Mature woman and teen nasty group sex

Mature woman and teen nasty group sex
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Part 2 Day 2 In which Tom has an interesting encounter in the toilets. Tom woke up with a boner. It took him a second to realise that yesterdays events were not a dream.

He hopped out of bed and slipped out of the cabin and went into the direction of the toilets. The sun had only just risen and the sky was a brilliant orange. As he made the walk along to the toilets he was surprised to see another figure up so early. She was wearing a long skin hugging nighty shirt and some pink and white polka dotted panties and her hair was Oh.

He realised it was his sister. "Cindy!" He hissed. She turned around and when she spotted him her face broke into a smile. "What are you doing up so early?" Tom asked. "Lets just say I woke up with a itch that needed to be scratched," she grinned.

"Oh and I woke up with a bone that needed to be picked," Tom laughed. They walked together to the toilet block. It was a far distance from the cabins. "Y'know, when I first felt you pressing against me in the car I was so embarrassed for you.

I lent forward a bit so it didn't poke so much into my butt cheek and then it slid into my crack when I went back, and it felt like sparks just erupted from me and shot throughout my body." "Oh god. I was fretting that you'd get up and shout out 'hey everyone, my brother got a stiffy just by me sitting on his lap. What a pervert! His own sister!' and I was scared shitless," Tom admitted.

"I would have never of done such a thing, Tom! And besides, it felt too good to stop. I saw you see how wet my panties were when I got up. I actually climaxed without and proper physical contact, There was 3 layers of clothes between you and me. It was . awesome!" They had finally gotten to the toilet block. Tom went to go around to the boys entrance but Cindy dragged him into the girls bathrooms and into a cubical and locked the door.

She sat on the toilet lid and pulled Tom towards her. "Now lets see what present you have for me!" She pulled down the front of his boxer shorts and his dick flung out, semi-hard from its confines.

"For me?" Cindy said. "You shouldn't have!" She reached out and clasped her hand around it and stroked it up and down gently.

"Cindy, I actually came to the bathrooms to pee," Tom said. "Oh me too," said Cindy. "See how easily I got distracted by your wonderful cock?" Cindy stood up and lifted the toilet lid and pulled down her panties until they were around her ankles and sat on the toilet.

Tom turned around so his sister could do her business in private. "Tom," Cindy said. "You've stuck your fingers inside me, you don't need to turn around. Just piss between my legs while I'm peeing.

Don't splash me though." Tom put a hand on the back wall and leaned over so he could get his erect cock pointing down. He aimed and fired between her legs and he peed into the bowl. Cindy let fire too and her stream crossed with Tom's. "Sword fight!" Tom said. He crossed his streams with hers as if to attack it with his pee. Cindy giggled and angled her hips to counter attack Tom's stream. Tom and Cindy finished up and Cindy wiped herself up.

"Here," she said, and she edged back and tapped the front of the toilet seat, motioning for Tom to sit down, to which he complied. "That was actually kinda hot. Now, where were we? Oh that's right. Something like this." She pulled his boxers down to his thighs and started stroking him.

He rubbed her slit and inserted a finger. "Oh no Tom you don't have to, it's okay." "Nah I just want to feel your pretty little pussy," he said, dipping another finger in her love hole. Cindy was really getting into it, she was stroking his cock up and down, and gently playing with his balls in her fingers when they both heard the distinctive crunch of gravel being stepped on, getting closer and closer. Tom quickly sat on Cindy's thighs and put his hands on feet on each wall holding balance, so his feet couldn't be seen from under the cubical.

The footsteps came closer and Tom froze when he heard the girls bathroom door open. "Cindy is that you?" the voice from outside the stall said. Tom started panicking, thinking he was going to get caught. "Oh yeah, it's you. I can see your cute little pink and white panties around your ankles," the voice said again. Cindy blushed and Tom raised an eyebrow.

"Yeah, mornin' Lucy," Cindy replied. She started stroking Tom's cock again, slower now, while Lucy started brushing her teeth. "Did I mention," Lucy said, her voice muffled by her toothbrush, "your brother looked sexy without his top on in the lake yesterday." Cindy laughed.

