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Busty uk cabbie doggystyled by passenger
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Jerusalem, 1195 AD. In a tavern, an English traveller in his early 30s was waiting for a man to arrive with a delivery. Something for which he'd searched for over a decade.

Something which, if his contact had been successful, was going to change his life forever. "Another ale, my friend," he said, flicking a coin in the direction of the bartender. "You're not from around here, are you?" The bartender asked him. "No I'm not, but don't worry, if all has gone to plan, I'll be out of here before long." A few minutes later, a man arrived in a cloak, carrying an ornate box. "Do you have it?" The Englishman asked, excited.

"Yes, it is in this box," the other man replied. "Good…let's go into the back room.

We need some privacy." They went into the back, where a table and two chairs had already been set up. They sat down at the table, and the box was laid on it. "You've not touched it, have you?" The Englishman asked. "Of course not, we had your instructions. We would not want to trigger the curse." The Englishman reached to open the box, but the other man stopped him. "Where's the reward I was promised?" "I promise you shall have your reward, but for now, look at me.

I am unarmed. I could not possibly steal this from under you, now could I? I merely wish to admire my prize." "Very well, but do not try anything. I do not trust you foreigners. I do not see why Saladin allowed you to come here." The Englishman opened the box, and his eyes widened when he saw the contents. Inside was a golden oil lamp. "Oh hello, my pretty," he said. "I've been waiting a long time for you." He then reached in to pull it out.

"Hey, what happened to not touching it with your bare hands!?" "I do not fear the curse. Tell me, where did you find this again?" "A group of nomads found it amongst the Crusaders' belongings a few years ago.

We managed to "recover" it from them. But may I ask…why are you interested in this particular lamp?" "Oh, because it is so much more than a mere lamp. This lamp, and its brothers and sisters, appear in stories from the dawn of man. Lamps of this nature appear in paintings and drawings from before they were invented. Well, before we developed the ability to duplicate their appearance. Great men have devoted their entire lives to searching for them.

And now I have one." "What are you talking about?" "Allow me to demonstrate." The Englishman then did the thing he'd long dreamt of.

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He rubbed the lamp. He felt its coldness grow warm in his hands, and he watched as streams of light-blue smoke poured out of it. "What is this sorcery!?" The other man cried out. He got up, and tried to leave the room, but the door wouldn't budge.

"It's locked." "Yes, I had an associate of mine lock it when we came in," The Englishman said. "Poor sod, he thinks he's going to get rewarded for his efforts." "What are you!?" "Watch and learn." The blue smoke continued pouring out of the lamp, before it formed a pile on the floor. Both men then watched the smoke begin to take the form of a beautiful, nude girl. "Oh good, a girl," The Englishman said. "I was hoping for a girl." "Greetings Master," the genie said.

"I am-" "Oh I'm well aware of what you are. And for my first wish, I wish for you to kill that man." The Englishman pointed to the other man.

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"What? No!" He shouted. "Master, are you sure about that?" The genie asked him. "It seems awfully cruel." "DO NOT QUESTION ME, SLAVE!" The Englishman shouted. "I wish for you to feel as though your entire body is on fire!" The genie screamed out, and fell to the floor in agony.

"What is happening to her?" The man asked in fear. "I am punishing her for her disobedience," The Englishman replied. "Please Master, I'm sorry!" The genie cried out. "So grant my wish." "YES MASTER!" The genie pointed at the other man.

A beam of energy shot out of her finger, which hit the man, and killed him instantly. "Good girl," the Englishman smiled. "So, are you going to behave from now on? Do you promise to not question me again?" "YES MASTER!" "Very well, then you may end your punishment." The genie let out a cry of relief, as she felt her pain end. "Now then, I wish for you to dispose of his body," The Englishman said calmly. "Your wish is my command, Master…" the genie panted.

She snapped her fingers, and the body instantly vanished. The Englishman smiled. "Wonderful," he said. "Now let's go get rid of that bumbling accomplice of mine, and then have some fun." ------------------------------- Alexis laid in her lamp, thinking of the past. In her tens of thousands of years of existence, she had served thousands of Masters, some kind, and some very, very cruel.

It was why she was glad to have Sophie. It was why she always tried extra hard when granting Sophie's wishes to make sure she liked the results. She wanted Sophie to be around as long as possible, so that she could enjoying having a genie for longer, and so that Alexis could have longer with a kind Mistress.

