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Josh Vonn Fucks Sean Corwin
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Once again welcome back to another installment of Case Study 301. We begin to expand our story a little bit here but it is a necessary means to an end. I also have taken the advice of my many loyal fans and have cut the chapters in half. Our characters are beginning to develop much deeper and loving relationships.

This story continues with themes of incest so if this bother's you then please leave now. This is your last warning before you begin. There are plenty of other stories to read without you getting upset about reading this one. Now, sit back and enjoy. Chapter 10 Case Study 301: I want to be your little porn slut daddy.

Meanwhile back in LA Sunday Morning: Inside of the downtown Marriot lobby were two mid-thirty ladies sitting on a small sofa and they seemed to be in a carefree conversation. It appeared as though they were smiling and having a nice private conversation trying to keep up appearances but the reality was they were having a major fight.

Wanting to keep up appearances instead of pointing fingers and screaming they were laughing, giggling and slapping their hands on each other thighs as they were firing pithy remarks back and forth at one another.

The one female that was trying to keep the other calm was Karen Morgan. She is a LA Homicide Detective and the other is Danielle Davidson who is an executive in a prestigious LA advertising firm.

Karen is in the midst of mending fences with her lesbian lover and life partner Danielle. Their fight centered on Karen spending well over ten days in a continuous ménage a trios with Gemma Porter her partner on the police force and of all things a boy. But he wasn't just any regular boy he's an FBI Agent, Special Agent Tom Murphy and this all took place behind her back while she was away in New York City on business. Karen was trying to explain to Danielle how Tom agreed to help them with their problem of starting a family.

You see Tom agreed to impregnate Karen so the lesbian couple could have their own child. Tensions were still running hot for Danielle as she was dealing with the circumstances that her lover and life partner cheated on her but then the other range emotions came into play of how she soon could become a mother and have a family with the one person she truly loves in this world. Across town earlier that same morning Gemma Porter was out searching the USC campus with FBI Agent Tom Murphy.

They were searching for a person of interest named Farah Johansson but on campus she could have been better known by her alias Debbie Reynolds. Gemma and Tom both felt that this Farah Johansson just may be a key witness to the quadruple homicides that took place at the Viceroy Hotel almost two months ago. Karen previously interviewed Farah Johansson's boss who owns a company known as Corporate Partners who sets up very wealthy men with attractive younger women.

Unfortunately the address and phone number for Farah Johansson on campus that was provided to them was wrong. So they canvassed the campus to try and find her or any other additional clues about her whereabouts. They had very little luck talking to any students that morning as most were either hung over or could just give a shit less about their problem. After having no luck whatsoever finding the Johansson girl or finding anything new that they could use, Gemma decided to drive Tom back to his hotel.

Upon their arrival they were shocked by the surprise of Karen and Danielle waiting for them in the hotel lobby. Karen and Danielle were still sitting comfortably on a couch in the lobby talking out their situation. It took a while to convince Danielle about Tom's involvement in their relationship and how wonderful of a lover he is but Danielle insisted on meeting him before he left to go back to New York once and for all. When Tom walked into the lobby Karen immediately picked up on Tom's presence she nudged Danielle in the ribs and pointed at Tom and said, "That's him sweetie." Danielle's eyes focused in on the 6'2" man.

As he moved across the lobby the first thing she noticed was his walk it was as if he was important and all should respect him. She began to notice little things about him especially his short buzzed hair cut.

His piercing blue eyes and that there was an air about him ~ it was pure masculinity wrapped up in a tight and very fit body. She mustered up the courage to meet the man that her girlfriend was cheating on her with. Danielle rose to cross the lobby to meet him. As their eyes locked onto one another Danielle noticed how handsome of a man he really was.

Then she thought that with his strong masculine features along with Karen's voluptuous features they should make a beautiful child together. Once she stood in front of Tom she reached out her hand and said, "Hello Special Agent Murphy I am Danielle Davidson.

I'm Karen's life partner." Her tone was that of a lover scorned as Danielle wasn't part of the picking process of Tom being a potential father to her future baby that could be growing inside of her partner's belly at that very moment. Tom never met Danielle before now but noticed Karen standing directly behind her with her eyes flicking back and forth and head nodding towards her lover trying to signal Tom to be nice to her.

Tom quickly assessed who this special woman was for Karen and wanted to defuse any kind of problems that there might be and said, "Oh my, gosh! So, you're the lovely Danielle that I've hear so much about. You know Karen can't shut up about you. Whenever we are together, working on the case all she does is go on and on about you." He leaned down to her ear and whispered, "You know ~ it actually gets kinda of sickening after a while ~ you being so perfect and all ~ it's as if you are her personal Aphrodite.

She was the one who selected you to receive the Golden Apple. You know the mythology story of how Paris chose Aphrodite because she promised him Helen to become his wife an all." They began to laugh together as Tom cut the tension between them and he continued as he pulled back from her ear, "She's even told me how the two of you met and what you guys did before to all the unsuspecting guys to try to get her pregnant.

