Redhead teen babe public striptease and masturbation

Redhead teen babe public striptease and masturbation
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So heres the story of how I lost my virginity to my stepsister. So my parents had been divorced pretty much my whole life.


My dad married my stepmom who had two kids. My stepmom was about 47 at the time and she had blonde hair and a big butt. But, the story isnt about her. This story is about my stepsister. At the time my stepsister mandi was 19.

I was 16. Mandi was tall with blonde hair and had a nice round bubble butt and nice tits. One day, our family was at the house and i was bored and horny for my stepsister.

She was all i could think about. Her big ass especially. I went upstairs and said i was bored. I asked if i could play a game on mandis phone and she let me. Now i wasnt actually playing a game, i was secretly going through her pictures to try and find nudes.

I ended up finding 2.

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One of her booty and another of her laying on her side fully naked. They were so hot. I emailed them to myself so she wouldnt notice and gave her the phone back. I then went in the bathroom and pulled out my phone so i could jack off to her pics. A few days later i came home and went into the basement.

I found mandi laying on the couch asleep. there wasnt anyone else down there so i tried to touch her while she was asleep. I lifted up the blanket and she had on booty shorts and a tshirt. The shorts were so tight around her fat cheeks that it stretched them out so much i could see the edge of her pussy lip. i wanted to rip off the shorts so bad.

I ended up getting too nervous to grab her ass but I put my finger on her pussy. It felt so soft and juicy. I didnt want her to wake up so i went to the bathroom again and jacked off. This became a new hobby of mine, to spy on my stepsister. I only found her asleep a couple times but once i was so horny i snuck into her room while she was asleep.

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She only had on a thong but the blanket was covering most of her. She was lying on her side and the blanket covered her whole butt but practically none of her front. I saw her feet and long legs leading up to the v of her freshly shaven pussy, her big hips and her awesome tits. Luckily she didnt have a bra on and so i touched her boobs softly.

I started stroking my dick but i didnt want her to wake up so I left the room. A few hours later when mandi was about to take a shower I got the idea to peek at her showering.

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Mandis room has a bathroom in it and so she never shut the door all the way when she showered which helped me get a good view. When i heard the water start i snuck into mandis room and leaned against the bathroom wall.

I pulled out my camera and put it around the corner into the bathroom. There i could see mandi taking a hot wet shower. The shower doors were made of glass which helped me get a better view. She looked amazing, her ass and boobs were all soapy and shiny. I could barely keep my boner from popping out of my pants.

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Mandi sat down to either wash her pussy or shave but the good thing was that her back faced the bathroom door. I cautiously snuck in behind her and the shower door was open a bit so i slowly went closer.

I didnt want her to notice me but i wanted to see her naked body up close. All of the sudden she stood up and i swear my heart jumped out of my chest.

Luckily, she didnt turn around and so standing inches before me, was my naked stepsister. my head was so close to her ass that i could eat her pussy out. She started to wash the soap out of her hair and so I knew this was the best chance i had to do anything.

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I got close and licked her butt cheek quickly, then the water turned off and i darted out of there like a bat out of hell. Now that was crazy. I couldnt believe that I licked my naked sisters ass and she never even noticed!

So a few days had passed and I knew that today i was going to try to fuck Mandi. She was in the basement watching tv. I thought of a great plan and i knew exactly what to say, but I was still really really nervous. I sat down next to her and said "Mandi umm when I was on your phone I accidentally saw pictures of you naked." She looked at me shocked. I had no idea if i was about to get slapped and in serious trouble. "And I was going to tell my dad what I saw but." "NO.

YOU CANT TELL HIM" she replied. "Okay okay I wont and Im sorry again." I said. Then out of no where Mandi said "Did you like them?" She was looking me right in the eyes. "Yeah they were pretty hot" I said. Mandi mustve gotten really turned on because she scooted closer to me and grabbed my cock while looking me in the eyes.

I let her pull off my pants and she started sucking. I couldnt believe it, my stepsister was sitting here sucking my dick! She slurped and turned her head and slowly bounced her blonde head up and down on my hard cock. It felt amazing. I said " Alright lets take off your pants baby" and she stopped sucking.

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I pulled off her tight shorts and her ass exploded out of them. She went doggy and the pounding started. We had to keep a little quiet but we had privacy. Mandi started making alot of noise. Her tight pussy was sopping wet and every hump there was pussy juice sliding down my cock and onto my balls. She started to ride my shlong and her booty was bouncing up and down on my cock. I grabbed it and each cheek could be grabbed with two handfuls. After a few minutes i started to feel the urge to cum.

I wasnt ready yet so she hopped off my cock and started sucking again. We moved into 69 and it was perfect.

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She had a shaved pussy and the taste turned me on even more. I slid my tongue through her pussy lips and sucked on her clit.

I couldnt take the sucking anymore and got up and started to cum on her face. It was the biggest load i had ever had. Her whole face was covered. She licked some off and gave my cock one last suck. I was in complete disbelief and i felt great.

I couldnt believe what just happened. We hopped in the shower and kissed and cleaned ourselves off. I told mandi that it was amazing "well have to do this more often" she said.


The end. THIS WAS A REAL STORY. (All of this happened. Some of it was exaggerated but i really did fuck my sister and found her nudes and came on her face). We have fucked a few times now and i can put out more stories if you guys want.

Please tell me how i did.