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Cute Asian Teases And Sucks Dick Outside
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The first councilor was laughing at the Clivastone. He was a fake, a real Clivastone could have stopped all the executions with its mind. This. "Enjoy the small victory.

I will kill you. You can't hide from me, know that right now. Nothing you can do will stop me. Know that I hereby declare war on the IP. For each you kill I will take a hundred of the IP. Enjoy when I find you, you will die as slowly as I can kill you, as you deserve." The councilor's eyes were wide at the threats.

What? A Clivastone that wasn't afraid to kill? Then the com went dead even as the councilor was flung violently against the wall. Sliding down the wall slowly losing consciousness the councilor cursed inside. This one was far stronger than the female they had captured five hundred years ago.

Several techs ran to attend the first councilor as he slumped unconscious. The other councilors were notified as soon as the incident happened. "It appears that we now have a problem much larger than before.

This Clivastone trash is indeed far more powerful than the source of the serum.

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Already he has done in jury to the seventh and first council. We need to act before it starts to hunt us." The second council announced to the others. "Can't the source do anything to pacify it?" The third council asked. "It did, it also tried to invade and take over the new beast. The beast attacked releasing well over half of the sources life force. At present we have lost well over a hundred scientists." The fourth council related.

"Brothers!" The seventh council started. "It is obvious that we need to unite against this one as we did five centuries ago." "Then all of you need to make certain that you are ready to share all your secrets again." A chilling voice behind all of them said making each freeze in almost terror. "Lord Doctor." All of the other six said as they bowed to him.

"I myself, am starting to detect the amount of power that this piece of garbage has. You need to decide and quickly, before he grows stronger. If any of your minds perish I hope that you have your selves backed up.

I am closer to a break through in restoring our original bodies. Stay alive, no more body drops." "We hear lord doctor." They all said as the Doctor nodded then turned to leave. The Doctor stopped at the door raising a shaking hand.

Behind him there were sharp intakes of breath then the fifth and seventh councilmen were blasted back into the wall. Both hung there struggling to break free their eyes wide at the amount of power they felt. The lord doctor had a hell of a lot more power than they had thought. Whirling with more agility than a being of his advanced years should have he pointed at the two. "So the two of you are already mind synced. That was the first time in two centuries I had to expend that much power.

A good beginning though I advise neither of you try that again. You might not like the end results." Waving his hand both dropped to the floor with a loud thud. Both beings stared at the ancient looking doctor as he walked away as if nothing had happened. They then looked at each other as information passed between them. The doctor hadn't even struggled when he forced them back. The four councilmen could only stare at the two on the floor a wide smile on their faces. Then they shook their heads what the two had done was foolish had the doctor not been in as good a mood, they would surely have been terminated.

_______________________________________________ Drivas was screaming as the pain started to increase. It was nowhere as bad as when the IP had moved her up more levels. Suddenly a second wave of pain hit her entire system this time she felt it everywhere. Screaming louder she felt more of her mind open as she also felt her power start to increase. Thellus was absolutely terrified when Drivas started to scream.

She'd heard the commander yell in pain before, though this went far deeper than mere physical pain. Worried Thellus reached for Drivas, ["NO! Stop Thellus!] She heard Thantas yell in her head too late. Drivas's head snapped up as Thellus was reaching for her. Thellus was suddenly thrown back as if hit by a giant hand. Concentrating she slowed before she hit the bulkhead. [What the hell is going on?] She asked as she stopped and settled to the deck. [She is having an adverse reaction to the higher levels she has reached.

I apologize for the pain she is experiencing. I am also afraid that you will face the pain also though now that you know you may be able to handle it better.] Thantas explained to Thellus. [I thought that you had us better prepared for this.] Thellus asked of Thantas. With a sigh Thantas decided that it was time. [I prepared the both of you so that you can go up in levels.


