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Sunny leone xxx xstory katrinakaif kaif sex stories 2019
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The Knight and the Acolyte Book Eight: Labyrinth of Love Chapter Nine: The Knight's Passion By mypenname3000 Copyright 2016 Knight Kevin The Free City of Grahata, Yalut Island The night wore on as we stood our watch in the overgrown Labyrinthine Gardens. The trees and bushes were so thick, the stone buildings of Grahata were completely obscured. There was almost no light, the night sky half-overcast, the moon struggling to shine through black clouds.

But our eyes had adjusted to what light there was. The entrance to the labyrinth was a dark pit before us, faint stairs slowly merging into the black.

My five fellow knights formed a semi-circle around the top of the stairs, the priestesses lurking in the nearby brush. They would be our eyes in the fight. I was connected with Mary, the brunette knight standing to my right, and to Priestesses Esmerelda and Helena. I sensed what they sensed thanks to the womb spell. We were united, our thoughts touching each other, our feelings merging. Did they know how much I loved Angela? Did they know about the blessing of Luben that lay upon me.

One kiss on her lips, and she would remember me. She would be restored. And then I could convince her to surrender, to find a way to save her life. I would not let her die if it could be avoided. But I couldn't let her escape again. This would end. Maybe tonight. Maybe the next. Or maybe she would never emerge from the Labyrinth. But if any could kill the Minotaur, it was my stubborn lover. The ground rumbled beneath us. The grinding grew louder and louder.

The Labyrinth would soon seal itself until tomorrow night. Only for four hours a night did it remain open. If she failed to emerge, we would have to make the vigil for the next night. And the next. Until there was no hope that she could be alive. My hand clenched. This was the worst watch of my life.

Mary shifted beside me. She sensed something. I snapped my gaze to the opening. A soft, pink glow illuminated down the corridor leading from the stairs and deeper into the Labyrinth. Footsteps echoed, metal jangled. Exhilaration surged through my heart as I drew my sword. She lived. She had either killed the Minotaur or retreated. She wasn't dead.

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Now I just had to save her life. The glow grew brighter and brighter, shadows dancing before it. Was that her profile stretching towards the stairs? The thudding of my heart was so powerful I was surprised it didn't knock against my metal breastplate. And then Angela appeared at the stairs, exhausted, her red hair highlighted pink, her blue eyes more purple. She wore her armor, her sword sheathed at her side, her shield stowed on her back, a box clutched in her hands.

She was surprisingly clean despite the haggard look to her face. The mage must have used her magic to wipe away the signs of the fight. She trudged up the stairs, not realizing my fellow knights and I stood at the top. Sophia appeared behind her, the pink light glowing before her, than her companions, the orc holding the mage in his arms, her eyes closed with sleep, the changeling had his arms around the avian, her small form leaning against him like she was about to collapse from exhaustion or broken by the fight.

The elf's eyes were distant, the halfling dragging her feet at the rear. "Angela!" the elf suddenly shouted, her head snapping up. "Watch out!" Angela, halfway up the stairs, froze, finally looking ahead.

Shock crossed her face as we leveled our blades at her. She set down the box carefully before her then hand shot to the scabbard of her sword, gripping it as she faced us. Sophia gasped, her pink light flaring bright. "Angela," my stomach trembling. "Yield to justice. Surrender. You have no chance in a fight. You know that. We have the high ground and you are in a choke point. If you retreat into the labyrinth, we will be here each night waiting to arrest you until starvation forces you out.

If you fight, we shall cut you and your companions down. "Surrender and save your life, Angela." Angela let out a groan. "Kevin, we just killed the Minotaur. I really do not want to fight you right now. Just let us go so we can kill the Dragon Dominari." "I have my duty, Angela." I took a step onto the stairs, my sword leveled straight at her.

It was so painful. "Please, yield. Do not force us to—" Esmerelda and Helena both saw the same thing. It was hard to describe the effect of the womb spell and our shared senses, but it was like I was seeing through four separate set of eyes at once. Two, Mary's and mine, were focused on Angela, but the other two watched from the bushes, staring at my back and the figure racing towards it, a tall man with a pair of twin tulwars glowing cherry red in hand.

I turned in time, raising my shield as the hissing blade crashed down. It struck my shield hard. My arm jarred from the impact. Wood splintered. My shield cracked down the middle, the metal banding around the edges holding it together. I stumbled towards the stairs, almost falling. Mary caught me. "Efreet," shouted Lisa to my left, the young knight raising her sword to parry the efreet's second tulwar. Sparks flew when their blades met, and Lisa fell backward, her chainmail loincloth flying.

She landed with a clatter. "They're my bounty," snarled the efreet. "Flee, knights, or die with them." "They are my prisoners," I growled. "You cannot have them, efreet!" The efreet laughed, the air rippling about him. Heat poured off the demigod. A glow appeared in his fiery hair, and a nimbus around his crimson skin. His tulwars glowed even brighter, flaring to pure white. My eyes stung and the heat was blistering, like staring into the forge. His blades hissed.

One snaked at Richard. My fellow knight went for a standard riposte with his sword, a parry and then lunge. Only when their blades met, the molten tulwar burst with sparks. Cherry-red heat raced down Richard's sword. The metal bent, warped, the heat ruining the temper and softening the steel.

"Las's cock," cursed Richard, dropping his blade, the hilt glowing. Then he ducked the next tulwar attack, falling in a clatter on the ground beside Lisa. The efreet's other tulwar hissed at me. Mary thrust her sword before me, catching the blade. She screamed in pain, her weapon bursting into cherry-red heat, almost white-hot where the tulwar struck and deformed the blade. And then it hacked at me. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Xandra Kevin's shield burst into flames as he blocked the tulwar attack.

He tripped over the edge of the stairs and fell on his back. The efreet laughed as anger surged through me.

I pushed away from my husband, glaring at the brute. He looked so much like Riad, his skin that deep crimson, hair like burning flames. The knights retreated from his attacks, their swords melting, their shields burning. One knight cursed, throwing off a gauntlet as it glowed. My exhaustion fell away, banished by my anger. I bet this efreet was just like Riad. He would try to trick me into betraying my marriage vows.

I never would do that again. Never. I jammed my hand into my pouch, pushing through my totems and grabbed the one made of mangrove carved with undulating lines. "Bastard!" I snarled as I yanked it out. After the Minotaur, I knew I wasn't helpless. That I could push myself, fight beyond what I thought were my limits.

