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Quicando no vibrador de silicone
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Boy meets girl, Girl meets boy Its been almost 2 weeks since me and my mom moved into our new house. Things have been going pretty well so far, I can't really complain. I met some new people in the area that seem pretty cool,but only one in specific caught my attention.

His name is Andre. He is really attractive, and makes me feel weak. I remember looking into his hazel green eyes and feeling kind of lost for a moment because I couldn't really remember how to speak, I was just kind of frozen in time. I met him the day after we moved in, I was taking a walk with my dog around the block, I usually let my dog walk around freely without a leash but because I didn't know the area to well, I didn't want him wondering off.

We had just reached a dead end and decided to turn back, I guess I let my guard down for a second because my dog started to run off in another direction and I started to run after him. By the time I was in seeing distance of him he was already running into somebody's yard,and started barking like crazy, when I finally caught up with him I saw someone bending over to pet him and pick him up to bring him over towards me.

All I remember was not being able to think straight, I couldn't seem to take my eyes off the figure holding him in his arms, I kinda wish he was holding me instead. "Is this your dog?" he said, as he approached me and got closer. he had a great body, he was mixed race like me I think he was wearing a shirt two sizes to small cause his shirt was hugging his body in all the right places. He looked about my age 17-18 "Is this your dog?" He said again grinning "he's a little tough guy I see.

But he doesn't scare me much" he said while scratching his head. "Yea, he's my dog, I'm s-s-so sorry about this, he just ran Off a-" "Don't sweat it" he said quickly interrupting me. I watched him place the dog back onto the ground and extend his hand to me with the leash in it, I stretched my hand out towards him and reached out to take it from him but when our hands brushed he held my hand "I-Im Andre" he said shaking my hand never leaving my eyes for a second "M-My names havayna" I replied trying my best to keep my voice steady.

"You can call me Havie for short" "Hmm 'Havie' That's a pretty cool name" he said slowly letting go of my hand "I've never heard anything like it" I couldn't control the butterflies in my tummy or the color my cheeks started to turn. If it wasn't for my dogs bark bringing me back to life I would have been stuck there just staring at him in a daze "T-Thank you" I said giving him a polite smile. "I've never seen you around here before" he said "uhm yea me and my mom just moved in.

I don't think anyone's seen me around here either." I said, slowly brushing my hair out of my face awkwardly "You won't be one to miss" he said returning the smile. Was he flirting with me? I laughed at that last comment "what's that supposed to mean?" I said pretending not to understand.

"It means that you're gorgeous and any guy that can't notice that would have to be blind" he said making me turn red again, he chuckled to himself this made me feel more embarrassed. It was silent for a moment. "It's pretty hot out here, want me to grab you a can of soda or something?" He said pointing towards his house. Gosh he was so sexy. "N-No thank you. I should probably head back" I said as I began to walk away. "That's ok I'll walk you back" he said joining me by my side.

"Y-You don't have to. " "I want to, besides I have nothing better to do and a walk seems like the perfect cool off" he said interrupting me again. We walked in silence for a bit. "Are you usually this quiet or are you just shy?" He said looking towards me.

"A little bit of both" I said refusing to return the glance. "Hahaha that's ok I could do all the talking. I-If you'd like, or just walk in silence if you need me to" he said giving me another look, this time I caught his gaze he seemed so innocent "Talking's good" I said smiling at him.


He smiled back which made the butterflies in my tummy return "I may be out of line but I'm just curious and I just have to ask. D-Do you have a boyfriend?" He said nervously.

"Haha its ok, no I don't have a boyfriend, how 'bout you?" I asked, I could tell he was doing his best to hold back his smile "No. No girlfriend" he said Great! This really cute guy who's totally into me is single! Could it get any better? "You look like the heart breaker type" I said, he laughed to himself "No.

Usually the heart broken type." he said as we slowly reached a stop at the gate of my house. "Well this is it" I said turning to look at him he smiled at me,which made me feel warm inside "T-Thank you for walking me home" I said.

