Two masseuses sharing clients hard cock

Two masseuses sharing clients hard cock
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Just as her new satin panties landed on grungy carpet floor, the sudden feeling of uncertainty began to edge its way into her mind.

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What was she doing? She didn't know this man, who at that very moment was eagerly kneading her ass with his rough hands while his hot wet tongue devours the inside of her mouth.

Already stripped down to his boxers, this stranger had her pinned against the motel's cheaply painted wall. The recently consumed tequila shots were making it difficult for her to recall his name.

Tom? Tim? Something with a "Tbut the rest sort of blurred itself together in a tequila-laced haze. Whoever the hell he wasn't all that important anyways. He had a room and an uncanny ability to make the idea of casual sex sound like divine orders from above. Why she even decided to go the bar tonight was escaping her.

This week of work was just as hard as the other fifty-one. Maybe part of her was hoping she would get just drunk enough to make some irrational decisions.


'Well, Angela, mission accomplished', she thought to herself; this was definitely an irrational decision. She was so busy pondering how she had landed in her current predicament, she didn't notice he had removed his tongue from her mouth and had begun tracing the bottom of her earlobe with his lips.

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The delicate sensation jolted her back to the situation at hand. Gently, he nibbles at her ear, almost as if he knows that she has a certain weakness for that particular spot. She felt her slit become slightly more damp as she moans her approval. Taking the cue, he releases her ass and tangles his fingers in her sandy blonde hair. Sharply, he pulls her head back and she whimpers at the sudden pain, but her slit throbs in pleasure.

His lips find their place at the base of her neck and begin to make a trail down her collarbone. As he rains kisses upon her radiating skin, she places a hand at the back of his neck and guides his face to her breasts. That's one positive about sex with strangers, she mused to herself, you can ask for whatever it is you want without fear of rejection.

After tonight this man will be just another faceless businessman walking the streets of New York.

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Taking the hint, his lips brush against her light-pink nipple. Slowly, he traces his tongue around its edges, coaxing it to stand erect at his touch. Once it had fully hardened into a small blushing bud, he envelops in fully into his mouth. Sucking and pulling it between his lips, he cups her breasts in each hand.

Alternating nipples, he entices both with his skillful mouth while messaging the other with his fingers. Completely aroused now, she leans her head to rest against the wall as she rubs her clit. Excited by the sight of her playing with herself his enthusiasm grows.

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Boldly he clamps her left nipple between his teeth with enough pressure that a small squeak breaks from her lips. Lifting his face she looks down at a rueful grin. His dark brown eyes flash with lust as he once again kisses her lips with purposeful passion. Grasping his short brown hair with her fingers she lifts one leg to hook around his waist, her heel nesting in the small of his back.

Wasting no time he grabs her other leg to twist it around his body, hoisting her off the ground. With her legs spread she could feel his bulging member straining against his cotton briefs, pressing against her moisten slit. Electrified by the touch of his rather well endowed dick, she frantically mutters, "bedamid ravenous kisses. She feels his biceps flex as he easily carries her the short distance to the bed in the corner.

With surprising tenderness he places her on the newly laundered duvet. Scooting back, she fleetingly creates a space between their naked bodies, and in that instant she feels the heat glowing off her own body and the sweat that is dampening her pale skin.

In a second the moment paces and he is pressed up against her again. Tired of waiting, she slips her fingers beneath the elastic of his boxers and pulls them down.

His fully erect member springs from its enclosure with a hunger of its own, its head already gleaming with milky anticipation. She takes its pulsing shaft in her fist and only then realizes its full mass.

Her fingers couldn't reach the full circumference and its length easily surpassed two fists if she was to stack one on top of the other. As she began to work a rhythmic pumping up and down its extensive entirety, she starts to slightly fear the discomfort that was soon to ensue when she attempts to take his massive dick inside her.

Doubt quickly fades as he groans in pleasure and she smiles to see he is enjoying this as much as she. After a few minutes of pumping she rolls herself top of him so that her breast sway above his broad chest. Lowering her head she nuzzles her face against his neck and inhales the sweet musk entwining with the Ralf Laurens cologne. Pressing her lips to his warm skin she cascades kisses slowly across his chest, trails down his abs and inches towards his pelvis.

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Sensing her eventual destination he exhales a deep breath of desire just as her tongue flicks playfully at his member's domed head. Parting her lips she takes the tip into her mouth, running her tongue along the groove where the head meets the shaft. While keeping her lips firmly around his dick, she spirals her tongue around, sucking up any pre-cum that dribbled out.

Her taste buds dance at the first sample of him; his salty-sweet juice entices her, creating a hunger for more. Without hesitation she leans into him, taking more of him into her mouth till its tip reaches the back of her throat and her chin grazes his balls. Resisting the urge to choke, she pulls back up again, all the while keeping her lips locked tightly along the shaft, sucking hard as she releases it from her throat.

Without pause she nods her head down till once again her entire mouth fills with his cock and her jaw widens to take in its enormous girth.


She repeats this till her throat no longer resists and her head bobs freely up and down along his pulsating member. She can feel his fingers curling in her hair, guiding her hear along this shaft. Usually she found this gesture to be unnecessary and at times rather irritating. Obviously she already knew what the guy wanted her to do and the general motion was pretty self-explanatory.

More often then not she would end up gagging as an over eager man held her head down in hopes of achieving some deep-throat action. By her junior year in high school she was well versed in oral satisfaction and needed no forceful hand to guide her.

Now in her late twenties, she found a hand at the back of her head to be an annoyance. However, tonight she didn't mind its presence. With a final caress she lifts her face from his crotch. Having his dick inside her mouth had made her slit ache.

Propping herself up with one hand she let her other find its way down to her dripping slit. With the tip of her finger she circled her clit a few times before inserting her middle finger into the warm velvet of her pussy.

Gasping slightly she slowly ran her finger in and out, increasing her pace with every pass. While she continues to finger fuck herself, she looks coyly into his eyes, encouraging him to watch her pleasure herself. Motionless, he did as she silently instructed and never broke his gaze from her slit; watching as her fingers became soaked in her own juice. Unable to restrain himself any longer, he grabs her and flips her onto her back.

He grabs both her hands into his own and pulls them above her head.

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Clasping his fingers around hers he presses her hands into the bed before releasing them, soundlessly commanding her to leave her arms raised. Running his fingers across her belly his hand trailed down to the inside of her thighs. Strongly gripping one thigh he spreads her legs, positioning his pelvis above her slit. A darkened circle was already seeping into the sheets where her juices trickled from her anxious pussy. Encouraged by the sight of it, he lowers himself till his cock's head hovers at the verge of her slit.

Running the head up the fold of her lips she arcs her back in delight. The dome rubs tiny circles around her clit and she almost cums with excitement.

His shaft quivers as he run the tip of his dick against the very edge of her slit before slowly entering into her. Just as she had feared, his size was more than she was used to and she groaned in pain as she struggled to take all of him in. Sensing her discomfort he pulls out gradually.

Lifting her up, he kissed her deeply as he enters her again.

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This time she relaxing from the kiss and welcomes his dick with illicit pleasure.