Sehen sie diese Teenager steht vor der Tür immer wieder hautnah

Sehen sie diese Teenager steht vor der Tür immer wieder hautnah
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My name is Andrew, I live at home with my parents and younger sister. I have three younger sisters but in this story I will only mention encounters with two of them. I am 21 and my younger of the two is Rebekah who is 17 and the older is Sarah at 19. Both are about 5' 9" slim with long brunette hair.

Sarah has approx 34B cups and Rebekah 34A. While smaller they still turn me on when prancing around the house with next to nothing on. About 6-7 years ago I did some messing around with Rebekah and almost went all the way. Before we got caught we got as far as putting the tip of my penis inside of her but I could never see it as she required that the lights be off. But we got caught before we could continue and we stopped playing our games.

But recently something happened that was the absolute best night of my life. It was midnight and I was up looking through some incest porn and masturbating with a used condom for easy clean up. Without a lock on my door I have to try to be vigilant to be sure someone doesn't walk in on me. I had been jerking off for about 30 minutes and even had tabs of my sisters Facebook's open which turned me on even more. All of a sudden Rebekah walks into my room abruptly and I had no time to close any of the tabs or to put my junk away.

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Immediately she's intrigued and the following ensued. "Are you doing what I think you're doing?" Rebekah asked "Kinda hard to pretend I'm not but what does it look like I'm doing?" I responded "From the looks of it you're still attracted to me you're masturbating to pictures on my Facebook page" She said "Well our games when we were younger used to make me feel so good I just imagine that we played again." I said "They were fun but we got caught and it is wrong to be doing things like that with siblings." She said "Yea its wrong in some people's eyes but if they knew how good it felt they would understand." I replied "To tell the truth I do sometime imagine what it would have been like if we hadn't gotten caught." She said "I do to all the time that's why I do this looking at your pictures I wish we could continue where we left off." I said She replied, "Well I guess we could if you wanted to but…" "But what?" I asked "But we can't do it exactly like we used to" She said "What do you mean?" I asked again "We never had protection when we were younger but back then it didn't matter as much.

If we do continue where we left off I could get pregnant." She explained. "Would that be such a bad thing we both love each other. I could just pull out before I cum." I replied "I'm sorry but without protection I don't want to do this I don't want to have to explain to mom or dad that I'm pregnant." "But like I said I could just pull out before I cum I'll make sure of it." "I'm sorry Andrew I can't do you have any condoms we could use?" "Yes I'm sorry for trying to make you do something you didn't want to do.

I'll grab a condom." "Thank you Andrew now lets do this while everyone is asleep." Rebekah then reached for the bottom of her shirt and slowly pulled it up and over her head I got the first view of her bra holding her beautifully firm breasts.

She then reached behind her back and unhooked her bra, playfully she hid her breasts then dropped her bra to the ground. I saw her breasts for the first time in years, perfectly round and little pink areolas.

Her nipples even started getting hard just from the excitement of getting naked in front of me. She pulled down her yoga pants which didn't hide much of anything. She then slowly peeled her panties off revealing her perfectly shaven and tight vagina. It was socking wet from our conversation minutes ago. She then laid down on my bed the we she used to when we played our games. Her ass right at the edge of the bed and her legs hanging off wide spread to allow me access to her vagina.

At the sight of Rebekah naked on my bed I became hard again she asked me to hand her the condom and I passed it to her. Standing between her legs I rubbed my penis across her vagina. She then took the condom and rolled it down the length of my penis and flicked my penis on her clit.

Taking control I rubbed my penis up and down her slit until it nestled at the entrance to her vagina. She looked up at me anxiously and I asked: "Are you sure you want to do this?" "Yes I've waited far to long to make my move and finish what we started years ago." I slowly began to push into your vagina her lips spread around the head of my penis and then started to close around it as my penis went further and further inside her. I finally hit her hymen.

She felt it and cringed a little. I stopped immediately and just took in the pleasure of having half of my 8 inches inside of my baby sister. She looked up at me and said: "Please be gentle I'm still a virgin since we never got past this part before." I responded, "I'll treat you like a queen for letting me be you're first." "Thank you now whenever you're ready go ahead. I'm ready." I pulled back about 2 inches and pushed back inside her with slightly more pressure.

