Beautiful girl play with vibrator and dildo camdotnet

Beautiful girl play with vibrator and dildo camdotnet
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Hi, my name is Jessica and I am 17 years old. I'm not what you would call smart but I'm not dumb either. One thing I do know however, is when a boy likes me, mainly it because they have tents and not the kind you take on a camping trip. I can't blame them really (I'm shallow I know); I have long blonde hair that falls to my waist and blue eyes with thick eyelashes.

My brows are perfectly sculpted and I'm quite tall at 5'8", I'm a cup size D so I'd say I'm fairly hot to the male population of my school. It's thanks to them that I scored my gorgeous boyfriend Ike. He plays as quarterback for the school football team, the Tigers, which also means he's got a good physique.

We got together at one of the team's home games against the Eagles of the neighbouring school, I was cheerleading for the first time for that game.

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The Tigers won with flying colours and at the end of the game he came up to me and kissed me hard on the mouth. And by hard I mean he full on frenched me! After that it was pretty much a well known fact that he liked me and I him, so apparently we were together from that moment on. As a couple we progressed quite fast, our first time together being only a few weeks later when I took advantage of my parents going to some benefit party or something and inviting him over.

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It was sweet and tender and loving and we haven't let up since that winter night. It's now spring and we're getting ready for finals before becoming seniors and making our high school debut prank, we've already started brainstorming ideas!


My parents are at another benefit tonight which can only benefit me being an only child, so I call up Ike. "Hey baby," Ike replies in that sexy drawl of his. "Listen, my parents are out again tonight so I was wondering if u wanted to, maybe, come over and we could have dinner and have some fun." "Sweet! I'll be over in an hour babe, that ok?" "Uh huh, see you then baby." I jumped up and down in joy, yes! More sexy time tonight! I ordered Chinese from the local restaurant and arranged to get it delivered in an hour.

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Surely enough, Ike arrived just before the Chinese did and we ate peacefully, looking forward to what came after. As soon as the trash was put away I led by hunk of a guy upstairs to my bedroom, and once we arrived, it began.

The world spun as our lips locked, tongues battling together in a bid for dominance.

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Ike's hand slid up my side, beginning to raise my shirt up slowly. "Wait," I said, breathless from the passion erupting between us. "I-I want to try something, if that's ok?" I looked up at him through hooded eyes, almost pleading for his consent. "Um.ok?" Ike was confused, struggling to think through the haze I created in him. When I dropped to my knees before him, Ike's breath hitched, 'she couldn't think to.why would she.god, she looks good down there'.

I fumbled with his belt, finally getting rid of the thing that blocked my way. The button was fairly easy to do, but my hands shook so it took longer.

"Oh my god," he murmured, still not believing i was going to do this. Ziiiip. There went the zipper. I moved my hands beneath the waistband of his tight jeans, moving them down his trunk-like legs, all the way down to his ankles.

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His long length stretched in front of me. I loved how he always went commando. I stared at it a few moments more, admiring the hardness and girth he was given before gently wrapping my soft hands around him, stroking along his inches. "Jess, baby!" Ike licked his lips in anticipation. Slowly, I leaned forward before pressing the tip of my tongue on his weeping slit.


"Ungh!" He grunted at the sensation. Quick as a snake, I darted forward, enclosing all I could in my mouth, causing Ike to shudder above me, hands twisting in my hair, pulling me closer. I began licking and sucking, moving up and down his shaft, tasting every millimetre I could before deep-throating him all the way to the base.

One of my hands fondled his heavy sack, rolling the orbs in my hand for added stimulation. " I'm, Jess baby, I'm close!" Ike groaned, thrusting softly into my hot mouth.

"That's it baby, take it all in, swallow that thick cock." I worked harder, licking him harder and sucking him with more force, pulling him closer to the edge of oblivion. I suddenly released him to whisper, "Cum for me, Ike. Pour your hot cum into my mouth, come on baby do it." I swallowed him in my throat again, working his cock, milking him with my mouth. "Oh god! I'm cumming!" He roared as his load let loose and spurted his thick, hot seed straight down my throat. "Swallow it baby, eat it all!" I struggled to chug it all down and a few drops escaped my mouth.

Once he finally finished, shuddering in my grasp, I licked up the remaining drops of cum, cleaning his dick with my tongue. Ike couldn't take it any more and pulled me up into a harsh kiss that stole my breath. Not unlike the one at that first game. "Baby, if I have to beg you are doing that again." I just laughed, now I had him wrapped around my little fingers even more than before.