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Rock hard anal xxx with homosexual guys
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The Internship Pt. 1 I had first met Joe Bass my senior year of highschool during a career fair and he immediately offered me his summer internship opening. He was a kind person and not bad looking for a middle aged man so I took his offer and came to work for him the summer before I started college. The Job mostly consisted of answering the phone outside his office and amusing him when he would come out and make small talk with me. I had just turned 19 and there was no question my figure had responded well to womanhood.

I wasn't unaware the way Mr. Bass would stare at me, sneaking a peak of my tits or ass whenever he got the chance. I never felt uncomfortable by his attention though, It was flattering and I assumed it couldn't hurt having my boss fancy me.


I even gradually started wearing more and more revealing clothes to work, sneaking in a short black skirt or a low cut blouse from time to time. The work days all remained pretty straight forward the first several weeks. I got the chance to meet my co-workers who were all welcoming of me.

I quickly made friends with Bailey who worked beside me as the secretary for Mr. Edwards. She was a few years older than me but we clicked right away. We were the youngest and likely the prettiest girls in the office so it seemed natural we'd have things in common. Things between me and Glen had been becoming stressful.

It was both our first time living with someone else and we'd constantly fight about everything from chores to our relationship. That's about how my weeks would play out. I'd go to work at Bass & Associates, laugh at Mr. Bass's jokes, and Gossip with Bailey. And then end the day by coming home to Glen and a likely bout of arguing. That's how it went at least in till the 4th of July company party in the park… Joe and his two other business partners had reserved an area of Chandlers Park and had brought plenty food and alcohol to the party.

Being only nineteen I arrived and began enjoying a grilled hot dog and introduced Bailey to Glen whom I had brought along. Me and Bailey complimented each other on our outfits, hers being a lively green party dress and me wearing a tight casual shoulder dress that extended a couple inches above my knees.

Mr. Bass walked over and greeted me and introduced himself to Glen who shook his hand. "Hey if you don't tell anyone, you can grab yourself a couple beers out of the cooler if you'd like." Joe told us giving Glen a little nudge and me a wink. We were all hanging out watching fireworks and barbecuing when I noticed Glen was in the middle of an argument behind me. He had apparently began getting a little loud and rowdy shouting at people who weren't in our group, and even trying to replace Mr.

Edwards as the grill master. Mr. Bass was in the middle of telling Glen he needed to lay off the drinks and come sit around the fire with the rest of us. "Hey man I'm cool, I was just telling that group that I liked their music!" Oh god.

I thought to myself, How many beers had he had… Glen was stumbling around and continuing to take gulps of his drink. "Son I can't have you making a scene here, this is a company event. Either come sit down and spend some time with your girlfriend or I'm going to have to ask you to leave." Glen stopped talking for a second to give Mr. Bass a distasteful glare.

"Hey it's a party man relax." Glen patted Joe on the shoulder and made for the cooler again. "That's it" My boss told him sternly. "I'm gonna get you home." By now everyone was either watching the argument or watching the fireworks pretending not to listen. I was glowing with embarrassment as I stood up and went over to calm down Glen.

With Glen being my ride and unable to safely drive himself home Mr. Bass decided he would drive Glen back to our apartment. After a joint effort from me and my boss to settle him down we headed for the parking lot. Mr. Bass was walking smoothly beside me, while Glen probably eager to get away from the embarrassing situation he had created for himself stumbled on ahead of us. "I hope this doesn't mean your done for the night" Mr. Bass said walking beside me. "We are only getting started here and I have some important business partners coming later I'd like you to be familiar with Jessica." My boyfriend threw me an irritated look from up ahead, though it was hard to tell if he had heard Joe or was just giving me a glare for not sticking up for him.

Joe unlocked the car and Glen jumped in the passenger seat. I got in the back and we pulled out of the parking lot. I could feel Mr. Bass staring at me in the rear view mirror but I kept my head down in my embarrassment. Finally my boss spoke glancing over at Glen. "Son I hope you know this is nothing against you, it was a company event and we needed to maintain some professionalism." Glen continued to stare out the window as Mr.

Bass continued. "But Jessica does work for the the company and I need her to be at the companies events, You can understand that right?" "It's already 9:30" He stated to no one in particular.

"Well we don't have work tomorrow, and I'll drive her home when it's over." Mr. Bass countered. "Wait you want to keep her tonight?" Glen asked obviously only now catching on to Joe's words. I sat in silence in the back seat while they discussed what I'd be doing for the night. They went back and forth till we were outside Glen and I's apartment.

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My heart actually sank a little when Glen reached for the door handle and told me to come on. I looked up and saw my boss looking at me expectantly in the mirror.


I found myself saying "I'm sorry babe it's a company event and I work there, I'll be home tonight though." "Really Jessica?" Glen asked through clenched teeth. I was really starting to get annoyed at how he was acting.