I felt myself go a little deeper but not quite all the way. I waited a minute seeing pain in her face and then tried again. Again I pulled back about 2 inches and pushed my penis back inside. This time her hymen tour she let out a little yelp with the pain. I slid the rest of my penis inside of her until my entire 8 inches was within her. We were hip to hip and she had never looked more beautiful. "This feels so much better than just the tip. You're amazingly tight." I said She replied, "Thank you now just sit like this for a bit let me adjust to your penis." "Not a problem Rebekah.

I love you." We sat there for 10 minutes motionless. I fondled her breasts and even pulled on her nipples a little to try to take attention away from the pain in her vagina.

I could see the expression in her face change from pain to enjoyment. She soon tells me its feeling good and now we can continue. I begin pulling back a few inches and pushing back in.

Slowly over the next 10 minutes I work up to pulling out about 7 inches and pushing my penis back inside of her. As I begin to fuck her faster and faster I watch as her breast bounce up and down with each thrust. I fucked her so fast for a minute her breast just spun in circles. She enjoys every minute of it.

I slowly start to build to my climax and I see Rebekah starting to feel hers coming on.

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Another 5 minutes of vigorous fucking and we are both on the verge of an immense orgasm. As I feel my orgasm start I pushed into Rebekah's vagina as deep as I could and as soon as I started spurting I could feel her vagina convulse around my penis.

Unfortunately at the exact moment our orgasms hit our sister Sarah walks into the room. "Andrew what are you doing that's Rebekah you're not supposed to be doing that!" Sarah exclaimed. I could only respond with mumble jargan "Huh, uh, hmm, uh, oh" "Andrew stop that!

What are you doing to Rebekah!?" My orgasms subsided and I fell forward catching myself before falling completely onto Rebekah. Rebekah had the most amazing glow about her and her eyes were absolutely in awe of the orgasm we just shared. Rebekah was the first to respond to Sarah. "Sarah it's no big deal. Really, I walked in on Andrew masturbating to pictures of us and some incest porn.


We used to play games when we were younger and experiment. I just wanted to see where the games could have ended up if mom and dad hadn't caught us. He's also wearing a condom so we are safe." "That doesn't mean that you have to let your brother fuck you that's just wrong and disgusting and wait what do you mean pictures of us?" Sarah asked "Check the tabs on his computer Sarah and you will see he is into brother sister incest.

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Although he used to play games with me he still fantasizes that you would join our fun." Rebekah replied. "It's true Sarah I have always wanted to invite you into our games.

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I didn't want to leave you out of the fun." "Ok Rebekah but doesn't it feel weird having your own brother inside of you?" Sarah asked.

"No it feels amazing. Nothing I've ever felt can compare to this." Rebekah replied. Sarah looked puzzled and confused that's when I asked her: "Sarah it almost seems that you're jealous that you've never felt what it's like before." I said Sarah Replied, "Well yea, I'm still a virgin and my younger sister isn't anymore I feel kinda left out." "Sarah its still late you could try if you want I'm sure Andrew would love to fuck you too, right big bro?"Rebekah said.

"Well of course, Sarah if you want to try I have more condoms. I don't want you to feel left out." I said Sarah replied, "Alright Andrew if you're done with Rebekah I'd really like if you'd be my first as well." "Absolutely Sarah you actually had perfect timing I had just cum when you walked in." I pulled my now soft penis out of Rebekah's vagina.

Rebekah continued to lay on the bed with her feet hanging off exhausted from the fucking we just finished. I took the condom off that I had use with her and went to throw it away. She asked me to hand it to her first.

Rebekah then took the used condom and poured my cum onto her breasts in circles around her nipples. She then massaged it into her breasts slowly. My penis jumped a little at seeing this.

On the other side of the room Sarah was pulling her shirt off and then unhooked her bra I got the first ever look at her perfect orange sized breasts. They had larger areolas then Rebekah's slightly redder too. Her breasts were not quite as firm but I liked them none the less. She then peeled her panties off and I got the first sight of her tight shaven vagina. Her vagina had bigger lips then Rebekah I could see if was going to be a very fun ride.

