Teeny Brunette Takes Massive Cock Sadie Pop

Teeny Brunette Takes Massive Cock Sadie Pop
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Continuing on from my first story; to the genius who said I should have showered before getting dressed, I am not going to walk out of my room without any clothes on.

Now to the story. I walked out of my room and was going to walk into the shower, but was yelled at for trying to open the door. My mother told me that my cousin was inside.

If only everyone could leave, I would go in there and fuck her wet body. Frustrated, I went out the back to go on my evening walk.

It was 6 in the afternoon and I was about to go on my afternoon run. I was unlocking my backyard gate, and heard some rustling behind our garden shed. Walking closer to it I could hear someone grunting, "Oh yeah, like that, move your hand faster.

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Let me fill your mouth, here just lick the head." "I wonder who that is," I thought to myself. I opened the door to the inside of the shed and moved to the window in the back. I peered through it and saw my cousin, her brother, Alex.

He was stroking his dick as fast as he could. "Yeah, suck it some more. Ohh, yeah.


Lick my balls. Take them in your mouth," he panted, "Oh yes! Get ready and swallow it all." His four-inch dick spewed cum all over him, some landing in his briefs, some on the shed siding, and one of the bigger loads into his waiting mouth. He swished it in his mouth, and had some dribble out the side of his mouth. "Oh yeah, you love that don't you, Jen?" he said, grabbing his 2 inch flaccid dick and shoving them inside his cum covered underwear.

I wasn't going to go have anal with guys, but I sure had a hard-on from watching my cousin jacking off. For some reason, I just wanted to have him in a sixty-nine, my hard cock thrusting into his mouth, and having his dick and balls hanging in front of me, begging for attention.

Maybe I could use his fantasy with Jen against him, but for now I went on my run with my cock tenting my basketball shorts. I got back home at about 7:30, and went to my room to grab my clothes.


I had my shirt pulled up over my head as I entered and did not see that my parents had already set up the air mattress until after I had fallen.

I also didn't see Jen lying on the air mattress, her left hand under her shirt and her right in her shorts, masturbating like crazy.

"You got here just in time," she said, "Close the door." I kicked the door closed and pulled her shorts down. I noticed she had used the panties she had given me earlier. "I thought you might want them a bit stronger," she said, smirking sexily at me. I pulled the crotch to the side and began to lick her pussy. She had already worked herself up, it took only seconds before she was gushing cum into my mouth.

She pulled her panties off and tossed them to me a second time, and put her shorts back on.

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I grabbed my clothes and stuffed her panties under my pillow. I could not get both of my cousins out of my mind during the shower, but I had to resist the urge of jacking off or the night wouldn't be very fun. I came out of my shower at about eight.

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Jen was outside talking to both of our parents who were planning on heading out to dinner for the night. I walked over to my room and heard someone inside. With my ear pressed against the door, I listened carefully, trying to make out the noise. I figured it was my cousin after hearing his voice again, "Yeah, Jen, grab my cock. Move your hand back and forth." Not wanting to miss out on an opportunity, I opened the door and walked in. He stared at me, in shock and unable to even try and cover up his dick.

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I closed the door and locked it behind me as I made my way over to the bed. "Don't stop because of me," I said, "Keep going." He gave me a questioning look, but didn't say anything, going back to his dick.

He began stroking himself and gave me a few glances as I just watched. Seeing that he was unable to bring himself to a climax, I offered my help. Well, I took the initiative and grabbed instead of asking. He gave a high pitched whine that reminded me of his sister just a few hours earlier. I got as much precum out of him as I could before he climaxed and got up. "Why'd you stop?" he asked.

"Hold on a second," I said, pulling off my shorts. I pulled him over and began stroking him again. He did the same, and soon enough we were in a sixty nine position.

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Just like my fantasy, his cock was hanging in front of me, needing so much attention. I began working it again and put it inside my mouth.

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I could feel his blood pulse through his dick. He followed my lead and put me inside his mouth.

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I began thrusting and had him gagging. I also took his balls and began fondling them. Taking his dick out of my mouth, I stopped thrusting.

I had him where I wanted. "Well, I know that's not the fantasy you were jacking off to," I said. "Yes it was," he responded, "Your mouth sucking my dick was just like I pictured my first blowjob." "Don't lie," I said, "I know you were thinking about Jen." He looked at me, scared, "You aren't going to tell her are you?" "No," I responded reaching behind him under my pillow, "These might help though." I tossed Jen's cum soaked blue polka dot panties.

"How did you get these?" Alex asked, looking at me like I was a pervert and with some anger in his eyes.

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"Don't worry," I said, "Just know I might be able to make your fantasy come true. As long as you don't mind I got to your sister before you." With that in mind, his anger disappeared and he asked "How?" "Just wait an hour and you'll see," I said. Author's Note: So I am thinking of developing a new short story series aside from this one. I'm stuck between a gay storyline, straight teen couple story line and a young/old story line.

All suggestions welcome. Overly negative criticism will be ignored.