Tom opened his arms and wrapped them around her shoulders and pulled her tightly to his body trying to defuse Danielle's anger and said, "It is going to be a great privilege to help you and Karen out with trying to bring a little one into the world. Danielle felt his strength as she was enveloped by his large body. She had the similar feelings when she was a child and her father held her near and dear to his chest. It made her feel so safe and secure then she spoke muffled with her mouth still buried in his chest, "I am glad it is some one of your stature that will be my child's father." Tom released her and kept his arm around her shoulder and with his other hand pulled Karen in close to him and kissed her full on the lips, "How've you been lover?" Karen smiled nervously as she never thought of herself as a lover to a man before.

Karen knew that she wasn't interested in boys even at a very young age. So, it took her aback a little hearing a man calling her such an intimate name and yet at the same time she kinda liked it, "Hey, Tommy." She backed away from him pulling Danielle with her and not knowing what to say or do in that situation she just blurted out, "Tommy this is my better half Danielle.

She wanted to come along and meet you today." Tom looked at the three of them and smiled, "Just means more for me and my daughters." Danielle looked at him inquisitively and asked, "Daughters?" Gemma came up and put her arm around Tom's slender waist and said, "Yeah, it's kinda of a cool thing Danielle.

We've been pretending to be his little girls ~ like daughter's of sorts ~ and Tommy boy here is our big strong doting step-daddy. It's a special kind of love especially for the two of you." Tom retrieved his key from the front desk and when he came back to the three women he gave them all a boyish smile that seemed to melt all three of them and said, "So, you are all invited back to my suite for the rest of the day.

Anyone who wants to have some fun, follow me." All four of them made their way up to his room. Once they got settled in Danielle analyzed her situation and then she had a spark of insanity and she shot up from the couch and clapped her hands together several times and said, "Rum ~ we need or should I say I need rum ~ lots and lots a rum before I'm okay with my girl having sex with a boy." She called down to the front desk for some Rum.

After the four of them polished off two bottles of Rum together as they spoke of their previous sexual adventures to fill in Danielle. Danielle broke the ice and crawled on all fours over to the small sofa where Tom was sitting. She crawled up into his lap like a young girl would with her over-doting father.

She was pretty drunk and she put her arms around his shoulders and kissed him full on the mouth and slurred, "I can't bring myself to having sex with you just yet ~ I'm still uncomfortable that you have been intimate with my lover as many times as you have.

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I really do want a baby and I don't care if you get Karen pregnant ~ just promise me that as long as you are here in LA that every load that escapes your FBI penis ends up in my lover's cunt." Tom sensed her heartfelt plea and said, "It would be my honor to cum inside of Karen as much as possible." Then Danielle started things off being very tipsy she stood from Tom's lap and began to sway seductively to the music that as playing lightly in the background of the hotel room.

Karen and Gemma who were sitting on the bed continuing to do shots began to watch Danielle's dancing skills. Danielle winked at Tom and blew him a kiss as her hands went to her breasts and she gave her puppies a nice little squeeze as this dance was just for him. Then with her forefinger she motioned for Tom to stand and join her.

Danielle grabbed his hands then began to pull from the couch and Tom obeyed and stood loosening his tie as he was now under her lesbian spell.

Danielle turned and pushed her buttocks up against his crotch until she felt movement between his legs. She then rose so her back so it was resting against Tom's granite like chest. Danielle ass was writhing upwards, downwards and in circular motions as she grasped Tom's hands and placed them on her inner thighs allowing him access to her most intimate treasure.

As Danielle's ass continued to oscillate across Tom's crotch her vagina was beginning to weep her special love juices because of Tom's workmanship over her labia. With Danielle's pussy leaking onto her panties she was becoming hornier and hornier by the minute. She pushed Tom back down on the couch. She straddled his lap and pushing her wet labia down onto him she maneuvered around until she felt his shaft then she began to give him a private and very provocative lap dance.

Danielle was squirming her tight little ass over Tom's lap as he began to help Danielle out of her articles of clothing. Once Danielle was naked she rose again swaying slowly for Tom in the middle of the room in her birthday suit just wearing her black heels playing with her breasts. She was squeezing them and pulling her nipples to her mouth. She licked each nipple never breaking eye contact with Tom as she was bringing herself off in front of everyone. She smirked as she felt the wave of her orgasm wash over her body then she bent over seductively with her palms on the floor moving her ass in circular motions revealing all of her naughty little fuck holes for Tom.

Then the other girls, Karen and Gemma, were getting turned on themselves and began to disrobe in the background as Tom's eyes were fixated on Danielle's derriere as she was putting on a small show for Tom.

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The other two now almost completely naked moved to Danielle and Tom watched the three of them feeling each other up in the middle of the room and he felt a little excluded from the festivities. The girls played with each other for his personal enjoyment as they kissed and caressed each other's bodies as article after article of clothing dropped to the floor.

They shot Tom very seductive looks and played with their body just for his enjoyment. Tom took it upon his self that the girls were not going to help him as they continued their lesbian display. Tom noticed after several minutes of the girls groping, fingering and kissing one another that they could care less about him or his needs.

It was as if he wasn't even in the room and it certainly didn't matter if he was clothed or naked at this point so he decided to undress as quickly as possible to try and catch someone's attention. Tom naked now sat on the couch stroking his hard member all by his lonesome just hoping that one of the girls would take pity on him and make their way over to him because he wanted to be included in the fun. Gemma now stood in the center of the bed watching Tom stroking his cock. She smiled and winked at him as she moved her hips in small circular motions as Danielle's head was buried between her upper thighs on all fours in front of her snatch snacking on her pussy.