I wasn't weak. I was strong, just like the rest of my companions. I stroked the lines, summoning the elementals as Chaun's voice sang out, attacking the efreet. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Xerathalasia The efreet spun, the knights fleeing back before him. Several had their weapons ruined, others threw down burning shields or yanked off parts of their armor. A priestess burst out of the bushes, heading towards a male knight screaming in pain.

She had a potion in her hand to heal him. I pulled out my bow and drew one of my last arrows. I only recovered two from the fight with the Minotaur, the rest unusable, the wood cracked, the balance warped. I drew back my bow as the efreet attacked Angela at the top of the stairs. Faoril dropped an empty vial of cum. Angela let out a gasp as she was yanked back by invisible air. The tulwar crashed onto the steps. The stones burst into cherry-red light where she had stood.

The step deformed, part of it dribbling like hot wax. "Into the Labyrinth," Faoril shouted as Thrak set her down to draw his ax. "We need room to fight." I aimed. It was hard to see the efreet now. Heat rippled around him, distorting the world, making a mirage. I aimed at his torso, hoping I would hit something vital and necessary since I couldn't be sure exactly where he stood in the distortion. "Water magic," Angela shouted as she recovered, Sophia retreating behind her.

"Faoril!" My arrow hissed over my companions' heads, flashing at the efreet. One strike in the right place would end this. My arrow flew true. Fire flared as it struck the mirage, the air warped by heat, wreathing the efreet.


The haft blazed. A charred shaft struck the efreet, breaking into harmless ash. "Henta's cock and cunt!" I cursed, lowering my bow. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Thrak I stepped in front of Angela as the efreet bounty hunter rushed down the stairs.

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He stepped on the half-molten step, not feeling the heat. His face was a distorted mask of rage. I raised my ax and grit my teeth, hoping Valyan steel would fare better than the knight's weapons. The heat slammed into me. My skin baked. I wanted to flinch away. I growled and reached in to my rage. It was chained in my mind by Faoril's magic. I seized them. All I had to do was loosen the chains and let it rampage under my control.

I would rip into the efreet. And probably die from the heat. "Faoril," I shouted. Water surged around me. But it wasn't Faoril's magic. This water moved like two flowing men, the surface rippling and splashing to a froth as they moved. Cool spray brushed me as the two water elementals slammed into the efreet. I grunted as the steam surged, stepping back as the hot, wet air rippled over me. The efreet shouted in pain. A steaming tulwar burst out of the steam, thrown hard, and slammed into the wall.

The bronze blade bent from the impact. It ricocheted off the wall and hissed down the stairs. Sophia screamed, ducking as it slashed past her. Chaun yanked Xandra out of the way, her eyes fixed forward, her fingers stroking the totem in her hand.

The steam retreated. The efreet thrashed at the top of the stairs. The knights recovered, drawing long knives as they stood rigid, watching the fight. A crimson limb would appear out of the steam, thrashing, patches of black char crusting the skin. "Smother his flames," Minx whooped as she rushed up the stairs past the other, holding something in her hand. "Yes," I growled, surging forward, Angela racing at my sight. The water elementals had the efreet pinned on the ground. His legs kicked.

A second tulwar tumbled from a hand, lying on the ground, the bronze cool. The steam lessened. The thrashing feet stilled. "I killed him," Xandra whispered, her voice throaty.

The water lost its shape, splashing across the corpse of the bounty hunter, his black pantaloons clinging to unmoving legs. Patches of char marred his red skin. His hair was soot black, no longer burning like fire. "That was easy," laughed Minx as she pushed past me and then she slammed what she held on the in her hands on the ground. Darkness burst out in a thick, dense smoke from her alchemical bomb.

"Now let's deal with the knights," the halfling chortled. "Oh, this is going to be so satisfying." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Warlock Faoril The stinging scent of peppermint filled my nose and choked my mouth as the thick smoke bomb went off, plunging us back into darkness.

It completely snuffed out Sophia's pink light spell. I stumbled on the steps, almost tripping as I climbed, my magic surging out of me. "Where are they?" a knight shouted. "Las's cock," a female knight cursed.

"Priestesses, what did they do?" "Why does it smell like peppermint?" another female knight asked, her voice sounding younger. "Because we were prepared!" Minx laughed. "Oh, yes, we're going to kick your asses now." The magic surged out of me. It was a mix of fire with air magic to give it shape. I reached out to Thrak first, using the enchantment I placed on his mind to control his rage to guide my spell to him.

I found his head, sweeping the fire and air around to his eyes and attached it. A spell to see through the dense smoke, using the fire to enhance his vision and the air to magnify it like a lens. I gave it to myself next. The world suddenly became red. Everything was hazy, indistinct, but I could see the knights stumbling blind, turning, holding their swords and daggers.

Thrak roared and slammed his ax into a male knight's shield.

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The force threw the man to the ground in a clatter of steal. "Let's break through," Angela shouted. "Leave them blind." I sent the spell to her next. Angela moved her shield in time to catch a wild swing from a female knight's sword, metal thwunking on wood. Able to see now, her eyes blazing like coals in the red vision, she kicked out, sending the knight reeling.

She tripped over a discarded sword and fell. "Priestesses," Kevin shouted, holding a long dagger in hand, whirling around. I gave others the spell, Minx, Sophia, Xera, Xandra, and Chaun as we rushed up into the peppermint smoke. Minx through another bomb at the priestesses huddling in the bushes. They coughed and spluttered. Angela slammed her sword into Kevin's back. His armor rang and he stumbled forward.

"Let's go," Angela said. Minx through another bomb, hitting the other group of priestesses. She laughed so loud and made a dirty gesture at them as they burst out of their hiding places, their heads snapping around wildly as they stumbled towards the knights. "Holy Mother, your sons and daughters are lost in darkness. Bring forth the day and banish the night," a priestess nearby shouted, ripping open her robes to reveal large breasts and fat nipples.

She squeezed her tits as she spoke. But instead of milk squirting from her breasts there came a bright, liquid light. It was pure as daylight.

It flooded through the smoke. The peppermint bomb produce a thick screen, but it wasn't enough to smother sunlight concentrated and spurting from the priestess's nipples.

It gathered in a ball of pure light in the center. The brightness struck my eyes. I screamed in pain, covering my eyes. My spell enhanced our vision, magnifying the little light seeping through the smokescreen, allowing us to see. She overloaded my spell. I tripped, falling to my knees with a gasp. "Las's putrid cock," grunted Angela.

"Faoril?" "Vedr's queef," panted Minx. Sophia fell over me. "Slata's hairy cunt.


Why is it so bright?" "Get them," Kevin shouted, armor jangling around us. Even with my hands covering my eyes, the light bled through my hands. I groaned and ended the spell. I pulled my hands away, blinking, a bright, blue smear across my vision. Everything was watery, tears trickling down my face as I struggled to see. A pair of male knights stood over me, one with a dagger in hand, the other a sword.

