Me encuentro a unas venecas

Me encuentro a unas venecas
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The Interracial Sexual Surrogate Chapter four Deanna laying there in the alley still terrified and dreading what she thought for sure. was going to find, and with her heart pounding harder than ever, her trembling hands passed by the upper region of her pubic mound then stopped short, hesitant.

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almost afraid to go any farther?. The burning feeling was of a strange numbness that seemed to be at the very root of her sexual nerve endings! It was kind of like that tingling feeling when the circulation in your arm or leg has been restricted and has gone to sleep, and is just starting to wake up! Just as she had gotten enough courage to find out for sure if her clitoris had indeed been circumcised or genital mutilation had occurred?

The car with its bright lights was upon her, it was him our friendly cab driver that was now laying on the horn! With the blast from the horn so loud and so close, had scared the bejeezus out of her! She at first rolled over, and away from the noise then jumped up and tried to run in heels towards the the lights of the street and the flashing green florescent sign of the "Black Cobra Tavern"!

After stumbling had quickly removed them and, subconsciously clutching them tightly in her hand, now barefoot and stark ass naked, had run from the alley across the street and into the tavern! The sign of a black cock cleverly altered to the image of a snake like the "Cobra" should let anyone entering the place know, that sex, an kinky sex was what this place was all about!

Thankfully this popular watering hole was located on a dead end street, and in the early evening had little traffic as the only car she had ran in front of, had slammed on its brakes screeching to a halt!

The driver in the car was stunned and amazed to see a naked woman with her tits flying ass jiggling and her not so easily seen hogtied clitoris bobbling up and down, run across the street and into the bar! Nurse Joy, Darryl, and his wife Nina had all been setting at the bar waiting, Joy already knew or had a pretty good idea of what had happened to Deanna, and the harsh rape she had endured!

Joy had been telling them that my naked well used young wife would be coming through the door any minute! The camera crew along with a red headed bisexual white woman reporter, from the Magazine "Black Bred" also been told and was waiting for this moment with cameras ready!

Joy had gotten up as Deanna, bruised and naked, burst through the door, and was standing directly in her path! For Deanna trembling ancy prancing around and scared half out of her wits welcomed the first friendly face, and rushed straight into Joy's waiting arms!

Now you have to remember that my wife was quite obsessed about her clit as it was a bit larger than what most women possessed and she, had once told me this story? How she viewed herself and this intimate part of her anatomy! She had said some time ago in a moment of complete honesty, I really like looking at women's clits.

I like seeing them swollen wet, and teased by a hard cock that would jac just a little of his cum, then rub it all over the woman's clit especially one like mine! Thinking about this she said, I get aroused, then. my panties always seem to get a wet especially when my pussy lips and clit pushes out against the lace and my precum juices would soak through, I usually don't even need to take them off in order to masturbate.

Sometimes I like it better with them on because my clit is so sensitive.the extra layer of tight fabric helps me play longer while I masturbate!. I've soaked through them numerous times and its perfect, just rubbing the wetness around and all over the crotch of my shorts or jeans.

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I love how sensitive it becomes from just my imagination or just talking about clitoral abuse brings me so close. I like being a sexy perverted women that was born with beautiful pussy. My mother caught me masturbating numerous times as a young girl, and told me that nice girls would never do anything like that?

But it felt so good and besides how could something so good be so bad! My mother had caught me so many times enjoying my sexuality that she finally gave up preaching to me, and just let me do it!. I love a man like you that would worship my swollen clit, as though it was the center of his and my universe.

To tease me by tonguing my pussy, ever so gently and to draw circles on my swollen clit and nub with his tongue.I want a man like you to tell me how he watches it and my cunt lips move and spread when he plays with me and then slips himself into me!. Encouraging me when he gets harder. Teasing me and feeling how it makes my pubic muscles spread and contract with each stroke. I want a man to feel my pussy squeeze his warm hard penis when he slams it in, and I want him to play and abuse it, in all the ways he can!.