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Tom was never turned on by girl on girl porn before but when it is happening live not more than ten feet from you it takes on a whole new meaning. He stroked his shaft as his eyes were fixated on Danielle's derriere and in particular her pink lesbian love holes that were glistening with her love juice and he was wondering if a real penis had ever penetrated her. Karen moved to the bed and stood next to Gemma. She smiled at Tom as she watched him stroking his penis for them she lightly started to nuzzle on Gemma's breasts as she brought her girlfriend Danielle's fingers to her succulent pussy so she could finger fuck her.

Tom comforted his lonely manhood as the show continued on. So many thoughts ran through his mind but the one he focused in on was that he didn't have a video camera to catch all of this.

He shook his head and thought, 'Who in the world would ever believe that there are three willing women who want to fuck ~ well ~ who may want to fuck me?' The three girls were now writhing on bed together bringing each other to orgasm over and over again.

They looked so happy and so satisfied being with each other that Tom didn't want to disturb their lesbian fuck fest. The scene seemed to come right out of a lesbian porno. All three girls were lying on the bed together squirming around each other like snakes in heat. The vision became blurry to Tom as he neared his own orgasm.

As far as the girls were concerned Tom didn't even exist while their tongues and fingers poked and prodded each other's special places.

Tom could barely make out who was who as all the three of them were intertwined. He couldn't tell whose arms were whose and whose legs where whose he couldn't even distinguish between their moans and groans of pleasure. It wasn't until Tom's sudden outburst of having his own orgasm that finally caught the attention of Danielle's ears.

Pulling her head from Gemma's silky thin thighs she witnessed Tom's sperm running down his shaft onto his hand and she unlocked her legs from Karen's as they were pussy to pussy fucking each other she left the other two girls behind on the bed.

Danielle seductively walked over to Tom's now semi-rigid-penis and in a sultry loving voice purred, "I thought we had made a pact that your sperm was not to be wasted in this fashion Tommy." She pushed Tom back against the back of the couch and straddled Tom's lap and took the head of his penis and forced it between her lesbian pussy lips.

Tom wasn't very hard so she had to work her labia over the shaft of his penis giving him a lap dance skin on skin as she moved her lips to his. Danielle then pushed her tongue between his lips and her tongue darted inside of Tom's mouth and they began to duel with one another. Tom's hands went to her breasts and he lightly pinched her nipples.

Danielle was confused as a boy's touch against her body seemed to make her horny it was new and exciting. As Tom's member began to slowly grow back to life between her legs she quickly and deliberately allowed his penis to pierce her vagina and said, "Now, isn't that better Tommy boy?" Tom was just happy that even though there were three vaginas in the room that finally he was inside one of them. Her pussy was tight and wet with several orgasms that were provided by the other girls during their little orgy.

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Then offered an excuse of wasting his orgasm, "I am sorry I wasn't thinking but the three of you looked so happy together I didn't want to disturb any of you." Danielle began to slide up and down on his shaft.

To her surprise she somehow felt like ~ complete somehow as her vaginal fluids began to coat his rod. Now, that her vagina was relaxing around Tom's girth and length they began to connect as lovers once and for all.

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She moved her breasts back to Tom's mouth and he latched on to one of her breasts and he said, "I never thought that I would be able to have you Danielle. I just figured since I had Karen and especially Gemma but this is a true treat to have you sexually honey." Danielle purred because of his soft loving words and smiled and said, "Tommy ~ ooh I forgot that we are all role playing here aren't we? It's daddy, right? Daddy, please don't squander your special baby juice like that again.

I'm only glad that your little swimmers are now making their way up my tiny hole looking to impregnate me." Danielle's eyes began to roll in the back of her head as there seemed to be some form of electric current emanating from his cock as the tip was pushing her womb open.

Tom said, "Don't worry my little girl that will never happen again." Danielle spun her head around and locked eyes with her life partner and said, "Look honey ~ I've got a big boy dick or should I say daddy's dick inside of me." Gemma and Karen now lay on their bellies on the bed with their hands holding up their chins on the bed watching the action like two little girls watching cartoons on a Saturday morning.

They were in awe as Danielle was taking Tom's full length inside of her and she began to grind on his pelvic bone with sexual veracity and Karen said, "Yeah doesn't it just feel so wonderful inside of you honey?" Danielle was bouncing up and down on Tom's shaft using it as if it were one of her many dildos and said, "Yeah honey it feels so much nicer than one of the vibrators or dildos that we use on each other.

It sorta feels electric and I can feel the very tip of his thingy opening up my womb." Karen said, "Doesn't it feel like its sorta alive inside of you?" Danielle asked Gemma, "Is this what it feels like every time a man put his thing inside of you?

It's like you feel the cock's own little heart beat just beating inside of you. Ooh it just feels so good." She moved her fingers down to her clit and began to masturbate herself as she continued her rhythmic pace up and down on Tom's shaft. The other hand went to her breast and pushed her nipple to her open mouth and sucked on it. With her eyes closed and her head bent backwards she said in a sultry voice, "Ooh Tommy ~ sorry I'll try and stay in character ~ daddy you feel so good inside of me ~ Ahhh I love the way you thrust so long and hard up inside of me ~ that's it daddy keep pushing the tip of your cock into my wanting womb ~ can you feel it opening up inside of me?" Tom just went with her fantasy and said, "Yeah it feels wonderful honey." Karen said, "See I told you that he would feel so good inside of you." Danielle locked her eyes with Tom's and said, "I'm going to fuck you until you shoot a load into me honey." Tom moved his mouth back to her breast and Danielle's head swayed back and forth with the shock that a man could give her this much pleasure ~ it was odd that she felt so wonderful while a man was making love to her.

