Lina Mercury enjoys anal sex in black lace lingerie

Lina Mercury enjoys anal sex in black lace lingerie
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the last names in this story are not displayed on purpose this is my first story so give me a chance and comment on it if you want. i hope i can do a series. sorry for any miss spellings.

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this is all true i was 14 years old when all of this happen to me. i am now 19 years old and me and zack are dating and have been dating since that night. so i hope you enjoy and there will be a series hopefully if i get any time to make a series of me and zack because that night wasn't the only night we did this.

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so enjoy. Beep Beep the bell went at school. Thank god i thought to myself it was yes so i got my stuff out my looker and got ready to head home. When one of the most sexiest boys in the school came to me. his name was zack.

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well he was walking to me i checked him out will quick. i always hoped he never noticed me checking him out but hey what can you do. so i just got my stuff when all of sudden somebody poker me so i turned around. It was zack. "hey anthony you want to walk home with me." so course i didn't hesitate and said yes so i started to head home with him. let me give you a quick description my name is anthony i was 14 at this time.

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zack was 13 at this time to. so now lets skip forward to me at his house.

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So me and zack sat there playing some call of duty. when all of a sudden i noticed him looking at me. so i turned to look at him. that's when i thought of a good idea and said hey i dare you take of you cloth's. thats when the game of truth and dare started.


so he started to take of his cloth's thats when he asked me if i was bi sexual. so i had to tell him and i said yes. thats when he also dared me too take off my cloths. but i was nervous because my dick was semi-hard and you could tell but i took of my cloth's and he just looked and i blushed.

that is when he just looked at me and started to kiss me. i didn't know what to do but i liked so i went along. it went on with us kissing for 4mins when he said he wanted his dick to be sucked. so i bent down and took of his boxers and started to suck his hard dick. it went on for about ten mins. "i am going to cum anthony" zack said.

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so i just kept sucking when all of sudden he stopped moaning and i felt 8 warm burst hit the back of my thought. it tasted so good i wanted more. so he got his cloths on and said that was all. so we went to playing call of duty my head was going thought ways i could suck his dick again.

but then i got an idea will have to wait tell night when everybody is a sleep. so the day went on tell his mom came in and said good night. that is when i made my move and said lets have sex he looked at me and said fuck no.

then i just said ok then i will tell everybody what we did at school. then he looked at me and said you wouldn't dare. so i got up and got my phone when he said ok. so we started to kiss that didn't last for long. so i took of my pants and told him suck my dick so he did tell i cummed in his mouth.

that is when i started to suck his dick when all of a sudden his mom knocked and we got dressed and just went back to playing call of duty waiting for my chance so we could have sex again cause i craved his sweet boy nectar so bad i thought i was going to go crazy. so we played and relaxed i never got another chance a again that night. but in the morning. he woke me up and said if i wanted breakfast and he started to kiss me and than i took of his pants and started to suck his semi-hard dick.


until it got hard than i went faster and faster tell he said he was going to cum so i kept going tell he finally said dude here it comes' and all i could taste was his sweet boy necter that was so good i wanted more but i knew i had to leave pretty soon so i got ready and headed home but before i did he turned me around and kissed me for about 7 mins then my phone it was my mom said she was wondering were i was so i started to head home. when i finally got home i got a text saying he loved what we did and to walk to his home again with him cause he really wanted to do it again so of course i just didt sleep that night because i really wanted to taste his sweet boy nectar so bad i craved it.

so i hope enjoyed this story and i will try making a series of this. make any comments and if you want you can give me ideas for a story. so i hoped you enjoyed this story. sorry for a lot of space i had to do that because the story had to be 5000 characters. THE END

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