El culo de mi esposa cuando ich la cojo 2 atada bdsm

El culo de mi esposa cuando ich la cojo 2 atada bdsm
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The following is a true story: I was only 13 when I began experimenting with my niece&hellip. I was a young good looking kid who was a little innocent myself.

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It all started very abruptly and quickly. First a little about my niece, she was only nine at the time. But even then her young nubile body was inviting and attractive.

She was somewhat short with brown hair cut short and with bangs. At the time she had the biggest eyes, a beautiful face, and although she was somewhat short for a girl her age she had nice legs.

Also she was not skinny, and had more body then most nine year olds. She had not begun to develop breasts yet, but her little ass was starting to come into its own.

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I could write forever about that ass. Even at nine she had what you would call a bubble butt.


This was especially apparent when she wore cute little dresses. Although the dress fit her comfortably enough it was tight around her butt and this accentuated it more.

Whenever i would see her under ware pulled down and her dress pulled up just enough to get a full view of her young flesh I would masturbate to the sight and feel of it. Her young ass was fleshier then I expected and light in complexion. But I digress, like I had mentioned earlier the sexualization and pleasure with my niece started abruptly and unexpectedly. The first encounter took place in a car, my mother and my cousin were sitting up front while me and my niece sat in the back.

She was covered with a blanket. She was Looking out her window and up in front. I'm not sure why, maybe it was due to the vibration of the car, but I got an erection. Mind you I had just entered puberty and every time I was aroused it was very intense and new.

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I remember weighing the consequences in my mind for a split second and deciding I could get away with it, the next thing I knew I reached for my young nieces little hand and placed it on my penis.

I squeezed her hand with mine. Just then she looked up at me and smiled. I then proceeded to cover us both with the blanket. Without looking I held her little hand while I unzipped my pants and pulled my fully erect penis from the fabric that was holding it back. Then I wrapped her little hand around my penis and motioned with her to jerk me off very slowly so as not to get caught. The warmth and softness of her hand was amazing not to mention the inherit thrill associated with having such a beautiful young family member touch me in the presence of others.

although she was stroking my penis very slowly, like I had showed her, it was only a matter of a few moments before I spilt my seed. Up to that point I had never had an orgasm that felt nearly as good. I had to brace myself and lean forward slightly so as not to get the attention of my mother and cousin sitting up front.

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That was how it all started&hellip. I have a lot more varied experiences with my niece to write about, there were times when I had the whole house and her whole little body to myself&hellip.

But first I was hoping for a little feedback from the community to set me in the right direction for my second story Part Two: I didn't know what to do with my new found pleasure.

Feelings of guilt, excitement and pleasure all raced through my head at once. But pleasure would win out every time.


Without knowing why, as if by some innate sense I started very slowly with my niece. Maybe I knew I couldn't risk scaring her away because the consequences would be so harsh.

The point is I needed her badly. At 13 I was horny all the time and constantly needed a release.

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And the orgasm with Sammy was a million times better than any orgasm I could achive by my own hand. So that day while I was taking care of her I asked, "do you wanna watch a movie with me?" she said "sure". So I turned on the dvd player and sat down on the couch. Not even five minutes into the movie I asked her to get closer to me.

She asked why, I told her because it was cold and she'd be able to warm me up. So said okay and scooted her butt next to me to where her hips were touching mine.

I then put my arm around her. By this time I had a semi erection and I could see her furtively looking down at my crotch. I pulled her closer to me and let my arm dangle over her shoulder then slowly and softly grasped her waist.

I then started rubbing the side of her stomach and her hip like I had done to a previous girlfriend. I then looked at her beautiful face and big black eyes as she stared straight ahead at the TV. Then I said "hey I'm gonna get a blanket cuz I'm still cold" she said "okay yea, I'm kinda cold too". When I came back into the living room, I made sure to walk in front of her while she was watching TV, so she could see my erection through my pjs.

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Now sitting down with the blanket we were both covered from the neck down. I remember feeling the heat radiating from our body and her fussy hands as she looked for my penis. Quickly I threw off my under ware and pajamas as my niece jacked me off the way I had taught her to. Since it was just the two of us, there was no need for caution and I told her to "touch me faster", as I said this i had my hand wedged between her pants and her ass grasping and fondling her ass through her underwear.


Then with two hands I stared unbuckling her pants and pulling them down. The whole time she continued to jack me off. By this time we had abandoned all caution and I threw the blanket on the floor while taking of her pants, that way I could see the beautiful sight of this very young girl in her underwear, pulling at my dick and jacking my off like theirs no tomorrow.

A few minutes passed and by this time my hand had already explored her ass crack between those two fat cheeks, and I was massaging her young pussy thought her underwear. As much I loved the sight and feel of her beating my dick while I fondled and played with her young pussy, I had to nut on her ass.

I told her to get up and turn around. To which she quickly obliged because by this time she was experiencing as much pleasure as I was. While she was bent over the sofa I pulled her underwear down to her ankles, I was standing above her fondling every inch of her ass and pussy with my left hand and jacking off with my right.

I could feel the damp virginal juices moistening my fingers. Just then I heard my mom's car pull up. I told Sammy to quickly get her clothes, go to her room get dressed and watch TV in there.

Then I ran to into shower, turned on the water, and masturbated furiously. The whole time I was thinking of my nieces little body and the things I could and would do to it. I climaxed in ecstasy feeling total pleasure, release and just a twinge of guilt… I have a lot more varied experiences with my niece to write about, there were even other times when I had the whole house and her whole little body to myself&hellip. But first I was hoping for a little feedback from the community to set me in the right direction for my next story.