Danielle' revelation was coming to fruition as she desired the loving feeling of her vagina being filled by Tom's length and girth it was a feeling she had very rarely ever had.

She began to bounce up and down on Tom and she said, "Why do you men have to be complete assholes daddy?

Having a cock in me makes me feel so ~ yummy and complete ~ so ~ so right ~ but why if it makes me feel so right does a man's cock have to have a mind of its own and end up fucking so many other pussies. Why can't you guys just be satisfied with just one loving pussy?

Huh daddy?" Tom said, "I am not sure but right now look around the room I have three women who are willing to share my cock with each other willingly. I think if you love someone then you should be faithful. I love the three of you and have no desire to have any other pussy that is not sitting in this room right now." Tom began to arch his back and he then began to thrust upwards into Danielle's willing pussy.

He held her hips as he kissed her passionately. Danielle's pussy juices began to flow as he was bringing her to a quick but devastating orgasm. As Tom's cock worked inside of her vagina as his cock was slipping out of her vagina there was so much fluid that it slipped out of her lips onto his shaft and then was pushed down onto his balls soaking his whole crotch area. After several more minutes of hard thrusts and Danielle's piercing thrusts down onto his lap Tom looked deep into Danielle's eyes.

Then they staring deep into each other's souls they both almost finished simultaneously. Tom grabbed her ass with his hands and forced her down on his cock as he continued to thrust hard up into her and then he let out a loud scream as he unleashed his orgasm inside of her.

Danielle looked into his eyes, "I can feel you ~ I can actually feel you shooting it inside of me. It is so neat daddy thank you for making love to me." Tom smiled as his breathing was heavy and said, "It was my pleasure and thank you for sharing your essence of lesbian with me.

I know it must have been hard to accept a cock inside of you." Danielle felt Tom's rod begin to melt giving her knowledge that their first sexual experience was finally over. With that she stood up and kissed Tom on the lips with pure love and passion that even Tom hadn't experienced in some time now and she said, "Thank you for the sperm. Now I want to go and get cleaned up." She stood and made her way back to the girls and she hugged her lover and life partner Karen tightly and looking into her eyes she said, "I see exactly what you speaking about earlier he is so caring and loving." Gemma sat on the bed as she watched Danielle slip into the bathroom.

The flicker of the bathroom light was gleaming off of Tom's wet shaft in the room. Like a deer in headlights she was instinctively drawn to that faint light and the aroma of cunt on his cock. Just as a snake would move Gemma slithered softly and quietly off of the bed over to Tom. Gemma's head popped between Tom's manly thighs and her tongue flicked in and out just like a snake as she tasted Danielle's cum on Tom's shaft. She made direct eye contact with Tom and not saying a word between each other they both knew what she wanted to do to Tom and what Tom's desire had been.

Opening her mouth she began to lick and suck Tom and said, "Is this what you want daddy? You want your daughter to clean you up daddy?" Tom sat back returning Gemma's hypnotic gaze and said, "Yes my lovely ~ suck and lick daddy's cock nice and clean." Just like the spring storms known as hurricanes there is the eye of that storm and several minutes later Danielle returned to the room with Karen.

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As all three were once again reunited on the bed together their lesbian love affair started all over again. Tom sat and watched the three of them loving and caressing each other.

Later all three of his ladies were laying quietly, recuperating from several more intense orgasms they gave each other over the last hour or so. It wasn't until Danielle stirred first and announced that she wanted to take a shower to clean up once and for all then she made an offer, "Would anyone like to join me in the shower?" Gemma's mouth tasted like ass, pussy and male sperm and said, "Sure honey I'll join you." Tom remained still sitting alone on the love seat with a limp cock satisfied that he lost at least one load already tonight.

It wasn't exactly the way he envisioned because he jerked off watching three women fuck and suck each other off and then the most lesbian of the three was the one to get him off again. He would have much rather gotten off by fucking Karen or Gemma as he was much more familiar with them. Tom couldn't wait to fuck one his playmates in the ass. He looked at Karen who remained in the room with him and Tom could hear her shallow breathing as it seemed like she was asleep.

Tom sat quietly ogling Karen's naked body as his cock became hungry for some anal sex. Tom stood and moved to the bed and knelt over Karen as she lay in a fetal position. Tom's cock may have been cleaned by Gemma's warm saliva but it still had Danielle's aroma from her pussy. That familiar aroma stirred Karen as she rubbed her eyes.


She stretched and yawned and as her eyes opened she was greeted by the head of Tom's cock dangling at the opening of her mouth. She instinctively reached out for Tom's limp penis and kissed the head. Even though Gemma did her best to clean it with her mouth there was still the after taste from her life partner's pussy. Karen opened her mouth wider and took all of Tom's limp manhood into her mouth. She sucked him as Tom began to moan as his penis grew in her warm heavenly mouth.

