Solo legal age teenager fingers her cunt

Solo legal age teenager fingers her cunt
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"What do you like best about me?" I asked, still sitting there behind her, chin on her shoulder, toying with her naked body. Her hands were back, above her head, playing with my hair, giving me easier access.

She didn't answer. I pinched and pulled her nipples away from her body.

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The rest of her chest followed. "I'm thinking," she said sheepishly. "You…" she paused, searching for the right words, "you taste fantastic," she finally responded with an embarrassed laugh. "I just love your cum…the thought of tasting you…" she let it hang. I spread her lips with one hand, and entered her already wet pussy with the middle finger of the other, thrusting in and out lightly.

I kissed her neck from behind, just beneath her jaw. She lifted her chin, rolled her head in the other direction, baring the whole side for me. I kissed harder, moving around, adding tongue.

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I sucked in lightly as I pulled away each time, enjoying the delicate sound. "Ohh," she moaned moving her hips, trying to feel my thin finger more, "I like that too…" Her hands stopped playing with my hair, and begun to simply slide around my head as she got more aroused.

My dick stiffened against her back and she leaned into me, trying to return the favors I was doing her. "What's…your favorite…thing…about me?" she managed to gasp. I increased my pace, while moving the other hand back up to her breasts.

I lightly rubbed each nipple, and was met with a groan, and her sticking her chest out towards my hand. I could feel her getting wetter and wetter as I continued to kiss up and down her neck. "Well, I like a lot of things," I started in between kisses, adding another finger and pressing my thumb against her clit. I felt her hips pull back in surprise, then push harder against my hand.


"I like how I know just how to press all your buttons," I said tickling her g-spot. "I like these very much," I grinned, pulling my drenched fingers out and cupping her breasts. I traced her slightly parted lips with my glistening fingers, then allowed her to service them. "But most of all, I love these." I let her lick her juices off me for a few more minutes, then pulled them out.

I slid out from behind her, leaving her to sit against the headboard, and stood in front of her on the bed. Reaching down to stroke her cheek, I again traced her lips, "but most of all, I love that no matter how happy you make me with these, it doesn't compare to how I feel about what's up here." My finger tapped her head lightly, my fingers slid into her hair, around behind her head, and I pulled her towards my eager dick.

She wanted to get right on with it, she wanted my cum, but I pulled her down farther. She needed to earn the privilege to suck me. I allowed her to lick my balls with the very tip of her tongue, over, around and again, until slowly, she covered every inch of them with wetness.

I led her to the bottom of my shaft, just above my balls I have a sensitive spot. I again let her work me with the very tip of her tongue for several minutes until she turned and kissed the spot sideways. Once…twice…three times…she stayed down, parted her lips and licked it hard, over and over with her tongue. I started so slide up and down, grinding the bottom of my cock against her lips and tongue. She held her lips there, her tongue still while I increased my pace, and the intensity with which I pushed.

Eventually I let her go back to work with her tongue, until she got the bottom inch of my dick wet. Then I moved her up. Inch my inch, lick my lick, she made sure my whole cock below my head was soaked in her spit. I stopped her before she got to my sensitive spot. Denied her exactly what she yearned for. I grabbed her hair and gently pulled her head back near the wall. I grabbed my dick in my other hand, my left and tortured her by tracing her lips with precum then pulling away again.

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She reached out with her free hands around to my ass and pulled me close to her. She was able to get her lips around my head for a few seconds before my strength prevailed and I pulled against her. "So impatient," I said, hopping off the bed and grabbing some rope out of my pack.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk." I tied her wrists to the posts on the edges of the headboard. Sitting against the headboard and wall behind it, wrists bound, her upper body looked like a field goal with a head.

I pulled out the lightbulb shaped vibrator again. "No," she mouthed, closing her legs instinctively. She watched very closely with wide eyes as I carried it towards her, then breathed a small sigh of relief when I set it on her nightstand. "I can put it on high and make you cum until you pass out, or I can set it real low…too low to bring you to climax and leave you there for hours.

Which would you prefer?" She stayed silent. "Spread your legs." She reluctantly complied. I buckled the spreader bar to each ankle, and then extended it until her feet hung off either side of the bed. I grabbed another extendable pole with a dildo on one end.

I screwed it into the center of the spreader bar, and removed the dildo. Then I extended the pole until the end stopped about 6 inches short of her pussy. I tightened and duct taped the large vibrator to it, making sure that the head pushed apart her pussy lips and rested on her clit. I stood in front of her again and rubbed my dick around her face while her lips stayed tightly shut. Her eyes kept shifting from me to where the vibrator would be if she could see through me.

I oozed precum onto each soft cheek and onto her chin. Her eyes now stayed fixed on me. I reached down and turned the vib on low. "Oh god, OH GOD!" She started to panic, her arms pulled wildly against her unyielding bonds. I bent down and kissed her. Slowly I felt her relax, felt her body go limp. Convinced she had calmed down enough, I pulled away and stood back up. She looked up at me, her face slightly contorted, mind on the trembling between her legs.

"What do you want, my darling?" "I want your cum," she breathed. "Where?" "On my lips, in my mouth, sliding down my throat." "How about running down your face?" "Anything, just give it to me." I slid my right hand back behind her head and gently closed my fingers around a handful of wavy dark brown hair.

"Open your mouth wide, stick your tongue out, keep your lips off my dick until I say so," I slowly, slowly plunged myself into her mouth feeling her tongue slide down my shaft until several seconds later she could go no farther and it ended just above my balls.

