Get ready for a perfect japanese slut sally yoshino this sweetie gets violated by her handsome lover

Get ready for a perfect japanese slut sally yoshino this sweetie gets violated by her handsome lover
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Once happened by accident. I had a shower and I went to my room with my body wrapped in a towel. With my shoulders towards the window I took off the towel and put on my panties and my bra. Then I was searching for my trousers, when I saw the neighbor staring at me from the garden.

I realized I forgot to close the curtains of my bedroom. We look each other for a second, he smiled and winked at me, then I closed the curtains in a rush. My heart was beating fast, I was embarrassed and full of shame.

I could see him stay there for a while before enter in his house. As my heart could calm down, I realized that maybe he couldn't see so much, just my shoulders… and my bottom.

Oh my god, he winked at me! As I went to my car I avoided to watch towards his house, "maybe he's watching me from his window now!". Ben and Carla are my neighbors since a year, they are about 55 years old. He is a good looking man, maybe not that tall, grey hairs, muscular. He gives me many advices for the garden, he is very good at it, and often he offered to water my flowers as I often forget about them! That evening I came back from work and entered in the house almost running without take my eyes off of the ground.

I had dinner and went to bed. I fall asleep thinking about Ben' smile and how much he liked the show, he winked at me, I am 30 with very attractive body, while his wife is 55, or maybe 56 ? Oh, what's the point? I shouldn't think about this stupid things, he saw me by accident and then, embarrassed like me, he smiled … The morning after I opened my eyes at the noise of the water, I stand up and went to the window, with the curtains closed of course, I could see Ben watering the grass right in front of it!

Maybe 4 or 5 steps and he could have reach the window sill.

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My heart started beating like crazy, as the day before, I was scared… but excited. Ben was looking at the ground, I opened the curtains and run to the bathroom.


I took a shower in a few minutes, thinking about what to do exactly, it was clear he was there to look at me, I was thrilled! I went out of the shower and I looked at me in the mirror, I wondered if he would like to see my tits. Finally I entered in my room completely naked, keeping the shoulders towards the window.

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I opened a drawer looking for underwear, I bent a little and I could feel his eyes on my bottom, my heart was beating hard. I chose a black g-string and slowly I slipped it on my legs right between my ass cheeks. I would have seen his face now, but I couldn't watch, I was too nervous and ashamed. I could hear the water keep on gurgle. I took my bra with trembling hands, I noticed my hard nipples and I wanted to show to him!

I slowly turned towards the window. Without moving the eyes from my tits, I began to stroke them slowly with both hands for a while. Then I grabbed them for a more vigorous massage up and down and against each other, I start pulling and squeezing the nipples. Suddenly my pussy was swell and wet and I couldn't stop to work my tits.

Then I glanced at him. There was any smile on his face, he was staring at me with the fire in the eyes, his mouth was quite open. As our eyes met, he put his tongue through the lips to lick his own mouth with an exaggerate gesture. I was breathless and my heart stopped. I run clumsy three steps to the window and grabbed the curtains, I closed them harshly.

My body lose all his elegance and I could feel my tits bouncing graceless. I was there petrified. He was there, I couldn't see me, but he knew I could see him, he smiled at me kindly and winked at me.

He slowly mimicked a gesture as to open the curtains. He waited a few seconds, then walked away. I couldn't believe I did it, but I liked it! This terrifying pleasure was something I have never felt before and I wanted more! Today, two days after, although I don't work, I woke up early as always. It's six in the morning. I don't hide I was thinking about Ben all the time during these days, and honestly I don't know if I am glad or disappointed he didn't come again.

I understand my reaction made him give up. I am eating my breakfast when there's someone at the door. I open it. Oh my god, it's Ben. He smiles at me kindly: "Good morning, It's time to plant the roses we chose together, do you remember?". He is looking at me kindly as always, I only can say "Yes".