When Tom was fully hard he pushed his cock down her throat for the first time then Karen allowed it to escape her mouth and she looked up at her Adonis and said, "Your cock tastes so good daddy. I never thought that Danielle would have ever allowed you to put your cock inside of her. If anyone is pure lesbian it's my girlfriend but I have to admit that watching her bounce up and down on you was hot for me." Tom watched as Karen stroked his manhood as they heard the water from the shower turn on and he said, "I want your asshole get on all fours for me honey." Meanwhile back in New Mexico Sunday Morning church praying to your father's deity: Miles woke next to Courtney who was still in her REM sleep he gingerly left the bed and kissing her gently on the cheek.

He walked to the bathroom to relieve his self. When he finished he looked at the clock and it read seven in the morning. It was still too early to get everyone up for church so he decided to go down to the kitchen and make a pot of coffee. As Miles began to brew a pot of coffee he retreated back to his office.

Miles had a special pipe wheel it is sorta like a tie wheel but it holds about twenty of his favorite pipes. He selected not his favorite but a Scottish Briar wood pipe from the late 1800's because he purchased stash of McClelland a northern Scottish Tobacco. With pipe and stash in hand he made his way back to the kitchen as he watched the coffee dripping into the pot.

He opened the slider in the kitchen and walked out into the cool morning desert air and he noticed the first crack of sunlight breaking over the tops of the mountains. Miles heard the click of the coffee pot back in the kitchen indicating it was done brewing and he went back inside and poured his self a cup of coffee. He moved out onto the deck that was cut right out of the ridge of the mountain that their home was built on.

It took almost as long to create the special deck as it took to build the 10,000 square foot house. Miles fired up his special blend inside of his pipe as he watched dogs padding across the desert floor.

Miles looking out of the canyon and the wide open space remembered how he grew up in a Brown Stone in Brooklyn, New York. When he was a kid and he looked out of his bedroom window the only thing he could see was Mrs. Angela Catalde getting dressed and naked some twenty feet away from his window every day. Miles thoughts went to the night before when Courtney came home after he went to sleep. Just before Courtney was about to come home from work someone tried to overdose and since she was the psychiatrist on duty at the hospital she was obligated to tend to that persons needs.

She came home much later than she had expected. When she climbed into bed with Miles she had promised earlier in the day a night of passion.

She snuck into bed with Miles and went right for his cock. Miles woke to his cock being caressed and licked by his lover. He pulled the covers back to see Courtney wearing a bra and crotch less panties.

Miles knew that she was overcompensating for cheating on him with her renowned psychiatrist of a father. It was a secret she had been keeping from him for about two years now. He realized that they were going to have to talk more about how they are going to function together going forward in their relationship. Miles then slipped back inside and poured a second cup of coffee. He then filled his pipe once again. The sun was half way over the crest of the mountains by this time.

Then his thoughts began to rip through his mind as he remembered the passionate screams of his own daughter as he fucked her yesterday afternoon. Miles realized that he did something that he could never take back with his own flesh and blood.


He understood that what he had done was a direct result of taking advantage of his young co-ed patient at the clinic. It was happening almost on a daily basis that he was fucking his patient Kristen Foster as she wants to re-enact every incestuous act that she has had as a young girl while she is under hypnosis. Then adding to his lists of excuses his new theory of young girls becoming seductresses seemed to push him over the edge that led him to have sex with his daughter.

He thought that when he goes to mass today he's going to have to pray extra hard and ask for forgiveness of his sin.

Then he would talk with his thirteen-year-old daughter and let her know that yesterday was a one-time event between them. Miles had nearly finished his second cup of coffee as he heard someone bouncing down the steps. Miles expected Courtney to be the one to come down first as she was the one addicted to the fresh aroma of coffee.

He heard the sliding door open behind him as he was looking out over the canyon and then he felt a nice hug coming from behind him. Then he watched the hand slide down the front of his pajama bottoms and a nice warm hand beginning to slide up and down his shaft. Miles blurted out, "That feel so good baby." Miles spun around expecting to kiss his lover Courtney but instead he was greeted by his young vibrant daughter.

Amy was in her normal sleep wear a cut off t-shirt that revealed her flat tummy and no bra and a pair of boy's boxer shorts. She liked the boxers as they were more comfortable. Amy still had her arms wrapped her around her father's waist. Her hands quickly began their descent down the back of his pajama bottoms, "Good morning daddy. Did you sleep okay?" Miles under normal circumstances would have stopped his daughter but after yesterday a new fire of lust has been lit deep down in the pit of his now darkening soul.

It is a fire that is burning hot and strong. Amy's hands cupped around his bare ass and she began squeeze his ass.

"Good morning Rugrat (her nickname) yeah I slept okay. I was worried about you last night you know if you were too sore or if I hurt you." Amy moved up on her tiptoes and pushed her lips to her father's and pierced his lips and her tongue began to dance inside of her father's mouth.

His tongue had a strange taste to it but she just felt that it was just morning breath and continued her assault.

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Miles cock began to grow between their stomachs and he broke the kiss. Amy then stepped back and Miles saw her wet hair that laid over the front of her T-shirt that was wet because of her hair. He could see her breasts and nipples it was like she took part in a wet T-shit contest and that her breasts were trying to burst out of her tight shirt.

