Espiando o gostoso no clube

Espiando o gostoso no clube
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This story is mainly fictional, however the reason for this story is because of something that actually happened. When I was a teenager, I don't know how the conversation came up, but I was talking to my mom about God knows what.

Then out of nowhere my mom asked if she could see my cock. Being a little shy and confused I said no, and her main reason for "asking" was because she wondered if she did a good job or not.


(Side note my uncle, my mom's brother had told my grandma thanks that she did good in giving him a big cock). So I guess that's my mom's "reasoning" for asking.

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As for my cock goes some readers want to know some don't. I won't lie about my size, I am fairly blessed never had complaints. I am 7 inches long and really thick, if you were to drink from one of those Gatorade bottles I am thicker than the opening by far. Anyway back to the story so I was to shy to show my mom and said no. But I always think about that day, and now comes the fiction part of what I have thought about doing or saying if I could do it all over.

I come home from playing basketball and find my mom in the living room. Mom: Hi honey, how was basketball? Me: Good I'm a little tired and need a shower. Mom: You do smell like a gym! Go shower and I'll make your favorite food for dinner. Me:Sounds great! I go off and shower, and my mom walks in to use the bathroom as we only have one in our house.

As she starts to talk to me, she blurts out: Can I see your cock?

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Me: wha-what? Mom: I want to know if I did a good job and gave you something girls will like.

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Me: . Mom: Sorry son I didn't mean to embarrass you, forget I even asked.

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Me: Mom wait! Mom: yes my son? Me: I'll only show you if you play with it and get it hard. Mom: Finish your shower and come eat. Confused about what really just happened, I finished my shower and went to the kitchen just wearing my basketball shorts. Me: Hi Mom! Mom: Come eat your dinner it's getting cold.

As I was eating, I was thinking I never got an answer from my mom. Mom: Okay Me: Okay what? Mom: Okay I'll get you hard and play with it. I just look at her and she walks up to me still eating, she gives me a kiss on my forehead and whispers "turn your chair from the table" at this point I stay silent and do as directed.

Mom: I'm going to give you a lap dance, just sit still. I just sit there and let her take over and let her do as she wishes. She then starts to dance with no music and begins to strip, my jaw just drops as I was not expecting her to strip.


She takes her top off and is not wearing a bra, so her perfectly round 38 DD's are now directly in front of me. I immediately begin to get hard, and she can see my erection through my shorts. She turns around putting her firm ass in my lap, and lowers it to my erection. She is still wearing jeans, but begin's to grind her ass on my cock through my shorts.

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As she does this I reach around her and grab and squeeze both of her luscious tits, this only makes her grind harder. She then gets up and turns around and grabs at my basketball shorts, and in one swift move and me arching my hips up she pulls them down.

Now my cock is fully exposed to my mom and I see her eyes glow in delight. She gets on her knees and takes hold of my member that she has been wanting to see. She strokes my cock up and down going slow as she wants to enjoy it. Then she notices my pre cum start to leak out, and immediately lowers her head to lick it up. After the first lick it sends shivers down my spine, only to be surprised even more she takes my cock into her mouth. She begins to suck hard and deep making herself gag on her own sons cock.

She then takes my cock out of her mouth and looks at me and says: "Son I want to make you cum and you can cum in my mouth". With those words I stand up and grab her by her head and begin to fuck her face, hard and fast.

Only hearing the sound of heavy breathing and slurping and soft gags. I push my cock deep down her throat and hold it there, then pull out and do it over and over again. My mom then reaches out and plays with my balls and as soon as she did that, my cock began to explode spert after spert I unload in her mouth.

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I begin to tremble and shake as I am having the biggest orgasm I've ever had. I collapse onto the chair releasing my cock from my mother's mouth. I hear her make a swallowing sound then she says "best desert ever". All I can do is just sit there and try and recover from what just happened.


I tell my mom that she is amazing and I cannot believe she did that. She just smiles at me and says I'll let you recover first before we do anymore and winks at me. Then says join me in my room when you feel ready. I just sit there thinking about how far this will go and how often would I be aable to have my mom this way. Did I just open up a can of worms and start something I didn't know could be stopped? Comments are welcome let me know if you would like me to write more about my thoughts.

Also please feel free to rate. Negative and positive comments will only help me grow.