"It's no problem. H-Hey uhm mind if I take your number down, so I could you know give you a call sometime to check up on you?" He said making me feel weak again, he extended his phone towards me "uh sure" I said putting my number in his phone "there you go" I said "thanks, and it was really nice to meet you Havayna.

See you around" he said giving me a tight hug that made me feel secure, for a moment we just stood there, neither showing signs of pulling away. It was then that my dog started barking again and he let go of me. "Yea later." He said walking away from me giving me a wink as he left. "Wow!" Was all I could say. It was late in the afternoon and my mom still hadn't returned from work or whatever it was she was doing. she never really was around, she was probably at her boyfriends house again.

So I prepared dinner for one like I usually did.

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I ate my meal in peace while watching tv, then I went to go take a shower. I stood in front of my bedroom mirror examining my body,I hated the fact that I looked like my mom,I am a constant reminder of her younger self. we have the same dark brown color hair and brown eyes, we even have the same body figure too, well except my breasts are bigger than hers, I love that part about me and the boys seem to like it too.


As I prepared myself for bed later on that night,I kept my phone next to me in hopes that Andre would call me, but I fell asleep waiting and still the next morning nothing happened.

No text. No call. Nothing. Its been almost 2 weeks since that first encounter, I was kind of let down with the fact that he hadn't called me yet. I guess he wasn't interested in me at all.

Summer had just began and I wasn't scheduled to join the new school for another 2 months, I hated moving schools but with my mom always getting in and out of relationships moving was her only way out to starting afresh and she had to drag me along with her.

My mom left me home alone for the week cause she had to travel for "Work" which I highly doubted, so I only had my dog for company and the car she left behind. It was on a saturday when I was on the couch in my favorite pair of sweat pants watching tv when my phone started to ring, Blocked ID.

"Hello" I said picking up my phone. "Hey Havie" it was him! I couldn't remember how to speak for a second. "I-Its Andre" he said speaking into my ear. "Oh hey" I said in my best seductive voice "I wasn't expecting your call" "Haha yea I know, I should have called you sooner" he said nervously, "look are you busy this afternoon?" "Uhm no,no not really." I replied "Good, I was kind of hoping to see you today, mind if I come over?

Or I could come fetch y--" "Sure you can come by!" I said a little to quickly "I mean. I'm home alone and I could use some company" "Great! I guess I'll see you in about an hour?" He said "An hour sounds good" I said. Shit! I'd have to get this place cleaned up and get myself ready in an hour. "B-Bye" he said nervously. "Bye" I replied hanging up. I quickly jumped off the couch and started to clean up downstairs. Who knew I could get a place so clean in only 20 minutes.

With little time to spare I went upstairs to get myself ready. I put my favorite pair of shorts on and a top that gave me more cleavage than usual. I quickly let my hair down and run a brush through it, and put on some make up. After a good 30 minutes of preparation I was sort of presentable, I stepped back and examined myself in the mirror, checking out my front view then turning side ways to look at my ass, not bad.

I had about 10 minutes left so I ran downstairs and made us some popcorn then I switched on the tv. About 20 minutes later I heard the door bell ring. Great I jumped off the couch and went to go look in the mirror one last time before opening the door.

Perfect. The door bell rang again "Just one minute!" I yelled before going to go open the door. "Hey" I said swinging the door back. He looked so good! I could feel myself getting wet. "Hey" he said moving closer to give me a hug, he smelled nice too."Y-You look great" he said "Thank you,wanna come in?" I said stepping back and letting him in.

He slowly walked in and I closed the door behind us. I led him towards the tv room and as I turned around to check if he was behind me I caught him looking at my ass. I didn't mind though. "Nice place you got" he said looking around before he sat down. "Uhh thanks." I said walking away to go grab us something to drink. When I returned he was up again staring at an old picture of me."See anything you like?" I said handing him a glass of juice.

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"Y-Yea" he said taking the glass from me "Thank you. "He said. We both headed back towards the couches and he sat down next to me.

