Teen in Heat Sally gets her meaty pussy and asshole stuffed Deep

Teen in Heat Sally gets her meaty pussy and asshole stuffed Deep
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— THIS STORY CONTAINS EXPLICIT CONTENT. It is fictional and does not depict real people or events. All characters are above the legal age of consent. — He awoke to find Rose still asleep at his side. He smiled as he ran his hand across her bare ass, giving it a firm squeeze. He rolled himself on top of her, pushing her face down into the bed.

He pushed himself between her legs and thrusted his hard morning wood into her pussy. He groaned in pleasure at her tightness, and continued to pound into her roughly. Rose slowly awoke to his pounding. She moaned softly into the bed as he continued and soon finished, spilling himself inside her.


He grabbed her ass, spreading her cheeks and examined her tight asshole. "Mmm, needs stretched." He pulled out of her, giving her ass a hard slap before standing and leading her to the bathroom. He put her in the bathtub on all fours. He turned on the shower, letting the water pour down her backside. He removed two speculums from the cabinet under the sink and inserted them in the holes.

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He opened her wide and sprayed the water directly into her gaped holes. He left her to fill with water while he got dressed and ready for his day at work. He returned and removed the speculums, letting her drain herself while he ate breakfast in the kitchen. When she finished in the bathroom, she walked down the hall and knelt at his feet.

He put a plate of food on the floor, permitting her to eat. Rose lowered her head to eat as he reached down and happily fingered her cleaned holes. He picked up his banana and shoved it into her cunt, fucking her with it as she ate. When Rose finished eating. He led her to the front room. A machine was placed in front of the front window.


He pushed her to her hands and knees over a short bench that kept her from lowering herself to the floor. He placed a bar over her back and locked it in place, restraining her to her hands and knees.

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The machine was pushed towards her ass. He pushed a hollow dildo onto the machine's long piston, and then pushed the piston into her pussy. He pushed an inflatable anal plug into her ass, giving it two pumps of air. He then turned the machine on, the piston pumped into her pussy, picking up speed until it was fucking her at a surprisingly fast pace.

He shoved a ball gag into her mouth, buckling it behind her head to muffle her moans and whimpers as the piston hammered itself into her. He then rolled another machine in front of her. He picked up two long tubes, connected to the second machine by a hose. He turned on the machine and lubed her breasts and nipples before putting a tube on each breast. The machine latched onto her, sucking her breasts and milking her. He smiled down to her, gently petting her head.

"That's my girl. Be good while I'm gone." He pulled open the front curtains, exposing Rose to the neighborhood and anyone who happened to pass by, and smiled once more at her before grabbing his jacket and lunch and left her for work. +-+-+ It was about noon when she heard the door open. She turned her head as far as possible to see who it was, but recognized the thick Spanish accent of Maria, the housekeeper, before she could see who it was.

"Afternoon Miss Rose," the housekeeper greeted her, turning both machines off. She removed the piston from Rose's aching pussy, and deflated the plug and removed it as well. She then gently pulled the milking machine off of Rose's tender breasts and then unlocked her from the restraints. "Mister Tony said you have an hour and a half to eat, use the restroom, and relax." Rose nodded and headed to the bathroom. Once alone, she used the toilet before rubbing her aching pussy.

She stretched and took a quick shower before heading to the kitchen. Maria had already fixed a salad for Rose, who graciously took it to the living room to eat in front of the TV. The time seemed to fly by, and soon Maria was locking Rose back in place, inserting the piston and the plug, and putting the tubes of the milking machine back on. Maria gave Rose a bit of extra lube around her holes and breasts, knowing how sore Rose must be.

She then turned on the machines and finished her cleaning before she too left Rose. +-+-+ Rose heard the door open again.

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She turned to see who it was, but could only hear voices laughing and joking. She recognized her husband Tony, but the other voices were foreign to her. The voices quieted, to hushed whispers. Someone let out a whistle of approval before Tony stated, "this is my wife, Rose. She is also going to be our party favor for the night. There were a few "woohoos" of happiness before the men walked over to examine Rose better. Rose saw Tony head towards the kitchen. He returned with beers for his male friends, who were rubbing Rose's naked body.

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Both machines were soon turned off, and Rose was pulled from the front window. Hands fondled and groped Rose all over. She was pushed onto her back and a penis quickly invaded her mouth. The men took turns fingering her sore pussy and ass. There were loud shouts of approval, and Rose looked up to see a man standing over her with a baseball bat.

"Let's play ball!" The bat was shoved deep into Rose's pussy and the men continued to grope and fondle her.

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She could feel them spitting on her pussy and asshole, the bat forcefully pounding into her. Something cold poked into her ass and Rose looked down to see a cucumber being shoved in her backside.

More men took turns fucking her mouth with their cocks, and her lower holes with anything they could find: vegetables, handles to gardening tools, a walking stick, the baseball bat, kitchen utensils, beer bottles, a hair dryer, even a scrub brush and the chair leg from one of the dining room chairs.

When the men seemed to run out of things to force into Rose, Tony gave them permission to fuck her themselves. And they did so happily.

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Two men pounded into her holes and another was shoved down her throat. At one point, another man managed to shove into her pussy, along side of the cock that was already there. Rose did not complain.

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She looked up at Tony a few times as he supervised. He would smile at her approvingly, and she would continue. After a few men had finished in Rose's mouth, forcing her to swallow their loads, Tony ordered the men off of her.

He picked her up and laid her on the dining room table. He lubed up her pussy before slowly pushing his fist into her tight hole. It took a good while, and Tony happily took his time, knowing his fist was the biggest thing that had ever entered her.

Soon Tony was pumping his fist and even his wrist into Rose. He demanded her to cum, and she quickly found herself flooded with her climax, cumming and shaking uncontrollably.

Tony removed his fist, letting her catch her breath before allowing his friends to continue using her until each one of them was spent. Tony allowed his friends to stay the night if they could not walk home.

They had been drinking, and he would be a bad host to let them drive.


+-+-+ In the morning, Rose took care of the men's morning woods, and she and Tony wished them goodbye by noon. Once they were gone, Tony took her to their bedroom, where he forced himself into each of her holes, spilling his load in all of them. He continued to fuck her, marking her as his own, and filling her full of his cum. He finally let her shower and rest. He had taken the day off, and would use the rest of the day to use Rose for his own pleasures.

And she would happily serve him.