It lunged down to my throat, pressing against it. "Yield, mage." "It's over, Angela," Kevin said, planting his foot on her breastplate as she lay on her back. Thrak was also down, flinching from the sudden surge of light. He had one of the female knights over him, a dagger to his throat, a priestess at the knight's side.

Chaun clutched Xandra as they lay on the ground. Minx was the only person upright, standing by Xera who was pushing up from a crouch on the ground, her ears twitching. She had the most sensitive eyes, poor thing. "Oh, you bitches," Minx snarled. She pivoted towards the nearest priestess, her dagger flashing. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Minx They ruined my wonderful plan. My eyes burned from the light. They made all my new smoke bombs useless.

All because the priestess knew all these fancy spells. The nearest one to me was tall and curvy. She had her breasts cupped, prepared to add more light and really make my smoke bombs useless. "You're ruining it," I said as I leaped over Xera as she cried out in pain, her poor eyes harmed by the light spell. Mine still ached, tears falling down my cheeks. "Saphique's cunt," the priestess gasped. "Belinda," a male knight shouted behind me.

The priestess looked at me, squeezing her tits and shouted, "Holy Mother, awaken the feminine desires that lurk in the depths of all women." "Not again," I moaned as the white milk squirted at me. The lust spell. The same one that put me into a masturbation frenzy during the last fight with the knights.

Why did everyone hit me with a lust effects? The gnome bounty hunter, the last Slata priestess, and now her. Anger surged in me. My hand shoved into my pouch as the milk splashed hot across my face. I shuddered, my pussy bursting into itching need, soaking into my britches. My fingers brushed a bomb with a spiral pressed into the clay. My damiana bomb. "How do you like it," I shouted and hurled the bomb at her as I dropped my dagger. My hand shoved down, fumbling at the laces of my britches.

"No," the woman gasped as the damiana bomb hit her right between her tits. Red smoke burst from the shattered clay ball and washed across the tight battlefield. "Now you're a horny bitch, too!" "Minx," Xera moaned with throaty passion from behind me as Belinda threw herself at me, groaning in delight. "Yes," I panted as the taller priestess shoved her breasts into my face.

I nuzzled at her big breasts as my hand shoved down my britches and frigged my pussy. I groaned, thrusting two fingers into my wet depths.

Then hands yanked down my britches. Xera's long, delicate fingers pried apart my butt-cheeks, and she licked. Pleasure rushed through me as I found Belinda's nipple. My lips latched on, and I suckled her creamy milk into my mouth. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Knight Kevin My heart thudded in my chest.

Angela struggled beneath me, her red hair fanned out on the ground, her eyes swimming in tears from the bright light that had blinded her. I didn't know why Esmerelda's spell had blinded her and her friends, but it gave me the opportunity to kiss her.

To awaken her memories of me, remind her who she loved. And then this would be over. Then she would listen to reason. I seized her hands, pinning them over her head, my armor rattling as I leaned over her, my knife clutched in my other hand. I leaned on that hand as I lowered myself. "Remember who you love, Angela," I told her as my lips pressed against hers.

"Me," Sophia shouted. She scrambled to her feet but was seized by Esmerelda and Helena, my priestesses lovers understanding. Angela shuddered beneath me. I felt heat surge out of my lips. Something pure and beautiful. She thrashed beneath me, her breastplate pressing into mine, the metal warping and clanging as I kissed the woman I loved.

I never should have let her go alone. I should have went with her. Helped her. Supported her. Then she wouldn't have embraced the madness of robbing the Doge of Raratha and consorting with orc barbarians and halfling thieves. I broke the kiss, her eyes wide. "Kevin?" she whispered and I knew it. She recognized me. "What?" And then the red smoke washed over us and a new desire seized me.

I groaned in lust as I kissed her again, devouring her hot mouth, my cock aching in my leather pants. I had to take her, love my woman. I let go of her wrists, her hands flying to the straps of my armor, consumed by passion. I had her. I had my Angela back. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Acolyte Sophia "Let me go," I snarled at the two Slata priestess holding me tight, the bustier of the pair had her robes open, milk dribbling down her large tits. The other had a doll-like face.

"He needs this," the doll-faced one purred. "Relax, Angela, don't fight the spell." "Bitch," I snarled as I felt the energy of a divine prayer surge around Kevin. Angela spasmed beneath him. Her lips moved. She kissed him back. Something had happened. Fear clutched my stomach.

I had to stop this. "Bitch, let me go." "It's Priestess Helena not bitch, Acolyte," the priestess said, her words haughty. "I would hope that that Saphique's clergy had taught you manners." I glared at her and tried to jerk out of my grip. "Why do I need manners?

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You're just one of Slata's whores. One of her sows rutting with men." Helena laughed. "Do you hear her, Esmerelda? Sows? She's never even lain with a man.

She has no idea the pleasure denied her. Our bodies were made for cocks by Slata. A man fits into a woman like a key into a lock." "And it is magical," Esmerelda husked, leaning in. "You live a half-life, little acolyte. Forever denied all the pleasures your body can enjoy." "We have dildos." I grinned at her. "I have one in my pouch. I could fuck your mouth with it." Kevin broke the kiss and Angela whispered, "Kevin." My heart almost stopped.

I knew right then that she remembered him. The man she loved. Yes, she gave up his love to the oracle, but then she had been angry at him. That was months ago. Would she still be angry now? And then the red smoke washed over me and. My pussy exploded with itching need. Both priestesses moaned around me, their grips slackening. Suddenly, they were pressed against me, their hungry lips kissing at me.

I moaned as their hands opened my robes, clutching my small breasts, playing with my hard nipples. "Oh, you Slata whores are aching to know real pleasure," I moaned, licking my lips, my tongue piecing so hot. "You need a lesbian to give you the satisfaction you truly crave." "Prove it," hissed Esmerelda, her gold nose ring flashing as she leaned in. "Show us that women are better than men.

Make us cum." "Yes, yes, make us cum." "I will," I moaned, my thoughts so heavy with lust. There was something I should be concerned about. I heard metal groaning and clanking nearby. But I had these two women to devour. My lips met Esmerelda, kissing her so hard, our tongues meeting, dueling, as the three of us sank to the ground.

Our hands pulled each other's robes off. Their breasts, both larger than mine, pressed into my body, their nipples wet, dribbling with milk. They were such whores. I broke the kiss with Esmerelda and turned my head to kiss Helena. I shoved my tongue into her mouth, stroking her doll face. Esmerelda bent over, her tongue lapping at my hard nipple, sending delightful pleasure shooting through me.

