Twink punks masturbating after anal

Twink punks masturbating after anal
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Part 4 So like I said, with Kyle in school I was working on cars a lot more in front of the house, which did me pretty good for money. I know my work and by charging less than a shop would charge brought people in.

Of course, people like myself if you know what I mean. So one day I was working on a car but I was horny as fucking hell and thinking about fucking some hot ass and wondered where I could find me some, but some that I shouldn't have. Know what I mean? Then it dawned on me…my cousin Jenny up north had a son who was in junior high school.

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At first I was like "naah…", but then after thinking more and more about it and after a couple hits off the ol' pipe, I figured it wouldn't hurt to try. So I came up with a plan. I called my cousin Jenny and made some casual talk with her, then asked about how her son Mikey was doing. She said he was doing homeschooling because he would get into too much trouble at school. I though, "perfect", he's already a bit tainted.

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So I asked her if it would do him some good going camping with me and she jumped on the chance. This way she could have the place to herself and she and her boyfriend could do whatever they wanted. So, I offered to take him camping for a week. We made the arrangements and it was all set. I even got a call from Mikey that night saying how excited he was. Only thing, was that when I told Kyle after he got home from school, he shook his head at me and said "oh no…I know what you're up to!" and I laughed and told him to shut the fuck up and give me some head before his mom got home from work, which he obliged with no hesitation.

So in two weeks, I drove up north and picked up Mikey from his mom's place and we headed to the remote mountains, to go camping in a place I knew would be safe and where it was highly doubtful anyone else would be. He got into my truck and was wearing a pair of shorts, exposing his still smooth boy legs with just some fuzz growing out of them.

He had blond hair and blue eyes and was in good shape for a boy in junior high. He couldn't wait to get out of the house! We finally got to the place I figured I'd set up camp at and let him fuck around playing his Gameboy while I setup the tent and got things ready.

After it was all done, I set up a couple of outdoor chairs and popped a beer open and sat down. Mikey had a seat with me and we talked for a bit.

Then I figured, why wait? I pulled out my sack and dumped some crys on a CD case, crushed it and chopped it up, while Mikey was looking at me all crazy. "What are you doing?" he asked. I looked up at him for a second and said "Wanna get high boy?" He didn't say anything at first, so I continued on "You know you do…it's a lot of fun." He then grinned at me and said "Yeah…can I?" I just grinned at him and lit a cigarette.

After I was done chopping the shit up into a powder, I took a cut straw from my jeans pocket and did a quick like of the shit. Man it fucking burned, but hey, I like to alternate sometimes.

So then I handed him the case, told him to be careful and then do what I just did.

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So, he did, and then grimaced, handing me the case quickly and holding his nose "Aaaaah! It's burning!!!" I laughed and said "Oh shit, did I forget to mention that?" So, I let him get over the shock of the burn and let him feel the high come on.

Once he was settled and nice and amp'ed, I started talking with him about girls and fucking and he seemed to go along with it in his state.

I then went to my truck and reached behind the front seat to some magazines and went back to show them to Mikey. There were a couple of straight porn mags and a couple of all-male mags and I started flipping through them and offered for Mikey to do the same. I sat there glaring at the hardcore porn images and squeezed the bulge that was growing in my jeans. Mikey was anxiously flipping through the magazines and looking at them like he'd just discovered paradise. "You like that?" I asked him.

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"Yeah" he said, wide-eyed". I waited for a bit and then said "You wanna suck on my cock like you see there in the mag?" and at the same time, I was unzipping my fly and pulling my hardening meat from my jeans. "Come here in front of me Mikey". So, Mikey came over and I had him kneel in front of me. He was staring at my throbbing prick and I said "Take it into your mouth." I then pulled his head down between my legs and he took my dick into his young mouth, suckling on it and deciding on whether or not he liked it.


Although I figured he did, because he kept doing it and I sat back and began to enjoy it. Shit, he was better the first time than Kyle had been and I asked him if he'd sucked a man's cock before. He indicated that he hadn't by mumbling while my cock was still in his mouth. I started rocking my hips so it pumped into his hot mouth, while I breathed heavier &hellip."Oooohhh, fuck yeah…fuckin' good boy&hellip." He seemed to enjoy how I was into what he was doing, so he got more into it.

It felt too damn good.

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So I asked him "you know what cum is Mikey?" and he mumbled again, saying he did, so I told him "I'm gonna cum in your mouth Mikey and I want you to swallow it…got that?" and Mikey mumbled again, indicating he understood. So I rocked my hips some more and held his head in place and before long, I was pumping my ejaculation into his mouth and throat while I let out a big groan and leaned my head back in ecstasy, my eyes squeezing shut from the power of my orgasm I was feeding the young boy.

"Such a hot young guy you are Mikey. You and I are gonna have a lot of fun this week. Like that? Mikey nodded, smiling and wired to the hilt, "Yeeahhh" he said. I then saw him squeezing his erection, still on his knees in front of me and I said "Let me see you jerk off boy.".


So, he got in his chair and sat back and started stroking his young, fresh cock. I could tell this wouldn't take long, so I got up and stood in front of him and instructed him to cum into the palm of my hand. He groaned in a youthful boy voice and his hot seed squirted into my hand. It was fucking great and so I then raised up my hand and licked his young seed from it and he stared at me in amusement and surprise and I just grinned at the boy and said "Tastes good".

Then, I started to get things ready to eat dinner and he continued to sit and still look at the magazines. That was fine, because it would get him all horned up for what I had planned that night.


Unfortunately for you, I am going to stop right here, so you will have to wait for the next part to come out to find out what happened with me and Mikey next. Hope you're enjoying this, I know I am&hellip.