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Tetas Sexi Dominicana En Estado Unido
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Tom scuffed his feet as he walked slowly towards home. His school bag was slung loosely over one shoulder and his hands were thrust deep into his pockets. What the fuck was his mother going to say? Today was the first day of school after the summer holidays and he had been sent home already for fighting. He had overheard a couple of boys talking about Nikki, his sister. "She's easy. She puts out for a diet coke and a Mars bar." One boy was saying while the other contributed, "I wish I could buy her a coke and a bar of chocolate, she's fucking gorgeous but I bet she's got a bucket cunt!" Tom punched the first boy hard in the face twice before turning his attentions to the second and dealt him the exact same punishment, leaving them both with bloodied noses and fat lips.

Unfortunately, Tom's year tutor had witnessed the whole thing and now Tom was suspended from school for two weeks. As Tom turned into the street where he lived with his mother he noticed his mothers car was in the drive. Shit, he thought. He'd hoped she would be at work but he could never keep track of what shifts she did at the gym. There may be a little respite, he thought as he spotted Cheryl's car parked outside the front gate. Cheryl was Tom's mother's friend and seemed to be with her almost every day.

Mum wouldn't show too much disappointment or anger in front of Cheryl, surely. The house seemed strangely quiet to Tom as he stepped inside the front door and let his bag fall from his shoulder to the floor.

He expected to hear Cheryl's loud mouth from the kitchen or his mother giggling at something Cheryl had said but he heard nothing. He wondered if he should just go straight to his room and hope he wouldn't be noticed but decided against it as it would be best to let his mother know what had happened in front of Cheryl. She would be more disappointed than angry with Tom as he was a bright lad and this was his final year at school before his GCSE exams.

Now was not the time to fall behind on his course work. Tom entered the kitchen but saw no sign of the women. He turned back and headed to the lounge but found that to be empty too. He walked to the door that led to the conservatory expecting to see the pair there but still no sign. Where the fuck are they, Tom thought as he slipped back out of the lounge, into the hallway and started up the stairs.

He was nearly at the top when he stopped. He heard quiet noises and he strained his ears to hear better. He couldn't hear voices, more scuffing and quiet bumping and an image immediately came to his mind. He smiled to himself as he dismissed the thought and carried on up the stairs to go to his room but as he put his hand on the door handle a sharp squeal came from his mother's bedroom.

More a squeak than a squeal but he recognised the sound as that of a woman receiving pleasure. His heart almost stopped and he began to feel slightly dizzy. "No way" he whispered so quietly even he didn't hear it, "no fucking way, not mum and Cheryl." Quietly, very quietly he opened the door to his room and went inside. Tom perched on the edge of the bed and held his head in his hands. What he had heard was unmistakable and now he didn't know what to do.

Should he stay there and pretend he knew nothing? That would be best he thought as he removed his blazer kicked off his shoes and led down on the bed. He closed his eyes but that just started his imagination racing.

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He could think of nothing other than his mum and her mate in the other room writhing naked on the bed, exploring each others bodies. Would they use toys? I wonder if they have a strap-on dildo? Tom was extremely curious but he felt a pang of guilt as he felt a stirring in his shorts. The images in his mind had triggered an erection and now he was feeling horny. Two women in the next bedroom going at it, what boy wouldn't get turned on, he thought trying to justify his feelings.

So what, one of them is my mother. Me and my mum have a "different" relationship compared to other mother and son relationships. Now more turned on than guilty, he started to stroke his cock through his school trousers intending to jerk off while thinking of mum and Cheryl. After removing his huge cock from his trousers and shorts he began to stroke it, up and down in slow deliberate motions, stretching the skin right back away from his big purple helmet.

As he started pumping faster he thought he was getting close to shooting his wad. A bit soon, he thought but the subject of his thoughts was a bit more exciting than normal. He couldn't stop himself from doing what he did next; he just had to do it. Tom replaced his shorts and trousers and crept quietly from his room to the doorway of his mother's bedroom. The door was just slightly ajar which pleased him because he would be able to see them but they wouldn't notice him.

Tentatively, Tom stole a glance round the door and saw the two women, as expected, writhing naked on the bed. He could only see the bottom half of the bed which was adorned by his mother's lower body and Cheryl's head bobbing up and down between her legs, in the sixty nine position.

Tom's cock pressed hard against his trousers and again he started to stroke it. This is better than imagination, he thought but I wish I could see more. Cheryl lifted her head away from Lisa's soaked pussy and Tom watched her big fat tits swing above his mother's navel.

Many times he had stolen a glance down Cheryl's top but she had always worn a bra. Now he was seeing them in the flesh for the very first time and he liked what he saw. They weren't perfectly shaped like his mothers but they looked big, plump and inviting with deep brown nipples. He noticed Cheryl's tits glistening with what he guessed to be his mum's saliva. He stared at the big brown areola around Cheryl's big nipples but she hid her tits from view as she went back down on Lisa again.

