MILF gives a head on the beach

MILF gives a head on the beach
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Karl my neighbor across the alley had back surgery two weeks ago, his body movements are severly limited.

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Amy is Karl's wife, she is a hot little number and she knew it. Her jean shorts are short to show off her curves and short enough to keep the men looking at her case they might get a glimpse. I'm standing in my open garage door looking across the alley at her, down her knees pulling weeds.


Her short tight ass-hugging shorts have my attention. I called to her asking about Karl, she got up and walked over to me.

We were chatting, I looked around to see if anyone was watching. I suddenly grab Amy forcing her into my garage and hit the remote closing the door. I shove her against my car, pinning her hips to the bumper. She tries to spin around to see what is going on, but my hand tangled in her hair and yanked her head back. My other hand fondled one braless tit through her flimsy t-top.

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She realized she can't move and she feels a rising panic. My hand reached around unzipping her shorts, then I reach down into her shorts from behind - there is a sharp intake of breath. It gave me a big hard on just hearing her take in a breath, Amy has a surprised look on her face.

She tries to resist, I lean my body against her, kissing her neck. She is pushing against me trying to push me away, saying " I'm a married woman, please stop." I ignore her pleas. I push her down on the floor on her hands and knees, I yank her shorts and panties down to her knees, I unzip my pants and let my cock spring out.

It is a monster cock.

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It is 9" long and very very thick. Amy looks back at me, she said " No, please, you're too big for a tiny woman like me." I'm not sure if Amy can handle my cock, again, I ignore her. I'm smiling, as she again tries to pull away from me, resisting my advances but to no avail. I use my thumbs to open the swollen labia and see the wet delicate pink folds that ran from the small pink pearl of her clitoris.

Clear liquid seeping from the tiny vaginal opening and dripping down, moistening the crack of her ass and the tight pink rosebud between her cheeks. She lets out a moan saying " Please John, stop, I love my husband." Amy sighs as I lower my head to her crotch and tenderly kiss her creamy inner thighs and then plant a kiss on each of her hairless lips.

I start lapping at her pussy, gently flicking her clitoris with my tongue, savoring the sweet tangy taste of her juices.

Amy begins moaning, stars bursting behind her eyes in pleasure. She has never had any man make her feel this way before, and she never wanted me to stop eating her pussy.

It would have been a challenge even if I had a normal-size cock, but I know that Amy will need a lot of preparation if I'm ever going to fit my monster cock inside her tight under used pussy. As I continue to suck on her tiny pearl I ease my pinkie into the tight entrance of her pussy, and Amy whimpers in response. " Does that hurt, Amy?" I ask, watching her face with concern.

" No," Amy responded, " it feels so good." I pull my littlest finger from her wet hole, licked my index finger and slide it inside. Amy panting as she adjusted to the intrusion. I gently saw my finger in and out of her tight pussy and suckle on her clitoris sending her into orbit. Amy is gasping and bucking against my mouth and finger, as her body shook with a powerful orgasm.


I slide my finger out slowly and look into her eyes. I brush the sweaty strands of hair out of her face as she came down, cheeks flushed and gasping for breath. " Wow." Amy sighed.

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She has never felt anything so wonderful. " I want you to fuck me, John: make me a woman," she said to me, looking back at me. " Are you sure?" I asked. " You're so big." she said, " Will you be able to fit?" " It will be very painful, Amy." I said. I had Amy lay on her back on the floor of the garage, I spread her legs wide crawling between them. I lean forward inserting just the big cock head in her pussy, Amy is screaming in pain, her nails buried in my back.

I raised her legs, spreading them wide apart, held her butt and slowly push my cock inch by inch inside her. Amy moans in pain and pleasure, biting her lips, grunting and gasping for air, still begging me to honor her marriage, but her resistances is futile.

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She finally gives in and let her inhibitions out. I push my monster cock halfway, stretching and ripping her pussy apart. She screams, hugging me tightly. We both look into each other's eyes as if whispering something to each other. Amy is being ravaged and taken by my massive cock. She is experiencing so much pleasure for the first time in a long time.

I whisper something in her ear, she nodded, I lifted her hips up with my left hand, placed my right hand over her flat tummy, and buried the rest of my monster cock deep inside her.

She screams again in pain and pleasure. I paused in this position for a few minutes letting her get use to my size.


Her pussy is stretched to the limit, ripped wide open. I'm hitting past virgin territories as my cock is more than twice her husband's size. Amy is crying, tears running down her cheeks. I kiss her and then we french kiss for a few minutes. Moments later, I'm thrusting into her, slow at first. Amy is moaning with each thrust asking me to be gentle " John, you're too big, you're ripping me hurts, but.mmmmm.ooooh.ahhh.mmmmm it feels sooo good, mmmmm." This went on for a ten more minutes then I'm thrusting furiously without regard to her pleas, she came violently, but I'm holding on.

I finally explode spilling load after load of cum inside her, I collapsed on top her. Amy is exhausted and very sore. It's been almost 3 hrs.