"Wrap tight," her lips formed a seal that nothing could break. She sucked in hard as I slowly slid her up my dick. As the tip popped out of her lovely mouth, she opened wide and I pushed her down again. We repeated this for a half hour, not really taking me anywhere, just enjoying the mutually pleasurable experience of her servicing my cock while the vibrator continued its slow conquest of her vagina.

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Finally I started moving her head faster, up and down my dick. She kept her impossibly tight seal and stared straight into my eyes. It was a sight that made me horny like nothing else, her lips wrapped around my hard dick, her staring up lovingly at me. I stopped forcing her to deepthroat and move her up and down the very top of my cock so she could wash her tongue over my sensitive spot, my tip, my delicious head.

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I held back as best I could, wanting to give her a full load, but I got real close real fast. When I felt like I was on the verge I pulled out. She whined with displeasure. "Where should I cum, your gorgeous breasts?" I said kneeling down rubbing myself over her nipples.

She simply moaned with pleasure. The vibrator, while not bringing her near climax was starting to make her vagina more sensitive. I stood up again. Her eyes begged, her lips whispered, "please cum in my mouth." I grabbed her hair again and resumed my brisk pace. When I felt myself starting to get close again, I slowed her to a crawl.

Down an inch past my head, back up to my head, down an inch, back up. Nice and slow. I wanted her to suck slow, I wanted to cum slow, dribbling long and slow onto her tongue allowing her the pleasure of tasting every last drop. I was there, I felt the urge to speed her up, to bring it flying out but I resisted. Rather than shoot immediately, my dick grew harder, impossibly hard, giving new meaning to the term boner.

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Finally I felt it rise, slowly, only the tip in her mouth I oozed in spurts all over her tongue. Like a tube of toothpaste slowly being rolled, I thought it was going to last forever. It was a struggle to stay standing, to keep my eyes open so I could watch this helpless beauty being pleased with the taste of my juice.

After over a minute, I finally felt her tongue beckon the last drop out of my cock. I pulled out, and watched her, lips parted slightly, white tongue barely visible, enjoying every bit of it. My dick was fully flaccid by the time she finished slowly gulping down every last drop. I stepped off the bed down to the floor. She looked down at the vibrator still buzzing away on her womanhood as if realizing it for the first time.

Her attention no longer divided, she stared at it, then pleadingly at me. To her despair, I walked out of the room. I dressed and went to the store to restock on rope, buy some clothespins, leave her wondering. I returned somewhere around 45 minutes later, stripped and wandered up to the bedroom.

Her eyes were shut, she was trying to fight the unrelenting torturous quiver of the vibrator. Her body would lie still for a few seconds, twitch when she couldn't take it any more only to lie still again and repeat.

She didn't notice my presence until I turned off the vibrator. Her eyes snapped open, but she said nothing. I detached the vib, placed it off to the side, unscrewed the bar and tossed that to the floor also.

I noticed she had dripped onto the bed. Sigh, the sheets would have to be changed again.

I released her of the spreader bar, her legs just hung there limply. Finally I untied her wrists and pulled her to her feet. She took one step and stumbled, her pussy was very, very sensitive. I bent down, put one arm under her legs, the other under her back, lifted and carried her down to the living room.

I sat her tired form on the couch, shifted her ass forward to the edge, knelt down and spread her legs. Wrapping my arms under and around her thighs I blew lightly on her clit.

She twitched massively. So sensitive. I gave her pussy lips a quick peck, then another.

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This time I stayed down, I flicked my tongue in and out. She jumped. Again and again, faster and faster. Her jumps continued, then turned to thrusts, her soft skin pressing into my face each time. She tasted pretty damn good herself. More flicks in and out. Working my way up, working my way towards that clit.


So close, she inhaled sharply in anticipation, I went back down again, away. I repeated this, over and over, minute after minutes, coming so close each time, then drifting away. Her juices flowed, more, freer, she began to beg.

"Oh, oh, oh, please, please, no, no…god…yes, yes, yes, oh…oh……oh…" I moved up, nibbled on her nipples, kissed her cheeks, her neck, her lips, letting my partially hard, exhausted dick brush her clit.

Back to her lips, her neck, her chest…down…down, stomach…inner thighs. She spread her legs wider, to her limit in anticipation, eyes shut, gasping for breath, her arms hanging off the back of the couch. I spread her lips with my fingers making her clit completely vulnerable. I laid my tongue flat on it and held it there, enjoying her taste, her smell.

Slowly I moved my head back and forth, my flat tongue rubbing all over her clit. Back…&hellip.forth…&hellip.back……forth&hellip. Faster and faster, my head, her heartbeat, her breaths, I started shaking my head rapidly, side to side, my tongue got swept along for the ride, flailing wildly over her spot. Then I felt it, I heard it, one long moan, one wet squirt, a huge orgasm.

Several smaller ones, her vaginal muscles being kicked into overdrive, her pussy continuing to drip while I tasted every drop. Her hips thrusted, my nose got pressed into her stomach, orgasms continued to rage. I stood up, pushed her onto her back on the couch, got on top of her and began to kiss her wildly as orgasms began to die down.

We continued to kiss, our tongues spinning circles around each other, my hands under her shoulders, one of hers on the small of my back, the other dangling lazily over her head.

I sucked on her lower, lip, she serviced my tongue, I tasted every inch of her mouth. We went on for hours, and hours kissing, licking, until finally we simply lay there panting, exhausted. Finally we headed back up to her bedroom and switched positions. I lay on my back, she lay on her side, next to me, one of her hands lazily stroking my partially erect cock, one of mine fondling her breast as we drifted…

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