Salope francaise gros seins fait pipe au bbc en cam

Salope francaise gros seins fait pipe au bbc en cam
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Fbailey story number 450 The Snowstorm Mom was transferred to a new city in another part of the state, where she would be the Store Manager in charge of the local tractor supply store. It was a good promotion for her and a raise in pay. Mom and I were on the trip there when we stopped during a bad snowstorm.

We were still a few hours from our destination when we found a sign pointing the way to an old hotel. It was like something out of a horror movie. We made it inside and found no one there. Mom hit the bell on the counter, then she hit it again, and then she started to beat the hell out of it when someone hollered at her that they were coming.

An old man and his wife came out from somewhere out back. The hotel was their home and there were six rooms on the second floor. They said that we were the only guests. Mom got one room to save on expenses. I smiled when there was just one double bed for us to sleep in.

In our last apartment we each had queen-size beds and they had been stored somewhere waiting for us to find a new apartment. The hotel was old and in need of repair. The room door only had an old fashion skeleton key lock. Mom said, "It's not that bad. We can do this.

You'll see." We opened our suitcases and there on top of my suitcase was a Playboy that I had been jerking off too. On the top on Mom's suitcase was a big blue silicone dildo. Mom smiled and said, "Well, we apparently have the same thing in mind." I smiled and said, "We are both hungry." Mom laughed and said, "Yea, but maybe not for food. What do you say to us taking care of our sexual hunger and then going down to see what they have to eat?" I smiled, she smiled, and then she took her dildo into the bathroom and closed the door.

I started to grab my magazine when I spotted the keyhole in the bathroom door. I dropped my pants and underwear to my ankles and knelt before the bathroom door with my hand wrapped around my hard cock as I peaked through the keyhole.

Mom was standing right in front of me.

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She lifted her skirt up and lowered her pink panties to her ankles. She lifted her skirt up again and sat down on the edge of the toilet seat opening her knees up wide. Mom's pussy was quite hairy. It didn't look like she ever trimmed or shaved it.

I watched as she sucked on the head of that big blue dildo, opened her pussy lips showing me some pink, and then slipped that dildo slowly into herself. Mom's eyes closed and she started fucking herself while her other hand slipped up under her blouse to play with one of her tits. I was masturbating and staring at my mother as she masturbated before me.

She was much better than any picture I had looked at. As I stroked my cock, it grew bigger and harder than ever before. My feeling was intense and my climax was fantastic. That was the best jerk off ever. My eyes had crossed at the end, my whole body trembled, and I saw stars. The next thing I knew, my mother was shaking me and telling me to wake up. As I opened my eyes I saw my mother smiling down at me. Then she asked, "Are you okay?" I replied, "Sure.

Why shouldn't I be?" Mom giggled and said, "Well for one thing you're on the flood, two I knocked you out with the door, and three you were jerking off while watching me masturbate through the keyhole." I smiled and said, "Oh yeah. That was great. Can we do it again?" Mom said, "I suppose so. Obviously you've seen me already." I replied, "Not really. Your pubic hair concealed all of the good parts and you never took your top off." Mom said, "Let's get dinner while I think about this." The people running the hotel let us eat dinner with them since we couldn't go anywhere.

They said that we had received six feet of snow already with another six feet was coming. Crap! Mom called in to her new store and explained her situation. She told them that it might be another day or two before she could get there. We thanked them for our meal and then went back up to our room. Mom said, "I gave it some thought.

Well, actually my pussy is wet. Like boys that only think with their cocks, sometimes I only think with my pussy. I saw your cock after I knocked you out and I liked it. I even touched it and stroked it to get it hard, then I sucked on it for a minute before I woke you up. You see my dildo doesn't really do it for me and I suspect that jerking off doesn't really do it for you either." I just looked at her.

Damn it! She had touched my cock and I didn't even enjoy it. Damn it! Mom stood up and started removing her blouse. I looked at her as her bra came into view. Then she turned her back to me and asked, "Will you be a dear and get the hooks for me?" I unhooked the two tiny clasps. Mom turned back to face me and slipped the bra off letting it fall into my lap. She hooked her thumbs into her skirt and asked, "Would you like to do the honors?" I put my fingers in her waistband and pushed her skirt down to her knees where it fell to the floor.

Without being asked I hooked my fingers into the waistband of her pink panties and pushed them down to her knees. That brought my nose right up against her pussy. The curly hairs tickled my nose and her fragrance brought me to a full erection.