Why was he embarrassing me in front of my boss like this? "Yes Glen. It's not my fault you drank too much and got asked to leave, I'll see you when I get home." Glen gave us both a glare before getting out and slamming the door. "Oh my god. I am so sorry Mr. Bass he isn't usually like-" He just started chuckling and shook his head. "No dear it's quite alright, boys will be boys. Here you want to hop up here?" He asked patting the passenger seat with his hand.

I popped out and got in the front seat. "I'm glad you decided to stay it's going to be a fun night." He told me and gave my leg a squeeze. I didn't know if it was just the wine but it felt like his hand lingered on my thigh before putting the car into gear and pulling away.

We showed up back at the park and enjoyed another half an hour of fireworks before it began to die down. Mr. Bass told everyone not to worry and announced we were meeting back at his house for the after party. I glanced at my phone and noticed the time was 10:15 and I already had three texts from Glen. "Do you need to go home Jess?" I heard my boss ask as he walked up to me.

I thought about going home to an angry boyfriend, or drinking wine with my co-workers. "No I don't need to go home yet, in less you need to drop me off." I told him. "I'll make sure to call you a cab whenever you need it." He said with a buzzed wink. Mr. Bass's house was insane.

It had its own gate and I got super excited when I saw his backyard pool and hottub! I immediately talked Bailey into grabbing our drinks and going outside. Neither of us had dressed with the possibility of swimming so we stripped down to our bras and underwear and jumped in. Mr. Bass's house was so big that everyone was scattered throughout it and soon Bailey ventured inside to find her date for the evening leaving me outside in the hottub.

I took a sip of my wine and closed my eyes, letting the tubs jets massage my back.

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"You like the hot tub huh?" I looked up and saw Joe Bass standing over me outside the hottub holding a bottle of Guiness and wearing a pair of swim trunks. I nodded. "It sure beats my bathtub." Joe waded into the warm water and stretched out beside me. We began talking about work, and a little about his past and how he had made it to here.

I didn't realize how late it had gotten till my phone started blowing up with calls and texts from Glen. I groaned as I saw it was already 12:30 in the night.

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"Do you need to go home?" I sighed, "yeah. I probably should." The disappointment must have been obvious in my voice. I had drank enough already my memory was getting fuzzy but I remember Mr. Bass sliding over to me in the hottub cause his leg brushed against me and I felt an unexpected shudder run up my body. "I just don't get it you're such a bright young girl to be dealing with that." His leg was still brushing up against mine and I had the strong desire to reach out and stroke it.

Just then my boss leaned in pressing up against me and he softly added "and beautiful too." I don't know what came over me but I looked up and bridged the gap between our lips in a pleading kiss. The next thing I remember was waking up to the sunlight in a huge bed.

I looked under the covers and noticed I was completely naked. I began to feel the dull throbbing of my pussy and a soreness in my thighs. I rolled over and saw Mr. Bass laying beside me under the covers. I quietly sat up and located my phone on the night stand beside me. Great. nine missed calls and seven texts from Glen. I sighed and closed my eyes, he was too much to deal with this hungover.

I heard my boss begin to stir beside me and I instinctively pretended to be moving in my sleep and rolled onto my side. He adjusted and rolled over towards me pressing his naked crotch against the small of my back. I found myself being spooned with his morning erection pressing against my skin and one of his large hands tenderly cupping my breast.

No wonder I'm sore. I thought to myself, he is massive!

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Involuntarily my ass began to move against his groin. My movement must have woken him because he was now pressed firmly against me softly kissing my neck and giving my tender breasts a massage. "Mmmm" I moaned through a deep breathe. He took a pause from planting my neck in kisses to ask "Did you enjoy last night?" I rolled over and stretched out my hands to run my fingers against his cock and roll his balls in the other.

I couldn't believe I had no memory of being fucked by the biggest cock I had ever felt.! "It was the best sex I've ever had" I phibbed.

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I leaned toward him and kissed his lips while my hand stroked as much of his erection as I could grab. And just like that he was on top of me pulling my legs apart.

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His man hood pushed into my wet but tight vagina and before I could say a word was giving my pussy assumingly a very similar pounding to the night before. My tits refused to stay still as they rocked back and forth with my boss's overwhelming thrusts.

I began to get pushed against the bed frame as he drove deeper than I could handle. I moaned and cried with pleasure and pain as my still half asleep body climaxed in a violent shudder. I grabbed his back in my arms and pulled myself of the bed against his muscled body. I could feel my pussy fill with warmth before he even slowed down his strokes. He stopped, still inside me to catch his breath while I still vibrated from my orgasm. He gave my bruised vagina one last thrust and splash of cum before getting up and letting his seed seep out.

"Thank god I'm on birth control, holy shit that was unreal." I gasped through labored breaths. I watched a waterfall drain from me and onto his sheets. He gave me a knowing wink "You're welcome to stay here, but I should probably get you back to your boyfriend." He told me half amused.

I watched him put on a shirt and a pair of sweatpants while allowing myself one last glance of his glorious bulge before remembering now I had to go home and face my boyfriend.