He gives me a little card with a picture of beautiful pink roses. "Here you can see the instructions to grow them properly". I take the card and say "Thank you". He smiles and goes away. I close the door and stay for a while looking at the card, astonished.

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I think maybe it is his way to say "I'm sorry". I turn the card and my heart stops when I read: "Don't you dare closing again the curtains while I am watching. You stay there until I decide it's time to go. Your tits are very good, but I know you can do better with them. I want your nipples painful and burning. If you are good today, further instructions will follow.

Now open the curtains" I am speechless. I feel angry and … and… I would like to slap his stupid face, with. with my tits. He likes them. What does it mean I can do better? He was excited and now he pretend is not enough? … I feel my nipples becoming hard… I would like open the door, walk through the garden and kick his ass, son of a bitch… my pussy is getting wet… Finally… I go in my room and open the curtains.

He is there digging the garden in front of me, preparing for planting the new roses. He looks at me and smiles. I am wearing a tank top, and black panties, I realize I am not sexy as the last time. I take off the top and my tits bounce out, my nipples are already hard, he smiles satisfied.

Looking at the floor, I start massaging my tits, my movements are clumsy and I feel ridiculous, I squeeze them and push and pull up and down. I glance at him, he is smiling and with his fingers he's pretending pinching something in the air, so I pinch my nipples.

He smiles again and keep on showing me how to do. I pinch my nipples with both hands and pull as much as I can, It hurts, I stop and I keep on massage. He stops smiling, his hands keep on pinching and pulling, so I do the same with my nipples. He's mouth is open and saying slowly the word "M O R E", I want to stop this thing, I am tired of him, I pinch hard my nipples and pull with all my strength, I clench my teeth, MMMM, It hurts sooo much, I can't believe my nipples can became sooo long, AHHH!!!

He is licking his own lips, I am excited, I feel my juice soaking the panties, I'm hot and I feel wild, I keep on torturing my nipples and massage the tits just to take breath, my legs are trembling, the muscles of my thighs and my ass are in tension.

All my body is burning, I bite my mouth while I stretch once again my nipples as much as I can, MMMM, I looove it!! I glance at him and I see. He is filming with his mobile. My heart stops.

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He winks at me, and goes away. Oh my god, what is he doing? Son of a bitch! I close the curtains and go to the bathroom, my tits hurts, my painful nipples are hard and red for irritation. Drops of sweat run from my breast to my stomach.

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I feel humiliated and abused. I take a shower, hot water burns on my tortured tits. I can't believe I did it. I dry myself and go in my room, the curtains are still closed, it's 6.30 am. I am looking for clothes when I hear knocking on the door. I give a jump of surprise. I go there and there is a card under the door. It's him, bastard! I take the card and read: "Very good. I filmed just a little of your show, it's my insurance. You are amazing.

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The way you work on your nipples and tits is something astonishing. I would never expect better! Now let's get serious. I want you to show me all your talent! I want gardening on your bush!

You do what I want with no exception.


Now get naked. Open the curtains." My head is spinning. I don't know what to do. I am scared of what I began. I am flirting with a pervert… My god, he took a video!

He means if I don't do what he wants, he's going to share it on the internet? And what if he does it anyway? I am terrified and I am excited. I get naked, I walk in my room, I can see him through the curtains, I open the curtains and walk back a few steps.

He smiles at me. I don't know exactly what to do. My left hand is on my pussy, he indicates to open the legs, I do, I start massaging my pussy, glad to keep it hide for a while, he suddenly indicates to show it, I do, I wonder if he likes my bush. He smiles. Suddenly I feel a strong impulse to please him, I put my hand from behind, to massage my pussy but leave it exposed. Anyway I realize he can only see the bush, so I turn, with my hands on hips and bend forward, I spread my legs and bottom up I show him all my talent!

Very slowly I move my ass up and down, aware of my open buttocks and my pussy completely revealed, I feel guilty and dirty, I feel a slut and I want he is satisfied. I wonder if he can see even my asshole, so I grab my buttocks and open my ass as much as I can.

