Fake Taxi spanish babe has great tits and ass

Fake Taxi spanish babe has great tits and ass
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Moments after we had cum on the white sands of a desolate beach near Puerta Vallarta and after the waves had washed our juices back to its giant pool, I had continued to kiss your moistened lips until, suddenly, your southern lips became moistened too! You began to sit up, so I quickly stood, picked up my tie that was clumsily dropped on the sand moments before and tied it around your head, covering your eyes. blindfolded! You had remembered the blindfold from before.

several months ago in Cabo when I blindfolded and tied your arms and legs above your head to the iron bars of the bed we slumbered on.


You thanked God for being flexible! You remembered erotic feeling of being helpless as I licked and tugged at your exposed pussy lips and clit enveloped in jet-black, yet nicely trimmed pubic curls.

Your body convulsed with electricity as waves of cum dripped from your satisfied sex. Yes, you remember delightfully as a smile crossed your lips. Yes, It was YOUR turn then.

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now THIS is for your ME. Standing in front of you. inches from your face, I waved my thick, half-erect cock tantalizingly close to your patient lips. teasing you to touch it with your tongue.

You tried.

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Your mouth and tongue looked as though they were trying to catch raindrops from the billowy clouds, but was desperately disappointed when when one gently touched your chin instead. or your cheek. or nose. You laughed in frustration; I just smiled like an ornery little boy.

You wanted to taste me, my cock still throbbing and hanging heavy from moments before when we exploded with fervor.

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I teasingly moved forward and rested my cock on top of your head and you gently licked my balls like an ice cream cone, savoring the sea salt that had settled there.

My cock, aroused from all the sensations filling me, became engorged like I had never experienced before. You knew from the weight on your head that you were doing all the right things, like you always had done before.

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You wanted to use your hands to grab my ass and pull me in to devour me whole, but I did not let you. Instead, I grabbed your wrists rather roughly, pushed you onto the sand, pinned your wrist above your head and sat across your chest.

With mouth open and wet, I traced your lips with the tip of my manhood for several minutes that, to you, seemed hours!

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Then, ever so slowly, I slid the wet tip of my cock into your hungry mouth. Your tongue raced around the head in unison to the waves that were licking giant boulders nearby.

Propping your head up with a pair of rolled-up slacks, I pushed my heavily-veined dick in a little deeper. and deeper. feeling the warmth of your mouth. With hands of surrender, I knew you were no longer going to disobey me; I let go of your wrists and placed my hands behind me searching.


and, oh yes. finding your hard nipples, just begging to be touched and pinched roughly with the pads of my fingers. I began moving rhythmically, slower at first, but gradually sped up.

Soon I was fucking your mouth. faster, until.

I lifted you from the sand and with legs around my waist and shoulders I began to plunge deeply into your aching pussy. Feeling the thickness of my huge sex filling and stretching your pussy, it didn't take long for you to reach your peak. Your clit being strummed with the base of my penis and thick curls of pubic hair.

Moments later, we exploded with pleasure again.


together. exhausted. I carried you to the surf and washed our spent bodies with salt water. Smiling, we crawled back to our towels, sipped the remaining red wine and watched as the sun kissed the horizon, then, suddenly, no more.