"Pervert! I bet if you had him in your hands right now you wouldn't stop touching him!" "Baby, I'd be all over him." "Just ask him out Luce, I totally reckon he likes you," Cindy said, squeezing Tom's penis and raising her eyebrows at him, as if to make a point, before going back to the slow stroking of his cock.

"Nah he doesn't like me. I've given him all the signals I totally don't exist in his eyes." "I don't think he knows you like him.

He's dumb like that. You'd probably have to sit on his lap and grind your crotch into him before he realises you like him." Tom had to stop himself from groaning.

How stupid had he been, not realising Lucy liked him, he felt like a right idiot. He decided to get back at Cindy for calling him stupid. He raised up Cindy's nighty and pulled it over her head under the pretence of fondling her breasts and Cindy raised her arms to let him take it off, but then he threw it over the stall.

Cindy gasped at Tom and he gave an evil grin. Lucy gave a little giggle. "Hey Cindy, if I ran out right now you'd have to walk all the way back to our cabin in only your panties, topless in front of 10 cabins of oogling boys and girls.

I bet Mr Chalkson would like to see your pert little breasts," she howled with laughter. Cindy replied with a nervous giggle. Tom quickly grabbed her panties from around her ankles and tossed them over the stall. Lucy giggled even more. "Totally nude in there Cindy? Now you'll have to run past all the boys butt naked. I'm sure they'd love to look at your cute little pussy. They heard Lucy laugh and little footsteps as she ran out the door.

"You idiot!" Hissed Cindy. "I can't go back naked!" "Don't worry sis, she's only joking, I'm sure of it. Just wait a second." They waited in near silence for two minutes, Cindy still slowly stroking her brother, when finally Lucy returned.

"Haha Cindy, I bet you thought I would really do that." She threw the panties over the stall and Tom caught them, and she threw the nighty next which Cindy caught. "Anyway, I didn't even finish brushing my teeth," Lucy said. She turned on the tap to rinse her mouth and Cindy took that chance to jerk Tom off faster.

She stroked him really fast up and down and up and down with a really tight grip while still gently squeezing his balls with her other hand. The pleasure was too much for Tom, he panicked and held Cindy's panties over his cock and blew his load. After a few ropes of cum were unleashed into his sisters panties his orgasm finally finished.

Tom gave a meek smile and mouthed a sorry to Cindy. She put back on her nighty and got off the toilet and took the soiled panties from Tom's hand and put them on. The cum was warm but felt cool against her hot, moist pussy and she pressed a finger against her panties and pressed the cum into herself.

Most of the cum has splashed on the front of the panties. As long as it didn't show up on her bottom where everyone could see it she was fine. Tom was still sitting on the front of the toilet seat, holding his feet up against the walls as so not to be seen from outside the toilet. "Thanks for that, it was super hot. Don't worry about getting me off, I already did early this morning," Cindy whispered into his ear.

She then pulled her shirt down in an attempt to cover her cum soaked panties, to some success, and slipped out of the cubical. If anyone else came into the toilets and decided to use Toms cubical he was screwed. He decided to at least tuck his dick into his pants so it didn't look so incriminating, and he turned around and sat Indian style on the toilet. "I really like your panties," Cindy said to Lucy as she washed her hands. "Yours are hotter Cin, we should totally swap!"Lucy replied "Not now," Cindy chuckled.

"Maybe tomorrow." "Aww why not now Cindy? Afraid I might see you naked?" Lucy teased, "little schoolgirl Cindy afraid to be seen naked!" "Oh so it was all a ploy to see me naked, you're a total lezzo!" Cindy and Lucy giggled as they walked out of the toilets teasing each other. Tom waited a silent minute in terror before making a mad dash out of the girls toilets. Luckily there was no one around as it was still quite early, and he walked back to his cabin.

No one was awake in Tom's cabin when he got back. He picked out the days clothes and decided to go take a shower before breakfast while there was still hot water. By the time he was finished and gone back to his cabin some of his cabin were awake.

"Wakey wakey, rise and shine!" Tom shouted, clapping his shoes together loudly. "Go back to bed Tom!" "Boo you suck," called another voice from underneath some blankets.

