Asian boy wash when masturbation The second episode

Asian boy wash when masturbation The second episode
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House Party - Hi. I'm Julia. Julia isn't my real name. The story you are about to read is one of mine, from a few years ago. My brother thought I should tell it instead of him, but he did help me with some of the details. Bryan thinks I'll do it justice. So, here goes nothing. It all started one night at a party my brother Bryan was hosting at his house. All of our friends were invited and he of course invited me since we shared the place.

I put aside my studies, got dressed in something I was sure my brother would like and came downstairs before very many people had arrived. I knew he was watching me because I saw him, deep in thought and on the phone. The moment I walked in I heard him stop what he was doing and insist that he call the other person back, after having been unresponsive for so many times during their conversation.

I had on a 'daddy's girl' pink shirt and a white sun skirt with sandals. He loved the skirt a lot because I usually didn't wear panties under it. Bryan pulled me into the kitchen where he had been pacing back and forth and took me downstairs to our finished basement. While there was a television, a few couches and a fridge stocked full with alcohol, no one had wandered down here. His hands parted my thighs as we stood against the staircase and felt between my legs.

A finger traced the outside of my lips and delved inside, fucking me tenderly. I tried not to moan too loud but I couldn't help myself. It felt too nice. He covered my mouth and kept fingering me like he was, now using two fingers.

I wanted him to fuck me and tried to show him what I wanted by pulling at his belt. I opened the front of his shorts and reached inside before he took the hint.

I held his stiff cock and rubbed it like I'd seen him do in the shower. He pulled his hand away from my pussy and gazed into my eyes before his lips met mine. He got inside me during our kiss and screwed me like I wished my boyfriend would, his hips moved slowly, teasing me relentlessly. I didn't realize how easy it was to cum with him but when I gushed, he slowed and pulled out to clean me up.

While he was kneeling I touched my pussy, running my fingers through the trail of my juices. Bryan took my hand and sucked each finger clean, as well as ran his tongue between my thighs to collect my cum. When he got to his feet, I turned away from him. His cock found my pussy again and slid in. I tightened my grip on him. I wanted him to come a little quicker than I think he planned, we have a party to host upstairs and without one of us to supervise, things might get out of hand.

He stammered behind me, grunting as I felt his cock pulse. My brother's meat swelled a bit larger before he finished and he pushed it deeper. I leaned into his chest, feeling his fingers under my shirt. When he pulled out of me I felt empty.

But he promised we could do this again once the party died down, so at least I had that to look forward to. He ascended the stairs and greeted some of the guys from the football team that just arrived. Even though we had been out of school for more than a few years, he knew someone who knew someone else and that led to the jocks stopping over along with some of the cheerleading squad. They were always welcome, especially since I thought a couple of them were cute.

I planned to seduce one of them sometime during the party. Bryan went to the kitchen and made a few drinks for the new guests. We have a bar upstairs behind the island. He served what each person wanted over a half wall separating the kitchen and dining area, so no one would be standing over him like a hawk.

Later in the night, he found me a little buzzed on a couch in the living room. Some of the jocks had taken a football outside and were passing it on our street. I heard the sound of them catching it and only recognized it because of the games I played with my brother in the summer. He sat next to me and pushed my hair back, softly tucking it behind my ear. I looked up at him and he hugged me.


"Don't drink anymore. I want you to be alert later. I haven't touched any alcohol tonight other than mixing it for other people." "But I'm feeling good. It's the end of the week and we'll have two days together before work starts up again." "I still don't like when you're drinking. I want you to remember what we do together." "I'll stop. Maybe I should make a little coffee.

Do you want some?" "Sure. Let me know when it's done." He rose from the couch and checked upstairs to see if any of their guests had ended up there. As he expected, there was a cheerleader and one of the jocks who supposedly was her boyfriend. She didn't want to have sex with him but he very much wanted her.

Brittany was in her bra and panties, her boyfriend had jeans that were around his ankles and his boxers on top of those. Bryan interrupted their little argument and confronted Jorge, her boyfriend. "You got some nerve." "Nerve enough to get what I want? Sure. I want Brittany and there's nothing you can do to stop me." He lunged for the three hundred pound linebacker and knocked him to the floor beside the bed.

I heard the rumble downstairs and rushed to see what happened. Jorge fell into the hallway followed by Bryan who kept the footballer off his feet. They were trading blows, moving closer to the stairs and I didn't want anything bad to happen.

