. "You're dead, motherfucker!" Zeke roared at Ox and lunged at him. They grappled on the floor, punching and trying to strangle each other.

Even though Ox was bigger, stronger, and younger than his brother, he was having trouble beating him. I was starting to doubt that Ox was going to be able to overpower his brother, which meant that Tara and I were as good as dead. "My hands, Tara, my hands!" I said to her. I had to get that gun! The brothers were still beating the shit out of each other, grunting like two gorillas fighting to the death.

Suddenly, Zeke bit Ox on the ear, tearing it half way off. Ox screamed in pain. This gave Zeke the opportunity to get to his feet. He grabbed the fireplace poker and stood over Ox, letting him see it. Ox looked at Zeke with mortal fear in his eyes. Then he looked at Tara. "I'm sorry Miss Tara. I'm so sorry. I did what you said, but I wasn't good enough. I love you, Miss Tara. Zeke laughed at Ox, and then plunged the fireplace poker deep into Ox's chest.

Ox grabbed the poker and looked like he was going to try to pull it out. Blood was spurting from his chest around the shaft of the poker. Ox went limp and was still. Zeke was obviously injured. He turned unsteadily toward the table and looked at me with crazed rage on his bloody face. "You're next, wimp. You die right here, right now." "I don't think so, you son a bitch." Tara had finally gotten my hands free, although my ankles were still tied to the chair. I was pointing the gun at Zeke.

He threw his head back and laughed a maniacal laugh. "You don't have the balls, kid." He started to move toward me. I shot him in the shoulder. He roared like a wounded bear, but didn't go down. Instead, he used his good arm to rip the poker out of Ox's body and started moving toward me.

"If you stop right there, Zeke, I'll let you live," I yelled at him. "Fuck you, college boy!" Zeke spat at me and continued moving toward me. I shot him in the leg. This time, Zeke fell over on his back, a few feet away from me. Tara untied my legs and I stood up, moving a safe distance from him, still pointing the gun at him. "Last chance, Zeke, I said." Zeke glowered at me, screaming obscenities.

Never, taking my eyes off the monster on the floor, I said. "Tara, get dressed. Put on your coat and boots and bring me mine. We're out of here." She quickly got dressed and brought me my heavy outerwear. I said to her, "Do you know how to shoot a gun? Cover him while I get dressed. If he moves, shoot him until he stops." Tara had a look on her face of total hatred and loathing. "Shooting him seems too good for him," she said as she took the gun from me. I grabbed my clothes and quickly got dressed for the weather outside.

"You kids still ain't gonna get out of here. There's too much snow and too many trees down. I know these woods like the back of my hand.

If you ain't froze to death, I'll hunt you down and rip you apart with my bare hands. This time it was Tara who laughed. She still holding the gun, she grabbed the jug of moonshine. She threw it on the floor, smashing it. Then she took a kerosene lantern off a shelf, opened it, and dumped the contents all over Zeke.

"What the fuck do you think you're doin'?" Zeke said, the first twinge of fear showing in his eyes. "Zeke," she said, "you're going to die here. Shooting is too good for you, so I'm going to prepare you for the fires of Hell you'll spend eternity in. Seth, get the Jeep started.

The floor slopes a little toward the fireplace and I want to make sure the fuel is flowing in the right direction." Stunned, I opened the door and went to the Jeep. It started right up. I was glad to see that it had almost a full tank of gas. I looked back to see Tara walking out the door and closing it behind her. As the opened the door to the Jeep, I could here Zeke bellowing with rage and fear.

Suddenly his voice changed to screams as a strong light appeared in the window. Tara closed the car door and said, "Drive."