Then to slowly pull it out and tease my clit with his dick head until he cums all over me! I especially love the thought of cum lots of it from numerous men cumming in my face and then dripping from my face and naked breasts!.

I always dreamed and fantasized about having my pussy teased by one big cock after another, while my clit is being tongue teased and sucked on by another woman !

One that is fascinated and attracted by my clit size. She could lick his cum off of my little swollen clit and then when these cocks are out of the way, she could grind her clit and pussy all over mine till she cums and before long everyone of the men would cum all over me. I love the idea of making people cum just with my clit as the sole center of attention! This thought of my wife's was appealing, and almost exactly what had or was going to happened! But for her it was even better as the rough brutal and sadistic rape in the dark back alley took her to the very edge of her perverted sexually charged desire!

My wife Deanna had never vocally expressed an interest in other women, up until this vocal revelation. But like many women, had bisexual tendencies and feelings that only needed an opportunity, or a push? She was, without ever thinking immediately attracted to this black woman Joy and her incredible clitoris!

The first thing out of Deanna's mouth with Joy embracing her was, my clit they cut my clit off! Joy was trying to hold her as best she could with her jumping around from one bare foot to the other, still experiencing this most interesting burning feeling in her genitals!

The picture she presented was much like a very young girl with pain and wonder on her face, like one that needed to pee, really, really bad! Joy trying to comfort her had remove the belt from her neck.

Then wiped the cum out of her eyes pulled her up close and kissed her bruised lipstick smeared face! Then said with mock astonishment, you taste just like cum, whatever have you been doing.

"You slutty Little Bitch"? Knowing full well the answer to this very question! Deanna now in even more distress and still dancing around with her naked breasts, bottom jiggling and her tightly restricted clitoris bobbling as the cameras flashed, said help me! Numerous others mostly black brothers Darryl's friends, had gathered to watch as Joy's hand found Deanna's swollen abused clitoris?.

For Deanna this and her emotions were mixed, and now at a fever pitch, as this most intimate sensitive touch quickly brought out a painful squeal as Joy's fingers squeezed the soft tender flesh! Deanna had this most incredible look of wonder discomfort surprise, and then to a lesser extent relief as she realized her clit or at least part of it was indeed, still attached?

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But now the numb burning sensation ever present and still persistent was channeling every bit of its burning sexual energy directly to this most sensitive part of her body, and boy did it ever need some careful attention! Then with little warning Joy, had grabbed her hand and dragged her off towards the ladies room saying, girl you need some serious cleaning up as the others watched!

She had purposely ignored Deanna's protest and distressed plea for help! Nina and the red headed bisexual reporter from the magazine had followed them into the ladies room! As Deanna continued to dance around Joy said hold still girl as she tried to wipe the cum out of her eyes hair and wash her face! Then, hoping to make Deanna's perverse plight last as long as possible had grabbed both of her hands harshly, then twisted them up and back forcing her helplessly down first onto her knees, then into a squatting position against the floor!

For Deanna at first she was shocked and hurt by what Joy had done! But after hitting her red hot super sensitive abused clitoris on the cold tile floor, this was almost a godsend, as it almost instantly gave her some welcome relief, and with it and her well used pussy folds now firmly against the cold floor the feeling was even better, but was still wondering what they had done to it?.

With Deanna pacified at least for the moment Joy continued to clean her up as best she could. Then in curiosity, and with the others watching Joy had pushed Deanna over on her back, this had left her knees up, legs apart and her shoulders against the floor.

Once her abused pubic area and especially her clit was plainly visible and away from the cold floor the strange numb restricted circulation, and burning feeling quickly returned, and this time with a vengeance! Joy and the other two women were very surprised, almost shocked by what they saw?.

Deanna's clitoris was definitely swollen and had turned a grotesque looking dark bluish gray as apparently the brother in his zeal to terrify and intimidate, had while holding her clitoris in one hand.

with the other turned the sharp knife over and had drawn the flat dull cold steel blade slowly along the base of her clit. and at the same time had pulled the black nylon wire tie as tight as he possibly could!