There was a shirt in the hall and I wrapped it around Jorge's face like a blindfold. Bryan took him to the floor again at the top of the steps. The guy pulled the shirt off his eyes and left, calling a couple of his buds to leave. I sat with Bryan in the bathroom, tending to his split lip and battered knuckles. I diluted some hydrogen peroxide and had him swish it around to clean the gash on his lip. I knew it must have stung because my brother's face contorted.


When he spit, red washed down the drain with some running water. Brittany appeared in the doorway, still wearing her bra and panties. "Thanks, Bryan. He was gonna rape me. I didn't do anything to provoke him except for changing my mind. Can't a girl say no if her boyfriend is obviously under the influence?" I invited her inside and closed the door. "A girl should be able to but guys like that don't want to hear it. Did he hurt you?" "He grabbed my wrists before your brother showed up.

I came so close to being beaten." She turned to gaze at Bryan who was hunched over the first aid kit, pouring some antiseptic on his knuckles. "It's our house. I need to know if people are getting into things they aren't mature enough to handle. We're responsible for everything that goes on and I'd like to keep a clean record." "Well. thanks just the same. Now I don't have a way home, is there a chance I could crash here until the morning?" "Where do you live?" "That isn't the problem really.

I was staying with my boyfriend and he lives across town. My parents aren't in the state so I have nowhere to stay if I'm not in good with my boyfriend." "Let me know where he lives and I'll get some people together to pick up your stuff. Feel free to stay here for as long as you need. Don't use the phone unless I approve your calls, don't answer the door because Julia and I have keys and keep away from the windows at least for tonight.

I'm about to wrap up the party, so sit tight. I'm sure my sister can get you a change of clothes. You look to be about the same size." The faintest of smiles showed up on his mouth before he turned to head downstairs.

I led her to my room and found her an outfit to sleep in. We turned in for the night about an hour later, once everyone had gone and Bryan checked the house. He came upstairs, disappeared into his room down the hall and closed the door. House Party 2 - I wished Bryan had stayed in my bed tonight. We grew so close that we rarely used our own rooms.

He loved being in my bed because it was newer and not much softer than his own. I wanted to feel his warm body next to mine, holding me around the hips and pushing his cock up on my lower back as we fall asleep but he was sleeping in his own bed.

Brittany saw something was wrong, that I looked sad, disappointed. I sat on the edge of the bed crying to myself silently. She moved next to me, the gentle weight of her body rested inches from mine. Her arm went around my back and I melted into her as she hugged me.

"What's wrong?" I heard her whisper. "I miss Bryan." "We'll see him in the morning." She giggled but I didn't flinch. "I have to tell you something and I need you to promise it won't be said to anyone else." I heard her go quiet and then a meek, serious "okay" was barely audible over the nervous thumping of my heart.

"I usually sleep with my brother at night. This is the first time in the past year that he's in his own room." "I don't understand." "It is what it sounds like. We share a bed in my room most nights, or fall asleep on the couch in the den.

My routine is all fucked up." She pulled me into her, cradling my head as I rested it on her shoulder. "I won't stop you from doing what you do, or say anything to anyone about it. I just wanted a place to sleep away from my psychotic boyfriend." I whimpered as the tears fell. Brittany comforted me as best she could, but I didn't stop crying. Bryan must have overheard because I heard a light knock on the door to my room.

He cautiously opened it and glanced inside, sitting on my right side. His strong arms shifted me to the right and his stubbly cheek pressed against the smoothness of mine. "I'm here, you're protector." He spoke softer than a drizzle of rain falling upon our roof and cuddled with me on the edge of the bed.

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Brittany looked on, smiling but not entirely understanding the depth of our relationship. I frequently had nightmares when I slept of our childhood. Of being beaten by one of our foster parents, spanked while laid across his knee and belittled with insults and vulgarities.

I was unable to do anything about what happened but Bryan knew. My brother was there to get me away from our foster family and to a safer place across town.

It was a homeless shelter though we had freedom there. He tucked me into bed and stepped into the hallway with Brittany. "If you don't want to sleep in here, feel free to use my room.

I won't be in there all night and just this morning changed the sheets. I have to stay in bed with her or she'll cry during the night." She looked down the hallway and then at my door, contemplating her options.

At the end of it all she decided to go into my brother's room. He entered and climbed under the blanket beside me. The central air was on in our house, causing it to be cooler than the mid-80s it was outside. He rested his hand around my waist from behind. I felt secure and soon drifted off. His adjusting behind me stirred me from my deep slumber.

