Hot lesbian interracial session with two lookers cunnilingus and brunette

Hot lesbian interracial session with two lookers cunnilingus and brunette
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Erotic Novels by Gail Holmes "The Twins" Since time immortal, the twins had been in each other's pockets so to speak, each knowing as to the other's movements no matter as to where they were, together or separated. Judy was the oldest by around five minutes.


They'd made a pack with each other; whatever one had the other had it also, from sweets to clothing. Both had been brought up by their father on the family farm just outside of Taunton in North Devon. Their mother had died when they were only seven years old. Both girls worked with their father, there was not much that each of them couldn't do as far as the farm was concerned, although for the life style they lead you might consider they'd be butch girls, on the contrary they were quite feminine when not actually working; you wouldn't believe they worked on the land, their hands were soft their nails closely manicured, and because of the out door life each had beautifully tanned skins.

Plus they were ardent clubbers or party animals, as they liked to call their selves. But if it was a clubbing night only one would go into a club, the other would pick another, and they'd never ever be seen together. For the town's folk, they were not twins; they'd only ever see one of them at one time. Although both knew what the other was up to at any given time.

Arnold, their father was very proud of his daughters, not many farmers had such workers, and they both lived and slept the farm. However, they dressed identically work or pleasure, it was by sheer chance their father could distinguish them apart or together for that matter, even from behind, he didn't know which was more paramount as both had beautiful arses. "Can I take the 4x4 Dad?" Judy asked her father in a pleading tone.

"Why you two can't go out together I'll never know, both of you have cars that most girls would give their eye-tooth for, why d'you always have go out separately. "Would you sooner I took it Dad?" Julia smiled. "Heaven forbid, I'd like to think I'd get it back in one piece. I know you and you're driving young lady!" "Settled then!" Judy smiled to her sister.

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With a smile Arnold held out the keys to Judy. "I don't know what are you both scheming now, leading some poor guy astray I'll be bound. "Would we do something like that Dad?" They replied in harmony. "Well it wouldn't be the first time would it now?" Arnold remembered the time when they were both at school, one taking a bet on that they could out run a certain boy, when all the time one had hidden in the bushes; only to swap with her sister half way around the given course as she came by.

The twins just smiled at him, they knew of his thoughts. Tonight their scheme was of a different nature, not quite so mundane, in fact quite enjoyable to them both, and it wouldn't be the first time they'd done it either, It was August so the roads were quite busy with holiday traffic or grockles as they were known by the locals; it was a sight for sore eyes to some; two vehicles following each other both with the identical drivers; it wasn't as they were any old drivers, all had a clear view as they came upon the red lotus, that was enough to draw their attention, but the driver she was something else.

Judy always let her long ash blonde hair hang loose, it flowed behind her with the breeze, both girls were very beautiful, but in an open top sports car she really looked the business; many a man had had his face slapped for looking to long, from his wife or girlfriend as they passed; but then to be followed by a classy 4x4 with the identical driver was to much for some.

Taunton was fairly busy when the twins arrived in the town, both heading for their own destinations. The two nightclubs were full of activity once inside, Julia knew the doorman of the "The Empress" well he thought he knew her would be a better way of putting it, neither girls ever had to pay entrance to either of the nightclubs.

The doorman nodded as she entered, stepping aside allowing her through. Often he'd thought he was on a promise, but the girls were too cute for that, each would flaunt themselves giving the come on, but neither took it any further; but at least they always entered without any form of payment. Julia walked around the club before going to the bar; putting her hand into her handbag she withdrew her phone and went into the address book and dialled. "Any luck!" Her sister Judy quizzed seeing her sister's number come up on the small screen.

"No sign of him!" Julia replied as she looked at her watch. "Thought he'd have been here by now it's well past nine thirty!" "Is it busy?" "Packed, wall to wall!" Julia replied. "What's the talent like?" Her sister quizzed. "Nothing special, a few newbies, but nothing to leave home over, what about your end?" "About the same, for a Saturday you'd think the places would be bombed out with fresh talent," Judy informed her.

