Latina realtor cocksucking client before sex

Latina realtor cocksucking client before sex
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After school, I met you at the bus stop. I kissed you gently on the lips, and held your hand. As we walk to Jumbo, we see Megan getting off the bus. We start walking faster, but it was too late.

"Hey, what the hell are you two doing together?" she asks. "What the fuck do you care, Megan?" you snapped. "Oh my god, you're fucking him, aren't you?" she asks sarcastically.

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"What difference does it make? You don't even know the names of half the people that you fucked," I say while slightly smiling. She gives you a dirty look and gets on her bus. "Well, that was close." you say. As we walk into Jumbo, I ask, "What movie do you want to get?" "Oh, well there is this one," you say as you drag me to a shelf with a limited selection of porn.

You pick up a copy of some kinky porn and walk up to the counter. You hand it to the cashier, my friend James. He looks at it. Then looks at you, and then at me. He shrugs and says, "Jeff, you owe me big, man. Do you know how much shit I can get in?" "James man, don't worry, I got your back," I say as I pay.

We walk out the door and I grab you hand and start skipping and singing, "We're off to see the wizard." Then you interrupt me by hitting me with your purse. You smile gently. By the time we got to my house, it was pouring rain; boom. You jump at the sound of thunder. I unlock the door and invite you in. I take my shoes off and disappear into the kitchen. "Are you hungry?" I yell from the kitchen. "Yah… I guess," you reply. "Chicken ok?" I ask. "Yep, fine with me." you say.

As I stand over the stove and cook the chicken, you come up behind me and put your arms around my waist.


"How's it going, Hun?" you ask, looking at the pan. "Fine baby," I say as I put a chicken breast on our plates.

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After we finish eating, we go into my bedroom to watch a movie. I put the DVD in, lie down beside you, and kiss you passionately; I pull away and press play on the remote. We lie there as the girl on the movie is getting fucked doggy stile in the ass. I lean over and whisper in your ear "I bet you'd like that". "Fuck you Jeff" you snap. "Ok, when and where?" I say playfully. "Right hear right now, bitch" you say in a sexy voice.

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I lean over and shove my tongue down your thought, and wiggle it around in you're mouth. You moan lightly and kiss me back. You flip on top of me and hold me down. As I squirm beneath your legs you start to unbutton my shirt and kiss my neck.

I manage to wiggle one arm free and then the other from beneath you I take your tank top off and undo your bra I slid it off and throw it on the floor. I flip you over and kiss you passionately and move down your neck, I move down to your left nipple and suck it until it's hard then I move to the other. I undo your pants button and un zip them than as I try and remove them you flip back on top of me and start to bite my neck after a wile of doing this, I'm trying hard not to moan.

You move to my collar bone and start sucking it. You do this until there's a huge hicky. You slide down kissing my chest until u get to my pants. You undo the buttons on my jeans and pull them off, then u take off my boxers reviling a long hard cock. You lick up the side and take it all in you're mouth.

You move it in and out and occasionally down the side.

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When I come close to ejaculating I push myself all into you and let it flow. Once I finish you swallow it all and lick the excess off my dick. You move up and kiss me. I get beside your feet and pull your pant with one quick motion.


I lie beside you. As I kiss you deeply I finger you through your thong. I pull your thong off and finger you gently. I begin to speed up and use one more finger so there are now 3 fingers in you. I speed up and by this time you're soaking wet and about to scream.

When you're about to have an orgasm I start eating you out as well as finger you. When you cream in my mouth I finger and lick you harder and faster.

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I slow down fingering and stop eating you. After you breathing returns to normal (or close to it). I pull my fingers out and stick them in your mouth. I spread your legs and get in between them. I rub my dick up and down your clit. I put my dick at the opining of your pussy and press lightly so the tip of my dick is inside you. I let you get used to having my dick inside you and then I pound it in as hard as I can. I keep pounding and kissing you. As you grow closer to orgasm I pound harder and harder.

When your ¾ of the way there I flip you on your stomach and pull you up into doggy stile. I continue to pound you as I rub your clit. We both cum at the same time our reproductive juice's flow between your legs. I set you down and flip you over I get in 69 position and start licking you out I taste the juices mmm so good. After taking a short break with me eating u out you start sucking my dick I cum in your mouth and you swallow every drop of it. I get off of you and lye down beside you.

I cuddle with you as we watch porn.

The next morning you wake up alone in my bed. You get out of bed and put on my house coat. You walk into the kitchen and there's a note on the table that says: Hey baby we have no eggs or bacon so I went shopping to get some be back soon love you Jeff.

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As soon as you set the note down I walk into the door. I walk into the kitchen and say "Morning baby". "Morning" you moan lightly. I poor you a glass of orange juice and start making breakfast. After breakfast we go lie back in bead and fall back asleep we wake up around 12 and watch some more porn and make out lightly.