Mom said, "Stand up. It's my turn." She undressed me like I had her, until I was also naked. Then she said, "Fuck me" and got on her back on the bed. Stunned I asked, "I can't, but I can make love to you?" Mom laughed and said, "Oh honey, that's what I love about you." She gave me a hug and kissed me on the lips. She ran her tongue across my lips softly. It was gentle and it was lovingly. Then Mom sat down on the bed next to me and pulled me back with her so that we were lying there naked on the bed looking up at the ceiling with our legs over the edge of the bed.

With her arm still around my neck holding my shoulder Mom started in again, "You see honey, I have come up with a few sexual definitions of my own over the years.

Fucking is when the boy uses the girl's body to get his own rocks off. Making love is when he tries to satisfy the girl too. Now just plain fucking is when he sticks his cock in my pussy and cums in me. Butt fucking is when he sticks it in my asshole and cums in me. Tittie fucking is when I smash my tits together so that he can slip his cock in my cleavage and splash cum all over my chin and neck, sometimes I get his cock head in my mouth but not usually.

Then there is face fucking when he shoves his cock into my mouth." I asked, "Isn't that called a blowjob?" She replied, "Well it usually starts out that way. You see a blowjob is when the girl tries to please the boy. Like I said it usually starts out that way.

I kiss the head of his cock, lick around the head, and then slip my mouth over it and start gently sucking him. Then when he gets really excited he takes over, he grabs my hair and forces his cock into my mouth, fucking me. If he gets it in far enough so that his pelvic bone is hitting my nose and his balls are bouncing off my chin that usually means that he has gotten past my gag reflex and I am deep throating him.

That way he can cum directly into my stomach and if its done right I don't even have to swallow afterwards." I asked, "What about finger fucking and when the boy licks the girl's pussy?" Mom replied, "Well, finger fucking is just his way of getting his cock in me. If he can get his finger in, his cock is soon to follow and usually before I get off on his finger.

As too oral sex it is very far in between and never as good as it should be, unless my partner is another girl." I asked, "But where does lovemaking come in then?" Mom replied, "Well honey, after years of sex somehow two people start to know what the other likes and actually try to please the girl. Your father and I reached that point, then he took off with that tramp." She pushed me into a sitting position and threw her legs over me so that she was lying on the bed in position for sex.

She then said, "Now fuck me." I stood up and watched Mom lift her knees, open her feet up, and stretch out her arms for me. I got on the bed between her legs and guided my cock into her. I slipped right in and it felt good. Mom grabbed my hips and started me. From there, I didn't need any further encouragement. I fucked my mother until I cum inside her.

Yes, I fucked my mother and it was great. I never realized just how good it would be. Mom said, "Thank you. That was a great fuck. Now roll over and I'll suck your cock clean. With any luck you'll get hard and fuck me again." I did get hard and I fucked her again and again. After that third time my cock was so sensitive that I asked her to stop sucking it. Mom asked, "Now would you like to try and please me?" I replied, "Mom after that I am willing to do anything that I can to please you." Mom said, "I was hoping that you would say that." With her instructions I learned to finger her, rub her G-spot, and tickle her clit to several orgasms.

After several orgasms she told me that her clit was too sensitive to continue with my finger, however if I used my tongue that it would be wonderful and give her extreme pleasures.

I quickly found out that I liked the taste of Mom's pussy with her fresh cum in it. I couldn't get my tongue in far enough or get enough of her juices out, so I started slipping two fingers in and then sucking the juice off from them. Mom was pleased that I enjoyed oral sex with her. She said that no boy yet had enjoyed it like I had and only one other girl had.

Mom said that her pussy is usually an acquired taste because of her strong taste. I told her that I liked her strong taste.

She hugged my face tightly into her pussy and told me to keep enjoying it. I found that I could lick her pussy and still see her face at the same time. So I started experimenting with my lips, tongue, and fingers to see what effected her the most. She loved it when I rubbed her G-spot but she went absolutely wide when I racked my teeth gently on her very sensitive clit. Other things made her roll her eyes.

I could tell when she was about to cum because her face would start to contort in a special way around her mouth and eyes. I started stopping my manipulations when her face contorted, and then I started in again after a moment's rest. Mom said, "You little tease. You figured out what Mommy likes and you won't give it too her. I love it. You can tease me all night long if you want too, but promise me that in the end you'll let me cum." I replied, "I will, I promise." That night I almost put Mom out of her mind.