Then she latched on and suckled. I groaned into Helena's mouth, my milk squirting into Esmerelda's. She gulped it down. Every time she suckled, my pussy clenched. She purred as she drank my milk, her hand stroking my belly, tracing hot lines across my skin. I broke the kiss. "Oh, yes, Saphique," I moaned. "I'll show them both your pleasure." "Yes, yes," Helena groaned, rising up on her knees. Her small breasts—which were bigger than my mounds, but not by much—pressed at my face.

Wet nipples brushed my lips. I latched on, sucking hard. I gulped down her milk as Esmerelda suckled mine. My cheeks hollowed every time I nursed.

The warm, creamy delight poured down my throat. I moaned about her nipple, trembling. She gasped each time, her hands stroking my brown hair.

"Oh, yes, drink all of my mother's milk," moaned Helena. "Mmm, yes. I love nursing little sluts. Mmm, and you're really nothing more than a child. So young." "Child," I gasped, popping off her nipple. I was an adult! "Does a child know how to do this?" I shoved my hand between her thigh, my fingers finding her wet pussy, and shoved into her depths.

I curled them and touched the special spot all women have, my training guiding my touch. I massaged her. She gasped. "Huh, whore?" "Saphique's frigid cunt," Helena moaned as I attacked the spot, rubbing hard. "Oh, my Goddess, yes.

That's so good. Esmerelda, oh, she knows how to touch us." "Mmm, yes," Esmerelda purred, releasing my nipple. She nuzzled at my mouth, kissing me. My milk tasted sweeter than Helena's. I kissed her hard, massaging Helena's special spot. Her hot, silky cunt spasmed on my finger as she groaned, her pleasure swelling. "You have to make us both feel this," moaned Helena. "You promised to show us how skilled you are." "Yes," I hissed, breaking the kiss with Esmerelda.

My pussy burned, juices dribbling. I wanted to make both these women howl. "Lie on each other. Trib your pussies together. I'll devour you both at the same time." "Yes!" Helena fell onto her back, her small mounds jiggling.

She cupped them, legs spread wide, showing off her shaved pussy. Her braided, black hair fell in a coiled snake to her side. She licked her lips. "Mount me, Esmerelda." The bustier priestess practically threw herself with maddened lust at Helena.

I shuddered, rubbing at my pussy as I watched their two cunts come together, clits rubbing as both women humped and moaned, kissing loudly, sloppily. "Thank you for this feast, Saphique," I moaned as I fell to my knees behind them. I would need both my hands for this task. But I also had to cum, my pussy on fire. Inspiration struck me. I grabbed my dildo out of my pouch, rammed it deep into my cunt, and said the magic words.

It hummed to life. "Gods, yes," I groaned, pleasure churning through my cunt as I fell on their pussies. I licked and lapped through the folds of their snatches, dragging my tongue and its tongue stud up through Helena's cunt, brushing both their clits, and then diving into Esmerelda's folds.

I tasted their pussies, one spicy the other sweet, their two musks mixing in my mouth. Oh, they tasted good together. I wiggled my tongue deep into Helena's cunt, swirling around, my tongue stud caressing the insides of her pussy.

My cunt clenched on the vibrating dildo, the stone phallus buzzing so hard. Delight rippled out of me, propelling my tongue. I flicked out of her cunt, rubbing my stud against their grinding clit, and then plunged into Esmerelda's cunt.

"Yes, yes, eat our cunts, Saphique's whore." "I'm eating your filthy, slutty snatches," I moaned. "I'll show you what you truly need. Not a man's disgusting cock, but a woman's nimble fingers." I slammed two digits into both their pussies, sinking deep into their hot fleshes.

Both priestesses groaned, their cunts clenching on my plunging fingers. I lapped at their clit, moaning, groaning, my own pussy churned by the wonderful vibrator in my depths. My juices leaked down my thighs as I pumped my fingers over and over into them.

Their juices mixed at their clits, spicy-sweet musk coating my tongue. I licked and lapped at their clits as they rubbed them together. They moaned, humping hard. They kissed each other with passionate fervor. Above me, Helena's hands gripped Esmerelda's ass, kneading, fingers digging into curvy, pale flesh. "Just two fingers," hissed Esmerelda, her cunt clenching on my plunging fingers.

"I thought you were giving us something wonderful. Something a man couldn't. Pathetic." "Oh, yeah," I snarled and rammed a third finger into both their cunts, stretching out their tight sheaths. Helena's was silkier, wetter, but Esmerelda's hotter. Her pussy clenched harder in the depths of her pussy while Helena's tried to milk my fingers. "How's that?" "I barely feel it," panted Helena. "Just three. We're used to hung men fucking us with big dicks." "Yeah!" I shoved a fourth finger into their cunts, pumping fast.

Their pussies squelched and made obscene wet sounds as I rammed my fingers in. Esmerelda's juices dripped down to Helena's snatch as they both moaned and gasped, bucking into my four fucking fingers. My pussy clenched harder on my vibrator. It hummed so loud inside of me.

I shivered every few heartbeats. My orgasm swelled inside of me, my pussy massaged by the wonderful toy as I rammed my fingers over and over into their stretched cunts. "Four fingers, sluts. I bet you love it.

I bet you'll cum so hard." "Not enough," Helena moaned. "We get fucked by men, not by tiny women and their dainty fingers." "Yes, yes, yes," Esmerelda groaned, her pussy so hot and silky. "That's the best a Saphique trained slut can do?" Angry lust surged through me.

I would make these two scream. I rammed my four fingers into their cunts, sinking in as deep as I could go. Their flesh engulfed my fingers to my palms And then I curled them, making fists, stretching out their cunts.

And punched both my arms forward. They both moaned loudly as I sank my fists past my wrists into their hot, tight cunts. They both clenched and relaxed on me as they trembled. I drew back and rammed in again, and again, shuddering as the vibrator brought me closer and closer to cumming.

"I bet you love my fists fucking your cunts," I snarled, my arms pumping faster, thrusting my fists so deep into their whorish pussies. "Huh, sluts? Better than a man's cock. Let me hear you howl." "Oh, Slata, yes," groaned Helena. "That's it. That's how you fuck a woman. Pound my cunt. Make me explode on your fists." "Yes, yes, yes," gasped Esmerelda. "Saphique's frigid cunt, that's good. Oh, now you're doing it, slut." Their juices churned to a froth around my wrists as I fucked them so hard.