I reached for the condom however and Sarah said: "Andrew would you mind if we didn't use a condom?" "What? You mean you don't want me to wear a condom?" I asked Sarah "No I don't, I want you to fuck me without a condom and I want you to cum inside of my vagina I want my first time to be something I can remember." Sarah replied "Well Sarah I don't want to be able to remember the first time we fucked because you got pregnant so can I please use a condom?" I asked "No need Andrew I've been on the pill for nearly a year now to regulate my periods.

I'm protected so you don't have to worry about that." Sarah replied. "Alright Sarah no condom but you'd better be telling the truth." Rebekah piped up "Will it be ok if I watch you two fuck? I want to see if you feel any different since your not using a condom." "Sure Rebekah you can watch. Sarah do you want to lay down?" "Actually Andrew would you mind if I was on top I would rather feel in control my first time." "Sarah it is your first time. I will do anything you want." I replied "Thanks Andrew now lay down." I lay down on my bed and Sarah came to sit on my legs just below my penis.

She played with it a bit to get it hard again. Sarah then got up and positioned herself above my penis. She grabbed hold and rubbed my penis against her vagina lips until she was wet enough.

She then positioned my penis between her lips at the entrance of her vagina.

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I watched in excitement as she slowly lowered herself down upon me. I watched as the ridge at the head of my penis slowly popped inside the lips of her vagina.

Then the veins in my penis slowly disappeared until I felt resistance. Sarah stopped for a moment holding herself up. "Rebekah does it hurt when his penis goes through my hymen?" "Yes Sarah it is going to hurt a little. But it's worth the short amount of pain." With that Sarah lifted herself up slightly and then thrust down onto the rest of my penis.

I felt my penis pop through her hymen and then she was resting on my penis the entire length inside of her tight little vagina. She sat there motionless for a minute adjusting and dealing with the pain. "Andrew will you please fondle my breasts for a few minutes I need to get used to this." "Sure Sarah take as much time as you need." I replied I played with her breasts one in each hand squeezed them, pulled her nipples, and even stretched up to suck on them.

Within 5 minutes Sarah was grinding forwards and backwards on my penis. I loved the slight movement felt so good just to feel something besides the tight grip. Slowly she began lifting herself up and dropping back down. Soon she was pulling herself up so far that my penis was coming all the way to the tip before she slammed back down to the hilt. She was going so fast and hard I'm surprised the noise of our skin slapping together didn't wake anyone else up. She slowed down for a minute to speak: "Wow Rebekah I can see why you didn't mind this it feels so good." "Yes but Sarah you have to remember you have the advantage of being on the pill I think it would feel better if I didn't need him to wear the condom." Rebekah replied .

Sarah then said, "Nothing saying you can't fuck him again once you are put on the pill to see what it feels like." "Yea I think I'll do that" Rebekah replied. "You won't be the only one fucking him again after this either.

This feels so good.


I just can't wait to feel him cum." With the conversation between them over Sarah sped up again. Her breasts bouncing up and down faster and faster, I was building to an even bigger orgasm than I had with Rebekah.

I started bucking with Sarah's thrust and then let loose my strongest orgasm ever inside her. Wave after wave string after string of fresh baby batter plastered the inside or her waiting vagina. As soon as I let loose I felt her vagina convulse and pull even more cum out of my penis.

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Her entire body started convulsing and she finally fell on me exhausted. I could feel her breasts heaving on my chest with every breath she took. Sarah said, "Wow Andrew that was amazing. Thank you so much for that we will definitely do that again." "Sarah that was as good for me as it was for you I thank you too." As Sarah started to get off of me my cum started dripping from her vagina back onto my penis.

Quickly Rebekah asked: "Sarah come over here drip some of his cum on my chest." Sarah went over Rebekah's naked body and let my cum drip from her vagina onto Rebekah's breasts for about 5 minutes before they both started cleaning up and getting dressed again. I looked at the clock and told them: "Its 4:30AM you guys better get back to bed before mom or dad get up and catch all of us." In unison as they walked out the door "Thanks again Andrew."