First teen gay sex porno Two daddies are nicer than one

First teen gay sex porno Two daddies are nicer than one
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She said we need to get a bath, so both of was walked into the bathroom. She was holding my now sleeping dick and leading me to the bathroom.

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After we entered the bathroom she sat on the bowl and I asked her if she was going to pee, she said yes, and I lead her to the Jacuzzi, I got in and sat in it and asked her to pee on me. She looked shocked and I explained to her that I always imagined her doing that to me. She climbed on top of the Jacuzzi and sat down; I could not take my eye of her bald pussy. She asked me if I was ready and I indicated to her that she should piss all over me head to toe.

Out of her pussy came the golden shower hit me on my forehead then making its way down to my chest then my dick, when it reached my dick I felt the force of the piss increase a bit so I looked at mother-in-law and she just smiled.

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The piss continued down to my toes and came back to my dick and finally it stopped. I was very happy to fulfill my fantasy, I told her now it was her turn, and she got in and sat down I did not warn her and started to pee, she was caught by surprise and had a bit of my pee go into her mouth, from the corner of my eye I saw her swallow it I was even more thrilled now, my pee finally reached her cunt and I increased the pressure of my pee and held it there trying to focus my pee on her clit.

When I finished I got in and kissed her and on her lips I could taste my own pee it did not matter because I was living my fantasy. Then both of us stood up and took a shower soaping one another. When we finished she dried me up and I did the same to her. She then told me that she liked bald pubic areas and if she could shave me I agreed so she asked me to sit on the edge of the bath while she got a scissor and razor.


She first cut the pubic hair with the scissors very close to my skin, after which she applied some shaving foam and expertly shaved me clean even my sac, she then took the shower and washed me clean.

She looked pleased with her work. Then she told me that she wanted to suck my dick because it looked neat. Again she held me by my dick and took me to the bed. She asked me to lay down which I did and then she took my sleeping dick in her mouth as soon as the warmth of her mouth hit my dick it started to grow, it grew bigger and bigger in her mouth till it finally reached its full length.


I was enjoying her sucking at the same time I had her tits in my hand and I was playing with it, suddenly I got a feeling that we were being watched and my fear was confirmed. My wife was standing fully naked near the door; I was both surprised and scared. But seeing her naked I new I had nothing to fear, then she smiled at us and finally she said "Didn't I tell you he would love to fuck you mom".

Then mother-in-law replied "he not only fucked me but also made me his unlawfully wedded wife". Mother-in-law then thanked my wife for sharing me with her, my wife then kissed me on my lips and said "thank you darling" and then went on to explain that her mom has not had a dick in her pussy for a long time and was very horny, she asked my wife one day to share me with her and my wife agreed because she wanted her mother to be happy.

My wife then asked my mother-in-law was he good she replied he was mind blowing he gave me a multiple orgasm. After that my wife went to her mother and kissed her on her lip, and I saw both their lips part, I was shocked, it was all happening to quick, and then they started to fondle each others tits. When my mother-in-law fondled my wife's tits milk started to flow out, she had given birth to my son three months ago and was still breast feeding him, and I had no sex for the last six months, the last three months because my wife had a C-section and I was afraid I might hurt her.

My mother-in-law then started to suck up the milk that was flowing from my wife's tits.

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She motioned me to come and suck the other tit and I did, the milk tasted sweat and warm. My wife was now moaning with pleasure. My mother-in-law then said for sharing your husband with me I am going to give you a special treat, after which she lowered her head to my wife's pussy she started to lick up and down my wife's pussy, when ever she reached the clit she would give it an extra flick with her tongue, I continued to suck my wife's tits drinking her warm milk, at the same time I was watching what my mother-in-law was doing.

She now had one of her finger in my wife's pussy and was finger fucking her, she then took the juices and rubbed then on my wife's asshole, and then pushed the same finger into my wife's asshole, my wife jerked, mother-in-law asked her to calm down and enjoy the feeling she said this is the special treat she was talking about.

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She the renewed licking my wife's cunt tongue fucking her and moving the finger in the asshole in and out, my wife was screaming with pleasure. The sight of mother-in-laws bald pussy was so tempting that I left my wife's tits and went for it, I pushed my tongue into pussy as far as I could push it and drank all the juices, the replaced my tongue with a finger, I took some of her juices and rubbed it on her asshole and did her same as she did for my wife.

Mother-in-law took her tongue of my wife's cunt and told asked my wife to suck my dick and finger my asshole and also rub my prostate when fingering my asshole. I had always dreamt of this situation to have my prostate rubbed while someone was sucking my dick.

Before taking my dick in her mouth my wife put one of her finger into her mouth and coated it with her spit.

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Then she pushed that finger my asshole and started to rub my prostate, it was a sweat sensation. She then started to feverishly suck my dick, we had created a love triangle, my wife, my mother-in-law and I all sucking one another. Another one of my fantasies had come true have two women in bed with me at the same time. My wife started to moan and I new either she was cuming or she was close to cuming, she sucking increased in strength, and now mother-in-law was moaning, and with the sucking strength increased on my dick I could feel my orgasm building up and finally all of us came.

Mother-in-law was busy sucking up my wife's juices and I was drinking mother-in-law's juices and my wife was milking my dick dry.

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Finally we all broke up and my wife got up to go to the bathroom to spit my cum, mother-in-law stopped her and opened her mouth and my wife swapped my cum from her mouth into mother-in-law's. Mother-in-law then swallowed it and said that any time if she was around the next time I came in my wife's mouth to give the cum to her.

We three were lying on the bed with me in the middle and both of them on each my shoulder. It was a very happy moment for me; we then talked about how my wife and mother-in-law had planned to trick me in fucking mother-in-law.

After an hour we got up for dinner, had dinner naked after cleaning up everything I fixed up a couple of joints and invited the ladies to share it. We smoked both the joints between us, and the warm feeling had already started in my loin before I took the last drag of the joint, and I guess the ladies were also having the same feeling.

I stood up and put a finger each into their now burning pussies, and led them to the bed. I sat them on the bed and sucked on the fingers I put in the ladies and then trust my dick to their faces. It was mother-in-law who took my dick it in her mouth while my wife sucked on my balls.