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Although the tv was on neither of us seemed to be paying much attention. He finished his drink before me then placed his empty glass on top of the table in front of us. I decided to break the ice first. "So why didn't you call sooner?" I asked. "I-I didn't think you wanted me too. besides I thought I'd see you outside soon and we would just talk in person, but you never came out" he said looking towards me.

"Oh uhm. Yea I haven't been out much lately. Haha so you've been watching me?" I said teasing him. "I've tried not to, but ever since I met you, I haven't been able to get you out my mind." He said looking away.

I didn't really know how to respond to that so I just continued watching tv.

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When I was done with my glass I got up to go take our glasses to the kitchen, he got up too, and before I could get his glass he grabbed it "-I got this" he said and followed me into the kitchen, I placed my glass on the counter and he reached out to do the same as he did so his crotch was grinding into my ass as he passed by me.

"Wanna see the rest of the house?" I nervously asked him trying to keep my mind occupied. "Sure, Ladies first." he said following me. I first showed him a tour of downstairs. Then we walked back up stairs. I actually really enjoyed his company, he was funny and real easy to talk to, we spoke about pretty much everything and almost nothing at the same time.

He told me about his family and how he is an only child too. He lives alone and his father pays rent for him, so his pretty independent. I remember catching him staring at my ass every now and again or just looking at my boobs and almost forgetting how to speak. It made me feel kind of sexy. "Sorry" he said while turning even more red every time I caught him.

"You don't have to apologize" I said giving him a polite smile. Every now and again he would walk behind a little closer than usual and brush up on me from behind, it made me a little horny so I didn't stop him, I wanted to see how far this could go. It took us about an hour to get around the whole house, well with all the talking and flirting in between. He seemed really sweet and I liked that about him. Then we started heading back to the tv room.

"What the tour's done already. I didn't even see your room yet" he pointed out, I was kind of hoping to avoid that. "Come on he said" pulling me away from the living room, and I led him upstairs agaiin towards my room. "I-I-Its not much to look at" I said a little nervously.

I slowly pushed the door into my widely spread out room, it was pretty cozy, my bed was in the middle and I had my own personal bathroom, my favorite part was the view I had outside my window looking into the street. I let him wonder about on his own and stare at whatever took his fancy. He then walked over to my book shelf. "I see you like reading." He said grabbing the first book he could get his hands on '50 shades of grey' I tried to quickly grab it from him before he could look at it completely, but he just held it in the air above his head, I had to jump up a couple of times to try and get it from him and he just laughed at my efforts.

"Come on! Its not funny!" I yelled trying to get it back."Haha Relax." He said handing it back to me "its nothing to be embarrassed about" he said moving over to my bed. I moved over to join him too. We sat there in silence for a bit. Then he moved a little closer to me. "Y-Y-Your uhm. Your.

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Here. Let me get it for you" he then leaned over and pulled my top back over my exposed nipple,it must have been all the jumping. I barely felt it was out. His skin brushed against mine, it felt so soft and it gave me goose bumps. I had no words to say, I could feel myself turning red all over.

"S-Sorry. I didn't think I could handle that much exposure without. You know. Doing anything about it" he said looking me in my eyes, he gave me a warm smile that made me feel more comfortable than embarrassed. I looked down at his crotch and he already had a hard on. He saw where I was looking and didn't seem to mind because when I looked up to his face again he had an even bigger grin.

"Uhh you have a really have a nice room." He said trying to break the ice. "Thank you" I said looking away. We sat down and spoke for a while, it felt like I had known him for a while. He still had a hard on and I was even more horny. Gosh what was happening to me. I couldn't help but flirt with him, and one thing led to another. Next thing I knew I slid my hand over his crotch and just placed my hand over his hard on "T-That must be very uncomfortable" I said looking at him, he let out a soft moan and swallowed hard.

I then moved closer to him, he leaned over to kiss me,I didn't pull back, his lips where so soft against mine, and I loved his scent it smelled even much better from up close.