The results had cut most all of the blood circulation and had added to the sensation of being cut by a sharp knife that seemed obvious, leaving the feeling predictable, and Deanna ready to climb the fucking wall!

It would though become a serious problem if left on much longer, and could indeed cause Deanna's clit to be severed sort of like a sadistic female circumcision, similar to what many middle eastern young women have experienced in order to make them more obedient wife's! Deanna now that she could see between her big breasts that most of her clit was apparently still attached at least for the moment, and again with urgent distress started to beg, then plead for Joy, or someone to get the dam thing off!.

Joy in no particular hurry after looking over Deanna's predicament much closer said to the others, do you.

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have any ideas? Not expecting an answer or much help! Nina said, I got it, we need some small nail clippers, like curved cuticle nippers, they would work perfect to cut that thing off! Deanna again pleading, for its removal said, I will do anything, OMG!

Anything! These words were all Joy needed to hear, as the red headed reporter who had perfect nails said, I think I have some in my purse?

Well get-them. Joy said quite loudly with concern in her voice mostly for Deanna's sake, as she helped Deanna still pleading, and now in tears up off the floor, then said to Nina, I think your husband Darryl should be the one to do the honors! That way she. will have no choice but to do anything he wants!

Most of this last comment had gone right over Deanna's distressed pretty little head! With Deanna now out of the ladies room and prancing along, the red head holding up the nippers said I found them!

Joy had taken the nippers and has a short conversation with Darryl who after watching them go in the ladies room was wondering what all of commotion the concern was about, as Joy explains to him what needs to be done. Darryl at first having no idea what the problem was, but with Joys help and explanation now knows as a perverted smile quickly crosses his face! This along with Deanna pleading her head off for relief, and has kept saying get it off anyone please I will do what ever you want, anything just get it off!

Now with a crowd of mostly black horny males intently watching this distressed naked young woman, Darryl says I need some light, and some room, I gotta see up close just how I'm going to do it?

One of the black brothers then says the pool room, put her on one of the pool tables! That's it lots of light in there! Several of the men have carefully picked her up and carried her away from the bar past the partitions separating the crowed booths an tables and into the pool room. Then placed Deanna on the green velvet like felt covering of the first pool table as the others crowded around to watch! The intense atmosphere seemed to be more like a hospital emergency room than a place where pool is played!

But to those watching her nakedness along with her shapely white bottom, contrasts so vividly with the green velvet like fabric! Joy having given Darryl the nippers now stands back to watch! Hold her still don't let her move, Darryl commands as this forceful black stud easily takes charge. Saying mostly to himself, I got to be really careful as he fondles her swollen clit!

Then upon very close inspection is unable to resist this so inviting swollen flesh, first sticks his tongue out and touches the throbbing bluish plum colored flesh, licking it!

For Deanna this was most unexpected.she jerks as the sensation it produces is incredible, one that sends shivers through her body, pubic mound, sexual nerve endings, and clear up her spine!


But with her reaction Darryl now even more unable to resit this so intimate place, has easily placed his lips over this tender morsel and sucks on the bluish gray flesh most lovingly trying to calm her as his tongue continues to travel around and around savoring it!

This sexual attention has made Deanna shudder shake and thrash around even with those firmly holding her, with the most painful bliss she could never imagine! Darryl takes his time enjoying her throbbing orb as his lips slowly almost grudgingly slip from this most wonderful hurting succulent flesh! Then carefully getting back to business and looking for the best place to force the nippers in, tries several times with Deanna pinched jerking, yelping and trying to pull away!

Deanna again worried that she might yet be clipped or cut, but relief is what she wants and is certainly what she needs as the stretched abused throbbing plum colored clitoris is, almost ready to burst! She has tightened her ass cheeks up clinches her teeth and holds her breath, this has raised her pubic mound even higher, as several of the brothers hold her legs wide and tightly apart! Then with Darryl finally pushing the nippers around the nylon tie, carefully holding it makes the first of several attempts to cut Deanna's intimate female treasure loose!