I bit my lip, fighting off my orgasm. My toy hummed so hard in my cunt. My entire body trembled from its buzzing delight as I fisted both priestesses slutty cunts so hard. I rammed into them, making them gasp and buck each time. Their moans grew louder and louder. They gasped and tossed their heads back. They shuddered on the grass, humping into my fists. I rammed into their depths, my face contorting as I fought the urge to explode.

"Cum, you nasty whores!" I shouted. "Cum all over my fists!" "Yes," screamed Helena! "Slata, yes!" Esmerelda only howled as her pussy spasmed hard on my fist. A heartbeat later, Helena joined her.

Both priestesses came as I plunged my fists in and out of their depths, loving their convulsing cunts. I tossed back my head and shouted out my joy as my pussy exploded about my toy. Rapture flooded through my body. I showed these Slata whores how women fuck. I pressed my lips to their clits, their juices squirting around my fists. All three of us moaned our pleasure as we came so hard. And I wasn't done. On, no. There was so much more I had to show these whores.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Warlock Faoril Not being able to rip off the knights armor with my magic was frustrating. In the dim corners of my mind, I remembered the antimagic warding from the priestesses. But I didn't care about the why. My pussy was on fire. I had to fuck. And then, blessedly, their armor and was off. "Oh, yes, you whore," the knight ramming his cock into my pussy groaned.

They were both finally naked, their muscular bodies revealed. I knelt before them, the paving stones hard on my knees. I didn't care about discomfort.

I had to be fucked. My entire body burned. My nipples ached. Thrak was beside me, ramming his cock into one of the female knights, the other gasping as he finger-fucked her cunt with two huge fingers. "Yes," I moaned, my pussy clenching on the dick slamming into my depths.

"Now you, get that cock in my mouth. I need it." "Uh-huh," the second knight said, the younger of the two and not as adroit at removing his armor. "Little whore needs it. Just a cock-gobbling slut. All you mages are." "Yes," I panted, my pussy aching as the other knight fucked me. "Fuck her mouth, Philip," grunted the knight plowing me from behind, ramming his dick so wonderfully deep into me.

"Yes!" Philip, who had an almost gorgeous face surrounded by his flowing locks, seized my head in his strong grip. He rammed his cock right into my mouth, diving in deep with a single thrust. I sucked hard, my pussy clenching on the dick reaming me from behind. Philip thrust again, his shaft slamming into the back of my throat.

And beyond. I moaned as his dick slid down my gullet. His balls smacked into my chin with a meaty thwack. I loved the sound. I breathed through my nose, smelling his manly musk, his muscles rippling in the moonlight. I stared up at him, glimpsing the clouds sliding over and something flying in the dark sky.

A bird? No, the wings were wrong and— The dick in my pussy buried into me, heavy balls smacking my clit. The shock of pleasure made me moan louder. My fingers clenched at the edge of a paving stone, grass growing through the crack. The pleasure filled me. Both knights drew back and slammed into me again. "Damn, she's taking my cock down her throat, Richard," panted Phillip. "Mages are cum-hungry sluts," groaned Richard.

"The female ones just can't get enough. Had one help me kill an ogre. The things she did to my cock." "Yes," Phillip panted as he rammed his dick down my throat again. I moaned about his dick as I rocked between the two men.

Their cocks thrust in and out at nearly the same rhythm. For moments, they were diving in together, holding me almost rigid, and then they would get out of sync, one pushing my body into the other's cock.

I loved it. Saliva dripped down my chin, pussy juices down my thighs. The friction of Richard's cock burned out of my cunt. It rippled through my body down to my toes and my aching nipples swinging below me. I sucked so hard, my tongue caressing the bottom of Phillip's shafts as they fucked me closer and closer to my orgasm. I rocked back and forth into them.

My pussy clenched down on Richard's dick every time his balls thwacked my clit. Pleasure sparked from my nub and struck my core. The pleasure built there, growing, swelling, threatening to consume me. I wanted it to consume me. "Yes, yes, yes, what a mouth," Phillip moaned. "I'm going to dump so much cum down her throat. Right into her stomach." "Whore will love it. She just wants to be used." Richard smacked my ass.

"Right, whore?" I moaned yes about Phillip's dick, my body trembling. I loved the two knights using me, working their cocks in and out of my body. They both wanted to cum in me, to flood my body, to make me gulp down load after load of their cum. It would be magical. Wonderful. I couldn't wait. I was so close to cumming. My body trembled. I moaned loud about Phillip's cock, humming, pleasuring his dick.

He groaned, his hands digging into my scalp as his muscular chest rippled above me. "Slata's hairy cunt," he groaned as he buried his cock into my throat, his pubic hair brushing my lips.

He came. His jizz pumped into me. Spurt after spurt shooting straight into my belly. The warmth spread down to my nethers. My pussy clenched on Richard's cock, increasing the friction as he thrust so hard and deep into me. I came. "Pater's cock," moaned Richard. "What a tight cunt. Oh, what a hungry cunt." "I bet," Phillip moaned, his cock spurting a final time.

It popped out of my mouth. "Cum in me!" I howled, my pussy convulsing about Richard's thrusting dick. Waves of ecstasy washed through me. "Do it! Dump your jizz in me, Sir Knight. Relieve yourself." "Whore!" he growled and buried into me. My back arched as the wonderful delight of a man's jizz splashing into my pussy sent new waves of pleasure through me. I loved it. Every spurt made me tremble. My eyes rolled back into my head as my pussy spasmed about his cock.

I shuddered, moaning out my joy. I loved being fucked. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Xandra "Yes, yes, eat my pussy," Ruth the priestess moaned, pinching at her dark-red nipples. I pressed my face into her snatch, licking out my husband's salty cum from her spicy delight. Her thighs clenched on my face, holding me in place as the priestess humped against me. My tongue licked and nuzzled, my pussy still buzzing from her licking orgasm.

Her lips were shiny with my pussy. It had been so hot to ride her face while Chaun fucked her cunt. And now I had the yummy delight of licking all of his jizz from her snatch.

I wiggled my tongue deep into her hole, my fingers spreading her lips apart, and scooped out my husband's yummy cum. "Xandra, your ass is wiggling. You love eating my creampies." My husband's hands stroked my slender thighs up to my ass. "You should fuck her ass," panted Ruth. Then she let out a throaty moan, adding them to all the others around us.

"Yes," I moaned, wiggling my ass harder, my sphincter clenching. "She lubed her cock with her spicy juices." I groaned as Chaun placed his cock at my sphincter.

I smiled as my husband slid in slowly. I moaned long and low into Belinda's spicy pussy as his cock penetrated deeper and deeper. My bowels stretched about his dick. Hot friction ignited a fire in my cunt.