Then she slid down her father's waist and pulled his pajama bottoms down to his ankles and Amy answered her father, "I'm fine daddy. I couldn't sleep at all last night. I wanted to sneak into your bedroom last night and sit on top of you but Courtney was the one sitting on top of you having sex." Amy rose onto her knees, "Ah my long thick cock." She said in a whispering voice, "Can I put it back in my mouth?

Can I suck you daddy?" Miles furnace was being turned up to high heat as his hand cupped the back of her head and he pushed the head of his penis past her thin lips, "Yes, take daddy's dick inside your mouth." Amy worked as much of her father's cock as she could and her saliva began to build around his cock.

Amy realized that her father's cock had the same taste to it as his tongue did. That's when she realized that her father never cleaned his cock from the night before and that she was tasting her father's girlfriends orgasm on his cock. Amy thought to herself, 'well, if I am going to have to share my daddy then I am going to have to live with this sort of thing.' Miles lust was so great that he could feel his load begin to bubble in the lower part of his shaft when they both heard the bedroom door close upstairs.

Amy quickly allowed her father to escape from her mouth and she quickly stood and spit the extra saliva from her mouth into the kitchen sink. Then they both heard the creek of the top stair that warned them that Courtney was definitely on her way.

Miles pulled up his pajama bottoms and made his way over to the counter and all he could think about was that he wanted his cock to deflate before Courtney made it to the kitchen. Amy turned on the sink water and washed her mouth out as Miles pulled down another cup and began to pour the coffee.

They both looked at each other and grinned as they waited for Courtney's arrival but she went to the front door first to find her satchel. As she entered the kitchen she was wearing her long flowing nightgown with the satchel in her hand. "Good morning you two, what are you guys up to so early on a Sunday morning? Usually you're not up this early on a Sunday morning Rugrat what's up?" Amy quickly made up an excuse, "I didn't sleep too well I had an interesting dream and then I smelled coffee and I wanted to come down and ask daddy about my dream and now you're here." Courtney her mother said, "What did you dream about?" Amy didn't hesitate and said, "I had a dream ~ this is so embarrassing ~ I dreamt that an older man was trying to have sex with me." Courtney asked, "Do you remember his face?" Amy said, "No.

But it felt like it was really happening like I was really having sex and when I woke my vagina was all wet." Courtney moved over to her future step-daughter and ran her fingers through her wet hair and said, "Don't worry that's just normal it happens to all boys and girls your age all the time.

Why don't you go upstairs and get ready for church and I'll make us some breakfast." After they had their traditional Sunday breakfast of pancakes, eggs and bacon with some orange juice they cleaned up and were ready to go off to church.

When both women emerged from their rooms they had on flower patterned white sundresses with large sun hats. You could see that Courtney was wearing a bra as her breasts were being pushed upwards and pushing the constraints of her dress. Amy on the other hand was small breasted and wasn't wearing a bra. They both wore very conservative white heels and no stockings.

Then they were off to morning mass. As usual after church the women tend to mill around together it reminded Miles of cackling chickens standing around talking about how their week went and what their upcoming plans were. Amy made her retreat to her father's Mercedes SLS-AMG.

It was one of a kind in their small New Mexico town and she loved to be seen in it driving around town. It made her feel more important than she really was. After about fifteen minutes of standing around Courtney made it back to the car and gave Miles her boyfriend a nice peck on the cheek and told him that she was going out to brunch with the girls.

That's usually why they always take two cars to church. Miles watched Courtney enter her own BMW Z-4 that was a deep blue color. She told him that she would meet him back at the house just before dinner time. Miles climbed in the car and looked at Amy and asked, "So Courtney is heading off to brunch with her friends as usual." Amy smiled and said, "Yeah." Amy lifted the hem of her dress over her hips revealing that not only was she not wearing a bra but she wasn't wearing any panties.

Amy grabbed her father's hand after he started the car and put it in gear. She then spread her legs open and said, "You know that dream I had last night that I told you and Courtney over breakfast this morning?

The older man that was having sex with me, well, that older man was you and now we are going to live out that fantasy." Miles pulled around the back of the church where there were no cars as Amy began to unzip his pants, "Rugrat, what the hell do you think you're doing? We just literally came out of church. I sat there and said the rosary like ten times to atone for the huge bunch of sins we committed yesterday." Amy said, "That's the great thing about being Catholic daddy.

You get to go to confession as much as you need to but how often do you get to fuck your own daughter? And one that is as hot as me and my age, huh? I mean there's the story in the bible about Lot and his two daughters who got their dad drunk and they fucked him so they could get pregnant or something like that. I looked it up last night on the internet." Meanwhile back in Los Angeles in Tom Murphy's hotel room: Tom decided to tease Karen first. He grazed her ass crack with his dick and slid it between her legs to tease her pussy.

He groaned when he the tip of his penis felt her wet slit, "You feel so good baby ~ you're so wet for Daddy ~ I can only imagine how hot this would be for you if you were really into guys! I have no idea why you're letting me fuck your shithole when you're such a diehard lesbian?" Karen said, "To be honest ~ I can't believe I'm telling you this ~ I'll let you do anything to me as long as you get me pregnant.