He then pulled me closer and I sat on top of his lap grinding onto his crotch his tongue slipped past my lips and soon met mine, he tasted yummy too, I let out a soft moan as his hand slipped under my top and onto my breasts,my hands reached down for his belt.

His lips left mine and we were both out of breath. "I-I-" he said in between breaths, I bent down to kiss his neck and he groaned in my ear, I then started to pull his shirt off. He then reached down for my hands and stopped me mid way. "I don't want it to happen like this" he said. Looking me in my eyes.

"Relax" I insisted he then pushed me off his lap and laid me onto my back, he was soon on top of me kissing me again,he was so strong I couldn't help but dig my nails into his back.

he then slid down to kiss my neck. Then he kissed his way down to my chest, slowly he made his way to my sensitive nipples, he licked it slowly then looked up to see if I was watching then he slowly blew on it.

What a fucking tease! I had to pull his head down onto me to help encourage him. He laughed to himself which made me tingle all over. He sucked my nipple so softly, gently biting it which made another moan slip past my lips, he then moved onto my next one giving it the same attention while he gently massaged the other. His lips made a mark on me. He slowly started to move down town and he began to remove my shorts off me, I just let him have his way.

My breathing became much heavier. My shorts were soon off, leaving behind my thin piece of fabric hiding my pussy. He breathed in my scent, which earned him another moan "Gosh you smell so good" he said biting his lower lip, he then used his teeth to remove my thong.

In that moment I felt so vulnerable as my bare skin was exposed to him, he sensed that and quickly told me not to worry and just relax. He softly blew onto my pussy, and I closed my eyes as his lips met mine. He began to lick his way up and down gently by my lips I moaned as he did so.


he then started to quicken his pace and became a little less gentle, which I liked, and just when I thought it couldn't get any better his lips closed over my clit, my back arched at this and I started to shudder when he started sucking on it.

"OOOOhhh don't stop" I encouraged him while grinding myself onto his face, I could feel myself almost cumming when he slowed down to look at me. "How does that make you feel?" He asked, already knowing the answer. I couldn't get any words out so I just moaned and lifted my pussy towards his lips, but he pulled away. "N-No I want to hear it from you" he said while blowing on my clit again I almost came right then, he then began to flick his tongue on my pussy again "You like that" he said.

"Uhhhhhh! Y-Yes" I said grinding into his face.

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"Tell me how you like it babe" he said while tracing his finger on my pussy it was so wet "I want you in me-" I barely choked. "Are you sure?" He said looking at me. "Mmmmm" I moaned. He began to finger me (in-out, in-out, in-out) he went slowly then quickened his pace, there was no sound except for my heavy breathing and the sound of his finger leaving and entering my pussy. He then began to use his tongue on me again.

"I-Im so close babe" I said to him, he just moaned into my pussy. "Uhhh!" (in-out, in-out, in-out) it didn't take much longer after that, I was lost in my own world as I let myself fully let go and loose control. I shuddered and he held me in place until the shudders had stopped.

"T-That was amazing" I said once I had calmed down, I moved over to kiss him, but he stopped me "haha I-I love the way you taste, but you might not like it" he said moving away, he gave me a warm smile.

I didn't really care at this point.

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I tried to pull him closer but he resisted. "At least let me return the favor" I said moving over to remove his belt. "N-No" he said a little shaky "I-I wanted this to be about you" he said moving away. "Come on" I insisted moving closer. "As tempting as this all is. I really should get going" he said getting up "I-I shouldn't have done this.

I'm sorry" he said getting up and heading for the door. I couldn't follow after him cause I was still naked, why the hell was he sorry!! I wasn't by the time I was dressed and caught up with him, he was already out the door. Great! How could I loose control so quickly. I barely knew him at all. Love at first sight? I think not. Next time. If there even gets to be a next time, I'll make him wait. I'll make him beg.

But for now we both needed space, this happened way to quick. ((Boy meets girl)) To be continued. Dear readers, please be nice, I worked my butt off writing this. Thanks