For Deanna it is an agonizing process as each time the nippers would snap shut!.He would get a little more and then a little more of the nylon tie.


until at the very last. finally cuts it free with out leaving so much as a mark on the tender flesh! For those watching it is a once in a lifetime picture that is both an erotic, and sadistic sight as Deanna with incredible almost euphoric relief starts first to tremble, then shudder and lets out the most audible sexual sound of a woman experiencing a most powerful mind blowing orgasm!

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Oh,Oh,oooooooooo! OMFG! Oh!.ooooo! As this incredible restricted orgasm now released with her shuddering and convulsing allows this incredible experience to slowly run its course! The results has left her spent, helpless and very vulnerable under the bright light! The picture of her laying naked on the green velvet like pool table is both arousing, and corrupt as she lays there in totally and utterly spent sexual relief, withering around reacting blissfully to a now unrestricted climax she had wished, even begged for only moments ago, but never expected to happen!

A woman like her so used abused and having her genitals raped, and sadistically tortured never thought that it would end like this? With incredible wonderful relief both in mind and body, was something no one, except those that have experienced something like this could truly appreciate!

But it, and all that had happened so far this evening was not over yet. not by a long shot? As Deanna finally came to her senses this was the first time she realized, and became fully aware that she was indeed not only in the Black Cobra Bar & Tavern! But, was still stark ass naked, laying helplessly on the green table, well illuminated, and that others were watching?

At first she had the feeling of being terribly embarrassed and humiliated at the thought of others watching what had taken place, then the vision of what had happened raced through her mind leaving her shaken! She could not make out faces only images do to the bright light, but she could hear numerous comments about what had taken place and a few voices that she could recognize!

One of his male friends said, apparently to Darryl. Wow! She is one hot white chick and you get to fuck her brains out, even make her pregnant, and your wife wants you to! &hellip.That is so fucking cool! The owner of the "Black Cobra" Big Poppa! A true entrepreneur always trying to bring in more customers had organized some very kinky pool games, a kind of strip pool tournament with couples that used the women as the ultimate prize in these games!

For each game lost, this would require the loser's girl to remove some of her clothing, the last thing to happen if they lost was, the winner would get the losers girl for the evening! He had also organized amateur night once a month and offered a large cash prize for the best topless bottomless dancer, this was the rage at the time and one that also kept the male customers and kinky couples coming back!

It had been a most interesting game and had brought out scores of kinky couples, female closet want a be strippers and exhibitionists, and had drawn even more people to the Cobra, those that just wanted to watch!

Many of the young women participating would purposely wear the skimpiest of outfits with no bra or panties right from the start so as to keep the men interested, and this would usually leave the girls almost naked in short order!

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Deanna still laying there on the table barely able to move heard yet another voice say as fingers pointed at her clit? Look at that thing, man is it ever something!

Apparently after being cut loose it had allowed blood to rush in to the restricted part of her abused clitoris which had changed from a grotesquely blue gray color only moments ago to a much healthier and inviting looking dark pink! But it still had a painful looking dark ring around the base where the wire tie had almost cut into the tender flesh!

As Deanna's senses emerged from the heady and most relieved pleasurable fog of orgasm, she heard Darryl say to someone!. "Anything", she said she would do anything, and since I was the one to save her, ass, um.cut her. Clit loose, she really owes me? Darryl's wife Nina desperately wanting a child and unable to have one herself was out in the crowd vocally trying to whore Deanna out by pimping her to the nearest of Darryl's virile black friends that was standing around the pool table!

Telling them, so others could hear that she, Deanna was a perverted little white whore, really ripe and looking to get knocked up, and one that loved black cock and would do the most nasty and perverted sex act, that any of them would want to try! Darryl, now with their date getting wilder by the minute and finally coming together, and he knowing Deanna's fantasy for, and interest in kinky and bizarre sex play, already had several ideas?

Saying to her, you like pool don't you? Deanna never having played pool in her life and caught completely off guard, never imaging a question like this would be asked, especially under the present circumstances? Honestly blurted out that she had never played pool! Darryl now with a most sinister grin on his face said that's okay, we will just use you as a pool pocket?.

