Free gay sex with fat guys Welcome back to another edition of Broke

Free gay sex with fat guys Welcome back to another edition of Broke
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This story contains graphic sex with animals. If you are not into that kind of thing DO NOT READ ANY FURTHER. I am 18 years old. I live with my father and his girlfriend in a four bedroom house. So it was an average day. Me sitting on my bed watching tv. I was watching CSI. And out of the blue, I started getting horny. So I checked to see where my dads girlfriend was. I could tell that she was in her room, cause the door was closed and I could her the tv in the room. So I closed my door. I put a DVD in the player and turned it on.

It was called Mouth Watering Melons. I pulled off my pants, and laid down on my bed. I turned it to the scene with Britney Skye. I started jacking off my cock as I watched the scene. Now let me describe myself for you. I am 6' 1" and 165 lbs.

And I am athetically built. I have a 8 inch dick, with the thickness of 6.5 inches. Now when I masterbate, I sometimes close my eyes and picture having sex with either people I've already fucked or other people.

This time I decided to imagine fucking my dads girlfriend. Her name is Trish. She is 5' 9" and weighs maybe 140lbs. She is 49 years old. She had 38DD tits. And a nice big round ass. As I laid there imagining fucking her. I heard a loud thud. I paused the movie. And put on my pants, trying to hide my rock hard dick. I stepped out of my room, and what I heard surprised me.

I could hear Trish moaning in her and my dads room. This made my balls tingle. I wanted to see what she was doing so bad. Than I remembered that her and my dad never closed the blinds in their room. I went into the backyard and slowly crept to the window.

I looked into the room, and what I saw shocked me beyond belief. I was expecting to either see her fucking my dad or have a dildo inside of her. And I knew my dad wasn't home, so it had to be a dildo. But it was far from a dildo. Trish was on her knees on the ground.

And behind her was Duke. Her 4 year old labrador retriever. She was getting fucked in her pussy by her dog. And to make it even more extreme. She was sucking her 3 year old German Shepard, Bullseyes cock. I couldn't believe I was seeing this.

She was fucking and sucking her dogs cocks. Now me I am an extremely kinky person and beastiality turns me on. I went back into the house and was thinking of a way that I could walk in on her while fucking the dogs. Then I thought I would just walk in thinking she wasn't home, looking for something.

I waited a minute outsie the door. I heard the sounds of the dogs dick sliding in and out of her pussy, and the muffled moans as she sucked the dogs cock. I took a deep breathe, gulped and opened the door. There she was.

Still on her knees, getting fucked by Duke and sucking Bullseyes dick. I stopped where I was, and froze like I was surprised. Duke kept fucking her, but she stopped sucking bullsyes dick. She was frozen and didn't know what to say.

I said I was sorry and that I didn't realize she was home. I turned around, walked out of the room and closed the door behind me.

I had just seen first hand one of the hottest things ever. I went back into my room. I took there for no more than 30 seconds and I heard a knock on my door. I opened it and Trish was standing there in a bathrobe. She asked me to come out and talk to her. She walked into her room and I followed.

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Both dogs were sitting on the floor licking their dicks. She explained that having sex with dogs turns her on more than anything, and that no one knows that she fucks her dogs. She begged me not to tell anyone about it, and that she would do anything I wanted if I promised not to.

"Anything?" I asked. "Yes, anything you want, it doesn't matter what it is." I told her to take off her robe. She looked at me wierd at first, but than she untied and slid off her robe.

I looked at her entire body.

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Her huge 38DD tits were sagging down. And she didn't shave her pussy. There was a full bush of hair on her mound. I walked up to her and grabbed both of her tits. I started squeezing them and pinching her nipples with my finger nails. She reached down and started unbuttoning my pants. She pulled my pants and boxers down.


My cock popped up and hit her thigh. She looked down at my dick and her jaw dropped. "Holy fucking shit, your dick is huge." "Yeah, I know it is." "You have to be 2 inches longer than your dad and a fuck load thicker" "That's good to know" She started jacking off my hard cock. As she did this I kept squeezing her tit with one hand, and with the other I slid it down to her hairy cunt. I started rubbing her clit, then I shoved my finger into her pussy. I started vigorously fingering her hairy cunt while she jacked me off.