The sun was glaring through the blinds and sprawled on the pillow in front of me like a relaxed cat. I couldn't keep my eyes shut for long. My brother ran his hand between my legs, exploring the gape of my thighs and found the wetness dwelling there. I'd wanted to have him inside of me last night but my sadness suppressed any sexual arousal I might initially have known.

He gently pushed inside me and filled every inch of my cunt, stretching it around his length. The mattress rocked side to side and shook the frame. Jerked it slightly against the wall it leaned on, his fingers embraced my boobs, tweaked my nipples and grunted as quietly as he could in my ear. We didn't want Brittany to wake up because of us. I arched my back and pushed my ass back into him, feeling his fingertips pull on my puffy nipples, keeping them from softening.

The cover had fallen onto the floor behind where he laid next to me, on his side. I peeked over my shoulder and caught him staring at my round little ass. He fucked me harder, delaying every push of his cock for as long as I'd let him.

I wanted to scream the house down but he placed a hand delicately around my throat. "Don't wake Brittany. She needs her beauty sleep." What neither of us knew is Brittany wasn't sleeping. She was in the hallway with her frilly panties around one thigh.

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Her fingers were furiously slipping in and out of her ass and pussy, getting her off as she listened to the sounds of our fucking. I imagined her rubbing her pussy to the noise we were trying not to make. But the bed's frame knocked on the wall at such a rhythm that I'm pretty sure she'd figured out what we were up to. I felt a tingly warmth creeping up my thighs, met by another lightheadedness traveling down my back from behind my head.

He reached between my legs and circled my clit with the tip of his finger, diddling its hardened protrusion side to side. "Please big brother, I'm gonna cum! Don't stop!" He buried himself repeatedly in me and stroked my clit, unloading inside as I gave into the suddenness of everything happening.

Bryan focused entirely on my pleasure and spread the folds of my pussy, finding my clit. He used some of my juices and massaged the tiny nub. I was soaked, the sheet beneath us stuck to my leg as my brother kept up the pace. My knees parted wide and I showered the rest of the bed covering with a warm sprinkling of my creamy wetness.

I was silent for a couple minutes, coming down from squirting made me unable to talk. His breath was on my neck and it helped me to relax. The way his cock filled me from end to end made me feel whole again, complete. Like a new woman. That is why I had to have him inside me. That is why we are lovers and family. That is why. I stripped off the rest of my clothes and sought out another outfit from my closet. Bryan stood and knelt behind me, tasting himself dribbling out of my quivering slit mixed in my juices.

Finding something to wear became difficult as he licked my pussy and wouldn't let up. I looked at the floor between us and noticed him getting hard. My brother's cock lengthened, a hard prick I knew and loved almost more than living, more than money, or fame, or my car. I could live on fucking Bryan for the rest of my life if that's all it took. He stood and brought me down the hall to the shower.

Turned the water on and ushered me into the stall ahead of him with a pat on my ass. House Party 3 - Bryan firmly grabbed me from behind and hid his cock in me, ramming it to my center. To say it didn't hurt would be a lie, but it was a good hurt. I cared little for my own well being when my brother's pleasure came into play. He saw how I tensed and realized his cock was plunging a little too deeply. Hearing him apologize so sweetly and honestly made my cunt sopping wet.

I continuously gripped him inside me, clenching hungrily around his stagnant length. My brother held me in a strong embrace and rubbed my clit between my parted thighs, kissing where my hair flowed down from behind my head. It gave me the chills and I shivered in his arms. My ass trembled on top of him and I melted into his chest, relinquishing my free will to Bryan. He lowered me onto the floor of the stall and positioned me, so my knees were bent and the upper part of my chest hung out of the opened shower door.

I sensed his cock had slipped into my warmth and rhythmically filled my vacant pussy, pushing its veined shaft short of my deepest depths. I whimpered under my breath feeling my brother fucking me. He pushed in and pulled out, guiding my butt back against his groin, pressing the two of them together. Bryan needed to cum and I noticed his cock swelled larger. I gazed over my shoulder at him, brushing my damp brown hair back. His hands gripped my ass and helped me fuck him as he knelt on the hard porcelain.

I was his to use, his fuck toy, for as long we both lived. Nothing mattered up to the point he admitted that I turned him on in the worst way. Our parents would have been ashamed and our family disowned us, but none of that stopped my big brother from showing me that there were no limits to his love and adoration. I heard the door creak ever so slightly.