"Well hang in there, if I find anything suitable I'll give you a buss!" With this Julia rang off. As Judy sat on a stool at the bar she noticed a guy looking at her from one of the tables, he smiled as if to give her the come on. The barman broke her attention. "What would you like miss?" he smiled. "Thank you I'll have a WKD please" Judy smiled. She watched as he went to collect the bottle from the shelf behind the bar, now he was dishy she contemplated, he must have been new, she'd not seen him at the club before.

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"Would you like a glass?" He asked placing the bottle onto the counter. "No, that will do fine thank you" Judy smiled. "Your new here aren't you?" "First night, are you local?" He quizzed with a grin. "Yes and no, just outside to be truthful!" Judy lied; knowing neither of the girls ever informed anyone one of their rightful addresses.

"You?" "Well local; but just out of town!" He smiled. He was somewhat of a hunk; he'd really captured Judy's attention, after a bit of chitchat he went about his business; however Judy couldn't keep her eyes off him. Judy turned back to the guy at the table; he wasn't that good-looking, her barman seemed just what the two girls were looking for. Judy reached into her handbag withdrawing her mobile once more and rang Julia. "Found something, he's real dishy, new barman!" "Well come on then?" "Tall, blonde…built a bit like Arnie!" Judy replied "Arnie?" "The star, I'll be back, you know who I mean!" "Oh, Arnold Schwarzenegger, so what are your chances then, he sounds cute, d'you think he's got the weaponry of Arnie?

Julia asked. "How would I know that? That's unless you've seen it!" Judy laughed. "By the way he keeps eyeing me I should deem he'd be pretty good, I wouldn't mind his tie next to my knickers" Judy chuckled. "That good?" Julia laughed.

"So you think were on a winner then, d'you think he'd be up for it?" " Should think he is; looks as if he's the stamina of and ox, and as I say he's quite dishy. Had another guy giving me the eye, but he looks a right dork" "Well go for the barman, our Arnie! Well have to see how he makes out, d'you think he's unattached?" "Well there's no ring, but you can't tell, I'll have to have a chat see as to what I can find out!" Judy replied with a chuckle.

Judy had sat at the bar for sometime; she'd got up occasionally for a dance, but it was with one of the girlfriend's she knew. She was getting on quite well with the barman his name was Steve, and yes he was unattached, never the less she had to fix a date, he seemed a little reserved, whether it was because he was busy she couldn't tell, but she did know that he had the hot's for her, of that she was for certain. Julia had found nothing at her club, if anything it was quite boring to her.

She'd already rang the hotel, booking her room, and also booked a second at an earlier time. So everything was in order, they both knew that the reception staff changed at midnight, so as long as she was in the hotel before then; nobody would be any the wiser to their deed.

Steve knew that Judy was on the pull, but didn't know if she'd be staying till the club closed. He'd be free at 1 o'clock but couldn't tell what she'd be doing. She was a right beauty he couldn't believe his luck, his first night at the club to, he'd a ten-minute break coming up; his intention was to get to know her a mite better.

"What time do you finish then?" Judy smiled as he sat on the stool next to her; she was quite pleased when he told her 1 o'clock. "Will you be going home then?" he quizzed, hoping she'd be going on somewhere else. "No, not on a club night! I have a hotel room booked, don't like to think of driving after midnight, I like to think I'm rested before morning; I have to get up early!" "What do you do then?" Steve asked whilst sipping his drink. "Sunday, surely you don't work on a Sunday?" "No not to work, I just like to spend a bit of quality time, away from the bustle of the week, early morning walk if you like!" "Early morning walk, what time d'you call early then?" Judy knew she couldn't say 5am, knowing that was the time she'd be starting work.


"Well I normally wake early so it depends on as to what time I wake as to when I go for my walk," She smiled. "Like to go for a drink after I finish?" Steve mused. "They'll be nowhere open, but the bar at the hotel will still be open if you'd like to come back with me?" Steve couldn't believe her words, but did it mean staying the night with her, that's what he really wanted.