Cheryl was licking furiously at Lisa's snatch and both women were moaning and groaning, louder and louder. Tom had removed his cock from his shorts and was wanking off while peering round the door.

He stepped back as Cheryl, without warning, lifted herself off of Lisa and stepped to the side of the bed. Tom saw her gash, her pink puffy lips protruding from a thick mound of black pubic hair. Her tits dangled in front of her as she bent to reach beneath the bed and produced a huge vibrator. She pulled Lisa's legs further apart and turned the dildo on low, licking the top of it to lubricate it.

Tom watched the tip of it disappear into his mothers glorious fuck hole and he heard her gasp loudly at the shock of the first penetration.

Cheryl bent her head down to Lisa's left tit and started sucking on her nipple as she worked the vibrator slowly into her cunt. Lisa's hand came up and grabbed her other nipple and started massaging it, her free hand did the same to one of Cheryl's. Tom inched further into the room to get a look at his mothers face, flushed with excitement. He watched her bite her lower lip as the dildo found its way further and further into her, her eyes closed tightly. He stroked his length, still slowly, taking in the site before him.

He admired Cheryl's curvy figure. A little plump but extremely sexy. All the curves were in the right place and everything was in proportion.

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A small tattoo decorated her left shoulder blade, so small Tom could not make out what it was from where he was standing. She was an attractive woman, not beautiful like his mother, but pleasing on the eye all the same.

Lisa was moaning harder now as Cheryl pushed the rubber dick deep into her and pulled it out slowly.


She rammed it back in so hard it made Lisa scream and Cheryl started to pull it slowly back out of the wet pussy just to ram it in hard again.

Tom watched his mother start to buck against the huge toy between her legs when he heard the familiar low growl start to emit from within her.

Cheryl knew as well as Tom what this meant and she carried on ramming that thing into her friend's pussy, the growling getting louder all the time. Lisa pulled hard at her own tits, stretching her nipples even further from her breasts.

The growl was getting louder and louder and Lisa was starting to spasm. Her legs twitched violently, her face adopted a deep red glow as she pushed her orgasm out of her, noisily. Writhing against the vibrator Lisa began to scream as she felt her whole body tighten and a gush of hot liquid ejected from her pussy, down the rubber length, over Cheryl's hand and soaked the duvet.

Another followed, then a third and Lisa's upper body was forced into an upright position, the pleasure so intense. As she sat there, her legs wide apart, her whole body was shaking and spasming while the last feeling of ecstasy seeped from her. Her growling and screaming had now turned to what sounded like a low pitched giggle and she opened her eyes to look Cheryl in the face.

"Fuck Cheryl, it gets better every time you do that" Lisa said and she pulled her friend towards her and kissed her hard on the lips. Lisa looked up from the side of Cheryl's head and froze.

Her lips stayed stuck to Cheryl's as she saw her son standing in the doorway, his huge cock in his hand.

Lisa pulled her face from Cheryl's, "Tom! What on Earth are you doing there?" Lisa made no attempt to cover herself but Cheryl quickly darted beneath the duvet cover to hide her naked body. A funny thing to do Tom thought when she spent a lot of time trying to show it off to Tom. "Sorry mum" was all Tom could manage. "I thought I heard noises in here, just came in to……" He trailed off knowing whatever excuse he came up with would sound ridiculous and he knew his mother would know exactly what he was doing there.

He looked back to Cheryl who had a wide eyed expression on her face, her gaze fixed on Tom's huge erect penis, still in his hand. Lisa looked at her friend and too saw her staring at Tom's throbbing manhood.

She pulled the didlo from between her legs and let it drop to the floor as a plan started to emerge. A small smile appeared on Lisa's face and she gently put her hand on Cheryl's forearm. "What do you say, Cheryl. What do you say to us ditching the rubber cock and using a real one instead?" Lisa knew Tom wouldn't mind and was sure Cheryl wouldn't either. The only hurdle would be Cheryl being comfortable in a threesome with a mother and son. "Well, I don't know what to say.

You mean, you don't mind if me and Tom&hellip.you know, um, me and Tom……" "Of course not darling", Lisa purred. "I'll let you in to a little secret, shall I?" Cheryl looked at Lisa, a little suspicious of her tone.

"What? You've let this happen before?" "Well, sort of. But I get involved too. What do you say to that?" Cheryl didn't know what to make of it.

She'd fancied Tom for a while now, not quite as secretly as she had thought, and now she had seen the size of his cock. She had imagined being fucked by Tom but had never thought his penis would be as big as her dildo.

She also worried what Lisa would think if she ever found out and now she was sat here with Lisa's full consent and blessing.

