Tranny Bruna hot solo masturbation in the couch

Tranny Bruna hot solo masturbation in the couch
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Jimmy was always a hyperactive child. Even in his mother's womb. She went through many months of his kicking and fighting to get out. Especially after his birth he demanded a lot of attention. The only way anyone could get any sleep was for his mother to hold him close and put one of her breast in his mouth.

The older he got the more he seem to demand attention. When Jimmy started to school all the teachers complained about him disrupting the class and making a general nuisance of himself. He was a brilliant child, with a photographic memory and made good grades, but the effort it took to teach him was very emotionally draining on his teachers. When Jimmy was ready to move on to the next grade no veteran teacher wanted him in her class.

They had all read the summaries from his past teachers and used their seniority to reject him. Shannon Hildebrand was a new young teacher with no seniority. She was 22 years old and had just received her teaching certificate.

Most veteran teachers predicted she wouldn't last long because of her youth and beauty. Shannon was 5' 2" maybe 110 pounds with shoulder length curly blonde hair. She had an exquisite figure that was envied by the older female teachers and desired by all the male teachers.

She was anxious to prove herself a capable teacher. Shannon saw Jimmy as a challenge and a perfect way to demonstrate her teaching skills. She introduced herself that first day by asking the class to call her either, Miss Shannon, or Miss 'H' because Miss Hildebrand was a real mouthful.

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Most settled on the name, "Miss Shannon". After a week of Jimmy's classroom antics, she was starting to get frustrated with him.

Jimmy couldn't stay at his desk and even more troubling, he couldn't keep his hands off the girls in his class. He was always pulling their hair, or snapping their bra straps. He even pinched one girl's nipple. That's when Shannon decided to place a chair beside her desk and make him sit next to her. When he misbehaved she would poke him in the ribs and demand he straighten up or be punished.

It seem to work really well until she realized that he enjoyed the special attention and would act up each day just so he can sit next to her. One day while Shannon was eating lunch in the school cafeteria, she saw a girl in line for lunch turn and slap Jimmy's face. She went to the girl and asks why she had slapped him. The girl whispered in Miss 'H's ear that Jimmy had slipped his hand under her dress and tried to stick his finger into her vagina.

Shannon pulled Jimmy out of line and said that she should take him immediately to the principal's office, but that would only result in his expulsion from school.

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Instead she ordered him to stay after school for counseling. Jimmy was puzzled when the young girl slapped him. It never happened that way in the stories he had read on his Dad's porn site. All the women in those stories liked it when a man put his finger in their pussy. They liked it when their breasts were fondled and their nipples were pinched or sucked. They particularly liked it when a man licked their pussy and sucked their clit into their mouth.

He truly thought his actions had been normal and totally appropriate. All he really wanted to do was please the young girls and be friends with them. When the final bell rang, the entire class, except Jimmy, filed out. Shannon made Jimmy sit in a student desk at the rear of the classroom.

He was told to write 500 times, "I MUST LEARN TO NOT TOUCH ANYONE ELSE'S BODY WITHOUT THEIR PERMISSION." Shannon positioned another student desk approximately five feet away. She turned the two desks facing each other so she could keep an eye on Jimmy while she finished grading papers. Shannon was wearing a white silk blouse that clung to her 34B breast and a tight fitting black skirt that hit just above her knees. It was an entirely appropriate dress for the classroom.

Most of the other young teachers wore similar outfits. Shannon never felt uncomfortable dressing like that until now. The smaller student desk caused her skirt to shift up and expose more of her thighs than she wanted. She noticed that Jimmy would occasionally look up and stare at her breast and thighs when he thought she was not watching him.

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At first it made her angry and she thought about admonishing him, but then she thought it was just his young teenage hormones governing his conduct. She decided to let it ride for the moment. Jimmy continued to steal a glance when he got the chance. Shannon later noticed he had gotten an erection and was trying to adjust it without her seeing it.

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She could feel herself getting wet. She could also feel heat coming from her neck and face as she turned a crimson red. She hadn't blushed like that in many years and couldn't believe it was caused by a Teenage boy. This presented a whole new problem that she had no idea how to approach. She mulled over in her mind the best way to handle it without creating a bigger problem for them both. If she made an issue out of it without being able to prove his erection was due to looking at her breast, or whatever else he could see from that angle; it could ruin her teaching career before it even began.

She decided to test her suspicions and watch his reaction. She was wearing flat heel shoes and lifted each leg separately to remove a shoe, and as she suspected each time Jimmy looked up her dress. She was sure he could see her lacey white panties from his reaction. His cock swelled immediately and he had to adjust himself each time. At that point, he didn't seem to care if she saw him or not. Just to make sure she shifted in her desk, lifting her leg once again giving him another view of her panties.

Jimmy not only readjusted himself, but started rubbing his cock through his pant while staring at her crotch. Shannon screamed, "Jimmy are you looking up my dress?" "Yes Miss 'H' I am." Shannon was shocked beyond belief by his straight forward honesty.

He acted like it was normal for him to look up her dress; like she expected him to. She knew she had to haul his young ass straight to the principal's office, but the tingling in her pussy was telling her not to do that.

She could feel her pussy getting even wetter. Her fiancé was away on military deployment and she hadn't had sex for almost a year. This attention from the young boy was forcing all her latent sexual desires to come pouring out all at once. She tried to demonstrate her non-approval for his actions. "Jimmy, what the hell are you thinking?" "I am thinking how nice it would be to eat your pussy, Miss 'H'.

