Top notch dilettante bondage sex scenes with fine gal

Top notch dilettante bondage sex scenes with fine gal
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I felt his fingers sliding along my jaw before he plunged them into the warm cavern of my mouth. His thick fingers sliding in and out in and out all the way to the back of my throat instantly making me gag. But he wouldn't quit. I'd get a breathe if I was lucky. In and out they kepy going.

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And still I was hard. He took his fingers out and slowly dragged them down my neck to my nipples, instantly getting them hard with just the slightest touch. Then he continued dragging them down down down to my belly button, dipping a finger in and then dragging it ever so slowly out and down until he grabbed my dick.

His big hand covering the entire shaft. He drew his hand up and then quickly brought it down, forcing a moan from my mouth.

"You like that baby?" He asked. Up and down slowly. He stopped and climbed up my body until we were face to face. "Do you want to cum, baby?" "Yes." I moaned out.


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Call me daddy, baby" "Daddy, please." I begged. "Okay, baby. Be still for me." He said Before I knew it I was writhing on the bed in pleasure as his hand stroked my dick at a harder and faster pace than earlier.

"Daddy!" I cried as his pumping stopped completely. I watched his get off the bed and going to a door I hadn't noticed earlier. He quickly came out, a bottle in one hand and some unknown item in his other hand.

He set the two items on the bed off to the side and then climbed back onto the bed near my feet. "I love you so much, baby. Do you love me?" He asked. I quickly nodded my head. "Tell me." He demanded. "I love you, daddy. I love you so much!" I exclaimed. "Okay, baby. Since I love you and you love me we can do this." He said gently as he grabbed my ankles and raised them above my head and strapped them to the bed posts.

Then he grabbed my hands and did the same. "This will hurt a little baby. Just tell daddy and daddy will relieve the pain for you." He said as he grabbed my dick with one hand and started jacking me off. And with the other he grabbed the bottle he had laid to the side and poured some on my dick and on my crack and then set it back down. He stopped jacking me off and started rubbing the cold liquid in my crack. Up and down. He did this for an eternity before he gently pushed one finger in my ass.

I tensed up instantly. He kept pushing in until he got fed up and shoved his finger all the way in. "Daddy!" I screamed in pain. "Its okay, baby. Deep breathe." He stuck something under my nose, "Take a deep breathe baby. This will help you relax." I took a deep breathe and instantly relaxed.

He started moving his finger in and out and I was a moaning mess. Heslowly pushed his finger in and the pulled it back out. In and out. In and then he pulled his finger from my ass.

"Daddys going to stick something else in your ass." He reached over and grabbed the big purple item and the bottle of cold liquid. He squirted some of the liquid on my crack and on the weird purple thing and then he threw the bottle back on the bed. "Do you know what this is baby?" He asked as he held up the purple thing. I shook my head. "Its a butt plug. I'm going to put it deep in your ass and leave it there to loosen your little rosebud.

If I stick my big hard dick in your ass I will tear you up. This is just precaution." I nodded even though I understood none of what he said. I watched as he put the butt plug against my ass and started pushing gently. It didn't go in. He kept pushing and it still wouldn't go in. My mind seemed to go fuzzy as he got the bottle and poured more of the liquid on my ass and the butt plug.

I couldn't even tense when he put it back at my ass and started pushing until it broke past my sphincter. He pulled it back out before pushing it back in. And then he repeated the motion. Over and over again before I blacked out from the fuzzyness in my mind. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Baby, wake up." The voice cooed in my ear.

"Daddy?" I asked. "Yes baby." He replied. His voice. So smooth and sexy. It was like silk. Like red silk running across the body.

Like that little girls body, that sweet little girl. She was so pretty. I had followed her but she had gotten away from me.

I heard the moans so I followed them. She was dead. That little girl was dead!

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"DADDY! YOU HAVE TO HELP HER!" I cried as I opened my eyes. Only to be faced with the man who tore the little girls vagina to pieces. "Go on tell daddy." He smiled evily before gently patting my head. "You-" I started as he grabbed my dick forcing a moan past my lips.

"Daddy knowns best, sweetie.


So be a good little boy so daddy can cum. If your'e good, daddy will let you cum as well." He said and grabbed a bottle from beside the bed and pouring it on his dick and rubbing it in. "Whats wrong baby?Did you want to get it nice and wet for daddy?" I shook my head quickly.

"Good baby. Thats for another day. Right now daddys going to take your cherry. But first I have to take the butt plug out." He said as he grabbed it and started pulling. I started screaming as it forced my sphincter open, until it popped out.

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"Good job baby. Now daddys going to put his dick in your ass. When its time for me to cum I'm going to cum in your ass.

Don't fight it." He said as he untied my hands and feet from above my head. I groaned in pain as my muscles moved for the first time in a while. "I need you to turn and get on your hands and knees." He said calmly. I didn't move. His face contorted into one of anger before he grabbed my forearm with one hand and the back of my neck with the other and forced my onto my stomach.

"I can be nice.

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Or I can be mean. On your hands and knees now or I will do it for you. If I do it for you I will make sure I'm hard on your ass. I'll fuck you so hard your ass will bleed for hours. Do you want that?" He asked and I shook my head and got on my hands and knees as quickly as possible. He got behind me and put his dick at my entrance and pushed all the way in to the hilt and pulled back out and then pushed back in.

"My baby has a nice ass." He slapped my ass cheek hard and I yelped and tensed up. "Yeah baby. Tighten your ass for daddy." He started shoving his dick in faster and faster making me wince everytime his balls hit me.

His pace seemed to quicken. And with one hand he grabbed my dick and started jacking me off, keeping time with his thrusts.

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I was instantly hard. His other hand went to my nipples and pinched them painfully. I cried out as my balls tightened and I came.

His hand let my nipples and histhrusting stopped until I stopped spewing out semen.

"It's daddys turn now." He said as he wrapped an arm around my waist and heaved me up until my back was to his chest. And he started thrusting again. Faster and faster. My head seemed to grow too heavy as his thrusts became erratic. He became more forceful as his nails dug into my ribcage as he held me up. Faster and harder he went. His thrusts never faltered as the veins in his arms popped out. His breathing sped up as his arms once again encircled my waist, pulling me tight against his body.

His face was burried in my neck as he nips gently at first. "Tighten that ass for daddy." He tell me as then bites my neck painfully until I do so.


His thrusts instantly become shorter. He grabs my hair and pulls my face towards his and kisses me, forcing his tongue in my mouth. I cry out in pain when he shoves his dick as far as possible and shoots his cum in my once virginal ass.

"Good job baby," he said when he finally stopped thrusting. "I think it's time for bed baby. I'm tired." He grabbed my hips firmly and thrusts a few times before shoving his dick back in to the hilt and laid us down spooning. His dick and seed still firmly planted in my ass. His arms wrappedn around my chest and waist keeping me locked in his cage like arms until morning.