I brought her to the edge so many times that we couldn't count them and then long after my mouth got sore I finally allowed her to cum and was it ever a good one. She thrashed around for at least three or four minutes before she finally relaxed and fell asleep, or possibly passed out. All I know is that I pulled the covers up, cuddled into her, and fell asleep myself.

In the morning the snowstorm had stopped but it left a whole lot of snow behind. The owners said that it would be at least a day or two before we could get back on the road. We ate breakfast with them and then the lady asked Mom to give her a hand with something. Later Mom told me what the lady had said to her, "I heard you two last night.

He really knows how to satisfy you. My son used to do that for me, until he got married and moved away. Do you think he would do that to me?" Then Mom asked, "Would you like to make that lady happy?" I thought about it out loud, "Well she is really old and she's not all that pretty anymore, but she seems to really need me.


Apparently she likes young men. What can I get out of this?" Mom said, "What do you want out of this? You can see her naked, you can fuck any of her holes, and you can do just about anything you want to do to her. She is desperate and desperate women will do anything. I know because I have." I asked, "If you were me, what would you do to her?" Mom smiled and said, "I would let my imagination go wild. I would tease her like you did me last night. Then I would get her to agree to everything in the world.

I'd stick my cock in her pussy, in her ass, and in her mouth, I would have her suck my cock, lick my ass, and let me tittie fuck her. I'd make her lick my mother too. Then to top it all off I'd capture it all on video." I said, "Wow! I never knew that you had a mean streak in you like that." Mom replied, "I don't. Once I was on the receiving end of that with your father and his girlfriend before he took off on us." I said, "What." Mom said, "Yes, he promised not to go if I would subject myself to his demands, that included his girlfriend's demands too, and it was all recorded." I said, "And then he left anyway." Mom said, "Yup.

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That's why sometimes I refer to him as a bastard." I said, "And yet you want me to do that to that lady." Mom said, "It's not the same thing. I was trying to save my marriage and keep your father in your life and I got my heart broken and I was humiliated in the process. That lady just wants to feel what it's like to be a sexual woman again and she is willing to do anything to get that.


I promise you that she will not feel humiliated when you and I are done with her. She will feel great and have a memory that will last a lifetime…so will you. It's one thing for me to give myself to you because I love you, but for a complete stranger to give herself to you, now that is special and you will never forget it either.

Besides it will be your very first butt fuck, tittie fuck, and maybe face fuck too. You can't ask for any more than that from a strange woman can you?" I said, "You make it sound like I'd be doing her a favor." Mom replied, "You would be. Her husband no longer satisfies her, her son has a wife of his own to satisfy now, and she is asking for you to give her want she needs.

You can do anything and everything to her as long as you give her what she wants in exchange." I asked, "What about her husband?" Mom replied, "He goes to bed at nine o'clock and he is a very heavy sleeper. She will come to us right after he falls asleep." I asked, "How do we tell her that I'm willing." Mom smiled and said, "I worked out a signal. At lunch she will sit next to you and pull her dress up as high as she can without making it too obvious.

If you are willing, then all you will have to do is slide your hand up under her dress and poke your finger into her pussy. She will not be wearing panties." Then Mom added, "You can give her an orgasm if you want too. It will be her problem not to let her husband know. I think she would love it." I was anxious to be called down to lunch. When it happened I sat when the lady pointed and waited.

After she had brought out all of the food she sat down next to me lifting her dress up. I watched as she opened her legs and pulled her dress up above her pussy. As her husband said the blessing I fingered her clit until she shuttered and said, "Amen." Her husband was right in the middle of a sentence when she said that but he came to an abrupt halt. Mom smiled at me and started reaching for the potatoes. The lady passed me the platter of meat and smiled at me. Then she patted my hand that was still in her pussy.

I never removed it during the meal until finally her husband told her to start cleaning up…he was done. I thanked her for a wonderful meal and then Mom and I smelled of my fingers all the way up to our room. Then Mom and I took turns tasting the lady's pussy juice. That lady tasted sweet.

I was looking forward too later but Mom had other ideas.

She called down and asked the guy for some fresh towels, of course he said that his wife would bring them up in a while. A while later the lady knocked on our door and Mom was right there to let her in. Mom took the towels and pushed the lady back on the bed when I lifted her dress and started munching on her pussy. Mom had the video recorder already running but she then picked it up and got in much closer. I held that lady's pussy open as I devoured every drop that I could lick up.

