Minha Irma Me Xupando bem gostoso

Minha Irma Me Xupando bem gostoso
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Fbailey story number 279 If You've Got It, Flaunt It My Dad told my sister Audrey almost every day of her life, 'If you've got it, flaunt it!" He bought Audrey the tightest and skimpiest tops, skirts, shorts, and bikinis that he possibly could.

I must say that she looks fantastic in them too.

Being just fourteen years old she sure had a fine set of tits and yes she certainly did flaunt them. From my standpoint the older she got the more desirable she became.

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I was pretty sure that Dad was thinking the same thing that I was…who would get to fuck her first? Audrey was fourteen and a half, as she liked to say. She was just your average teenage girl but with not so average tits. She took after mom in that department.

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Believe it or not my little sister wore a 32-DD bra, no shit. They were enormous. Audrey's tits were nine and a half to eleven inches bigger across the fullest part than her ribcage just under her breasts. Mom was thirty-eight years old and she wore a 36-G bra which means that the fullest part of her breasts were twelve to thirteen inches bigger than her ribcage just under her breasts.

Dad always told Mom to flaunt hers too and of course she did. I know that I was treated to cleavage constantly.

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I got to see her breasts often too since Dad was always pulling her tops up. One day Dad told me to start lifting Audrey's top up whenever he lifted Mom's top up. Dad said that it would come across as funny and that everyone would laugh. He then said that if she did complain about it that he would just pretend to punish me.

Okay! Well that evening Dad gave me a wink and got behind Mom so I got behind Audrey. I saw that her T-shirt was on the outside of her jeans and that I would be able to grab the bottom easily. I kept watching Dad and then suddenly he lifted Mom's shirt all the way up and off exposing her enormous breasts in her bra.

I grabbed Audrey's shirt and lifted it up. She was so shocked that she lifted her arms just enough for me to remove her shirt too. Everyone looked at me in disbelief. Audrey was sill standing there with her hands over her head and her mouth open.

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Dad and I got a really good view of her breasts but we had seen that much in a bikini. Then without thinking I reached out and grabbed a hold of the area around the hooks, pinched them together, and gave them a twist.

To my utter amazement her bra unsnapped. Dad reached out, hooked a finger in it between her big breasts, and pulled it off her body. Audrey looked terrorized standing there topless like a deer caught in headlights. I moved around for a better view and Audrey turned toward me in disbelief. I on the other hand looked right at her exposed breasts. They were mighty impressive but written on one was the words, "I belong to Daddy" and on the other one was written, "I belong to my brother." The words were written in black permanent marker just below her nipples, where no one would or should have ever see it.

Audrey finally smiled and said, "I want Daddy to have Thelma but I saved Louise for you." It had been a long time family joke that Mom had named her boobs "The Girls" and that Audrey had named her boobs "Thelma and Louise" after the movie.

We also knew that Mom and Dad's private areas were called "Bonnie and Clyde" also after a movie. Finally I reached out and held Audrey's left breast in both of my hands with some left over. Then I leaned in and kissed her nipple before sucking it into my mouth. We all knew how sensitive Mom's nipples were but when Audrey had an orgasm just from my lips touching her nipple we all knew that it ran in the family.

Dad released Mom's bra exposing her breasts to me too. Then he got on Audrey's other nipple and together we turned her world upside down.

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Audrey moaned, groaned, and gasped for air constantly. Dad lowered her to the living room rug so that she wouldn't collapse.


After she passed out Mom got on the floor and beckoned us to her. Once again Dad took one nipple in his mouth and I took the other one in my mouth. Dad didn't stop there though and undid Mom's jeans pulling them down with my help.

He lowered her panties too and revealed her pussy to me. Then together we sucked on a nipple, finger fucked her, and attacked her clit until Mom too passed out. Dad said, "Wow! We have two girls to pleasure anytime that we want too." I looked at Dad and asked, "Anytime?" He smiled and said, "You bet! They belong to us, don't they?" About that time Audrey stirred.

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Dad and I went to work on her nipples and removed her jeans and panties too. Once again we excited her to unconsciousness. After the second set of attacks Dad said, "I'll fuck mine, you fuck yours." I watched him part Mom's legs, her smile at him, and then him plunge his cock right into her depths. So I parted Audrey's legs and got between them. She smiled up at me and said, "Be gentle, I'm a virgin." I told her, "Me too." There was nothing to worry about though because she was so wet that my stiff cock just slid into her vagina with hardly any effort at all.

As I fucked into my sister's pussy I could hear Mom calling out 'Oh God' like she does every night in her bedroom. Soon Audrey was calling out 'Oh God' too and we both smiled. Not too much longer Dad was huffing and puffing as he cum in Mom.


I was not too far behind him as I too huffed and puffed before flooding my sister with my cum. Later that evening Dad and I traded girls and I got to fuck Mom for the first time too. I knew in my heart that that was just the start of something beautiful.

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The End If You've Got It, Flaunt It 279