I have to go slow as I know that even though I am going slowly, the IP has you conditioned to feel pain. I am doing all I can not to cause pain though as you felt and now see your minds expect pain.] Thellus was nodding as she remembered all the pain she'd felt during the IP leveling.

Thankfully she felt that the pain from Thantas was by far no where as intense. The thing is she was only now realizing that fact. Thellus watched Drivas as she was writhing on the deck as the pain raged through her. To Drivas she felt as if her brain was on fire. Her body was a huge lead weight that she had no control of.

She'd felt Thellus approach her she even tried to warn her to stay back to not get anywhere near her. Then she gasped inside as her mind lashed out at her friend propelling her away from her at an accelerated speed. A few minutes later Drivas felt her power increase. She tried to shake her head, she was glad Thantas was there to prevent her from hurting herself or Thellus. Finally the pain was too much as she finally succumbed as she let the darkness take her. [Alright you can get her off the deck.

I suggest that you make her as comfortable as possible. It will help her to rest and recover faster.] Thantas advised Thellus when Drivas's body finally relaxed.

Thellus rushed to get Drivas into a sleep unit, careful to keep the body as stretched out as comfortable as possible.

Sighing she felt so alone, there was almost never a time they weren't together.


Looking at Drivas she hoped that this was the right thing. If she lost Drivas she wasn't sure she could continue on. _________________________________________________ Sam was seething his anger almost visible like a wave of heat coming from him. As he turned toward the few troops that were still alive, he saw almost all of the trembling with fear. A few were trying to get the hell out of there. "I didn't tell you that you could leave!" Sam shouted at them as they froze unable to move.

Sam's eyes went large, ok, this was new. "I want to know where the commander of this planet is." "Why? You're just going to eradicate him like the killers that your race is!" A younger trooper shouted. Sam sided up to the trooper almost losing his temper.

Taking a deep breath he continued. "I am here to enforce the law that the commander has broken. Actually several laws. Now." Sam started. "We are loyal to the commander we will." The young male stopped as Sam touched the males head letting him see the law and the many atrocities that Sam had already seen.

The young male's eyes went wide as he started to scream at the visions he was seeing. Finally his tear stained face turned to Sam, "he is in the central building." Then leaning close he whispered, "Kill the garbage." Sam nodded as he took to the sky heading to the building that the young male had indicated. Looking down he saw what had to be thousands of the troopers in the city heading for the same building.

Even as he neared the building Sam could see that this was going to be a battle almost no matter what he did.


Landing outside the building there was a huge contingent of troopers blocking the way. Growling Sam stated, "I suggest you move while you can.

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If I move you I can't guarantee your safety." The commander of those at the front of the building stepped out. "You are a vile thing that we have been ordered to exterminate. So be a good monster and DIE!" The Commander said as he pulled a gas gun firing it in Sam's face. Had he not been as mad as he was, Sam was sure that he'd probably fell to the ground laughing his ass off. Sucking in all the gas Sam blew it back in the Commander's face. Grabbing the gun he crushed it to a piece of mangled metal.

Tossing that aside he calmly reached out grabbing and snapping the Commander's arm that had held the gun in several places. Advancing forward Sam started to throw troopers left and right. Reaching the barricade he smiled tossing it out of the way. Pushing on the door he nodded then brought his hands together making a concussion wave that shredded the front doors and wall.

As he started to walk in he turned to the troopers. "You should have his arm looked at." Going to the stairs he had to toss more troopers out of the way. Shaking his head didn't they know he was immune to the gas gun yet? Geez talk about stupid and slow to learn. Finally almost an hour later he walked into what could only be described as a war room. A rather tall male with a smug look on his face stood at the other end of the room.

"So the piece of garbage has made it here. Oh, by the way, you can try to take over my mind though it won't work." Sam smiled he was going to actually enjoy killing this little prick. "I wouldn't be so sure." The male held out a hand as an invitation. "By all means go ahead, though I have to warn you all upper officers are trained to resist." Sam smiled again as he pointed a finger at the male.