I turn my head to look at him and he is filming. Oh YES! I am happy you like it, film my ass and my cunt I don't mind! I am too excited to mind everything else! He put away the mobile and indicates me to open the window. I stand up and stay petrified for a while. He's indicating again. He wants me to open the window. What does it mean? He smiles kindly and indicates again the window. Now he shows a piece of paper. I think he wants to give me some more instructions, I like the game and I open the window slowly.

He indicates me to keep back. I do. In a few seconds he throws a bag in the room and then enter himself, before I could say or do anything other two men enter in my room, the last of them close the window and the curtains. I am shocked! Ben put a finger on his mouth indicating silence and says calm: "Don't say a word, I told you I want to gardening your bush, well here is my tools and my gardeners".

One of them open the bag, it's full of gardening tools, I can see a rake and a shovel, before Ben grabs my hips and lean me to the center of the room: "You are a naughty girl showing your tits on the window, now we want touch by hand! These are my colleagues Mark and Joseph". Mark is younger, with brown hair, thin and very tall, I think is on his 30, he is staring at my tits. Joseph must be 50-55 years old like Ben, he is bald and he is watching my hips and my ass. Ben spank my ass and says " Now you dance for us, be sure we like it".

I can't move, the three men are looking at me hungry, I am scared and want to run out of my house, but I can't. Ben spank me harder: "My colleagues are here because I told them you are AMAZING!

Start your show!". I start moving my hips and my feet in a dance somewhat ridiculous, I am stroking my tits, Ben pinches a nipple, "AHHH".

It hurts and I stop dancing. He is furious. He says at the other men: "She pretends to be shy, but then you will see how excellent whore she is!". He takes a rope from his bag, he wraps it around each of my tits and then wrap at my neck, now they are up and firm.

Than he takes very thin red ribbons and wrap them around each of my nipples, and pulling hard he closes them with a tight bow. AHHH, I can't avoid crying. It is painful and humiliating. The men are smiling satisfied.

Now I have a black rope lifting me up the tits and two red bows on the nipples. "It's time to work on the bush" he says. Suddenly Ben open his bag while the two men take me and put me on my desk lying on back.

They grab my legs and spread them wide with my knees up towards my breast. They are smiling. For the first time Joseph speaks: "Very good cunt, but you are right, the bush need some work!". Ben has something in his hands I cannot see well, when I feel something very hot on my labia. He is burning my pubic hair! I can feel the fire so close to my skin, I try to not move, but my pussy is contracting excited, I feel it's getting wet!

"AHHH" I scream, the fire is touching my skin on my cunt and my legs try to close involuntary, but the two men keep on holding me tight. I don't know who says: " She is so wet she is going to shut down the fire!" They laugh loudly. "AHHH" again too close! It's hurt but I feel my clit swell! Now the fire is over and I feel Ben's hand stroking my cunt, I feel the skin painful but smooth.

Everybody is happy with the job. They leave my legs and I can see my pubic hair is trimmed as a very little round bush above my cunt. The rest is smooth. "On knees" Ben commands. I'm on my desk on knees, they lean my head and arms against the desk forcing me to put up the ass. They grab my legs and spread them wide, so I have to put my breast on the desk. OHHH, my tits and nipples hurt me bad!

I am trying to avoid the pain but the more I move the more I stroke my tits on the desk and the nipples burn even worst. When a cold, metallic object start to scratch my buttocks. The rake! I can't see who is using it, but I feel it hurting the buttocks, first from my back towards the tights, then from the tights towards the back. "You see before to plant you need to prepare the soil" Ben says while the others laugh.

Now two hands are opening my ass and the cold rake is against my ass crack. OOOOOHH they start scratching hard from the inside of my ass to the buttocks. Then again from the inside to the other side buttocks. OHHH my cunt is hot and wet, when I feel two fingers enter with no effort. Now I feel three fingers, "Ohhh" I moan, he starts pumping slowly, my juice comes out hot, now four fingers, OHHH, now the hand goes deeper and I feel the fingers move inside my cunt trying reach as much as they can.