My snatch clenched, more juices trickling down my thighs. I rammed my tongue into Belinda's snatch when my husband bottomed out in my depths. I wiggled my hips, my bowels clenching and relaxing on his dick. He was so huge. He stretched me out. I groaned as he drew back. And slammed into me. "Yes," I moaned into Ruth's snatch.

His dick was so deep in me, filling my bowels. His three balls smacked into my taint. He drew back and thrust again. And again. Such wonderful heat burned in me. My tongue flew through Ruth's snatch. I devoured her, searching through every little crevasse and nook. My tongue danced across her folds. I licked and gathered up every last drop of her pussy cream. I nuzzled, sucking out his jizz from her pussy, their combined fluids coating my throat as I swallowed, warming my belly.

"Xandra," groaned Chaun as he reamed my asshole harder and faster. "Sing for me." "Yes, yes," I gasped, my voice trilling like a bird's between licks, letting him hear my pleasure.

"My songbird." His cock fucked my asshole harder, faster. I trembled, singing louder between licks. My tongue attacked Ruth's clit as my pussy clenched. The heat built and built in my bowels. Chaun's thick cock rammed so deep into me, stabbing into my guts. It almost hurt. And that just made the pleasure more intense. I built towards my orgasm. I humped my slender hips back into Chaun's thrusts as my tongue flicked and flailed at Ruth's clit.

The priestess gasped and moaned, her gold nose ring flashing in the bright light hovering in the air. "Slata, yes," Ruth moaned. "Oh, yes!" She came. Her spicy juices flooded my mouth. I gulped them down.

I savored every drop. They poured down my mouth. I reveled in them. My husband had fucked this pussy, and then I licked her to orgasm. We shared her. I loved this so much. Suddenly, Chaun flipped me over onto my back, my bowels twisting around his cock.

I shuddered in pure delight. He threw my slender legs over his shoulders, plowing so deep into my asshole. I groaned, squirming, loving his hard thrusts. "Chaun!" I sang, my eyes snapping up to the clouds as my orgasm exploded in the depths of my pussy. My bowels writhed about my husband's thrusting cock.

His hands held my hips as he pumped away. My wordless song sang across the orgy as I stared at the clouds drifting past the moon overhead. The pleasure reached my mind. Ecstasy bathed it. Chaun grunted, his cum flooding my bowels. That wonderful moment of our bodies uniting as husband and wife.

That perfect eternity as we both sang out our pleasure and— Gold eyes looked down at me.

Colorado naked gay twinks tumblr It sure seems the men are up to no

Fear shot through me. The lust burst from my mind. I yanked my gaze away, covering my head with the crook of my arm like I was a little child trembling in the highest point of the aerie, hiding from the eyes as they bored into me.

Chaun thrust into me, still cumming into my asshole as I trembled, tears pouring down my face. What was this? I felt so tiny, so vulnerable Like I was five or six, just a child pinned by golden eyes and a whispering voice. "Xandra," groaned Chaun. "My sweet songbird. What a song you sang. But I need more. I'm still so hard." "Hard," I asked? How could he be so horny with the golden eyes staring down at us. Because he was strong. I was strong.

I moved my arm away and looked up again. But there were only clouds drifting across the sky. No golden eyes. I blinked, struggling to understand what I felt. It was like. a memory had risen in my mind, something from my childhood, a voice whispering fear into my mind.

I took a deep breath and the spicy scent filled me. My eyes widened. My asshole clenched on my husband's dick. Lust surged back through me. For a moment, I realized I was falling under Minx's alchemical lust bomb, smelling the lingering damiana in the air. And then I didn't care as Chaun pulled his cock out of my asshole. I rolled onto my knees and turn around so I could suck the sour dick into my mouth. Behind me, Ruth seized my hips. Her tongue licked through my asshole, gathering his cum leaking out.

"My sweet songbird," Chaun said, stroking my sky-blue hair. I smiled around his cock, knowing I had nothing to fear around him, and sucked so hard on his dick. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Xerathalasia My lips were stained with the sour flavor of Minx's asshole as Priestess Belinda plopped her sweet pussy right on my lips.

My ears twitched as I licked through her folds, savoring the earthy musk of a human female. "And we just rub it right here," Minx said, her finger rubbing something hot on my clit. "And it grows." My lust-fogged mind was overwhelmed by my clit throbbing, growing, transforming into a huge dick. It thrust up from me, the tip itching with pressure, needing to explode into a hot, tight, wet hole.

Mouth, ass, or pussy, I did not care. My cunt clenched as I jammed my tongue into Belinda's pussy as she wiggled on my face. "Saphique's frigid cunt," moaned Belinda. "She just grew a cock." "She's an elf," Minx laughed. "Of course she did." Belinda shifted, leaning over me. I didn't care what she did. My dick had to be touched. Nothing else mattered. I whined between licks of her pussy, sliding through her sweet snatch and savoring her juices coating my tongue.

Her breasts rubbing into my stomach. Her breath washed across my dick. And then she licked at the crown, tongue sliding through the slit. I shivered as the lust rushed down my dick to my pussy. I groaned, thrusting my tongue into her snatch. She swirled her tongue, teasing me. "Oh, it's just like a man's dick." "But better," the wonderful Minx moaned. "She has a pussy." Her small fingers slid through my folds. I trembled, my dick throbbing in Belinda's sucking mouth.

She had her lips wrapped about the top half of the crown. It was so sweet. Minx was so wonderful for giving me this treat. I loved her so much. That thought almost made me pause my licking. Almost. It was so hard to worry about anything but fucking right now to wonder why that thought should be wrong. There was a reason I shouldn't love her, but I couldn't quite think of it.

I love you, Minx shouted through my thoughts, expressing her emotions while I drifted towards darkness. "I love this cock," Minx moaned and straddled my waist. Belinda's mouth popped off my dick, leaving my cock throbbing for a moment, aching to be touched.

And then the wet folds of Mind's tiny pussy brushed my cock. I groaned into Belinda's pussy as my halfling lover slid her cunt down my dick. She expanded around my thick girth. I pictured her little body trembling as she sank down my cock, her small breasts jiggling, her bronze skin painted by silver by the bright moon. I squeezed my eyes shut, my ears spasming with the thrill of her pussy impaled down my cock. My pussy clenched. The pressure swelled in my cock as Minx rose and swirled her hips, stirring my dick through her tight cunt.

I moaned louder into Belinda's pussy, licking, lapping, drinking her sweet musk. "Oh, yes, this is the best cock in the world." "Best pussy," I moaned as she sank down my dick, my words muffled by Belinda's hot snatch. "Oh, that's so hot," the priestess moaned, grinding her cunt on my lips, pressing back.

