Rape step sister while sleep

Rape step sister while sleep
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"How did you know?" I asked him as we were cuddling under the blanket, him hugging me from behind. "How long have you known I was gay?" "I've seen you staring at me in class, anyone could see it." I could tell through his voice his lips had curled into a smile. I was somewhat in shock; was it really that obvious? I threw the thought away as another popped into my mind.


Is this really happening? I lay there, my dream boy clinging onto me, his cock rubbing my asshole.

"Hey aren't you forgetting something?" I broke from his hug, and turned to face him. But before I could say anything, he kissed me; and when our lips met, my eyes flew open in shock as his tongue begged for entrance into my mouth. I opened, and he immediately began to scour the entire inside of my mouth, exploring every nook and cranny, as if searching for something.

I pulled back, in need of air, and Mack made a sort of sad face and asked, "What, did I do something wrong?" I replied catching my breath. "No, it was great, just unexpected is all. You know, this is my first time. With anyone." "So, I take it you're still a virgin, then?" he asked, giving me a smile. "And I'm guessing you're not a virgin?" I replied, smiling even wider back at him. "Here let me help you get those clothes off," he said, reaching for my shirt. We sat up, on the mattress and he pulled my shirt up over my head, revealing my hairless chest.

I then proceeded to unbutton my pants when a hand swatted my fingers away, "Let me do it.


Here, lie down and put your legs in the air." I obliged, watching him undo the button, and in one fluid motion, my pants were off, showing my plain briefs with a somewhat large bulge in the center. He rolled over onto his back and I whisked his pants off and threw them with his shirt into the corner.

"Compression shorts? Really?" I exclaimed, regarding his choice of underwear.

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"What? I had to have some way of hiding my boner all day," he said jokingly. I chuckled, crawling on top of him. I kissed him deeply, and he kissed back, wrapping his arms and legs around me, holding me tightly.

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Could this get any better? I thought to myself.

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I rolled, still kissing, running my hands all over his toned muscular body. I slid my fingers through his silky hair, down over his cheek bones, feeling the slight stubble of days without a shave. Down his pronounced neck, and onto his broad shoulders, hugging and kissing him.

I broke from his lips to explore his body with my mouth, leaving a trail of kisses down his neck, and over his chest. Down to his sexy abs, and onward, only stopping to pull down his underwear to reveal what I had sought after.

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Mack's almost seven inch cock sprang free of it's binding behind his shorts, standing at attention inches from my face. He watched intensely in the low light as I paused to admire him.

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No words were necessary. ` The first thing that became apparent to me was that he was completely shaved, like me, and that he was uncircumcised, also like me. I was like a little kid presented with a giant lollipop for the first time, and for some reason, I was unafraid of what I was going to do next; maybe it was my hormones, who knows? I dove, opening my mouth to permit his awaiting manhood.

I closed, guarded my teeth, and began bobbing, taking a little more each time. Up and down, in and out.

Pretty soon, I was able to fit his entire cock into my mouth, swirling my tongue around and around it. I glanced up between a bob and took note of how Mack was obviously enjoying himself; he had one hand clutching the blanket left for us, and the other he moved to my head, guiding me up and down on his dick.

His eyes were shut tight with a massive smile on his face. It seemed only like a minute more before he whispered between heavy breaths that he was going to cum soon. I must not have heard him, because when it happened, I was completely surprised. Mack's cock gave one last final twitch inside my mouth before unloading his precious juice into the back of my throat. One, two, three. I counted in my head, swallowing each one. All the way up to six before he relaxed and I let his penis out of it's moist prison.

He fell back onto the mattress, exhausted. "Damn that was the best blow job anyone has ever given me. Are you sure you've never done this before?" He asked, between breaths.

"Yes, I'm sure," I said, wiping a bit of his cum from my lips. "How'd I taste?" he asked smiling. I started to chuckle, "Better than I thought you would. At this point, I realized I was still wearing my underwear, so I quickly shed them, exposing my modest, but not quite as large six inch boner. I lay myself on top of Mack, both of us completely exposed. "We should probably get the blanket," I whispered in his ear, between light kisses. I rolled over, and whipped the blanket over the both of us, concealing ourselves.

We stayed like that, resting, enjoying the time we had together. I fell asleep with him underneath me, embracing my body. In what only seemed like minutes could have been hours, I checked the clock after I had awoke, and noticed it was only five in the morning. Mack was spooning me from behind, his morning wood felt good against my skin. I flipped around and kissed him lightly on the forehead. His eyes gradually opened and he said, "Morning.

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Thanks for that last night, it was great." "You owe me one, you know that?" I said as I cracked a smile. Mack rolled on top of me, and began kissing me almost as soon as I had said that.

"I kinda wanna fuck you," he said in my ear, and with that he began grinding against my body with his cock. God it felt so good. "Can that wait till later?" I asked quietly, "After all, it's only Saturday." As good as it sounded, I just wasn't sure if I wanted that right now. As we continued kissing, a thought occurred to me, making me pause, "What about your girlfriend?" I said breaking the kiss.

"What about her?" he replied, giving me a funny look. "Well, what are we gonna do if anyone finds out?" "Trust me," he grinned, "I'll take care of it."