A blond haired head peeked through the gap, between the door frame and the latch. Brittany was peeking through and rubbing herself furiously. I bent over overtly, showing off while I knew she must have been focused on my pussy.

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Bryan paused for a split second and had to have noticed her. She barely had a stitch of clothing on, just the shirt I gave her last night and a pair of socks. I wanted to eat her gleaming pussy, to slurp her noisily while I was being railed from behind.

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Brittany saw my tongue outstretched towards her and entered the room, cautiously, unable to take her hand away from her pussy. I pulled her hips to the floor in front of me.

I braced myself on her parted thighs and buried my head between them. Her sweet nectar coated my lips, smeared them and the tip of my tongue in her delicious juices. I almost forgot to breathe as she held onto my hair, keeping it pulled back and away from my face.

Brittany's hairless quim smothered my nose and mouth.

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Even my own juices didn't bear the same citrusy consistency. I was jealous to say the least. Bryan's cock twitched inside of me, burying itself deeper than I expected as he shot his load. Brittany must have reached her peak as my tongue swirled around her hot button. Her creamy goodness splashed all over my face and in my open mouth. My brother reached around the front of me and helped me up. I felt him dab a towel where her cum had landed on my face.

He wiped it out of my eyes and kissed me hard, his tongue sought out her remnant cream and cleaned a good amount off my chest. The towel dropped onto where our new friend was still laying on her back. Bryan washed my body slowly, spending a few minutes on my mid-section. He wet my hair again and massaged some shampoo through it, my favorite one which smelled like wildflowers.

Its texture felt to me a little thicker than cum. As he rinsed my hair, he brushed back the soap so it didn't sting my eyes and made sure all of it was through my hair.

His fingers gently cradled my mound once the rest of me was clean before I watched him kneel, holding onto my hips for balance. I screamed, surprised that his tongue first caressed my back entrance, lovingly encircling its untouched opening. He kissed both cheeks, lingering with me bent slightly forward and drove his tongue against my soaked pussy, finding my clit suddenly as he'd tasted my ass.

I watched between my feet and saw how hard eating my cunt made him. I stretched, bending further forward to stroke his stiff prick and couldn't take him into my mouth. It frustrated me to be a few inches short of its glistening shaft but I'd have my chance to return his favor soon. He spread my cheeks and licked from my clit to the crack of my ass, pausing to drive two fingers inside of my pink hole. I didn't like when he fingered me, I'd prefer his cock driving inside but he obviously liked to do it.

Brittany stripped what little I saw her wearing and climbed into the stall. Bryan paused and I saw him grab her ass as she passed him. I turned around, seeking his tongue with mine. I kept his attention on me and sunk my pussy down on him, bouncing slowly as his breath danced upon my shoulder blades. I felt his excitement and tried to involve him in our love making.

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My hips rolled in a circular up and down motion, teasing the cum out of his balls. I held them in my hands, massaging them, pressing my fingers between them and against the small space underneath.

He winced and drove himself upwards to meet my thrusts but moved carefully as not to hurt me. "God. Oh god!" He whispered in my ear, feeling a mouth cradling his sac and sucking on my clit. Brittany's head appeared under the two of us, staring at the juncture of our loins and where his cock repeatedly disappeared inside. I knew she wanted to fuck. I heard it in her breathing and saw the way her eyes widened when he bottomed out inside of me.

With her keeping watch I began to overflow, cumming all over my brother's cock and her face. She kissed my pussy and Bryan's prick as he came energetically inside.

Brittany waited for him to emerge from my warmth and wrapped the tip of her mouth around his cock. My orgasm still wrecked me so I couldn't chastise her like I would have. She slid out from beneath our bodies and washed the cum off her before leaving the stall wrapped in a towel from atop the counter.

My brother hugged me and drove himself inside again. "She's pushing her limits, sis. I think we need to teach her what happens to girls like her." "I agree completely.

I'll talk to you when she's getting dressed in the hallway. We still have to clean out the stall anyways. I will give her another outfit to wear and we'll decide her fate." I concluded and left him to begin tidying the room.

House Party 4 - When I returned, my brother was looking towards the door. I didn't get dressed because I hoped to get Bryan to fuck me again. He stared at the juncture of my thighs where his cum thinly dripped out of and down the inside of my thighs.