At first nothing happened then the male was shocked when he felt his arm and hand move without his moving them. "As you can see I am far stronger than you thought." The male's hand flattened out then slapped the male across the face. A moment later the male smirked as he took back control of his arm. Laughing at Sam he gloated, "I told you, now then." The man donned a silver helmet, pointing at Sam, he felt a little loss of control.

The male smiled as he had Sam's hand flatten out, then it moved to slap Sam stopping inches from his face. The smile evaporated from the Commander's face as he attuned the helmet higher. Sam again looked at the male as his hands froze then slapped his face again. Turning a knob all the way on the male again tried to seize control of Sam's body. This time he got Sam to actually slap his face.

Sam grimaced as he concentrated harder feeling the control the other had slipping right before his hand slapped him again. Breaking the control Sam stood there staring at the male. "Face it that's all you have. So I've got one question for you, you want to die real slow or fast as hell. Actually I am in favor of a slow, very painful death." Sam told the shocked Commander. "You won't kill, you are a pure Clivastone, they don't kill." The Commander said, a of hint his confidence returning.

"It is obvious to me that you have been sadly misinformed. So since you didn't choose, I will." Sam said as he slowly walked across the room. "First," Sam started as the Commander started to draw several weapons firing them at Sam. When none of them worked he drew a second set.

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Still unperturbed the Commander drew two more sets firing everyone of them at Sam. "Now," Sam started again, "before we were so rudely disturbed by your antics. I think we should start, 'cause one way or another you're dead." Reaching out Sam snapped both of the male's legs in several places. Then he repeated the process with the male's arms. By then the male was screaming at the top of his voice. Sam looked at the male shaking his head then he thunked the male's back snapping the spine with two fingers.

"There," Sam said above the Males screaming, "I didn't kill you though I know you are wishing I did. Relive the pain each day as punishment for those you slaughtered." With that Sam touched the male's head showing him the execution, letting him hear the screams of the dying. Smiling Sam left what was left of the male moving down the stairway again. Stopping before the troopers on the ground floor he grabbed another commander. "You tell all the IP that they have a day to leave the planet.

After that no one will leave, at least not alive. Oh yeah, what's left of your top Commander is in the top room, remove IT!" Sam saw that the Commander had lost control of his bodily functions. Smiling Sam shoved the man back as he took to the sky. Heading back to the forested area outside the city where he met the first group of natives.

Arriving at the spot, he sat to think. Looking inward he started to see that there were more than a few latent abilities that hadn't opened up to him yet. Sam shook his head there was obviously more to this being a Clivastone than met the eyes. _______________________________________________________ Mellos Thymp's anger had been building for the last day or so. For the first time she was actually searching for Sam. here he'd been trying to catch her with her running. All the recent readings that she'd taken proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that she was healing.

Almost half of the genetic deformities she had were healed. Then there was the fact that she could actually levitate off the floor for a time. Another thing that seemed to be irritating her was the fact her thought processes was changing. Still if she ever wanted to be free of all that was wrong with her body, she had to fight him again. As she shook her head she also realized that this next time was going to hurt like hell. Looking over the readings again she nodded.

Sam was the purest she ever seen, even purer than the one that the IP still held captive. He also appeared to be many, many times more powerful than she was. His strength was growing at a factor that had her astounded.

He was a hell of a lot stronger though she had the advantage on him. Smiling she nodded to the tall blonde male that was aiding her. Watching as he limped across the deck she smiled, the last round of pain she gave him had been so satisfying. The problem was she was going to have the hell beat out of her before this was finished.

Smiling again she thought, the payoff was well worth it though, IF she could rid herself of all the goody, goody thoughts she was starting to have. Growling she had left the last triad corner world. Looking at the world recede she was starting to think she'd never catch up with him. They were heading deeper into the territory of the seventh council when Sam's trail ended abruptly.