"Sounds good to me, I'm in no rush to get home!" He advised her. Judy went into the bar when they arrived at the hotel, leaving Steve, making for the reception. "D'you have a room booked in the name of Wallace?" She asked the receptionist.

"Room 37!" The receptionist smiled. "That's on the second floor" She informed Judy placing the keys into her hand.


"Breakfast is from nine!" "Thank you, that will be fine" Judy replied, leaving reception heading back to Steve in the bar. "Everything Ok!" he smiled offering her the drink he'd ordered for her. "Yes, just wanted to make sure and get my keys" She replied as she sat down. "So what do you do then?" Steve asked. "Secretary, pretty unexciting job but I like it, and yourself?" "Barman, as you know, but daytime I work at Gibson's you've more than likely heard of the them they have a shop in the high street, selling shoes and bibs and bobs!" "Yes I know them well" "D'you always stay here if you go to the nightclub?" Steve inquired.

"Well it's better than driving home late!" "How far out of town do you live?" "The other side of Simonsbridge" Judy replied, both the girls always used this as an excuse to call home. "I see what you mean; it is quite a way at this time of night!" They sat and chatted for sometime, Judy knew her sister was upstairs waiting to see Steve, so she let out a slight yawn not to over powering, but enough to make him think it was time to retire.

"You're tired, I feel I'm keeping you up!" Steve jested, lifting his glass, which was still half full. "No need to go; stay here the night?" Judy asked, taking up her own glass. "Are you sure, I mean wont they know?" "We don't have to go passed reception, come I'll show you!" Judy stood and eased her chair back under the table and started to move toward a door to the side of the room, Steve followed, not to sure of Judy's intentions.

"Cant see you driving at this time of night, don't want to get stopped for drink driving!" She turned and smiled.

Once in the bedroom, Judy made out that she'd left here phone down in the bar "I won't be long, the bedroom is through there" Judy pointed to the bedroom door. As soon as she out in the corridor she made for Julia's bedroom, entering without knocking.

"Managed it then?" Julia smiled "Where is he?" "In the bedroom; go and take a look see what you think, I'm sure you'll like him!" Judy chuckled.

"Here take this phone I told him I'd left it in the bar; see you later, see if you can get him worked up!" Judy said with a broad grin on her face.

"His name is Steve!

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Now I'll take a shower, I feel all hot and bothered after that nightclub" "Yes I had one earlier, soon as I got here!" "You weren't long?" Steve quizzed as she came into the bedroom. "No, I knew where I'd left it!" Julia placed the phone onto the bedside cabinet, and then slumped onto the bed, she turned and looked at Steve.

"Everything alright?" He asked wondering as to why she was staring at him so intently. Julia was pleased with her sister's choice; he was as she'd said, built like a weightlifter, and handsome with it.

"Sorry you look different in these lighting conditions" She smiled. "Which side of the bed do you prefer?" she asked. "I prefer the side nearest the door, sometimes I can't sleep to well, I like to get up and have a walk around, I hope you'll excuse me if this happens!" Julia stood and started to remove her blouse, Steve stood for moments just watching, he was amazed by her disregard to his sensitivity.

It's not very often a girl would start stripping in front of a guy she'd only meet a couple of hours ago. "Are you not willing?" Julia inquired. "Sure, sorry I was miles away, it's just that you took me by complete surprise. Once undressed Steve got into bed beside her, Julia cuddled up to him. "You seem so fresh, I mean you've been at a nightclub all night; yet you smell as if you've just stepped out of the shower. Julia cuddled closer, if there was one thing both girls liked was the odour of a man, and he gave her just that.

Reaching down between them she took hold of his cock, it was still in a flaccid state but felt quite chunky. She kissed him gently on the lips. "You're not to tired are you?" Julia whispered into his ear, whilst rubbing his cheek against her own.

She slithered down under the bedding licking his body as she moved downwards toward his cock. Steve gave out a gentle groan as she enveloped her mouth over his it, the taste was excellent to her, she was astonished to find it was cut, always she'd assumed a circumcised cock gave a better thrill, with no skin to eliminate the true sensations of such an enormous helmet.