"C'mon fellas. We've got the high obstacle course today. I'm gonna whoop some butt! I'm going to go out for breakfast. Anyone else comin'?" Everyone stayed silent. "Fine. Enjoy your sleep slackers!" Tom walked over to the breakfast hall. It was empty except for Lucy and Cindy. Their faces visibly lightened up as they saw him enter the room, big grins cracking into their faces. Tom picked up one of the small packets of cereal and milk and joined them at their table.

Both girls where wearing incredibly short clothes Cindy, a very short skirt, and Lucy, a dress that cut up rather high on her thigh. Cindy spread her legs as Tom approached and he could see that she was still wearing the cum soaked panties. "Morning Tom," the girls said simultaneously. "You're up early," commented Lucy. "So are you two," he replied. "How are you enjoying the camp so far?" "Oh it's going great! The lake is nice and cool, the air is fresh, the activities are fun." "Except for the bitches, they better not ruin our fun," interjected Cindy.

"Bitches?" Tom questioned. "Our roomies," explained Lucy. "There's Christina, I think you know her. She's kinda tall, pretty thin -" "Oh yeah, rockin' bod, brown hair, I know her," Tom said, to which Lucy scowled. "I bet she's a real prude. Anyway, then there's Jessica, the side-kick. She can be alright, but she does everything Christina tells her to do and they're just generally mean to everyone.

It's as if they think they're better than everyone else," continued Lucy. "Oh yeah Jessica, she's that fat redhead." Cindy punched Tom in the arm. "Don't be cruel. She's not fat, she's just short and has a bit more flesh, and she always wears baggy clothes." "Speaking of clothes, isn't your skirt a bit too short? I mean, I can see up it and I'm not even trying. Your butt practically shows underneath it when you stand." "You hear that Lucy?" Cindy said, "my brothers been peeving up my skirt.

What a pervert!" "What do you think of my dress, Tom?" asked Lucy. She was wearing a yellow daisy patterned dress that cut off extremely high up her thigh. "It's. colourful," Tom gulped. "Not too short is it?" "Ugh," he paused, thinking of what he was meant to say in this situation. "No." Cindy snorted. "What a liar! Here, skooch over. I'll see." She pushed Tom off the chair and sat where he was sitting and looked at Lucy's crotch.

"Oh this is perve central here. He can see right up your dress Lucy. I think he chose that seat on purpose just to look up your dress and stare at your cute little yellow frilly panties. I bet through that whole conversation he was just staring at your crotch," she giggled.

"I was not," Tom said indignantly. "And besides," he said with a smile, "I was looking up hers," he said, nodding his head towards Cindy. Lucy howled with laughter while Cindy pretended to look shocked. "What are you chicks laughing at?" Steve had joined them at the table. "You know," he added, "we're doing the high obstacle course today.

We're totally going to be able to see up your dress and skirt." "Oh god how embarrassing!" Squealed Lucy. "I'll change after breakfast." "Hrmph," grunted Steve, "I shouldn't have said anything." The breakfast hall slowly filled out as every one filtered in in varied states of awaked-ness to eat breakfast. After breakfast finished Tom didn't see his sister again until they got to the high obstacle course. The high obstacle was a bunch of wires attached to trees about 20 metres up.

The course started on one tree, with two trees as checkpoints in the middle, and the fourth tree being the end. The highest wire was the harness wire, where each person connected their harness to. The second highest was the wire they held onto with their hands, and the lowest was the one they stepped on and made their way across the course on.

Each person hooked up to a harness and had to climb up a tree and make their way across the course which spanned across multiple trees 20 metres up in the air, all the while attached to the harness AND to their partner. If their partner fell they'd be pulled along too.

Because of their harness, if they fell they'd be caught after two metres of free fall and then they'd be disqualified and they wouldn't be able to finish the course. The course was all about stability, patience and teamwork. Tom saw his sister and Lucy and noted that they had indeed changed out of their ridiculously short clothes and into pairs of ridiculously short denim shorts.

Lucy ran up to Tom smiling. "You'll be my partner won't you?" She asked sweetly. "Oh I thought you were going with my sister. Who'll she be going with?" "Oh she'll find someone. Christina maybe," she joked. "Hell no," said Cindy. "She's way too uncoordinated. Her long lanky legs won't be able to hold balance. Plus, she'd probably fail on purpose just to spite me.

