Amateur couple fucking hard at home

Amateur couple fucking hard at home
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That was until I heard Hank Hansen and two others playing in his back yard next to my house. They were 13, a year older than me. I peeked between the bushes and then in a hushed whisper I called to Hank.


He looked over at the hedge and walked over to where I was. "Hi Jessica!" He eyed me up and down. "Wow, that skirt sure is short!" I smiled back at him coyly and asked him if he liked it. "Well, yeah, sure do!" I demurely looked at him and then took the hem of my skirt in my hands. "You don't think its too short, do you?" "No way!" He continued to look at my thighs.


"What if I wore it," I lifted it a couple of inches more, "this short?" His eyes bugged out. "That would be great Jessica." Looking right at him I lifted it up more, until he could see my red panties. "How about this short?" I though he was going to pass out.

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"Jeez Jessica. i mean.Wow!" "Do you ever think about sex, Hank?" "All the time!" He replied as his voice lowered conspiratorially. "Me too!" "Really Jess?!" "Yes, Hank." I was like a mini slut when I said, "You know what I think about Hank?" "No Jess," he said, his voice quaking as he gazed at my barely covered body.

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I could still taste Jimmy's cum on my tongue and it drove me on. "Hank, have you ever had a blowjob?" I lowered my voice more, leaning in, my titties nipples standing straight out. "No." he stammered. "If I did it for you, if I gave you a blowjob, would you promise not to tell?" "Yeah, sure Jess.

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Sure!" Suddenly two more voices chimed in from behind Hank, in the bushes. "We wouldn't either Jess!" It was Hanks cousins who were with him for the week. I eyed the three of them cautiously. "You can't ever tell! You have to swear!" All three swore up and down they would never tell a soul.

I took Hank by the hand and we went into his garage. His dad had a couch and a tv there and it would be hours before anyone's parents were home. They all sat on the couch and I took a cushion and quickly got between Hanks legs and grabbed the waist band of his gym shorts and pulled them down, his 5 inch cock springing forth.

Without wasting a moment I took it in my hand and immediately started sucking like a starving homeless person. Hank gurgled and the twins oohed and ahhed and then Hank yelled, "Jess, gonna cum.oh.Jess, gonna cum!" He was trying to warn me, but I surprised him by taking hold of his hips and sucking faster.

"Oooh.ooh.Jess.arrgghh." and not more than 30 seconds after I had his dick in my mouth his cock exploded with a hard throbbing thrust of his cock deep into my mouth. "ooooooohhhhhhh.God!!!" He pumped and pumped, his cock engorging and spurting hot, sticky cum into my slutty 12 year old mouth. Again and again he fed me his seed and I swallowed every drop.

As soon as he was done I moved over to the twins who already had their cocks out. They were all about the same size. Timmy, the first twin, grabbed my head and helped me to his cock as he came with a rush, his hips lifting up and into my mouth as he pulled my head down. I let him as another orgasm tore through my little body, turning me into a sucking zombie, my eyes fluttering as he abused my willing mouth with his spewing cock.

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I was completely turned on by his indifference to my situation. He was so into his own orgasm that he didn't care if he was choking me or hurting me or drowning me in his cum.

He was going to use my mouth whether I liked it or not. In a minute he was done and he thanked me again and again.

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His brother was standing next to me, unable to wait for me to move over and just as I turned, his cock jumped in front of my pre-teen face and unloaded a long, thick stream of cum that landed on my forehead and stretched from there down my nose, over my open mouth, lips and chin before I could dive in and swallow his cumming cock!

He just stood there while I innocently sucked hard, back and forth, tasting his sperm on my tongue and down my hungry throat as his first shot of cum swung back and forth off of my chin.

I sucked and sucked, and without even thinking about it I reached down with one hand and rubbed my pussy through my panties as he continued to feed me his salty nectar. I gagged a couple of times as he easily gave me the biggest load of the day, bigger than Jimmy's even. But I held on and let him finish as I rubbed my pussy furiously.

I continued to rub even after Tommy (the second twin) stepped back, exhausted by his orgasm. I was completely unaware that they were watching me, my eyes closed, moaning softly, cum dripping from my little girl face.

After a couple of minutes, when I kinda came to, I realized they were still sitting there, jaws slack, eyes glazed over by what they had just witnessed.

"Please don't tell anyone I did that!" I was near panic, realizing what I had been doing in front of them. What would my friends say if they new I had masturbated in front of these guys - never mind that I had just got done blowing them.

"We won't," Hank said,"If you keep sucking!"