Although Lisa and Cheryl weren't really "an item" Cheryl did want her all to herself and she felt a slight pang of jealousy knowing that she had been having sex with someone else, even if it was her own son! A little unfair really as she would pick up any bloke she liked the look of and take him home to fuck his brains out.

"Lisa, are you sure? I mean, he's your son. You can't do things like that with your own son!" Lisa was a little disappointed at Cheryl's reaction to her invitation. Cheryl was the broadest minded person she knew. She got up to all sorts with different men all the time, she told Lisa about it in great detail. "I didn't think you would be put off by that. After all you've told me about…&hellip." Cheryl wasn't really listening. She was still mesmerised by Tom's massive member and she longed for it between her legs, rammed hard into her cunt.

Any misgivings she had were fast fading as she imagined slurping on Tom's long, thick shaft. "Hmmmm, it looks fantastic" she mumbled and she beckoned Tom into the room with her head. Tom walked over to the side of the bed where Cheryl was led and as he got closer she let out a gasp at the size of his cock. She had a greedy expression on her face when she grabbed his school tie to pull him closer to her.

She had to pull his penis down towards her mouth in order to start licking his slit, tasting the salty taste she knew so well. After what he had just witnessed, Tom was on the edge of erupting. He wanted Cheryl to take as much of his cock into her mouth as she could so he gently pushed his pelvis forward and watched Cheryl stretch her mouth over his hood.

Her eyes widened as she pushed her head down Tom's shaft, trying not to gag as it hit the back of her throat before finding a path to enter further. Sat behind Cheryl, Lisa reached round and grabbed her tits, kissing the back of her neck as she did so. Tom started to moan as Cheryl got nearly all of his cock into her mouth before pulling back all the way and then pushing it back down her throat again, her eyes bulging all the while.

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Cheryl wanted to savour this moment. She had never had such a huge dick and the fact it belonged to a lad she had fancied for a while made it all the better. She felt she was getting as much pleasure from what she was doing as Tom was.

Each time she pushed her head back down his shaft it got easier. Her throat was starting to adapt to the size of this boys manhood and right at this moment she thought she would never want any other cock in her mouth. She knew what was to come when Tom's cock started to swell even more, pulsating with it. Cheryl cupped his balls in her hand and continued working up and down his rod until Tom pulled it from her suddenly, a long line of saliva still linking it to Cheryl's lips.

He began to jerk off right in front of her face and it was only a matter of seconds before the first thick rope of spunk shot out with such force that when it hit Cheryl's forehead it created a splash back. The first spurt had already started to roll down Cheryl's face as the second attacked her almost as violently as the first. She took hold of Tom's cock in the hope she would have a say in where it shot but another rope of cum splashed against her top lip. She licked provocatively at the warm fluid and more landed on her tongue.

She gave up trying to direct it and just enjoyed the thick goo covering her face until Tom's jets turned into drops which landed on the bed along with what had dribbled from her face already.

When no more cum came from his cock, Cheryl put it back in her mouth again and cleaned his helmet with her tongue until she felt there were no more to lick off. She let the cock go and turned to Lisa. Lisa was sure her son had never given her such a huge load and was not going to miss out on this one.

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She leant towards her friend and started to lick the still warm fluids from her face, kissing her in between so they could both enjoy the flavour of this fresh load. While watching these two women sharing his cum, Tom removed his clothes and stood naked by the side of the bed. He could feel his cock stirring again, such was the sight before him. His gorgeous mother and her attractive friend slurping on each other, fondling each others tits as they did so was better than any porn video.

Cheryl removed the duvet from her body and Tom immediately turned his attentions to her thick black mound and what lay beneath it.

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Her puffy lips were wet with her juices which allowed Lisa to slip two fingers into her easily. Tom positioned himself between Cheryl's legs and while his mum fingered her, he started to lick at her engorged clit. Cheryl moaned with delight pleading with them both not to stop. "Oooh, that's so good. You do so well for one so young" Cheryl praised. She pushed her own hand between Lisa's legs and started to finger her, the way she was being fingered by her. Tom closed his eyes as he continued probing at Cheryl's clit and listened to the sloshing and clicking of the two very wet women.

Lisa pulled her fingers from Cheryl's cunt and offered them to Tom's mouth. He took them in and sucked off all the juices before Lisa replaced them inside her friend. Cheryl started to buck against Tom's face so he worked her clit more furiously while Lisa inserted another finger and copied his enthusiastic rhythm.

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She offered no warning as Cheryl screamed so loudly it startled Tom. With each pulse of her orgasm she screamed and made no attempt to suppress it. Her body stiffened and she stopped fingering Lisa to pull at her own nipples while the orgasm coursed through her. Tom tried to lap up all of the juices seeping from Cheryl's hairy cunt, slowing down his licking as Cheryl's bucking began to slow, her orgasm subsiding.