I'll go with Jane, if she wants." Rick and John went first. They made it through the course fairly easily; John nearly fell but he recovered and they made it through the course without a hitch.

Another group went next. Some girls had chosen to sit out because they had been wearing short skirts and didn't want to flash everyone on the ground, and some girls and boys had chosen to sit out because they were afraid of heights.

Cindy's turn came up. She had paired up with Jane, another one of her friends. They made it about half way before Jane slipped and fell, causing them to fail.

Cindy tried to laugh it off but she was disappointed she didn't make it across. Tom's turn came up next. Lucy climbed the tree first with Tom following up from behind. "I bet you wish I was still wearing that dress, hey Tom," she giggled, to which Tom chuckled awkwardly in return. They made it to the top of the tree and Lucy looked down and shuddered. "I probably should have told you this before," she said.

"I'm kind of. afraid of heights." "It's okay. Just follow my lead and I'll take it slowly and we'll finish it." Tom stepped out onto the wire, one hand holding the top wire, the other holding Lucy's arm.

He edged forward slowly and Lucy joined him on the wire. Tom could feel the wire shake more when she stepped on the line, but she was still keeping her balance.

"You're doing great," encouraged Tom, as they slowly made it across the wire to the first checkpoint. Lucy chuckled nervously, slowly edging forward.

They made it to the first checkpoint without hitch, albeit slowly. The second checkpoint took longer, and Lucy was wobbling more, but they made it across too. The third checkpoint was the hardest and longest of all. The wire stretched for nearly double the length as from the first tree to the first checkpoint. Lucy complained that her arms were getting sore, but Tom encouraged her to keep going. The wire wobbled beneath their feet as they edged very slowly across.

"Hurry up grannies," came a shout from below. Tom wanted to flip them the bird but couldn't get any hand free. They edged slowly across. Tom made it to the tree first. He held on and waited for Lucy to edge across the last bit of wire. "Ah Tom!" Squealed Lucy. She lost her footing and started falling but Tom pulled her arm and pulled her to his chest while still holding onto the tree. Lucy breathed heavily, her breasts squished into his chest, rising up and down.

"Thank you!" she breathed, her heart still hammering from the fright "You're my hero Tom!" shouted Rick in a girls voice.

Tom, with a hand finally free, flipped him the bird. Tom and Cindy slowly made the journey down the tree to the ground. When they made it safely to the ground Lucy jumped up and wrapped her legs around Tom's waist and kissed him on the cheek. "Thanks for saving me Tom!" She squealed. Tom just blushed awkwardly and hoped he didn't get an erection.

"Thanks for saving me Tom!" shouted Steve, jumping up and wrapping his arms around Rick. Lucy blushed and unwrapped her legs from Tom and pecked him on the cheek again before running off to Cindy. Other groups went up next.

Tom half paid attention while chatting to his friends. Before they knew it, all the groups had had a turn and it was time to return to camp. Cindy pulled Tom aside on the way back. "I've got a plan," she said excitedly. "How do you feel about letting Lucy see you naked?" "What?!" Tom replied, confused. "You know the showers? There's that little window at the top.

Lucy can peer through while you're taking a shower and spy on you." "Did she suggest you to tell me this?" Tom asked, still weary. "No! I haven't even told her. Plus she totally would do it. She really likes you. I just want you to do this for her, she's my best friend." "What if she laughs at my dick. I don't want her seeing me naked!" "Oh c'mon your dick is great. Please? I'll let you see my puu-ssyy," she said in a sing song voice, sexily pushing down the top of her denim shorts. "Fine," Tom said.

"I don't know how you're going to explain this one to her, or how she's going to be able to spy on me without anyone catching her." "I've got it all worked out. I'll suggest it to her, and tell her that I'll delay you until you're the last one and then I'll come back and tell her you're going to the shower and she'll watch. You can even put on a show for her!" said Lucy. "Ooh, a show, eh? I can masturbate while moaning 'Oh Lucy, oh Lucy fuck yeah Lucy," he laughed. "Or better yet. 'Oh Cindy, oh yeah Cindy'." Cindy giggled, and pulled him along to quickly get back to camp.