OHHH, he is rotating half of his hand inside of me, I can feel the four fingers are inside up to the palm. He rotates and push, rotate and push, the hole of my cunt is getting wide, AHHH, I like it, I move my hips to take more, rotate and push, OHHH, I barely hear "OH yes she likes it! Fuck her !".

My nipples are scratching the desk and hurts bad and I get more excited, then I feel the hand pull out a little, I am disappointed, I want more, when I feel the thumb!

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Now he is pushing all his hand inside "AHHHHH, YES FUCK ME". I am screaming like a bitch, the gardener hand is breaking my cunt, I can't believe how much I can take, my hole must be wide now, he is pushing hard and rotating when the thumb is all on his way and the hand in completely buried in my cunt.

"WOW" somebody says "You are right Ben, she's born to be wore!". "OHHHH" I can't stop screaming. He is fucking me with his hand, pumping hard my cunt, OHHH, he penetrates pushing, then spread the fingers inside of my vagina, then rotate the hand, then pull it out, and again, my hole is burning and my juice is dropping from the cunt on my thighs.

OHHHI'm shaking my ass like crazy, OHHH, my tits are banging on the desk, OHHH YEEESSS! Now Mark is in front of me, naked: "It's time to plant guys!" he says. He is so hairy. The hair start from his chest to the stomach, to reach his crotch. A hard huge cock comes out from this dark bush, the hair are up to the half of the cock, I barely see the balls that are completely covered.

Despite of his thin body, his cock is massive with a large and outsized bell. The hand is still pumping hard in my cunt while Mark grabs my ears and push the giant in my mouth.

I take just a few inches, I cannot breath, he pushes the monster inside, I take a little more. MMMMM, the fucking hand is drilling my cunt and my hips are shaking wild, then somebody is holding me tight grabbing the ass, while Mark push again into my mouth to get the half of his beast inside of me. The head of the monster is against my throat while my lips can reach the hairs on his body. Mark start pumping my mouth, I try to do my best but I can't even move my tongue, he pushes and pull slowly, then more quickly.

"OHHH YES eat my trunk yes, right in the throat, bitch!". I feel the hand going out of my cunt and Ben saying: "You don't come bitch, is not enough for you?". And Mark says: "Bad girl, now you ride my beast with your throat!". He grabs my ears harder and push inside in a stroke!

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The head of the beast burns my throat, my mouth and my nose are against his body, my chin is on his big hairy balls. My tongue is full of hair, I need to vomit. He starts pumping hard pulling out the cock just a few inches to force it inside, his balls are shaking on my chin, the head is drilling my throat, all is hot and hard.

I hear the others screaming loud " GO GO - GO MARK - FUCK HER - GO - GO - HARDER HARDER!!! ", They spank me on the ass, on the cunt, on the thighs, they put fingers rapidly in my ass hole one by one, they pinch and pull my tits. Mark keeps fucking my mouth, I cannot move, I'm his monster' slave. He's banging me wild. He's going crazy and scream at every stroke: "OHHHH; YES YES YESTAKE IT, TAKE IT, TAKE ITOOOOHHHH MY GOOOODD".

He's coming. A flush of hot and burning cream is going down of my throat, he keeps the giant inside my mouth and grab my head, I feel the monster shaking and pushing out his cream, I am forced to swallow, and swallow and swallow.

A river of sperm is filling me. The head of the giant squeeze its flush while the body tremble wild. "OHHHHH", Mark stay for a while and finally pull his trunk out of my head, it's still hard. I am lying on my desk. I only hear Ben saying: " You see guys, there's much work to do on her." Mark and Joseph are leaving the room.

Ben is writing something on a sheet of paper. "We are satisfied. We are glad to see your asshole is so tight. Tomorrow morning at six. Naked. "