It didn't take much more than my expression before he sat me on the counter. My knees were spread and atop his shoulders as he drove his tongue along the bare flesh of my thighs, sopping up the creamy mix of our juices before any of it went to waste. I couldn't believe how horny feeling him work me over made me, but I loved it. I ran my fingers through his hair and held him in place over my mound.

Bryan sucked on my clit hungrily, with more desperation than Brittany had moments ago. He yearned to be inside of me judging by the stiffness of his cock. It dangled, throbbing between his legs as he crouched beside the counter top.

I cried a few tears and pushed his mouth away. My pussy grew sensitive, tensed and squirted its cum all over his chest as he moved back in the nick of time. I sensed he was inside of me again and hugged him with my arms and ankles, keeping him from thrusting too much.

I know he felt my pussy clenching around him as he fucked me, his mouth paid attention to the thin flesh of my neck and his hands wandered down my sides. It was too much feeling him screw me so quickly and I came again, shuddering coldly as the wetness gathered under my ass and dribbled down the lip of the counter.

His balls dipped into the small puddle beneath me, slapping the saturation onto his thighs and calves. I was helpless and gazed into his eyes as a rush of warm cream pulsed all over inside me. I was sated completely, for the moment and could have fallen asleep if he hadn't knelt to drink my liquor. Though his load still stuck to my innards I struggled to peek down with a squinted gaze, weakened by my climax as his squirming tongue traversed the raw skin of my pink passageway.

He went as far as to smother my asshole in gentle exploratory licks, tasting what I thought was a nice mix of coppery sweetness, especially when I tasted it on his tongue as he kissed me passionately. My chest heaved nervously, each breath left my lungs in a huff.

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I knew he was tired from our loving but I felt him lift me into his arms, my damp ass settled into his grasping fingers and we made it back to my room. He set me in bed and crawled on top of me, his softening cock burrowed inside, comforted enough to let us fall asleep. In the morning, his head was on the pillow and he spooned me from behind. With one arm draped over my tummy I felt safe, like nothing would harm me though a nightmare haunted my memory.

I relived the day I was raped by my stepfather every night, that is why I frequently woke up with tears in my eyes. Bryan must have sensed I had woken and opened his tired eyes. "A few more minutes." He mumbled sleepily.

I wanted to curl up and return to dreamland but took his invitation to lay next to him. The room was still dark and it seemed to be the middle of the night. My brother pulled me against his chest as I found his lips. "I had that nightmare again." He sighed and cradled my head in his arms.

"It's okay. Stay with me and I'll keep you safe." I wanted to believe I was out of harm's way but my tummy was nervous. I couldn't relax. My mind wouldn't let me and I struggled to think of something else. Anything but my stepfather stealing my virginity in the pitch blackness of night, pulling away my covers and touching me everywhere his greedy hands wished to.

I woke up again an hour later screaming. Bryan sat up in bed and kissed me softly near the nape of my neck, under my left ear. I realized I was awake and we were in our house, on the other side of the country. He cuddled with me and stroked the back of my neck with a finger, at the base of my skull. My knees went weak as he soothed me, whispering promises into my ear. Declarations of his love for me. That I meant the world to him, that without me in his life he wouldn't have a reason to live.

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And I believed him, not just because he was my big brother but because we shared an unbreakable bond. Brittany stayed with us for a few weeks until her boyfriend was put in prison. Neither of us knew the reason but it made the newspaper. A few women came forward who he raped brutally and left for dead outside town.

We kept a low profile for over a year, keeping to ourselves, making minimal trips to the store and stayed out of the spotlight. Soon, my brother used his teaching degree and got a job at the local school. I was hired to help with the daycare students, too young for kindergarten but still teachable. I assisted them in basic skills, ones their parents should have instilled in them by now.

One might call these kids problematic. I had a natural gift for speaking to the handful of young kids I oversaw, they listened to every word and obeyed my instructions.

My life had purpose. I occasionally woke up with memories of the terrors I'd experienced, but those became so rare that I could sleep in my own room. Bryan returned to his bed and Brittany took the guest room across the hall from his. Once a week, Bryan slept in my bed and comforted me.

He spent the entire night holding me, consoling my fears and reassuring me that life was looking up. We were survivors. ***** NOTE: This is my sister's story. I published it under my account because she wrote it under my account on the forum. I do not take credit for the story, though I encouraged her to write and the events do involve me under the pen name Bryan.

She used the name Julia for herself, though those are neither of our names. Thanks for reading and hopefully you like what you've read enough to vote it positively.