What in the hell was going on? "Slave!" She shouted starting to get irritated. "Do you have anything on the life form readings? The bastard seems to have vanished." The male kept quiet as he started to run through several readings as fast as he could. He had to get this, and then his mistress would punish/reward he more. "Mistress!" The tall, blonde male suddenly yelled when he saw a back tracking of the Sam creature's energy.

"According to this he has reversed direction." "WHAT!?" Mellos shouted as she floated across the room faster than she meant to. Smashing into the bulkhead she shook it off as she'd hardly felt anything. Pushing the male out of the way he was propelled into the opposite side of the spacecraft's bulkhead. Even as the male slid to the floor starting to lose consciousness he whispered, "Thank you Mistress." Then he smiled as his head dropped like a rock to the deck.

A smile started to creep on her face as she saw where he'd gone. What was up with this Sam? He wasn't even trying to hide his life signature. Was he that strong now, or was he just that stupid?

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Smiling smugly she guessed the latter, she hadn't met many males that were very smart after all. That imbecilic moron leader of the IP forces that had been after her for the last few solar years was the closest to a smart male she met to date. Thinking of Sam she had to admit he was quick in battle though that only proved he was good at war.

Then again, he had rendered her unconscious without wrecking her ship, That took a bit more brain power than most males had. "Slave!" She called then tsked when she saw him sprawled unconscious on the other side of the spacecraft. "Well I guess I'll have to do it. Well, guess you got more of the pain you'd been craving." Adjusting the ship's course she smiled as she heard it accelerate. With any luck she would be healed in a week or less.

Smiling wider she thought of the many people she was going to take her revenge on. First though she had to find Sam and here she shuddered have him kick her ass again.

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_____________________________________________ Sam had only been sitting in the forest for an hour when a red beam surrounded him.

Shaking his head he had to think a moment, then he nodded yeah, it had to be Mellos again. Smirking he thought, first he couldn't find her now she was after him again. After he kicked her ass twice you'd think she'd come at this differently.

Rising Sam was about to lift off, heading for Mellos's ship when she appeared before him. "'Bout damn time I found you." She said a look of disgust on her face.

"Thanks to you I am more messed up than I was before." Sam stopped a moment looking at her like she had lost her mind. Mellos smiled that was all she needed as she reared back smashing her fist into the side of Sam's face.

Surprisingly the blow actually knocked Sam off his feet propelling him backwards over a hundred feet. Shaking his head Sam rubbed his cheek, damn that had actually hurt. Then he felt his anger start to climb why did it seem as if she were looking for a fight? She knew she couldn't beat him. Then again he thought rubbing his cheek again she was inflicting pain.

Snarling his anger growing higher the more he thought about it he flew toward her at full speed. Pulling up short when she made no move to protect herself he looked at her through narrowed eyes. It appeared as if she wanted him to knock her out. "I don't know what you're on about, I'm not about to hurt someone who wants pain only.

You can go away if that's what you're here for." Sam said turning away, starting to float away. "WHAT!!!? How dare you, you dam goody, goody pompous ass. I'm going to beat the hell out of you!" Mellos yelled back losing her temper. Sam was suddenly turned around as Mellos threw a punch at his face again. This time though Sam blocked it as she tried to throw another with her other fist.

Backhanding he watched as she flew back into the trees. "Consider yourself lucky I'm not mad at you." Sam shouted after her. "You bastard!" Sam heard her yell as she came out of the forest. "When I finish with you, you'll wish you had knocked me out!" Sam let out a sigh as she landed in front of him throwing a punch immediately. Catching it Sam shook his head as he backhanded her a lot harder this time.

A small smile crossed her face as she flew further into the forest. It's about time she thought as the world started to go dark. Sam could only look at his hand, damn that actually hurt a bit. Was she starting to get tougher? Taking off he decided he better cool off on the moon no sense destroying the planet because of her or the IP.