Very hard fuck crying girl

Very hard fuck crying girl
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a few hours later i woke up again and harvey had been to starbucks for me and made me a meatless pizza. harvey had woken me up again (i wasnt so pissed this time because i had had over 15 hours sleep) and said "babe i got a treat for you" i said "harvey i just woke up we will have sex later" harvey laughed and i thought to my self whats so damn funny.

i opened my eyes to see harvey sat on my bed with my drink and pizza i felt a little stupid and said "o you umm was talking about the starbucks and the pizza" harvey laughed again and said "babe you have gone a bit red" i toke a slice of pizza and turned my head to eat it and hide my redness harvey turned my head back and said "dont be embarrested babe its cute when you go red" i toke another bite from my pizza but i bit a little to much off it was hanging out my mouth ( i was going to say sorry for my eatting manners after but didnt need to) harvey lent in and kissed my lips and bit the extra bit of pizza off i finished my pizza (harvey had half) i thanked harvey and said "im going to have to use the gym for like two whole weeks to burn that off you dont want a fattie for a boyfriend" harvey grabbing my left hand and holding it up said "baby your not my boyfriend your my feonsay" i smiled and said "arnt you lucky to have me all to your self" harvey gave me his sexy attitude look and stood up and walked about five feet away said "well arnt you vain" i shouted "catch me" and i jumped into harvey arms and said "i love you" to my shock harvey started crying i jumped down and hugged havey and said "hey hey hey baby whats matter" harvey said "ive never had someone love me so much" i hugged harvey tighter than before and said "baby the only way i will stop loving you is if love stops exsisting.

dry them beautiful eye" harvey did as i said and wipped his tears away he said "why do you love me?" "because your my prince charming" harvey smiled but said "but im nothing like you" i pulled harvey over to the bed to sit down he did and i went to my knees and said "baby i love you because you are nothing like me i dont really care about a guys money status the car he drives if i toke his virginity the reason i love you is beause before you was a total jerk and now you protect me love me make me happy and make me smile i get excited to see you and trust me i cant wait to be married to you my love for you is going to burn forever" i started crying then (side note got a few tears now) i kissed harvey so hard it hurt my lips and im guessing harvey too we calmed down and i said to harvey what should we do for the rest of the day?

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harvey answer "meet brit and dean" i said "sounds good to me want to go for something to eat?" havey said "i cant afford it babe" "harvey please" "no!

leon i dont want you to keep getting the bill" "okay calm down im sure we can find a mc donals for you guys to eat in" "but what about you babe?" "i will be okay i will eat when i get back home" "baby i thought you was staying at my house tonight" "o yeah i am babe" so we meet brit and dean and we ended up going to a pizza store (pizza hut) we all got a pzza and i got a side salad we ate that and the bill came i went to pull out my credit card when harvey said "i got cash" harvey paid the bill and i dropped brit and dean off at there homes on the way to harveys i said "you didnt listen to a word i said did you" harvey knew exacly what i ment and said "i wanted to pay alest one bill babe" "but harvey you dont have to pay the bill i dont care if your rich or less fortunate" (i hate the word poor) harvey said under his breath "sure you dont" i drove upto harvey house and he got out he said "you not coming in babe?" i said "no i think it best i stay at home tonight let you polish your ego" with that i drove off when i got home i slammed the door closed and my mom said "hey easy with the door son" in a calm voice she also said "whats up" i said "harvey thinks he needs to prove him self to me he think i care about his money status when i really dont" my mom said "son listen to me maybe harvey just want to feel equal to you" "but mom thats the point i dont need him to feel equal i love him no matter what" my mom said "maybe you dont need him to but maybe he wants to feel equal" i had a crazy idea and i said to my mom "if harvey want to feel equal i will make him feel equal" my mom said "what you got in mind" "im going to take him designer shopping" my mom smiled and said "see you can make him feel equal just dont over do it son there is making him equal then there is making him the double of you" i went to harvey the next day i text him at a red light saying be outside in 10 minutes no questions when i got to harvey house he got in and i went to the mall i said "right you wanna feel equal im going to make you equal" harvey smiled and said "you finally get it" i toke him shopping maybe a little o.t.t shopping lol and on the way home i said to him "right you want to be equal when we go out you can pay half the bill is that fair babe" harvey smiled and said "yes babe thank you for understanding and thanks for today" we got to havrey and he said "do you want to come in" "sure and harvey i love you so much" "i love you to babe" to be continued

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