They didn't really talk about this sort of thing much, but Sophie had promised Alexis that she would try and make sure that her next Master is someone kind. However, Alexis feared that this society they had met may simply attempt to confiscate her lamp once Sophie died. Of course, Matt and Sophie were the youngest members of the group, so it was of course possible that, after the other members died, they could simply take control, and re-distribute the captured lamps around the world.

Alexis didn't get much more time to think, however, as at that moment, she felt the familiar pull, compelling her out of the lamp. Sophie was rubbing it. She closed her eyes, and within seconds, she was stood in her Mistress' bedroom, next to Lumiosa. She saw that Sophie and Matt were sat on the side of the bed, naked, and holding their lamps. She noticed that they were both sweaty, and Matt had a few drops of cum still on his dick. "What do you desire, Master?" Lumiosa asked.

"Oh change the fucking record," Alexis said, annoyed. "Someone get up on the wrong side of the lamp this morning?" Matt asked her. "I'm just glad I got past the "I love my Master" stage of my life," Alexis replied. "There is nothing wrong with showing respect for ones Master, Alexis," Lumiosa said to her fellow genie. "Whatever," Alexis said.

"So I'm assuming you summoned me to make a wish?" "Well for starters, we'd like to fill you in on what happened Saturday night with the society," Sophie replied. "So Alexis, you have my permission to read the info from my mind." "You too, Lumiosa," Matt said.


The two genies snapped their fingers, and they were instantly up-to-date with what had happened. "Oh my God, they're really delusional," Alexis said. "They really think there's some sort of maker who is responsible for putting all the genies on Earth?" "It's stupid, yeah, but what can we do?" Matt said.

"Well, I was thinking about it in my lamp, and actually, if we want to get hold of those lamps they have, it may be a good idea to simply wait it out," Alexis said. "Why?" Matt asked. "Because the two of you are the youngest members of the society, so you'll outlive the others, and be able to take the lamps for yourselves, especially as you'll presumably be able to overrule any other members you've picked up by then." "But that could take years!" Lumiosa protested.

"Don't you want to free our brothers and sisters now?" "Of course I do, but realistically, this is our best strategy," Alexis said. "I agree," Sophie said. "At least until we think of anything better." Sophie then stood up, pulling Matt up with her. "Anyway," she said.

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"Time to go out. Alexis, I wish for you to dress the 4 of us for school." "School?" Alexis asked, confused. "But it's Sunday?" "No, it's not, we just let you two stay in your lamps all of Sunday," Matt told them.

"Mostly because we wanted to have a day to ourselves." "Well I hope you enjoyed it, I had a nice nap in my lamp," Alexis said. "Now let's see about getting us dressed." She snapped her fingers, and the 4 of them were instantly dressed for school. "Alright, and now, I wish that all 4 of us were in all the same classes," Sophie commanded. "Even PE?" "Yes. Now do it." "Your wish is my command, Sophie." The 4 of them drove to school in Sophie's Ferrari.

As they walked in, they saw Max and Sam. "Hey guys," Matt said to them. "Hey Matt," Sam said, before he saw Sophie and Alexis. "Hi Sophie…Please don't do anything to us." "Aw, what's the matter?" Sophie said teasingly. "Afraid I might give you more blowjobs?" "We're afraid you might make us orgasm in front of the entire school again, or give us blowjobs without letting us cum," Sam replied. "It's a valid concern." "The concerning bit is how you're the only boys in the whole world that don't want a girl to get them off," Sophie said.

"Come on, let's go to class." As they walked into class, Sophie made a wish. "I wish that no matter what we do in this class, no-one will find it weird," she whispered in Alexis' ear.

"Your wish is my command," Alexis whispered back. Meanwhile, the boys were sat chatting. "So when are you gonna get us laid again?" Max asked Matt. "Come on Matt, you promised you'd make it up to us. Or are you still in no magic mode?" "I'll do it after school, I promise," Matt said. At this point, Max and Sam felt their trousers and underwear vanish, and their cocks growing instantly hard. "What the…" Sam said.

Suddenly, both boys gasped, as they felt warm, wet mouths engulf their dicks. "Holy fuck…" "Guys, what are you doing?" Matt asked, before he noticed that they were both naked from the waist down.