I know I told you I wanted to get pregnant so my life partner and I could have a child together. That's only part of the story. I want to have your baby and yours alone. I love the feeling of your cock inside of me and they way you shoot your cum inside of me so much. I love the feeling of you violating me Tom besides if you get me pregnant you would be giving me the greatest present that one human could give another. Please don't be mad at me just do me ~ fuck my brains out ~ use my holes for your own personal amusement I really don't care.

All I ask is that you fill my cunt hole with as much sperm as you want." Karen then leaned back and took Tom's head into her hands and kissed him on the mouth, "Would you be willing to help me?" Tom kissed her passionately and looked into her hazel eyes and he felt honored and said, "I would love to father your child and I will play whatever role you want me to. Then Tom took his arms and reached around Karen so he could reach her breasts.

He massaged her tits and pinched her nipples until they were rock hard, "I love the way you touch me Daddy," Karen whispered. Instead of slowly easing himself into her tight ass like he did with Gemma several days ago he decided to give it to her hard and fast. Tom spit on her puckered little asshole and smeared it all over her outer anal ring with the tip of his cock. Then without any warning Tom gripped her hips and rammed his cock into her ass, "Daddy don't be so mean to me you're hurting me!" Karen moaned.

Tom didn't know if that meant that she was enjoying it or if she was in pain. He continued to push his dick in and out of her tight lesbian asshole. Then he took one hand and fingered her clit until her pussy was dripping wet, 'Now I know for sure that she's enjoying this,' Tom thought to himself. Karen bucked her ass harder against her Daddy's big cock, "Fuck my ass all you want but cum in my pussy Daddy!" She cried.

"Fuck your dirty little daughter!" Before Tom could slow down to savor the moment the excitement of ramming his cock so hard and deep inside of Karen, a lesbian, turned him on so much. Ten minutes of Tom hammering Karen's shit hole with his long hard cock he felt his balls tighten under him. Then he pulled out and then slammed his cock into her hot, aching and drenched pussy then he erupted the largest load of the day inside of his playmate. He kept fingering her clit and Karen climaxed soon after.

"Ooh Daddy, that was so good," Karen moaned. Tom slid his softening dick out of her tight cum filled pussy. His cum was leaking out of her hole, down her crack, with some of it even reaching her asshole.

He admired what he had done proudly. "Lay down Baby Girl," Tom said softly. "Daddy wants to cuddle with his little girl." Tom pulled back the covers and they snuggled under the blanket together. They were spooning, with Karen's ass pressed up against Tom's dick. He reached around and started to play with her nipples as they were drifting in and out of a light sleep. "Daddy, I think I'm finally worn out," Karen said.

Tom could tell she was smiling. He took his hand off her breast and put it around her waist. Gemma and Karen walked back in the bedroom, wearing just their towels around their waists. Their hair was still slightly damp and Tom saw through the dimly lit hotel room that both girls' nipples were perky and hard.

Gemma moved to the side of the bed and whispered into Tom's ear, "So how is Daddy's little girl? Did you fuck her brains out daddy?" Tom chuckled a little as he turned to the view of his other two playmates standing next to the bed half naked and said, "I believe that the two of you pretty much had her close to 'E' and I just drained the rest out of her when she had her second orgasm with my cock in her asshole." "Well, look at me daddy I'm all clean, wanna check?" Gemma asked. She flung off her towel and twirled around for his inspection.

She put her hand on her right breast and slowly massaged it. "You look so sexy baby. Do you want to lay down with your dirty Daddy and sister?" Tom asked "Yes of course Daddy!" Gemma walked over to the bed and got in it with her fake family.

She was spooning Tom from behind with her perky breasts and hard nipples pressed up against his back. Danielle took off her towel and moved to the other side of the bed and cuddled with her lover Karen.

Meanwhile back in New Mexico: Amy just told her father about Lot in the bible where both of his daughters got him dunk and had their way with him and both had become pregnant. Amy continued to work on her father's pants as his belt was undone and she was working on his zipper to get them open, "Yeah, that's true but honey I'm not drunk and just because they did it in the bible doesn't mean that it was right, this is just absolutely wrong. I mean what we did yesterday and what you did to me this morning in the kitchen is an absolutely no, no." Amy finally was able to release her father's penis from its constraints and she looked up at her father just before she put the head of his penis inside of her mouth and said, "I can't believe that you have a hang up about this.

You know that incest happens every day but the father is usually the person forcing his little daughter to do things that she doesn't want to.

But daddy I want to do this with you. I love you and I want to share all of myself with you, daddy." Amy was not going to be stopped as Miles sat in his driver's seat he watched his daughter suck his cock.

Once he felt the head of his penis hit the opening of her throat the embers of his strong lust for his own daughter re-lit and his hands went to the back of her head, "Let's see how far you can put daddy's cock in your mouth or should I say down your throat?" Miles pushed her down on his daughter's head and when his head slid into her throat she began to gag on her father's penis just like she did the day before.

She quickly came back up and her eyes were watering and saliva was pouring out of her mouth and landing around the base of his cock. "Daddy don't do that again that hurt my throat." Miles said, "You want to be a grown up then you are going to be treated like a grown up.

The next time I put my cock down your throat you don't come off of it ~ you understand me?" Miles was trying to intimidate her to stop while she was ahead of the game. Amy didn't say a word but being just as stubborn as her mother could be went back to her main goal and that was to get her father off.

