Higor gozando no banheiro video II)

Higor gozando no banheiro video II)
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My Daughter The Carpet Muncher My sixteen-year-old daughter Bethany is God's gift to men. She was a rock hard body, her ass just craves to be admired, and her breasts certainly draw your attention. I get a thrill from watching her get dressed every morning. Bethany has never been shy. She takes after my wife. The two of them walk around all morning in their bra and panties. Lately Bethany's bras have gotten very sexy and her panties have gotten very tiny.

Both of my girls have been wearing those tiny strings with very small patches of material that couldn't cover a pussy if it had too.

I think they call them G-strings. Anyway it is quite evident that both my wife and daughter shave their pussies bald. So for about a year I have just barley been able to contain my lust for my daughter. Today as I watched Bethany get dressed she put on a micro mini blue jean skirt that flared out and just barely covered her panties.

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Her top was too small to cover her bra so of course she removed it. It was a white top and all I could think about was a 'Wet T-shirt' contest. I would die to see that thing get wet and disappear completely. Today I had the privilege of taking her to school and picking her up afterwards because I had the day off. When I came to a stop near the school three girls ran to the car.

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Bethany opened the door and got out showing me her ass as she did so. The girls called Bethany 'CM' which caught me off guard. I had head it before but this time I really took notice to it. I wondered what CM stood for! As they walked away I noticed all of the boys tripping over their tongues as she passed by them. I wondered why Bethany had never dated any of them. At home I was just in time to kiss my wife goodbye and run my hand up under her skirt.

I wanted her pussy so bad.

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My daughter and her friends looked so good that it made me horny as hell. I stood in the driveway and watched my wife's car disappear down the street. As I passed by my daughter's bedroom I heard that dumb ass 'You've got mail' coming from her computer.

She always turns it off so I was interested.


I stepped into her room and sure enough her computer was still on. I clicked on the icon and read her email. It said: Hi CM in Buffalo, What did you do last weekend? It can't be as good as my weekend was.

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My father is gone now so I invited five of my favorite girlfriends over for some CARPET MUNCHING. That's when I finally realized what CM stood for. The email continued: Right in the middle of it all my mother walked in and caught me eating one girl, sharing a double-ended dildo with another girl, and my fingers in two other's pussies while the fifth girl made a video clip.

Anyway my mother didn't freak out at all. In fact she joined in too. Here are two video clips for you. CM in Philadelphia. So I clicked on the first icon and watched the same thing that she had just described in her email. She was my daughter's age. When I clicked on the second icon I was shocked to see Kitty our old neighbor get into the action whole-heartedly.

I was amazed with her nude body and the fact that she ate not only her daughter but also three of her friends before the video clip ended. My heart was racing as I put in a CD and copied those two files to it. Then I started looking around in her computer. I found one folder with at least five hundred pictures in it. Almost every one had nude girls in them. I copied all of them to the CD too. I made a stupid search for a diary and was surprised to find one. It was password protected but I was able to copy it.

Then I took the CD and went to my computer. I tried several possibilities to open the file but couldn't. So out of frustration I did an Internet for a password locator. There were several available so I just clicked on the first one. It was for Microsoft Word and was good for almost every version that Microsoft had every published as well as several beta versions. For nineteen night five I could download it. I gave them my credit card number and the download started.

Soon I had it.


The first thing I did was make a back up of it on disc. Next I put Bethany's diary on my computer and opened the password finder. I clicked on my daughter's diary and hit 'go.' It took a couple of minutes but it came up with…I_Love_To_Eat_Pussy. I opened my word program then opened my daughter's diary.

I inserted her password and presto it opened for me. This was bigger than I had imagined. It started with her twelfth birthday party when her cousin Judy had taught her to lick her pussy.

Bethany stated that she liked it immediately. The next entry was a month later when Judy spent the night.

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They were up half of the night locked in a sixty-nine satisfying one another. Again Bethany mentioned how much she likes to eat Judy's pussy. Every month or two there were more entries. Then Bethany had her thirteenth birthday and a sleep over. She instigated a game of spin the bottle and managed to kiss each of the girls that night.

Then after the lights went out she talked them into lying still and staying quiet so that she could feel of their bodies and identify who they were. Bethany was only interested in feeling their breasts and pussies.

She was a very bold young lady. She reached into their panties and fingered their pussies and none of them said a word to stop her. As I looked at the names I knew that three of them were the girls this morning that had greeted her. The other name was Kitty's daughter that had moved to Philadelphia. Holly shit! There were more entries that year then I got to her fourteenth birthday party. Apparently my wife had gotten Bethany a vibrator. She got to introduce it to all of her overnight guests.

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That continued to be used for the next year. For her fifteenth birthday my wife gave Bethany a box with a whole bunch of sex toys in it.

She describes them. There is a vibrating banana with a monkey near one end. When inserted deep into her pussy the monkey rubs against her clitoris and then vibrates everything when turned on. She was given a dildo that looked just like an ear of corn-on-the-cob and apparently it felt so good that she slept with it in her pussy for a whole month.

Anyway the box had a butt plug, nipple clips, and a double-ended dildo too. Her diary mentioned how Bethany and Kitty's daughter used to get on each end of the dildo and rub each other's clits until they were raw.


Then Kitty and her family moved away to Philadelphia. For Bethany's sixteenth birthday she and her lesbian lovers seduced my wife into their little group. I was out of town on business and they ate pussy constantly all weekend. They ate day and night. Bethany says that her mother can't get enough pussy and that the two of them were made for one another. Then there were some disturbing entries where Bethany says that my wife is only letting me fuck her so that I wouldn't leave her and that my wife has to rush into the bathroom to douche right afterwards to get my cum out of her pussy.

If she sucks my cock she has to brush her teeth twice. She can just barely stand me touching her. Then she mentioned that Kitty and her daughter wanted Bethany and my wife to come down and live with them.

Kitty had gotten hid of her husband and become a devout lesbian. Now I knew why I had never seen a boy come around or seen my daughter go out on a date with a boy. I wanted to scream.

Hell I wanted to rape her and teach her what a real man could do.

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I knew that none of that would do the trick. I thought about nothing else all day. Then I had to pick Bethany up at school. When she opened the door her three lovers got in too. I really wanted to be alone with her but that wasn't going to happen. I had forgotten that it was Friday and that they were spending the weekend at our house. When they got home I knew that my wife would not be home for almost two more hours. I drank two beers to give me the courage to knock on her bedroom door.

I heard a lot of shuffling around in there. Finally Bethany opened it up just a crack and asked me what I wanted. What did I want? I answered her question, "I would like to watch you and your girlfriends make love. The thought of two guys turns my stomach but the thought of two girls making love has always excited the hell out of me!" Bethany looked at me for a moment then she opened the door and invited me in. The End