Girls assist gay fraternity initiation group

Girls assist gay fraternity initiation group
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Fbailey story number 451 Skin-tight Blue Jeans When did my little girl start wearing skin-tight blue jeans? Probably when she turned eight or nine, but I can hardly remember back that far.

Her mother always wore skin-tight blue jeans, so it was only natural that she continues on with the family tradition.

Now at almost fourteen years old she also has her mother's body. It may seem hard to believe but she really does. Four years ago when her mother died at age thirty she was five feet four inches tall and she weighed one hundred and fifteen pounds. She also wore a 32-A bra and had long brown hair to the middle of their backs. They even have the same pale blue eyes. Sometimes when I look at Ginger I can still see Mary Ann. Tonight when she was cleaning up the house to entertain some of her girlfriends for a weekend overnight, I couldn't take my eyes off from her.

All of a sudden it struck me that she was the spitting image of her mother when I first met her and throughout the entire twelve years that I knew her. She walked the same, she bent over the same, and she caused my dick to come to a full erection just like her mother did. For the rest of that week all I could do was stare at my beautiful daughter.

She wore micro miniskirts that made my tongue hard. She wore half shirts that showed her flat tanned tummy and made me want to lick her from her toes to her nose. She also ran around late at night in just her bra and panties that sent my head spinning. However, it was seeing her in those skin-tight blue jeans that excite the hell out of me. Every time that her mother bent over like that I would reach in between her legs and place my palm on her belly button and slowly draw it back over her warm moist pussy and up the crack of her ass until it got to the waist of her jeans.

That was my signal that I loved her, that I couldn't resist her, and that I wanted to make love to her all night long. Ginger caused me to think of her mother constantly that week and I got so lonely. I had almost forgotten how much I loved her. When I came home from work I saw her bent over and walked up behind her and just slightly off to the side.


I reached between her legs and drew my hand back saying, "Mary Ann, I love you." My daughter then turned around and said, "Daddy, I'm Ginger and I love you too. Besides it's Friday and my girlfriends just watched you feel me up." I looked around and saw three of her best friends staring at me. They were Amber, Heather, and Stacy and they were already fifteen years old.

Ginger is the last of her group to have her birthday. I finally said, "I'm sorry. I thought that she was her mother. I've been thinking about her an awful lot lately." Ginger added, "He used to do that to my mother when he was horny, which was all of the time." Amber asked, "Do you date?" Ginger answered, "No, he doesn't." Heather asked, "Do you at least jerk off?" Ginger again answered, "Not as often as he should." Stacy asked, "Would it help if one of us undressed while you jerk off?" Ginger did not answer for me that time.

Her mouth was open and she was in a state of shock.

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I replied, "It might, but you are all under age." Stacy said, "I'll be sixteen in three months if you can wait that long." I replied, "Sorry, but the minimum age of consent in this state is seventeen." Ginger finally got her voice back and said, "What if we all did it and swore never to tell another living soul?" Heather and Stacy both chimed in with, "Yeah, all of us, and we won't tell anyone." I replied, "I need time to think about this. You girls do your thing and I'll order us a pizza in a meanwhile." When the pizza arrived I put it in the kitchen and called to the girls.

Ginger bent over to get some sodas from the bottom of the refrigerator. Now fully aware of who she was I slipped my hand between her legs. Starting at her belly I pulled my hand along her tightly contained pussy, it was warm and it was moist. I could feel it from my wrist to my fingertips as I glided along its full length.


I continued to pull my hand and fingers up her ass crack until I hit bare skin at her waist again. Heather said, "Ginger, I think you should let each of us get our own sodas, with your father's help that is." Ginger stood up and Heather took her place, wiggling her ass for me.

She really wanted it too. Her jeans were almost as tight, so I reached between them and drew my hand and fingers along her excited pussy and up past her asshole on my way to her waist. Heather had encouraged me and then praised me for giving her an orgasm. Stacy then took Heather's place before me and then bent over. I slipped my hand between her legs. She was wearing a tiny miniskirt. I drew my hand and fingers along her panty-covered pussy. It was warmer, it was wetter, and my fingers slipped into her pussy slit as I drew then toward me.

I continued up her ass crack. I felt her asshole pucker and release as my fingers crossed over it. Her skirt prevented me from making it up to her waist. However, I reached back down under for another feel. During that trip through her moist lips I reached inside her panties and well into her moist slit hitting her clit and sinking a finger into her hole. Then I moistened her asshole as I came up to it.

My third trip through the 'two lips' was just as special with two fingers slipping into her pussy hole and moistening her brown puckered asshole. That forth trip found me playing with her clit until she had an orgasm. Then after sinking my fingers into her dripping hole I slipped one into her ass up to the second knuckle.

She was delighted and so was I. I had to help her up and then help her sit in a chair. She was a limp rag doll in my arms. The sexual excitement had been too much for her.

