Brunette cougar with big natural tits getting slammed hard by a young stud

Brunette cougar with big natural tits getting slammed hard by a young stud
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It started out a nice day in Columbus, Ohio. When Michael Doors went to school.

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He was a senior in high school and still hadn't had sex. It was almost two weeks left in school, and he promised him self he would get laid before it was over. He wasn't a kid to lie or not finish his goals. He had to do it, even with anyone. He was walking out from school, when he saw some Jr. High girls, they were a bit younger but problly would like to date a guy in high school like Michael.

So he walked over and starting talking to two girls. They were pretty tall and really hot body's. Michael knew it would be hard to get one to fuck him. But what did he have to loose? Once the red headed girl left, Michael started talking to the blonde. He told her that he was on the football team, and played hockey last year.

She was pretty interested in him. But he thought about asking her for sex, and if she would just blow him off. So he decided to ask her out for a date. She wasn't really into romatic dinners or any such, omost like a rebel, but hot. She said no, and she wanted sex from a high schooler, not a date. He was really suprised in what she had said for how old she was, she looked about 14 years old, problly 8th grade, and Michael was 17.

He thought it wasnt to much of a gap.

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He told her to meet him at the intersection of Nike Dr. and Miller Ave. She approved and walked away.

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Michael really was amazed at how easy it would be to hook up with a girl, and she wasn't an ugly girl either. Nice boobs, tight ass, pretty face, what else could he ask for? It was just 2 day's until it was on. While Michael waited for the day to come, he really just sat around the house, lifting weights, he was a bit chunky, but not overweight by no means.

He just wanted to look his best. He ate good, brushed his teeth twice, instead of once a day. He called her two hours before they where to meet. She approved and talked about what she was going to wear.

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He was really happy and felt the urdge to get a hard on. He really had a hard on, when he got off the phone.


He walked up stairs to his room. He pulled down his paint's to see how big his cock was. It was around six inches, so he thought that was pretty big enough to fuck a girl. He really didn't know what to do with her, so he surfed on the internet. He looked up sex positions, what sex slang words where, and other stuff. He decided he wanted to anal fuck her as well as pussy fuck her.

Also he really wanted a blow job. He had never cumed before either, because that was a sin in his belief's. He got in his 99 Civic and drove out of his drive-way. He kept thinking the time was here! And he was really glad he was about to get laid by a 14 year old girl.

Once he got there he didn't seen her. Until he got out, he walked down the dark ally and finally saw her against the wall. She had a tight, leather skirt on, very short, and her hair was nicely curled up. He told her how hot she looked and where they were going to do it. She told him there was a couple spots they could do it, his car, a hotel, his house. He perfered the hotel, incase his parents were home.

He bought a double bed, and brought her up there. It started out slow as he really just talked to her. Than he got really horney and had to do it now. He pulled down his paints and asked to her, about his dick size, she approve with a nod from her head, as she got lower on the ground.

She started near his legs and started licking up near his balls. His ball sack was very still right now as he was about to cum already, she sucked his balls real slow as she looked up in approval, omost like he'd had sex before, he shook his head in approval and she kept going.

She started sucking his dick. Really slow, he was amazed at how the feeling was so different. She had never tasted cum before, or ever had sex before. He told her he was about to cum, and she seemed pleased. She opened her mouth, and waited for the cum, it came really hard as Michael's leg's stiffed totally straight. She tasted the cum in a blank face. Than she felt how good it was and told him, he looked at her. How sexy he thought, cum all over her braces.

and now she stood up.

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She started kissing him all over his face, Michael could feel the cum from her lips entering his mouth, but didnt really react. He was amazed at how good she was. Than she sat on the bed, facing Michael, and waving her leg's apart and wanted his horney, cumed dick to go into her.

He smiled with almost a half grin and walked up slowly.

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He felt kind of weird, not wearing a condom or anything, he plundged it in. She moaned a deep yell. Omost for help. Michael was really acting different, omost thinking should he stop. She kept yelling cheers to him about going on.

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He was suprised and kept going. He moved his dick up and down her pussy, until he was about to cum. She was crying by then. And he was sweating really hard. He was cumming all into her pussy, and it felt good as he started moaning too.

He feel on top of her, and omost fell asleep. He loved every moment of sex, and figured he would do it again, very soon.


He than got up and layed down next to her. She slowly got up and asked if he wanted to fuck her up the ass, he was very happy at what she asked.

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Because he thought whynot? So he got up and walked over to his duffel bag and pulled out vasalean. He rubbed it all over his dick and her ass. He than slowly entered the dick. It was a very different feeling than fucking her through her pussy, but he liked it still. As he slowly moved up and down, she moaned even more, as his huge cock stretched her butt hole out even more. She loved it as much as he did.

After he omost cumed in her butt, he pulled out and told her to open up. He cumed yet again in her mouth. This time she smiled even more and laughed and she swallowed his hole load. Than they both just sat and feel asleep. Eight months later Michael got a call, telling him that he had a boy named Michael Jr., he was amazed but yet shocked on what had happened.