Her clit brushed my lips. I sucked on it. "Yes, yes, I love her cock so much," Minx moaned, her voice singing out. "She makes me cum so hard." Minx squealed, her pussy clenching on my dick. "Yes, yes, lick my clit while I fuck her dick." Her pussy was so tight. So hot. The friction was intense as she slid up and down my dick. She sang out her pleasure as she rode me. My cunt clenched every time she bottomed out, my cock nudging at her cervix, the pressure growing and swelling.

I shuddered, my legs spasming, toes curling, ears twitching. The pleasure raced through my body. It was so much. I gripped Belinda's thighs, sucking hard on her clit, as the rapture swelled in the depths of my cunt.

"Oh, yes, this cock is amazing," Minx panted. "Oh, Xera, cum in me. I love it when you do that. I love it when you cum in me. Fill me." "Yes," I moaned between licks, my lips pressed into Belinda's cunt. "I love doing that, too. I love you, Minx." She didn't answer me, moaning and gasping as she fucked her pussy up and down my cock. The pressure at the tip of my dick swelled.

It ached so much. It made me tremble. My fingers dug into Belinda's thighs as the heat built in my cunt. Minx moaned and gasped, her voice singing out, joining the others. Xandra sucked so loud on her husband's dick, Ruth licking her ass clean of his jizz. Chaun moaned every time his wife sucked. Sophia licked at Helena's pussy who licked at Esmerelda's cunt who licked at Sophia's pussy, forming a chain. Thrak rammed his cock into Danielle's asshole while she licked his cum out of Olivia's pussy.

Faoril had a cock in her pussy and asshole, writhing between Phillip and Richard as she screamed out her pleasure. Angela moaned as she kissed Kevin, her heart thudding so fast as his armor fell away, his knife cutting the leather straps.

Knight Mary fingered her fellow knight Lisa and the priestess Carolina, her pussy planted over Lisa's licking mouth. "Minx," I moaned into Belinda's cunt, my hips bucking up. My pussy clenched. My orgasm exploded in my depths.

"I love you!" The cum spurted out into Minx's hot snatch. The halfling kept moaning and gasping, not hearing my declaration as she bucked on my dick. Her orgasm rippled through her pussy, milking the cum out of me as rapture flooded through my body. My ears twitched more and a face rose in my mind. An elf's face. My wife's face. The person I should love.

The person I did love. I married her that drunken night. I slid my cock into her pussy and came in her, uniting us forever. She was my love. Not Minx. I squeezed my eyes shut as my body shuddered, another powerful spurt of cum exploding out of my dick into Minx's snatch. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Knave Angela "Finally," I gasped as I cut through the last strap of Kevin's armor.

He was naked above me. I threw my knife down as he pressed me to the ground. He kissed me and memories swam through my mind, all the times he had kissed me before, all the times we had made love in our room, our duels on the training ground where the loser had to pleasure the winner, our whispered conversations.

I held his whiskered cheeks with my hands, my large breasts pressed against his familiar chest. I remembered him. The holes in my memory were gone, filled in when he kissed me.

My body ached for my lover. His cock nudged at my pussy. He slid into me. I shuddered, savoring his girth filling me. I had fucked many men's cocks since we parted, but I hadn't forgotten the feel of him. His thickness, his length, how he reached so deep into me, making me tremble. I broke the kiss, "Kevin," I moaned, staring into his hazel eyes, his dark, flowing hair falling about his handsome face.

"Kevin." "Angela," he groaned with the same passion. I trembled and then I heard Sophia moan nearby, "Oh, yes, eat my cunt, Slata's whore!" My heart clenched. Kevin kissed me, his cock thrusting into my pussy, driving away the momentary cloud of confusion washing over my mind. A heat burned in my cunt, a scratch that only this cock could satiate. I humped into him as our tongues dueled.

My fingers clawed at his back as our bodies moved and heaved together. My pussy clenched on his dick every time he thrust into me. I savored the feel of his strong chest against my nipples. They rasped and ached. My thighs locked around his hips. I broke the kiss. "Yes, yes, Kevin, fuck me. Pound me. I love it." "I love you," he groaned, his dick thrusting harder, his heavy balls slapping into my depths. "Yes," I nodded. "Love you." I kissed him again. Hard. My tongue thrust into his mouth Oh, his cock was wonderful.

He was just what I needed. Filling me. Driving me wild. Pumping in me. The friction rippled through me, feeding the hungry itch stirred by the spicy musk in the air. I needed to be fucked. To cum. I ground my clit into his pubic bone every time he thrust into me, wiry hair tickling my nub.

Such sweet delight shuddered through me. Our bodies moved in unison. We knew each other, how to pleasure each other.

He shifted on me, changing the angle his dick slammed into me, nudging different parts of my pussy, driving me wild. "I dreamed of you," he groaned, lifting from me. He held himself over me on his strong arms. My hands moved down, rubbing at his hard pecs. "Longed for you." "Oh, Kevin," I moaned as I bucked into his thrusts. "Make me cum. I need it." "Yes," he panted. "And cum in me. It's been soooo long." "One-hundred-and-forty-four days," he groaned, his balls thwacking into my taint.

"Yes, yes, so long. Cum in me. I need it. Flood me." My pussy clenched on his thrusting cock, friction rippling heat through my body. My breasts jiggled as he rammed into me. "Do it." "Angela," he groaned, staring into my eyes with such worship, such longing. I pulled him down and kissed him again. He groaned, his dick slamming into me. My hands grabbed his ass, feeling them bunch and clench.

Cum spurted into my depths. He grunted into the kiss, flooding my pussy with his cum. I came on my lover's dick. I spasmed around him. I bucked and moaned my delight. It was so wonderful to feel him cum in me again. I clutched him. My fingers dug into his ass as the feel of his jizz flooding me triggered my delight.

Rapture shot through my body. I trembled beneath him. I came beneath my lover once more. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Chaun "I still need to suck your cock," Xandra moaned, my cum staining her lips.

I stood up, blinking, the lust fading from me. Xandra wiggled her hips back into Ruth's licking mouth. The brown-haired priestess still rimmed her.

"It's wearing off," I muttered. I was the first to stand. The others were still gripped in the damiana-induced lust. But I was born of Las's seed, a changeling. It was wearing off me first. And soon, it would wear off the others. I had to act. A lullaby sprang to my lips. I hummed it, directing the words at Ruth.