"Oh my God, where did you learn such a thing?" "I learned it from watching some of the porn sites on my Dad's computer, and I always thought it would be fun to try it sometimes. The men and women both seem to enjoy it very much." Shannon was squirming in her seat and the heat was not only coming from her neck and face; it was now coming from all over her body. Her panties are thoroughly soaked and she can't seem to catch her breath. Jimmy got out of his desk and came to kneel at her side.

He asked Miss 'H' if she would like for him to lick her pussy. She told him absolutely not. She was almost hyperventilating. She can't seem to catch her breath. She told Jimmy there was no way she could possibly allow him to do that, but she unconsciously turned sideways in the desk to allow him greater access to her vagina.

Her suppressed desires took control of her body and she was responding to her underlying lust. Jimmy nervously pushed her skirt up and slipped her panties off, doing what he'd seen on his Dad's porn site countless times.

He slowly leaned into her crotch and fitted his mouth over her labia and reached out with his tongue to explore her wetness. Shannon's groin instantly twitched and responded to his tongue.

He was pleased with her initial reaction and tried it again, this time running his nose along the length of her private entrance.

He had learned from the porn site that using the nose will soften the first impact on the clit. She closed her eyes and shuddered again. The taste of his teacher on his tongue encouraged him to continue his exploration. Unleashing his tongue, Jimmy let it wander over the woman's sensitive flaps before plunging it inside her body. "Oooh.ohhh." his teacher breathed deeply, involuntarily resting a hand on his head.

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She held him there tenderly, stroking his scalp to urge him onwards. "Ohhh.Jimmy.! This is not right.! Mmmm.! We should not…Oh my God, yes please eat your teacher, yes, yes, Jimmy darling.oh, eat me.

Te gustaria coger a mi esposa me.!" Jimmy plowed on, spreading Shannon's tender vaginal lips apart using two fingers. He soothingly massaged his tongue over every inch of supple skin he could find there.

Shannon began breathing harder and harder. Jimmy savored his teacher's flavor as he dove more and more deeply into her wet cavity with his tongue. With each pass his tongue made on and inside her feminine entrance and every moan he heard her make, Jimmy could feel his own cock getting harder and harder again.

The passion with which she enjoyed his intimate treatment to her body was reflected back to Jimmy, driving him to crave his own fulfillment again. Shannon was panting shallowly through her clenched teeth now. "Oh, Jimmy.! Oh.that feels so fucking good.!" she praised him. "Please go for my clit, Jimmy. Mmmm.Oh, please find my clit and go for it, Jimmy.!" With his Teacher writhing in front of him as he pleasured her, he decided his own pleasure could wait for now.

The porn site said this was about her pleasure for right now.


This intense emotional bond was for her sexual pleasure. He kept on, licking and driving his Teacher mad with stimulation and pleasure, and searched for the spot she desperately yearned for him to find.

Moving slightly up her wet and tender slit, Jimmy searched with his tongue inside her feminine folds, and then, he found it. The stiff little crucial point peeked out of its hood just enough for him to close his lips around it. Once inside his mouth he could feel the bud poking through his lips, and he attacked it first with his nose and then his tongue.

Back and forth he flicked, round and round he spun, driving his young teacher wild. "That's it, Jimmy.ohhh!


Oooh.right there.right there!" she groaned, her passion burning anew. "That's it.! Ohhh my God.that's it.! Eat your lecherous teacher's pussy Jimmy.! Mmmm.!" She grabbed his head with both her hands, holding him tightly against her burning wet pussy. "So good.! fucking good.!" Jimmy didn't let up. Underneath his sensual efforts, his teacher shook and trembled.

Her muscles started to tense uncontrollably. Jimmy knew it wouldn't be long. He had seen this many times on his Dad's porn site. She was on the brink of her first major orgasm.


He was right where he needed to be, right where the porn site said it would be. He began massaging just the right place with his tongue eating out his Teacher with all the lust he had for her. "Jimmy.!

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Mmmgh.that's it, Sweetheart.! Right.THERE.!" she wailed quietly into the empty classroom. "Oh, Jimmy.! Oh, my sweet Jimmy.! Oh, I'm cumming, Jimmy.! Yes.YES! Oooh.! You are making Miss Shannon cum, Jimmy.Oh God I'm CUMMING.!!!" His Teacher's body vibrated and convulsed as she pushed her hot, trickling pussy into his face. Jimmy kept working his tongue and lips on her precious treasure, applying what the porn site called "puppy dog licks." He wanted to please her for as long as he possibly could.

She squirmed and moaned in her desk. He was only too happy to give her more of what she needed and sought. Just like it said on his Dad's porn site her satisfaction was more important at this point than his own. As her muscles relaxed, Jimmy released his mouth's grip on her tender knob. He gave her one last soft tender kiss between her legs; which made her twitch again before backing up a couple inches and looking at her serene face.

His teacher's sparkling blue eyes were filled with tears, wonder and amazement. They both just smiled at one another. Jimmy had unleashed some deep lustful desires she had been suppressing ever since her fiancé left for his deployment overseas.

She no longer has the strength, or the desire to fight it anymore. She was determined to keep this young boy, with his magical tongue and sexual skills in her life forever. "Oh my God, Jimmy. Where did you learn to do that?

I have never orgasm so hard in my entire life." "I learned it on my Dad's porn site. I watched how the men on that site made the women scream with delight. It looked like they both enjoyed it very much." "Jimmy, do you think your mother will let you come over to my house while I give you special help with your homework?" "I'm sure she will, Miss 'H'.

She is always telling me that she wants me to do really well in school." "I will send a note home with you, Jimmy. Please give it to your Mother. I think we should start your tutoring immediately. Maybe tomorrow afternoon."