Then I went after her clit with my tongue and teeth.

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She moaned rather loudly and then tried to stifle herself with her hand. Mom told me to let her cum as often as I could. Mom videotaped her receiving a total of three orgasms with the last one a multiple orgasm. Mom pulled me away, handed me the camera, and took my place between the lady's legs.

Mom gave her an orgasm and then pulled her dress back down and helped her to her feet. As the lady started to leave Mom said, "We will need our sheets changed, some more ice, and maybe some more shampoo…but not all at once." The lady smiled and said, "Yes ma'am." She turned toward me and asked, "Is there anything that I can get you young man?" I said, "The panties that you wore yesterday." I then added, "Can I see your tits?" She smiled and lifted her dress up over her head.

Then Mom walked behind her and unhooked her bra. As I walked toward the lady Mom started videotaping again. I messaged and kneaded her soft breasts. I sucked her nipples hard, and then I twisted them just enough to get a reaction from her.

At Mom's request I squatted a little placing my back to her belly and let her flop her soft tits over my shoulders so that Mom could take a picture of us like that. Mom didn't stop at one picture either. In the last picture Mom had me pinch the lady's nipples and pull on them until she begged for me to stop. That was when Mom took the picture. Then Mom helped the lady put her bra back on and then her dress. Mom reminded her about her panties before letting her leave the room.

About ten minutes later the lady reappeared in our room, she lifted her dress, and told me that she had brought me her used panties as requested. I had her remove them and then kneel down and give me a blowjob. Mom had captured it all.

As the lady sucked on my cock I realized what she had been talking about.

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Soon I had the lady's hair grasped tightly in my hands and I was fucking her face. She gagged and sputtered but eventually I hit the back of her throat and kept going. She was deep-throating me for the first time and I loved it.

Soon I was shooting my cum right down her throat and into her stomach like Mom had said. The lady thanked me and said that she would be bringing our ice up in a while. Mom suggested that I fuck her from behind doggy style when she came back up. She didn't wait very long either. Mom removed her dress and bra again and had her get down on the floor. Without any needed foreplay I just shoved my aching cock into her and fucked her from behind. Her warm pussy felt just as good as Mom's warm pussy.

Banging up against her soft butt and watching it jiggle was nice.


I reached down to play with her hanging tits as I fucked into her. I enjoyed fucking her and she enjoyed me doing it. I grabbed onto her love handles and pounded into her for all I was worth, then I filled her pussy with cum. She was just as wet afterwards as she was beforehand. Mom wiped her pussy, helped her get dressed, and then she let her go.

I got a big thank you from a really grateful lady. Mom said, "Wow, that was really good. You are going to have a great movie, staring you and her. Next time you really should tittie fuck her and save her ass until after her husband goes to sleep." We were called down to dinner and again she sat next to me and lifted her dress.

She got through the entire blessing before saying, "Amen." Her clit was so sensitive that she was constantly shivering. Her husband asked her what was wrong and she told him that it was getting chilly in the room. He accepted that as an answer. Mom smiled at me and added that she was chilly too. Then Mom asked the lady to bring us an extra blanket later for our bed. She said that she would be happy too.

When she brought up our extra blanket, she was ready for anything that I wanted. When I told her that I wanted to tittie fuck her she smiled and said that it had been her son's favorites. She smiled as she stripped off her dress and bra and got on the bed with her hands on the sides of her drooping breasts. I straddled her belly and pushed my stiff cock down to rest on her breastbone. She pushed her tits together and held them there as I started slipping my cock in and out.

The friction was too much but Mom had a suggestion and together the three of us spit some saliva between those tits and then she pressed them back together for me. That was all that it took. The friction was perfect and I recognized the nice warm wet feeling. The pressure in my balls became too much. My relief and my pleasure came when she leaned forward and sucked the head of my cock into her mouth just as I came.

She took it all, she showed me a big puddle of cum on her tongue, and then she swallowed it. I watched as she swirled the remainder around in her mouth and swallowed again.

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She sucked the head of my cock and thanked me for another great fuck. I reminded her that there was only one hole left. She said, "You will be the first to enter me there. Neither my husband nor my son cared for that.

They were not into butt fucking, fudge packing, or going up the old dirt road. However, I always wanted to try Greek.