One last violent shudder and Cheryl's body relaxed again. She lay her head down on to the pillow and closed her eyes, letting the feeling of normality slowly return to her body. Tom's cock was back to full hardness again and Lisa hadn't failed to notice.

She leant forward and grabbed at it as Tom moved forward and took his mothers ass cheeks into his hands. He squeezed and massaged gently, letting his hands wander further round towards her neatly trimmed pussy. He rubbed a finger up and down the very slippery slit before inserting a finger into her. Lisa began to jerk his cock faster and Tom grabbed out at one of Cheryl's tits.

She opened her eyes to see what was happening and just lay and watched her friend wanking off her own son. It was an amazing sight for Cheryl, such a forbidden act of pleasure, she thought. Tom wanted to insert his cock in to his mother's hole so he pulled away from her and knelt between her lovely legs, parting them as he did so. "No Tom, not today. Cheryl wants it today" Lisa instructed, not noticing the disappointment in Tom's eyes.

Cheryl beamed with delight and took hold of Tom's huge erect cock, guiding it towards her black thatch. She let the tip of it touch her clit and she closed her eyes with the pleasurable feeling.

Slowly Tom rubbed his thick member up and down Cheryl's slit before slowly inserting it into her awaiting pussy. "Ooooh, Tom. Ah, fuck me, fuck me." Tom needed no further invitation so started to ram Cheryl hard and fast. It was rough and Cheryl liked it, enjoying his balls slapping violently against her ass as he went deep inside her with each thrust.

Lisa rolled towards Cheryl and twisted her nipples, almost as violently as her son was fucking her. Cheryl was gasping for breath as such frantic exertion was not something she was used to. Gasping and moaning. "Fuck me in the ass" she hissed at Tom in between deep breaths. "Fuck me in the ass you little stud" she added almost demonically. "Do it now, I want it in my ass now. Fuck my ass, fuck it hard" Cheryl pulled herself off of the big cock and it left her hole gaping.

She turned over while Lisa got beneath her and she pushed her ass towards Tom and his pulsing manhood. Lisa licked her friend's ass while pushing four fingers into her stretched opening. Slowly Tom pushed his cock to Cheryl's ass hole and started to push. It's not going to go in he thought so he pushed harder and more violently. Cheryl moaned with the pain but did not stop him doing what he was doing.


"Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow" she moaned lightly until suddenly, somehow, her ass opened and let the monster in. "Oooooh" she screamed, this time with pleasure not pain. Tom felt the tightness of her ass as he began fucking it, harder and harder. This was the first time Tom had ever fucked a women up the ass and he liked it. It was nice and tight, almost as tight as his girlfriend's pussy when he had taken her virginity. Lisa tried to keep her tongue on Cheryl's clit but Tom was fucking her so violently she found it difficult.

She reached down to the side of the bed and fumbled around until she found the vibrator. She bought it up in front of her face and turned it on, fast. While Tom still pounded Cheryl's ass, Lisa pushed the rubber dick inside her cunt.

Again Cheryl screamed with delight, a huge fake cock in her pussy and an equally huge but real one in her ass! Tom could feel himself start to bubble inside when again with no warning, Cheryl started screaming loudly as her orgasm began to come from her. She bucked against Tom, meeting his violent thrusts with violent ones of her own. Lisa was ramming the dildo in harder and Cheryl was screaming loudly while her orgasm escaped from her.

A final "Ooh, you fucking big stud" came from Cheryl's mouth and she pulled away from his dick enjoying the last of the intense feeling. She collapsed onto Lisa and Lisa removed the dildo from her friend's pussy.

Tom was left with a huge cock about to unload and he didn't know what to do. Lisa did. She put her hands over her head and reached to Toms ass cheeks to pull him towards her.

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He lowered his cock to her lips and she gently licked at the tip just as the first signs of cum began to ooze from his slit. She tasted the fluid and began to work his shaft with both hands when the monster started shooting a load again. A huge stream of cum whizzed past Lisa and landed on Cheryl's ass before the next load landed on her face. She opened her mouth and let the remaining spunk flow into her mouth and she swallowed each globule as it came.

Tom didn't cum as long or as hard as he had earlier but still there was an impressive amount that escaped him. Lisa waited for him to squeeze the last drop out of his cock into her mouth and then scooped the spunk from Cheryl's ass cheek. She placed her fingers in her mouth and slurped noisily on them making sure no spunk was wasted. Tom walked round to retrieve his discarded clothes and Cheryl slid herself off of Lisa's chest.

He picked up the crumpled pile and silently walked past his mother, her eyes still closed, and made a hasty retreat from the bedroom. Lisa opened her eyes and wondered to herself what her son was doing home from school so early…………