I stopped playing with her nipple and pussy, and told her to stop jacking me off. I told her that I wanted to see her fuck the dogs again. "Really? You want me to fuck the dogs? "Hell yes I do. I think it's hot." "I'm glad to here that. Duke, Bullseye come her." She whistled for the dogs. Trish got down on the ground and lined up Bulleye will her pussy. Bullseye started fucking her extremely hard. Trish started moaning extremely loud. She didn't have to hide her moans from me anymore. Her gorgeous tits were swaying underneath her as she was having her cunt ravaged by her dog.

She grabbed Duke and pulled him over to her. She grabbed his dick.

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That fucking thing was huge. Had to be 7 inches. 9 including the knot. And almost as thick as a soda can. She took his red cock into her mouth. She took the entire thing down her throat untill the knot hit her lips. And both dogs still had their balls. I could see both of their ball sacks swinging. I was jacking off my rock hard cock as she had both dog cocks inside of her. It was actually making me jealous watching suck on Dukes hard red cock.

I then asked Trish what she would think if she saw me sucking Dukes cock? She said that she would get even more turned on watching me suck her dogs cock. With that said I grabbed Dukes cock and sucked it into my mouth.

It tasted so fucking good. I laid down under the dog and was sucking his cock like there was no tomorrow.

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I was able to get it all the way down. Trish than started to suck my dick. Wow this was amazing. I was sucking a dogs dick, getting a blowjob from my dads girlfriend, while she was being fucked by her other dog. I was so turned on by that, that I wanted to choke on Dukes red dick. So I opened my mouth as wide as I could, and took Dukes entire cock into my mouth, including his knot. I has 9 inches of dog cock in my mouth. I felt Trish's mouth slide off my dick.

Than I felt her her hairy cunt slid down over my cock. I could feel Bullseyes hot cucm sliding down over my balls. He has definately came inside of her. She was fucking me like crazy. Screaming as my hard cock pistoned in and out of her. Than I felt Duke start to shoot his cum down my throat.

I started squeezing his balls, as he pumped shot after shot of hot dog cum down my throat. It had to have been a good 9 spurts of fresh dog cum. And it all tasted so fucking good. Dukes cock flopped out of my mouth. I looked up and saw Trish's tits flopping all over the place as she fucked my throbbing cock.

I felt my balls tighten up. I started pumping my hot sweet cum into her hairy juicy cunt. She started moaning louder with every spurt of cum I pumped into her. She started to get up. As soon as my cock flopped out of her. She laid down of her back, and lifted her ass.

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So none of my cum could drip out. "I want you to eat your cum out of my pussy." "Holy shit!!! Really? Okay" I got down on my hands and knees.

And started eating out her sweet hairy cunt. I could feel my cum start to flow out of her. I had already swallowed to gulps of my cum, and could tell there was still a lot more. Then all of a sudden. I felt something behind me. Just then I felt one of the dogs straddle me from behind. Duke was behind me, trying to fuck me. So I grabbed his now hard dick, and directed it towards my ass.

With one powerful thrust, Dukes huge cock entered my tight little ass. I felt so good having my ass ripped apart by this huge dog cock. Trish seemed to love the site of me getting fucked in my ass by her dog. His cock was rocketing in and out of my ass.


It wasn't long beofre I could feel him pumping my ass up with his hot doggie cum. It was just as much as when he came in my mouth, maybe even more. By now I had swallowed a good 7 gulps of my cum out of Trish's pussy.

Duke pulled his cock out of my ass, and immediately Trish got up and went behind me. She started eating out my ass. She was sucking Dukes sweet cum out of my ass hole. I heard her swallow 7 times. Than she grabbed me, and started making out with me. She still had a mouthful of cum in her mouth.We made out for 5 minutes before each of us swallowed half of the dog cum in our mouths.

Trish looked at the clock and said shit, your should be home soon. We both got up and put our cloths on. She looked at me and said that I couldn't tell anything about what had happened. I smiled and said, "I won't tell anyone, as long as we get to do that again." "Looking forward toward you sexy ass doggie fucker"