He couldn't work this one out, he's done nothing to prompt her, and already he was having a majestic blowjob she was doing wonders with her tongue. He's cock was soon filling out, a lot broader than she'd have imagined, she could feel her own juices as they started to flow due to the excitement as to the thought of sensitivity she'd get when his cock entered her. She knew Judy would be waiting for her turn, she'd had to impale herself on him first, this was always the way, one twin collected the man and the second was the first to try him "You don't take to long do you?" Julia smiled, as she came out from under the bed covers, easing them to one side then straddling herself over him.

Steve couldn't believe what was happening as she lowered herself down, he couldn't have wished for a healthier fit. Julia allowed him full entrance then sat for moments rocking, the sensation was first-class, she was confidant she was right with the circumcised shaft, the helmet really did give a fascinating inner awareness as she started to lift and lower.

Steve reached up cupping her breasts into his hands, they were firm to his touch, the nipples hardened by her own pleasures as she started to fuck him in deepened thrusts, he could take this all night, he wondered as to why she was so enthusiastic about taking the lead.

He wanted her from the first moment he set eyes on her; never the less, he didn't expect this. It's a pity more women aren't so fervent when it comes to affirming their desires, he thought. It was obvious that she needed him badly or she wouldn't be so damp Julia leaned over him kissing him on the lips, pushing her pussy back onto his hardened cock, then removing herself from the bed "Back in a jiff!" she whispered into his ear.

Steve scrutinize her as she moved across the room going into the outer lounge. She was built like an angel, her perky breasts and what a rump? Julia snatched up her housecoat throwing it around her shoulders and left for the passageway; Judy was more than ready as she entered her room.

"Everything okay?" Judy smiled. "God, you certainly know how to pick them, he's a cock like a rampant stallion, we wanted meat, by Christ that's what we've got ourselves!" Julia tittered with an air of charm in her voice. "D'you think he'll handle the both of us?" "You just make sure you leave the door open and switch the lights off, its light enough with the lights out, he won't know what's hit him with the two of us.

Go on them; off you go, he was your choice after all?" Julia chuckled. Judy rushed to the door, giving a wave to her sister, "See you in about ten minutes then!" with that she left heading for room two doors down the passageway.

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Steve sat up as he heard her come into the bedroom, but saw very little as Judy switched of the light as she entered, he felt her get in next to him. Immediately her hand went down under the covers as to check her sister's opinion of his weaponry. She kissed him hard on the lips, and then pulled gently away. "My he certainly knows how to stand up by himself!" She giggled, rubbing her hand down the full length of his shaft before stepping over him and lowering her pussy over his cock, Steve had to take a deep breath; he couldn't believe how taut she got in a matter of minutes.

"God that feels good!" Judy mused as she encased his magnificent cock; it felt every bit as to how her sister had described it, thick chunky, and pretty long.

Judy started to hump herself up and down, in long deliberate movements. "Like it?" Judy quizzed, knowing he did by his little moans every now and again; it was music to her ears. Although both sisters liked to be fucked, there's nothing better than hearing a man taking pleasure from the fucking that they each gave out. "I'd be a fool not to, hell you really are some fuck, one minute you're slippery as hell, the next your as tight as a vestal virgin, where did you go, I'm sure it's not that chilly, you're pussy felt as if it had been nipped with by an arctic frost when you came back!" "You don't like tight pussy's then I take it?" "On the contrary, I don't think there's anything better!" He tried to aid her movements but Judy was too strong for him, holding him tightly in place.

She new very soon her sister would come into the room, and wanting to distract his attention, she speeded her momentum taking more effort in her strokes; Steve was stunned by her capacity, every stroke excelled it's self into a ferocious lunge, the bed headboard clunked heavily against the wall behind him, Judy was amazed with the orgasm she'd brought upon herself, he's cock felt as if it would burst within her, she moaned loudly.