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Then I realized that it had been too much for me too. I couldn't remember the last time that I had cum in my pants. Amber said, "What about me.

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Don't I get a drink too?" I rubbed me hand along her pussy, glad that she was wearing jeans. We ate in quiet, hardly saying a word. It was as if no one wanted to be the first to talk about what had just happened. I broke the ice when I said, "If you girls are still interested in group masturbation, I'm up for it later. How about we watch a special DVD of mine and make sure that no one can see in first." Ginger asked, "The one where the three girls play spin the bottle, kiss one another, and then masturbate while their father secretly watches them while he jerks off?" Heather, Amber, and Stacy again together said, "Oh yes, we really like that one." I just had to ask, "Have you girls been in my porn stash?" Ginger smiled and said, "No Daddy, we wouldn't do that." Then all three of them started laughing hysterically.

I asked, "Have you found your mother's stash too?" Ginger stopped laughing and asked, "Where is it?" I answered, "Still in her closet. She bought a four-piece suitcase set once and she kept them in the smallest one. She figured that you were too lazy to open all four to search for it.

Apparently she was right." The four girls ran up to my bedroom while I threw away the trash and headed down to the family room in the basement. I knew that I would have to prevent anyone from looking in the windows. The easiest way was to paint them over with black from the inside, so I did just that. With all of the florescent lights that I had installed, the light from the windows was hardly missed.

I had put the curtains back in place when four squealing girls came running down. Stacy said, "We can't wait until nine o'clock. We're starting now. Want to join us?" I just smiled and watched as those four girls undressed completely showing me their ripe breasts, firm butts, and their moist pussies.

When they reached for the dildos and vibrators that they had found I said, "Stop right there. I want to taste your pussies before you spoil it for me." Ginger asked, "How can we spoil it?" I replied, "Well that plastic taste, the lubricant that you brought down, and maybe by mixing the taste as you swap dildos or fuck one another with them." Ginger smiled, laid back on the floor, and said, "You better hurry them because I'm going to try all of them tonight." As I leaned into her pussy the other girls leaned back to watch me.

I pushed her feet up closer to her buttocks and opened her knees.

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Then I used my fingers to open her pussy lips up so that I could see her clit, her vagina, and her asshole. I poked my tongue around in her pussy hole and sampled her womanhood.

She may have tasted even better than her mother had. It was the best tasting thing that I had tasted since her mother had died. Then I tickled her clit until she released a fresh flow of her juices for me to sample. I finished her off with a rim job. I swirled my tongue around her asshole until she cooed. Amber was next. She had a bitter taste to her pussy and her fresh load wasn't any better. I didn't tell her but it was a pleasure to taste her asshole.

Heather's pussy tasted strong like she hadn't cleaned it out for a while. When I gave her an orgasm it changed for the better. She too liked her ass licked. Then it was Stacy's turn. As my tongue entered her pussy I was treated to a cherry flavor. I figured that she had douched recently and it certainly was a pleasure sucking out her juice.

I nibble on her clit through two orgasms and then I tried to suck up every drop of it. Even her asshole was a pleasure to lick. When I had my fill I said, "Stacy you taste great. I didn't want to stop." Stacy replied, "You don't have too. I can try out the dildos anytime. I might not get another chance at you. Oh, and the taste is my mother's idea.

She told me to always douche the day after my period ends and I did it this morning. It's cherry flavored." I just smiled and went back into her pussy again.

I think that I was in there for close to an hour before I got my clothes off and slipped my cock into her. Stacy had been begging for it, she really wanted it, and she wanted me to take her virginity. There was no pain involved, her hymen had broken years before.


She sure enjoyed the feeling of a real cock. Stacy had found her mother's stash a few months before. She had also shared them with my daughter. In fact they had shared a double-ended dildo on more than one occasion but only in their pussies. I felt that old desire deep in my loins.

My balls started boiling, the sperm started swimming, and the cum started flowing. I had only been with three women since my wife had died but the last one had been about eighteen months before.

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So when I started cumming I wasn't sure that it would ever end. It felt like a quart came out but it was probable not much more than a thimble full. I lay on her breasts kissing her afterwards and thanking her for letting me make love to her. Stacy replied, "Oh it was wonderful, just wonderful. It was better than I had dreamed it would be. You don't need to thank me, it's me that should thank you." Ginger looked at me and said, "I guess we don't have to wait until we are seventeen now.

I hope you get around to me before I turn fifteen." I smiled at her and asked, "Can I save the best for last?" Ginger nodded, yes. I replied, "I'd like to do Heather in the morning, Amber in the afternoon, and you tomorrow night if you don't mind." Stacy asked, "What about Sunday?" I smiled and said, "I'll start with you and work my way through Ginger if I can keep getting it up." Amber asked, "Can we help you get it up?" I just smiled and said, "I was actually looking forward to your help." The End Skin-tight Blue Jeans 451