I though that letting someone ass fuck me was the ultimate sacrifice after getting my cherry broken but no one ever wanted it before you." Mom said, "Bring a tube of K-Y Jelly with you. I don't have any with me." The lady got dressed to head out but first she gave Mom a hug and whispered into her ear. After Mom left I asked her what the lady had said.

Mom smiled and said, "I'm supposed to tell you to put your cock in her mouth after you butt fuck her. She always wanted to try that too. Then she asked me to join her so that she could suck your cock after it was in my butt too." I asked, "So what did you say?" Mom replied, "I didn't say anything but I think it's a great idea.

You certainly won't be my first back there but I like the idea of you sticking your cock in her mouth afterwards though." About a quarter after nine the lady was at our door, she was completely naked, and she was holding out a tube of lubricant. She was smiling too. Then she said, "I sorry but I give myself an enema. I need to be punished." Mom said, "Yes, you do but not before you take it up the ass. We are not going to mask one pain with another.

Besides I have more than enough shit in my ass to give you a foul taste in your mouth." The lady smiled, Mom took the tube, put the lady on her back on the bed, and then had her hold her knees up. I watched as Mom lubed up a finger and stuck it in her ass, then she lubed up another finger and stuck them both in her ass and moved them around.

The lady moaned and said that it felt good. Mom lubed up my cock and said, "Stick it in her ass. Go slowly until it's all the way in." She smacked the lady's thigh good and said, "Watch it go in and then watch my son butt fuck you. He may never get another virgin ass so make sure that he enjoys it." I thought that it would be harder to get it in her, but the K-Y Jelly sure helped.

My cock slid right in just as easily as it had slid into her pussy and throat earlier. She was staring at me and smiling as I fucked in and out of her asshole. After a few more strokes I took it out and shoved it in her face. Even I could see how clean and shinny it was. Then I slipped it back in her ass. Mom greased her own ass for me and got on her hands and knees with her knees near the lady's shoulder and her head down near me watching me butt fuck the lady.

When I went back to her face the lady sucked me good. Then I butt fucked Mom and stuck that in the lady's face. She smiled up at me and sucked my cock into her mouth. The lady said, "Please give me more of her ass." Mom said that it was all right but that I needed to cum in the lady when the time came. So I took turns fucking their asses and feeding my cock to the lady. When it was about time I had Mom sit on her face while I fucked her ass.

The lady licked Mom's ass clean just as I started filling hers with my cum. Before the lady could completely relax, Mom reminded her about her punishment. She had the lady stay in her position, on her back, with her knees in her breast. Mom then surprised me when she opened her suitcase and took out a leather strap.

It was dark brown, wider than most belts, and about two feet long. It was not a belt but a strap for punishment. I wondered why Mom had it. Soon she was smacking the strap down on the lady's flattened out pussy causing her to scream out. Mom warned her not to wake up her husband or she would get it a lot worse. The lady pressed her lips tightly together for the next several hits on her pussy.

After ten strokes Mom switched to her bare ass. The lady flinched every time that Mom landed that leather strap on one of her ass cheeks. Mom applied ten to each cheek and then had her lower her legs and grab a hold of the headboard.

Mom then started smacking the lady's soft droopy tits applying ten strokes to each tit. Mom had the lady stand up and apologize to me for cleaning out her ass. Mom had her thank me for violating her three holes and for tit fucking her.

Then Mom had me thank the lady for giving me my first face fuck, my first tittie fuck, and my first butt fuck. All of it had been captured on disc for my first fuck film. Mom kissed the lady and told her that I wanted a lesbian scene in my movie. I hadn't said that but I grabbed the camera and got a close up of them kissing and swapping spit. Mom made the lady do her first. The lady kissed and sucked Mom's tits, then she kissed and licked Mom's pussy giving her two orgasms, and finally the lady kissed and licked Mom's asshole.

Mom then did the same to the lady before getting into a sixty-nine with her until the camera card got full. I changed cards and filmed the two ladies kissing for real, like old lovers. It was much more intense than the first time that they kissed. Mom said, "If we are still snowed in tomorrow we will get to do everything to you again." The lady said, "Oh, I hope so." Then she walked out of our room naked, like she had walked in.

The next day we were free to leave right after lunch but Mom decided to stay the night and let them get the roads really cleared. The lady came to us repeatedly and allowed Mom to make a second copy of her giving me everything that she had to offer a boy.

After being stranded for a few days we got back on the road and headed to our destination. We plan of spending a night every now and then at that old hotel with our favorite lady. The End The Snowstorm 450