Thankfully the bed was king-size, Steve by no means sensed Julia slide in next to him, with the vicious fucking he was getting put his mind on one course; that was his cock. Hearing her sister's whimpers only made Julia more randy; placing her hand down between her legs she inserted two fingers gyrating them in never ending circles. Again Judy came, Julia was somewhat disgruntled as to the amount of pleasure her sister was taking, she reach up tapping her on the shoulder, but Judy was to far gone, she was on the crest of a wave; Julia waited for what seemed like minutes before trying to attract her sisters attention again, even then she wasn't sure whether or not she'd respond.

As Judy lifted herself off his cock stepping sideways allowing Julia to take her place. Steve sensed the movement but wasn't too sure of he's own belief, the new pussy was again slightly tighter, but it had to be in his mind. Julia was contented now she was back in the saddle again, riding high with her hands on his shoulders holding him down, like her sister she started to fuck him in deep hard thrusts. Steve sensed he was about to blow; but this he didn't want to do, well not yet at any rate, if this was going to be a night of it, he wanted to take himself to the extreme, under no circumstances had he been in such a agreeable situation before; this girl was in for the kill.

Julia knew it was time to swap again, and she had to allow her sister to lie underneath him. It was lucky that the girls had their schemes practiced; this wasn't the first time. Julia moved her hand to the edge of the bed, clutching Judy's, then lifted herself off Steve; he went to reach up, as if to hold her back but she was gone.

Judy scrambled back onto the bed pushing him to one side. "Come on lazybones, you do some work now!" Steve allowed her to lie in the centre of the bed, and then clambered in between her legs, again she seemed tight to him, he just couldn't make this girl out, she actually ruled her pussy.

Judy knew now she would to take him to orgasm, no more swapping from now on, what's more she was looking forward to it. Steve eased his cock in, pushing it straight home, holding for seconds enjoying the slight grip from within, then started fucking her in deep sensual thrusts, Judy threw her head back letting out a low moan, he was more of a gentleman than most guy's, taking his weight onto his elbows as he fucked her, Judy worked with him bucking her hips to meet hips on each inward thrust.

Instantly he took her through orgasm, the sensation was astronomical; his helmet reamed her pussy walls, taking her onto a high, Judy was literally screaming within herself, the pleasures were astonishing.

But Steve knew he was becoming exhausted, he was ready to blow, and he needed rest, it had been a long night. He started to thrust in swiftly, his balls clanking against her rear passage, Judy sensed the moaning, knowing he was about to cum as they became louder and longer, she held herself readying her pussy for the warm inner pressure. However, nothing seemed to be happening, she reached down placing her hand toward her pussy sensing his fingers.

Steve was holding the base of his cock between finger and thumb restricting the flow; it was then, only then when he relaxed the pressure of his grip that she felt it, it was like a hurricane blowing inside, he'd held back, not allowing the normal five or six spurts, but releasing it in one thick heavy burst, it felt like bolt from the blue, smacking heavily into the base of her womb, the expansion within her pussy took her through yet another orgasm.

His gentle kissing on her lips brought her around; opening her eyes she took him by the shoulders pulling him down to her, embracing him tightly. "That that was something else, you certainly know how to delight a woman!" Judy murmured. Steve gently withdrew, slumping to her side. "Sleep now, more in the morning!" he sighed.

Julia wasn't aware of as to what had happened she was sitting beside the bed in an armchair. She'd heard the moaning and groaning; okay it was a mite on the excessive side, but then she'd not been the one whom received the vast load, it wasn't long before she was aware the Steve had dropped off to sleep. Moving toward the bed she tapped her sister's arm, immediately Judy eased the covers back swinging her feet to the floor.

She stood pulling at Julia's arm as if to get her to follow her, both made for the outer lounge. "Take it he came then, but the noise; what was all that about?" Julia asked in a low voice. "He's his own way of cumming, God, it was orgasmic, he holds back.

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Holds his cock between finger and thumb, then lets it go. Christ, what a blast! I thought I was on lift-off for a few moments there.