Matt looked under the table, where he saw Sophie and Alexis sucking his friends off. "What the fuck are you doing!?" He asked under his breath. "Having fun," Sophie replied, talking through having Max's dick in her mouth. "Sophie, you can't keep messing with my friends!" "If it makes you feel any better, you can mess with my friends." "I don't want to mess with your friends!

And I want you to stop messing with mine." "Oh fine…" Sophie and Alexis pulled off of Max and Sam, and moved out from under the table. "You know boys, clearly Matt doesn't want you to feel good," Sophie said. "I just don't like you using my friends as your toys," Matt said. "If they're going to get laid, it'll be of their own free will." "You're so cute when you're trying to be nice," Sophie smiled, and kissed him.

"But you know what, I think I might take you up on the offer of messing with your friends," Matt grinned. "Lumiosa, I have some wishes." "I'm all ears, Master," Lumiosa smiled. "Good," Matt said.

"I wish that Max and Sam, as well as Sophie's friends Megan, Sally and Kelly will be teleported to Megan's bedroom, where the 3 girls will intensely lust after the boys, and each-other." "Your wish is my command, Master," Lumiosa said. She snapped her fingers, and Max and Sam were instantly gone. Sophie gave him a kiss.

"Naughty boy," she said. "It was your suggestion," Matt said, kissing her back. "I know," Sophie grinned. "I like it." "Are you two done?" Alexis asked them. "Oh shut up you," Sophie said. After class, the two of them both had PE. Of course, Alexis' magic had put them all in the same class, meaning that Sophie, Alexis and Lumiosa would be getting changed with the boys.

And of course, this meant that they got a LOT of attention. And Alexis hadn't conjured up underwear for them, either, so the three of them were stood in the changing rooms, totally naked. Lumiosa was just stood there, while Sophie and Alexis were chatting casually, while all the boys stared at them.

"Man Matt, your cousin's hot!" said one of the boys in the changing room. "Hey, would you mind not staring at her?" Matt said. He was stood there, not really wanting to strip off, since he was also not wearing underwear. "Or my girlfriend?" "Oh relax Matt, the boys are just admiring beauty," Sophie said. "I'm still yours." "Well said babe," said Dan, who proceeded to squeeze Sophie's ass. "Uh, what was that?" Sophie asked. "Just admiring your beauty up close," Dan replied, grinning.

"Oh now you've done it," Sophie said in a sinister voice. "Alexis…I wish for all the doors to be locked." "Your wish is my command, Mistress," Alexis said in an equally-sinister voice.

She snapped her fingers, and the boys heard a locking noise. "Oh I wouldn't want to be you right now, boy." "Hey babe, what are you doing?" Dan asked. "Sophie, what are you going to do?" Matt asked her. "Just going to teach this guy some manners," Sophie replied, walking up to Dan threateningly. "Dan, apologise to her," Jake said to the boy. "Seriously man, this girl can do some weird shit." "I'd listen to him if I were you.

I wish Jake was naked." Sophie said, and Jake was instantly naked. "Take a look Jake's dick. It's tiny, and it can't ever get hard or cum. He and Mark got this as a punishment for pissing me off.

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Now apologise, or you're going to get far worse." Matt didn't like this. He didn't know what was up with Sophie, but he didn't like it. "Lumiosa, I wish for Dan to be teleported back to his house!" Matt shouted. "As you wish, Master," Lumiosa smiled, and Dan was instantly gone, and naturally, everyone was freaked out. "What the fuck did you do that for!?" Sophie shouted at him.

"Um, how about what the fuck were you doing to Dan!?" Matt shouted back. "I just wanted to teach him a lesson about groping girls, and about cheating on his girlfriend!" "Well there are better ways to do that than scaring him half to death! And while we're at it, how about you put Jake and Mark's dicks back to normal!?" "Oh fine…Alexis, do it." Alexis snapped her fingers, and everyone saw Jake's penis grow before their eyes.

"Better?" "A bit," Matt replied. "But I'm really mad at you. I've put up with you bossing me around because I like being with you, because I really like you, and because I like having you guide me with having a genie, but this is too far. You can't just decide to punish people like that! You're starting to be like the members of the society." "Matt…" "Lumiosa, I wish for you to erase these boys' memories of this, and teleport us home," Matt said.

"As you wish, Master," Lumiosa said.

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She snapped her fingers, and they were immediately stood in Matt's living room, where they could hear moaning. Matt turned to look at the sofa, where he saw his sister Becky, riding her boyfriend Jamie. "Oh my God!" Matt exclaimed. "Matt…?" Jamie said, his voice weak, and his face one of exhaustion. "Oh God man, get her off me! She called me to come over, and when I did, she just jumped me! It was pretty great at first, but I can't keep up with her!