Deanna a very naive girl in many ways could not phantom how in the world she could possibly be used as a pool pocket? But she was quickly going to find out!

Darryl now fully in charge had enlisted several of his black brothers to help! As Deanna submissively and still wondering, was easily helped up into a sitting position and then scooted back!

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Followed by being lifted up and placed over one of the pool table corner pockets! Then her legs were spread wide opening her pussy up directly over that corner pocket hole! To make things a bit more interesting someone at Darryl's request had found some cord and had tied her ankles and then her wrists to her ankles in the same place on the edge pool table, this had left her helpless and her legs wide apart!

A old black flannel scarf was placed over her eyes and tied tight !

For Deanna again being naked and not being able to move much or see, but now with freedom and clitoral relief easily made her imagination go crazy with what Darryl and the rest of his black buddies, those that were watching were going to do? Now with her slit and pussy lips wide open and her sexually charged pubes out of control, and in anticipation started to drip as the residual cum from her rape along with her own juices from her incredible orgasm only moments ago, had started dripping down into the corner pool pocket almost uncontrollably!

Her swollen and well abused clit and her open wet inviting cunt hole now became the main focus and target! As these men became well aware of just what was expected! Darryl then saidrack em up! Followed by as he looked around, I need a pool Que?

One of his pool playing friends laid his pool case on the table snapped it open and started screwing the two piece custom pool stick together! It was a most interesting Que and one made specifically for the "Black Cobra" pool tournament as the handle part, replicated a perfectly shaped black image of a large cock looking snake where one using it would grab it just below the snake head! Then handed it to Darryl, he at first using the blue chock squeaked it on the tip and poked Deanna's clit with it leaving a blue chock mark dead center of the ripe still swollen well used flesh!

Then gestured to and said stripes, 13 ball in the corner pocket! Just like it was a game of "Eight Ball"! All was quite for a moment as everyone watched Darryl intently size up the break? Then after setting the Que ball smacked it so hard that the balls cracked together like a gun shot! It was a hard break and not only did the 13 ball bounce off of Deanna's clit followed by the 14in one side and the 15 in the other as the 12 went to from and off several cushions finally dropping into the opposite end pocket!

He had sank three of the stripes leaving the 9, 10, 11, and 13 that had bounced off her clit! Then continued to run the table, leaving only the 13 and the Eight Ball? For Deanna naked and setting spread with her pussy wide open, heard the crack of the break and the hard thump of the 13 ball bouncing off her clit, this had brought out a startled yelp? Followed by the sound of ball after ball dropping it the respective pockets as Darryl ran the table!

This had left him with only two balls in order to win this spur of the moment perverted game of pool! The first was a pretty easy set up as he took his time and with a little less force, sunk the 13 ball by hitting it just right as it again bounced off of her abused clit and fell down directly into the wet corner pocket leaving a much harder shot for the "Eight Ball"? This perverted game of crazy eight kinky pool had now packed the room, and the camera crew and red head from the magazine had already taken numerous pictures were watching intently and ready for the climax, as Darryl like a professional pool player looking for the money shot took his time?

It would require a difficult bank shot! Then quite unexpectedly with everyone watching had taken and reversed the handle end of the pool stick and probed Deanna's cunt making the opening a much larger and wider one, with the "Black Cobra " like dick shaped handle!

Then stuck the slimy handle in front of the red heads lips saying is she ready? The red head,the only other white woman in the place now the center of attention for the moment, and with little hesitation lovingly sucked the wet cum off the cock shaped handle and said with a smile, she's ready!.

Darryl now with the pool stick firmly in his hand, again chocked up the Que tip with a squeak and said gesturing to Deanna's sweet pink well used wide open pussy, "Eight Ball" in the corner "Cunt"! All was quiet with everyone holding their breath watchingas Deanna now fully aware of what, and how she was going to be used as a pool pocket screamed out OMG!

No! Just as the hard forceful crack and sound of the Que Ball and "Eight Ball"! Echoed like a shot throughout the "Black Cobra" Tavern as they came together!. To be continued in Chapter five