Dutch gangbang mit sofia valentine en Jennie

Dutch gangbang mit sofia valentine en Jennie
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Janie eyed the big cock and wiggled her butt. Whimpering with lust, she flexed her asshole repeatedly. Her pussy was wet and juicy as she waited for her father's cock to enter her. Her whole cunt throbbed because of the quick stretching it had just undergone. The inside of her pussy tingled and her clit was blood-engorged and throbbing.


She wanted that prick between her legs, she didn't care which fuck-hole her father used. She wished only for him to hurry up and fuck her any way he wanted. "Oh, Dad . please . put it in me! I want it in me! Fuck me . oh, fuck me, Dad!" she moaned, resting her legs on her father's shoulders once more.

"Yeahhh, Janie . that's exactly what I'm gonna do, baby," he said, his cock twitching, his finger penetrating her asshole. "I'm gonna fuck you right there! Now, relax, Janie.

Keep your asshole relaxed. I'm gonna put it in slow." Janie closed her eyes, feeling the tingling coming from between her legs. She sighed as her father fingered her asshole and then moaned when his prick-knob touched it.

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She concentrated on relaxing as the big cock head pushed. She felt her asshole opening wider and her father's prick-head started sinking into it. "Oh . ohhhh!" she whimpered, "Uhhhh . oh, oh . uh!

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Oh, yes!" Her asshole was soon made to open as much as it could before beginning to stretch. Janie could feel part of her father's cock head jutting inside the hole. Pleasure and anticipation filled her mind. But the cock head was not even all the way in her butt yet.

As her father kept pushing, her asshole kept dilating. By the time half his cock knob was inside her, she was already cringing due to the building pain.

"Oh, slower . go slower, Dad, oh, it hurts . oh, you're hurting me, Dad . oh!" "Shhhh, baby, I'll go slow. But you have to keep your ass relaxed. Concentrate . relax your asshole completely. I'll go as slow as I can . okay?

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It might hurt a little at first, but it'll feel better than anything you've ever felt in your whole life by the time your asshole opens all the way up for my cock." He shifted position, his arms and legs straining to prop himself up.

How he ached to bury his cock up her asshole with one swift, deep plunge! But he held back with a supreme effort. After all, the girl was his daughter. Grunting as the heat of her tight asshole flooded into his cock, he worked his prick in a little at a time.

Now Janie began moaning almost nonstop. With each little bit of forward progress her father's cock made into her asshole, she whimpered. Each additional fraction of a millimeter her asshole stretched made her wince and groan. Her asshole opened wide, and still wider. Her father's huge cock knob pushed a little more firmly, forcing the soft, slick ring of her shit-hole to swell over it. Janie's moans got louder and louder and then she cried out in pain as the whole swollen prick knob suddenly sank into the asshole.

"Aaahhh! Aaahhh, oohhh, take it out! Take it out! It hurts! Aaaahhhh! Aaahhh! Oh, it hurts! Uuuuhhh . uhhhh," she grunted, tossing and turning her head. Her asshole was stretched almost to the ripping point. Pain shot through her body and filled her mind.

Her toes curled and she whimpered over and over again. Her asshole throbbed, stretched taut until it couldn't stretch any wider or it would bust. "Shhh, baby," John hushed.

"Be quiet, honey! You can take it! Ssshhh, relax it! Keep it relaxed!" When her moans didn't stop, he said more loudly and firmly, "I said open it up! Open your asshole, baby! Relax it!" With tears of pain forming in her eyes, Janie's mind registered his voice.

She heard his commands and did as he instructed. Her asshole was throbbing, but then she realized it was already less painful than before. She calmed down and once again concentrated on keeping her soft asshole relaxed.

"O-okay, Dad . I'm okay now," she stammered, shifting her legs on his shoulders. "Yes, I'm okay now . do it to me!" She held her butt at the right angle. John looked into his daughter's wide, innocent hazel eyes and his heart melted for her. She was so pretty and her asshole was so tight. He began pushing his cock up her ass. Janie grunted again, feeling the cock sliding into her asshole.

She felt pain as her insides expanded and filled with each bit of cock that entered her. Her asshole was filling up with cock and it hurt!

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It hurt, but not as much as she had expected. She bit her lip and withstood the slight pain, wanting to please her father with her ass. Janie grunted again and again, her asshole stretching wider. She wanted to believe that her father had not lied to her. She wanted to believe his promise that soon it would feel better than anything she had ever felt before in her life.

She kept her asshole relaxed and let his prick push deeper into her. John Kelley threw back his head and closed his eyes. Slowly, he pushed his cock up the young girl's ass. He groaned as the tight, slippery warmth of her asshole enveloped his cock in its gripping embrace. Oooohhh, her asshole was good as he slowly kept fucking into her. Janie saw the pain in her mind slowly turning to pleasure.


The more prick her asshole took in, the more goodness she felt. She was already feeling full. Her asshole was filling up with cock like a balloon filling with water. Her asshole was full of prick and she suddenly realized she liked the feeling. Yes, she loved it! "Ooohhh, Dad, feels b-better!

Oh, it's . it's feeling good! It doesn't hurt any more! Oh, yes!" she groaned, smiling. Her father smiled back, glad to know that he was right once again. But of course, he knew it all along. "Oh, how much . is in my butt?" Janie wanted to know. John looked down. "About three fourths of it. You want it all now?" Janie thought for only a second, feeling the tautly stretched, throbbing walls of her asshole.

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"Do it like you want to," she replied, "only, please, Dad . go slow." "Okay, honey.


I'm gonna work it in slow." He eased his cock back a few inches, then pumped it back in. He was glad to hear Janie's grunts of pleasure. He pulled back again and then fucked into her ass until only a couple of inches of cock were still in the air. Janie couldn't stop herself from moaning as the inner walls of her asshole were thoroughly massaged by his rock-hard, throbbing cock. Chills rushed up and down her spine and suddenly she was aware once again of her cunt. It was on fire and cum juiced out of it in a constant flow.

Her cunt was swollen and throbbing, begging for attention. Her cunt itched inside, wanting to be fucked, too. Almost as if magnetically drawn, her fingers crept between her legs and she began massaging the area around her clit. Immediately the pleasure she had been feeling multiplied and shot directly to her brain. "Uuuhhh, baby," she moaned, swiveling her hips, thrusting her butt out. "Feels good . oh, so good . oh, yeahhhh!" The pleasure emanating from her clit and asshole filled her mind and, as if with a will of its own, her asshole suddenly relaxed completely.

With a jolt, she felt her father's cock sink into her upturned butt until only a single inch remained out of her asshole. Her butt hole clamped shut, gripping his cock so tightly that he could hardly move it. "Aaarrrggghhh . mmm . mmmm, honey, oh, yes, oh, yes! Squeeze my dick . milk it . use your asshole . work it, baby .