I feel like I'm gonna pass out!" "Lumiosa, what's wrong with Becky?" Matt asked his genie. "Nothing Master, this is what you wished for," Lumiosa replied with her usual smile.

"I do NOT wish for this," Matt said. "You wished for all the lust and love your sister felt towards you to go towards Jamie," Lumiosa explained.

"I meant for her to go back to how she was before!" Matt shouted. "I didn't mean for her to jump Jamie like this!" Tears started welling up in Lumiosa's eyes. "I'm sorry Master!" Lumiosa cried.

"Would you like me to fix this?" "Yes!" Lumiosa snapped her fingers, and Becky began to calm down. "Oh Jamie…I'm sorry…I don't know what came over me…" She said, before climbing off of him.

"It's fine babe…" Jamie panted. "I enjoyed it…kind of…" Matt ran upstairs, and flopped onto his bed. "Master, is something wrong?" Lumiosa asked him. "Do you wish me to pleasure you?" "NO!" Matt shouted. "Just go away!" "Yes Master…" Lumiosa said, sad that her Master seems sad. She turned into a cloud of pink smoke, which flowed back into her lamp. ------------------------------- Meanwhile, Sophie was also laid on her bed, crying.

"Well I blew that," She said. "I really blew it." "Yeah, you did," Alexis said. "No-one asked you." "I'm your genie. It's my job to make you happy. And you're not happy." "I'm not happy because I nearly turned into as big a monster as those guys in the society. And because I've probably lost Matt now." "Sophie, as a genie, I am bound to be honest to you. You may have given me the freedom to step away from this, but I am now choosing to reject that freedom, in order to disagree with you. Sophie, I think that you're not nearly as much a monster as you think.

I think you're a good girl who gave in to temptation. Trust me, I know. I've met complete monsters. I've served them. I've suffered at their hands. And you, Sophie Swift, are not one of them. And I think you're lucky you're have Matt, and he's lucky to have you. You fix each-other's flaws. He stopped you from hurting that bully, and you stopped him from killing himself with sex." "You really think all that?" "Of course I do.

Sophie, you are one of the nicest people who has ever possessed me. It is the duty of a genie to make their Master happy, but I genuinely want you to be happy, because you have made me so happy. I want our years together to be ones I treasure for the rest of my existence. Ones I can think of when a future Master is punishing me for some trivial thing." "Alexis…" Sophie grabbed hold of her genie, and gave her a big hug.

"Thank you." "No, thank you, Sophie." ------------------------------- Author's message: So this is a slightly shorter chapter, due to me not writing much today, and also out of the fact that the next couple of chapters are going to have a lot of plot, so I wanted to put something like this in. On the topic of the plot, I think I definitely know how I want the story to end.

The problem is how to get there. The next couple of chapters have plot, but then there's a gap between then and the end. Oh well, I'm sure I'll work out how to fill that gap at some point. Oh, and I'd just like to say that Becky riding Jamie to exhaustion is not a result of the person who commented on the last chapter to point out that Matt never took away her enhanced horniness, I always intended to write this.

Anyway, since people seem interested about me, I'm an 18-year-old male from the UK, getting ready to start at University (To do German and Italian), and who'd very much like to find a magic lamp of his own.


I'd put that info (Well, the age/gender/location stuff) in the section for it at the top of each chapter, but I have no idea how, so if someone could tell me, that'd be great. As far as the content for this chapter went, I'm looking down the comments as I write this, and I see someone wanted Sophie to become more dominant.

I'd actually forgotten this comment until just now, but it looks like you got your wish, anonymous commenter. As did all the people who wanted Matt to stand up for himself around her.

And as I'm reading the comments now, I'm seeing one thing I actually intended to put in this chapter after I read it and have clearly forgotten.

But hey, it wouldn't have worked with how the chapter went in the end, so it's probably for the best I forgot.


The stuff at the start in 12th century Jerusalem came about while I was writing the last chapter, and I thought it might be a nice thing to talk about one of one of the genies' previous Masters, even if only briefly, so that's why I did that. I hope you all liked it. And I hope I've not forgotten anything I wanted to say in this section. Oh well, it'll have to wait until Chapter 9. (Wow, we're already so far through.)