Her mental defenses were down, so consumed by lust. In moments, she sank down behind Xandra. My wife blinked, turning around, groaning, still consumed by the damiana. But Ruth was falling into a deep sleep. This would never work without the aphrodisiac, without her consumed by passion. A resistant mind was hard to put to sleep. I turned to the two knights and the priestess writhing in passion, the trio slumping together. Faoril shuddered and blinked, realizing the two knights fucking her had gone limp and were snoring.

She sat up and spotted Thrak plunging his cock into a sleeping knight's pussy. "I need you, Thrak," Faoril moaned, throwing herself at her orc. Minx rode Xera's cock while the priestess slumped off the elf's lips, curling into a ball. Sophia blinked when she realized the priestess licking her pussy had stopped. She sat up from her daisy chain, shaking her head in confusion. "What's going on?" she said.

"It's over," I told her, turning to Angela beneath Kevin. "I love you, Angela," Kevin groaned, stroking her face as he broke their kiss. "Kevin," Angela groaned. I hesitated to put Kevin to sleep. Angela's voice was filled with longing. Sophia let out a horrified gasp, clutching her chest. She shook her head, driving back the lust, and realized that Angela had such longing on her face as she pulled Kevin down for a kiss.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Knight Kevin The kiss was so sweet. Angela caressed my face as she kissed me, my cock going soft in her pussy. The mad lust was fading. But I did it. I restored her memories. I had her in my arms. She broke the kiss, still stroking my face, but there was something in her blue eyes.

"What?" I groaned. "I'm sorry," she whispered, her hand sliding down to my chest. She pushed against me. I didn't fight and rolled off of her, panting. "Sorry, for what?" She sat up and glanced at the trembling Sophia. The acolyte hugged her naked body, rocking back and forth, eyes wide. Angela looked at the girl and. I knew that look. She loved Sophia. Pain knifed my heart. "Angela," I said, my voice croaking. "But." She looked at me, tears glistening in her blue eyes.

"I gave up on our love, Kevin. I wasn't tricked into losing my memories of you. I made a trade. I needed a away to kill the dragon and it was so easy to sacrifice our relationship." "You were just angry at me." I sat up, reaching for her. She caught my hand, holding it with gentle fingers. "I'm sorry. It was such a dumb thing I said that morning in Secare.

I've regretted every day. I love you." She smiled but her eyes were still sad. "I love you, too, but." "But." I swallowed. "I love Sophia more." She kissed my knuckles. "I gave up on our love. It wasn't stronger than my Quest. I put slaying the dragon before us." "And? It was your duty." I looked at Sophia. "I can share you, Angela. I love you. I don't want to lose you." Tears burned in my eyes. "I would give up my duty for her," Angela whispered. "If the Oracle asked me today to give up my love for Sophia, I would tell her no.

I would walk away." "Angela," Sophia whispered. "I'm sorry, Kevin." Tears fell harder down her cheeks. "I did love you. I do love you, but.

Sophia is more important to me." "This wasn't what was supposed to happen," I muttered. "I.I broke the spell.

My kiss restored you. True love's kiss." "I'm sorry." She released my hand. "Please stop hunting me. I don't want to fight you, Kevin. Let me go. I'm going to kill the dragon Dominari. This is pointless. I don't what to hurt my fellow knights." "You were attainted. You're a knave, Angela." "And?" She stood up and reached for Sophia The acolyte took her hand, tears falling openly down her cheeks.

"You really love her more than me?" I asked, my mouth tasting ash. Angela nodded her head. "Goodbye, Kevin. I hope you find your happiness." The tears fell down my cheeks as she and her companions dressed.

This wasn't how the story should end. I rescued her. I broke the spell. I watched her depart, striding strong in the moonlight, a knight going forth to fight evil.

To slay the most dangerous dragon alive. A quest generations of other knights had failed to accomplish. Beside her walked her acolyte, back straight, their hands clutched tight, united by something deep and strong. She gave me up. I wasn't enough for her. Night passed as I sat in the garden, my companions sleeping around me, the corpse of the efreet a dark lump by the stairs. As the sun rose, they awoke. Mary first. She sat up, blinking. I felt her awareness through our shared bond.

"Kevin," she said, her eyes wide. "Oh, Kevin." "She doesn't love me enough," I said. It hurt saying those words. "We've failed. She's escaped." "We should hurry and go after her," growled Richard. "Where's my armor?" "She's going to kill Dominari," I said. "Let her complete her Quest. She's a knight." Richard shook his head. "She was stricken from our rolls." "A knight's more than a name on a roll of parchment.

She's a knight. She's on her Quest. We're not interfering any longer." "And our charge?" Lisa asked. "Our charge is to protect the realms of men. If she kills Dominari, the eastern Princedoms of Zeutch will be safer. How can we stop her?" Mary sat beside me. Esmerelda and Helena joined her.

The four of us united by the spell. The other knights and priestesses spoke darkly. Maybe they would follow Angela. Maybe they wouldn't. I didn't care. I lost her. Helena's head leaned on my right shoulder, Mary's on my left. Esmerelda settled on my lap. "You still have us," Mary whispered. "I know what's like to see the man I love smile for another." I smiled.

It was half-hearted. It ached too much to put a full effort. "Who?" She shook her head, rolling her eyes. "Just remember, you're not alone. We care for you." "We do," Esmerelda said. "We're your spiritual sisters now. We were reborn together." "Priestesses of Slata know how to mend all manner of hurts, Sir Knight," Helena whispered, her hand stroking my naked chest, stirring life in my cock. "You won't forget her, but you will find new loves to fill your heart." "New loves," Mary whispered as she turned my head and kissed me on the lips.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Lady Delilah The Golden Hunger sailed down the inlet out towards the Nimborgoth. Angela and her companions were safe and sound.

They had overcome the knights. Watching the orgy had almost been unbearable. I almost descended twice to join them. And then Xandra saw me. She recognized my eyes. Would she remember our last meeting? She had been so small then, trembling on the side of the mountain as I peered into her eyes. I had held a small sliver of Cnawen's Mirror in my hands. I clouded her mind, hiding the knowledge of flight deep inside her. I followed all the prophecies. She had to be nameless. It was all I could think of to do it, the poor thing.

She would never know the joy of flying. That was cruel of me. But I promised my husband. I closed my eyes, remembering him on his death bed, his daughter Lily at his side. She wasn't my daughter, but born from his second wife. His human wife. Promise me, my husband had croaked, aged, infirmed. He told me he would never die. He would never leave me, but Slata's malice destroyed him. Make sure my descendant will rise.

That the Hero will reclaim my blade, my kingdom. "I will, Peter," I whispered, tears falling down my cheeks. "She's almost done it. One more piece to go." The END of Book Eight