"I just want a small warning before you cum in my mouth, okay?" Miles couldn't believe that this was happening to him in the back parking lot of his church not more than twenty minutes from leaving mass. Miles began to thrust upwards into her mouth telling her, "Relax your throat I want you to go deeper honey." Amy did as she was told and she felt his head expand her throat and the sensation was exhilarating to her knowing that she was able to obey her father's wishes.

"That's it honey your doing so well." Amy let his cock ease out of her throat as she was breathing heavily. She realized the more that she listened to her father's instruction the easier it was for her to deep throat him and give him pleasure.

Then Miles pointed to the base of his shaft, "Next time I want your lips to wrap around down here. Put on your lipstick real heavy so you can see how far you can get." Amy found her handbag on the floor of the car and began her frantic search for her lipstick as she could feel for the first time her sexual charge from deep within the pit of her stomach that she wanted to meet her father's challenge.

As Miles continued to stroke his wet cock Amy was laying her lipstick on real heavy and when she was thought she was ready she smiled at her father, "Daddy you don't need to stroke it.

Let my mouth get you off! Get off in my mouth let me feel you shoot your salty load into my mouth." Miles had to ask, "Where did you learn to talk like that." Amy had her father's penis in her hand and just before she put it back in her mouth, "How many times do I have to tell you daddy, I watch a lot of porn.

I just hope that I'm doing this right and that you enjoy this. I want to be your little porn slut daddy." Miles grabbed a fistful of her hair and pushed her head down his shaft, "Oh Rugrat you're doing a wonderful job. Now, let's see how far you can get." Amy's eyes rolled in the back of her head each time her father speared her throat with his cock but like a stubborn zealot she was not going to back down.

Every time she came back up she could see the progress that she made on her father's long thin cock. Her lipstick was smeared except for the lowest point on his shaft. When she wiped her mouth clean of her saliva she said, "I need your help daddy but I know I can fit it all down my throat. Daddy just push my head but not hard just help me a little bit. I promise that I will get the whole thing inside of me." Miles had an evil smile on his face that made Amy uncomfortable and then he said, "There was never a doubt that before you leave this car that you are going to swallow my cock whole." Miles pushed her head slowly down his shaft and when they hit the point where Amy stopped before Miles unexpectedly thrust upwards and his full shaft was in her mouth and throat at the same time.

Miles was no longer concerned for the well being of his young daughter he wanted to teach her a valuable lesson and he said, "Don't start something that you are not prepared to finish." Amy's eyes were watering and her throat was stretched to it young limits. Then she felt her father's cock begin to expand and Miles began to moan loudly as he slowly slipped his cock from her throat and mouth once again so she could breathe. Not to be outdone by her father she said, "That was amazing let's do that again." Amy opened her mouth and prepared for battle.

Miles began his onslaught on his daughter's fragile throat that was already sore. Miles was pushing her head down with greater force as he continued to fuck her throat. She was gagging and while Miles stopped previously he now was showing no mercy. It took to several hard thrust but finally her lips hit the base of his cock.

He continued to fuck her throat then Miles head fell back with his mouth open and eyes rolling in the back of his head, "Damn it Rugrat her it comes." Miles pulled his cock from her throat and his head was resting comfortably in her succulent mouth and yelled, "Amy, I fuckin' love you baby." Then he sent a huge rope of cum into his daughters mouth, then another, then another and yet one more.

Amy continued to stroke his shaft that was covered with her saliva, cherry red lipstick and a little of her stomach contents that rose up her throat from gagging so much as she sucked the remaining cum from his shaft. Amy's mouth finally released her father's cock but she made sure not to let any of his semen escape from her lips. She opened her mouth to show her father his full load, then she gulped several times and opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out, "See, didn't spill anything." Then she wrapped her arms around his neck and said, "Thanks daddy." Just as Miles put his cock away and zipped his pants up there came a loud wrap on the driver's side window.

Miles thought for sure they were caught. When his eyes finally focused on who it was he saw that it was Father Dan and he said, "Hey you two okay in there?" Miles pushed the button for the window and as it slid down he said, "Yeah, the daughter and I were just talking about today's sermon at mass today Father.

We were arguing just a little bit and she through a little temper-tantrum." Father Dan looked at Amy seeing that her make-up was smeared all over her face because of her eyes watering from throating her father and her lipstick was smeared all around her mouth and he said very politely, "It's nice to know that even though the young ones are paying attention in church even though they may not agree with today's teachings. Just remember Amy honoring you mother and father is more than just doing what they tell you; remember actions speak louder than words.

I see that you are a little upset your make-up is all over your face honey. You should get cleaned up." Amy said, "Thanks for the advice Father Dan. I think my father has been happier with my actions better than my words over the past couple of days. See you next week." She began to wave at him as Miles began to drive away. Father Dan looked at both of his parishioners and said, "Have a blessed week you two." They both looked at each other and began to laugh out loud as they pulled out of the parking lot to head back home.

Miles put his hand between Amy's bare thighs and said, "Damn that was a close one… End the chapter 10 Once again thank you for taking the time to read the sick demented things that flow from my sick perverted brain.

I hope you enjoyed it. As always constructive comments are welcome. Please if you have nothing nice to say just don't say anything and just move on. Thank you for the fans of this series as it is a thrill to write for you entertainment.