I'll go back to the other room now, leave you to take over, but I'd let him rest for a bit, I think he's knackered. Give me a knock in the later" Judy replied squeezing Julia's hand. The bed was still warm when Julia got into it, she put her arm around Steve as to cuddle him, slowly her hand strayed down to his manhood, it was soft but still felt thick to her. Steve moaned and turned to face her.

She wondered if she could bring him back to life, slowly she worked her way down under the bedcovers, sweeping her mouth over his cock, whilst fondling his balls in her warm hand. The sensation was too much for Steve's system, his cock started to thicken. Julia eased him slowly over onto his back then went back down onto his cock again; she could taste her sister Julia's juices along its trunk and still globules of his seed trickled from its eye.

She loved the true taste of cum, not to sure as drink him dry, or to fuck him; she considered the latter, but would she get the same treatment as her sister, should he continue to sleep. Steve was dead to the world; he never battered an eyelid when she lowered herself back down on his cock, Julia made sure that none of her body weight rested on him, allowing him complete relaxation even though his cock was standing proudly for his Queen and country.

She started in slow relaxing strokes, Steve gave a little murmur every now and again as an indication of contentment of her movements.

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His cock was still large even though Julia had drained him earlier, Julia had to stem her own desires, she knew if she made to much noise over her orgasms she'd surely wake him. Whether a dream or not, Julia couldn't tell; but his murmuring, seemed to coincide with her thrusting, she did wonder as to whom he was dreaming of.

It was a lovely feeling, her hands were at his sides as she rocked her pussy to and fro on his cock, every now and again she'd lean forward giving him a gentle kiss on the lips, once he nearly reach out to pull her down to him.

His helmet was foremost sense of contentment; it was large, distributing her pussy walls outwards as she drove it in and out of herself, as with Judy she found it very sensational. She'd allowed it to pop out once when she reached down to convey it into her pussy she gave out a loud fanny fart, thankfully there was no one to hear it, Judy hated that, it seemed to down grade the quality of sex. Speeding her actions Steve started to moan, the wildness of her movements awoke him, he to worked with her now, thrusting his cock up to meet her inward strokes.

He couldn't work out as to how tight she was, knowing he'd blown a immense load up her earlier, and he was more than ready to do the same again. Julia never felt his hand go down between them; finger and thumb readied themselves to nip his cock at the base as soon as orgasm came.

Julia had forgotten all about her feeling, as not to wake him, her movements were now more aggressive. Steve felt the dull ache in his balls; knowing now he was ready, thrusting his cock forcefully up into her pussy. Julia sensed the moan knowing now was the time, she prepared herself for the spurting stream of cum, but it never came. Nevertheless, it did as he released finger and thumb pressure, it was forced up her in one bulky mass, hitting the base of her womb. Julia didn't know what to do; never had she sensed such capacity in one load, it almost knocked her for six with its intensity.

"Now can we sleep?" Steve looked up to her with a smile on his face. "I've never known a girl with so much drive!" "I think they call it nymphomania, hope you enjoy it though!" Julia chuckled.

"Well I can assure you that you'll get no more until morning, if I'm not awake; just help yourself?" "I might well do that, but first I'd better get cleaned up, I'm sure you have left me in to much of a mess to get into bed!" Julia knew she didn't have long as it was nearly 4 am. They both had to be back at the farm for five, the herd would be ready for milking; once she was sure Steve was asleep she dressed and went to wake her sister.

Steve couldn't work out what had happened, he went down for breakfast at nine a.m. But he was on his own; he didn't want to mention anything about his loss of female.

However, he'd enjoyed his night of lust and also his breakfast. The twins were back at work, just as if nothing had happened, after they'd finish with the milking, they sat down for breakfast with their father, he smiled at the pair of them.

"I cannot only assume your evening went well?" He asked, with a grin. "It went as we'd have expected it to Dad, thoroughly enjoyable wouldn't you say Judy?" "Couldn't have been better!" Judy replied.

"I think one of these nights I might come along with you?" Arnold implied, without looking up. "I don't think so Dad!" Julia laughed, "You wouldn't have the energy!"