Pause Zeit Blow Job mit nikki sexx 2 1

Pause Zeit Blow Job mit nikki sexx 2  1
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Intro: yes this is a true story. The names have been changed. Please feel free to write a comment, and let me know if I should keep posting more. "no!" I cry out. ugg I just cant get it right. I crumple the paper that was my failed attempt at my art project.

sigh. I look at my phone, its so late and I have to work tomorrow. I roll my eyes as I internally scold myself for asking for an extra shift.

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I stand up and stretch my arms and tired legs. then I hear a light tap on my window. "what the?" I murmur as I look at my phone once more and think to myself, "who the heck is that at this hour" I hear another Tap and then a warm voice says, "Ally, its just me James" oh crap!

im only in my pj witch consist of a t-shirt and panties. I go over and open my window and look out. "James! what in gods name are you doing!

get in this house before someone sees you!" hastily, he obliges. I grab his wrist and pull him into my room and shut the door.


"James! What the fuck! what's going on!" I scowl and my mouth is pressed into a hard line as a sly grin spreads across his face. "this isn't funny!


what in Gods name are you thinking!" his sly grin only widens and I can't bare it, I grin back. he puts his hand in mine and then grabs my head, grasping his fingers in my hair and pulls me to him as he kisses me, softly and then it turns to a very passionate kiss. my lips part as his tounge slowly enters my lips and I moan as he lightly bites my lower lip. my hands tighten there grip into his hair as my body pushes up against his and I feel his growing cock against my hip and I moan again, low and heated.


then one of his hands moves to my aching breast, and it swells in his hand as I moan out lightly from the sensation when his thumb brushes over my swollen nipple. He looks down at me with hooded eyes and I suck in a pleasured breath as his finger and thumb lightly pinch my hard nipple and I whimper in lust as he twists it.

"oh God Ally, I love the sounds you make" and I moan out "oh James" in a pleasured response. slowly, he begins to lift my shirt off of me, trailing his fingers along the sides of my body, leaving a tingling wake in his path.

as he tosses my shirt to the ground, I look up at him with lustful eyes and pull him down for another kiss, but he has other ideas, and starts to kiss down my jaw and across my chest and down to my breasts.

he slowly takes the first one and places his hungry lips over my now rock hard nipple and lightly flicks his tounge across it. my jaw goes slack and a moan escapes from my lips. as his mouth is working on one nipple, his hand is on the other. I gasp in a breath as his teeth gently pull at it, creating my pussy to feel on fire.

"oh please James!" I moan as he teases my aching body. slowly he stands strait and then tugs at my arm pulling me to my own bed I moan in antisapation and he looks at me with his sexy, devilish grin and he says, "get on the bed and lay on your back." I do as he asks and lay back as he starts too take off his shirt. "wait!" I jump up and grab the bottom of his shirt and he smiles and removes his hands as I replace them with mine and slowly pull his shirt over his body.

his sexy chuckle resonates through out the room as I slip my hands down to the button of his jeans and into the band of his boxers, slowly sliding around to his hips and lightly tugging them down. I moan as his erection slowly comes free and his jeans fall to the floor and I can't help myself and drop to my knees, taking his manhood in my hands and press my lips against the head.

I push my lips around his head and let my tounge circle it while I push my mouth down his shaft and push it to the back of my thoat, I gag lightly, trying to get used to the feeling and then pull my head back till the tip is still my mouth and I push back down till the tip hits my throat, but instead of stopping, I push farther till the tip slowly goes down my throat and I swallow so I don't gag.

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His cock convolses and he moans deep and lets his head fall back. He wraps his hands around the back of the head and grasps his fingers in my hair and pushes my head farther and faster up and down his shaft, "Ally wait, I don't want to cum this way" he almost pleads and his hands tug my hair lightly till his cock falls out of my mouth. I am tempted to reach up and grasp it, but I know better. He pulls me up to my feet and then lightly pushes me down onto the bed.

I smile as he slowly starts to tug down my pink, lacy underwear, the only garment I still wore, and then let them fall to the floor. Now fully undressed, I felt his soft skin on mine as he lays his lips on mine once more. I moan against his lips and his mouth parts in response as my tounge invaids his lips as he lightly bites my tounge.

I reluctantly brake the kiss so I can push my body fully on the bed and he comes with me. Now laying on top of me I feel his cock against my pussy and I can feel his desire. I push my hips up and his cock rubs against my lips "god Ally, your so ready" he hissed "I'm always ready for you James" I purred back, thrusting my hips up again. His head lashes back and he let out a hiss and I take the opening to bite lightly on his neck.

As he looks back into my eyes, I reach down and push his cock against my pussy opening, and slowly push my hips up as he pushs down. "oh fuck James!" I coo as his depth rubs me in all the right places. The walls of my pussy contract around him, pushing him deeper into me I moan out as he hits the end of my pussy. "James! I want you!" I whimper out as he pulls out and teases me, just barely putting the head of his throbbing cock in. I try and push my hips up to meet him but holds them down and pulls away.

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I throw my head back and groan, "Please James… give it to me!" and he does, pushing his hips all the way as I push up to meet him and my walls quiver from the impact pushing against my cervix.

I cry out, mostly in pleasure, but also in some pain. "oh James!" I feel myself reaching my climax. my arms reach back to hold to the bed frame as he pumps his cock in and out of me. I feel the pressure inside me and I know, "James i'm going to cum" I moan out and he pumps harder. Im just on the edge and pleasure over comes all my senses I thrust my hips up and scream but its muffled because im biting my hand.

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the final waves come over me and my legs and arms relax. But he is still going, oh the sensation is heavenly and so sinful. Oh my, my eyes roll back and my head does to. He is relentlessly pushing into me, groaning as the head of his cock pushes against me over and over. I feel my body begin to build again and his thrusts become deeper and deeper as he comes closer to his climax as well.

I slam my hands down on the bed and grip and claw at the sheats with pleasure as my body shakes with another head blasting orgasm, and I feel his cock twitch and I feel his grip tighten around me as he moans out in pleasure from his release. I feel his hot cum seep into me and I suck in a breath as I finally relax. His body let's go and he lays half on and half off me and I lightly brush my finger tips up and down his back and sigh in content as I drift off into a sweet slumber with my one and only.