"Lucy's going to tell me all about it so you better not say my name or do anything to embarrass me!" Cindy said. They walked along the path and caught up to the group, both grinning in excitement for the night ahead. Tom went off with his friends and Cindy went off to find Lucy. Cindy found Lucy in their cabin but they had the company of Christina and Jessica, their two bitchy room-mates, so Cindy brought Lucy outside.

"How'd you like to see Tom naked?" Cindy asked. "What? What are you going to do? Ask him to show his dick to me?" Asked Lucy. "No, no.


I know how much you like him. Here's what I'll do. I'll keep him occupied for a few hours so he has to take his shower really late, then when it's all quiet he'll have a shower and you can watch from outside the shower window.

I checked and it's easy to peer through. He'll be the only one showering so late and you can just watch him naked!" "Oh, I dunno. I feel like I'm betraying his trust." "Oh c'mon Lucy.

You don't think that he wouldn't hesitate for a second if I offered him the chance to see you naked? Besides. I might just offer him the chance to see YOU naked," she giggled. "You wouldn't dare!" gasped Lucy.

"You don't know that he hasn't already seen you naked!" Lucy gasped in shock but then burst out laughing when she saw Cindy was joking. That night. Cindy hung out with Tom in his cabin playing card games until it all the other fellas in his cabin and the others had had their showers and then left Tom with a wink and a 'Have fun!'. Tom walked into the shower block and turned on the water and stripped while he waited for it to heat up, draping his clothes over the shower wall.

As he stepped under the shower stream he heard a faint rustling and realised he already had an audience. He grabbed his soap and lathered up his hands and lifted a leg and rubbed his frothy soapy hands all over his thigh and calf slowly, giving his single audience member a show.

The soap 'accidentally' slipped out of his hands and he just happened to need to bend over to pick it up, his ass pointing to the window. He made a real show of it, bending first only at the waist then at the knees keeping his ass pointed up high.

He soaped up and cleaned all of his body, the majority cleaning his ass and crack 'seductively', except the 'main attraction' of the night, which he left until last.

Tom lathered his hands up with soap and slowly stroked his cock until it was pointing up, fully erect, and covered in soap. He stroked up and down his member slowly, making sure his audience had a real good look at it as his pace quickened. He was lucky he had blown so many loads previously otherwise he would probably embarrassed himself rather early on.

With one hand massaging his balls and rubbing his perineum (the area between the sack and the anus), his other stroking now ferociously up and down his stiffened member. Tom could feel the pleasures increase in his loins and he quickened his pace, if that was possible, until his hand was a blur. The pleasure increased, it built up, felt marvelous - it felt glorious a burning pain. Tom shrieked out in pain. Some of the soap suds inadvertently had made its way inside his urethra (a painful experience, believe me).

His pleasure had vanished almost instantaneously replaced by the sensation of a burning white hot poker shoved inside his penis. He ran his cock under the shower stream pointing upward in hopes he could flush out the 'poison' before realising he could remove it another way. He pointed himself downward and let loose, his urine cleansing out his pipes removing any sign of soap that remained inside him. His dick was too sore to jerk after he had cleansed himself so he just finished cleaning himself off in the shower and towelled himself off and put on his night-things and went to bed for the night, completely forgetting he had an audience through the whole ordeal.

That audience member skipped happily back to her cabin, a grin from ear to ear upon her face. Part 3 Day 3 Some interesting developments The next morning Tom had a chance to see his sister at breakfast and she gave him a knowing cheeky look, it was obvious Lucy had told her everything.

She was wearing a really short red mini skirt and a skin-hugging top and showed off 'assets'. She was, of course, sitting next to Lucy, who was also cheekily grinning at Tom. She was wearing a flowery dress pattern that looked about two sizes too small as it creeped very high on her thigh, not that Tom didn't mind. He realised he wasn't meant to know why they were acting so strange this morning so he raised an eyebrow and looked the other way.

Tom didn't manage to meet with Cindy throughout the day they had their activities at different times so their paths never met until the free time period, where Cindy found Tom at the luncheon hall.

"How's your sore little willy?" She said softly, giggling. "That's not funny it hurt like a bitch. You owe me one for that." "Can you still use it or is it still a little sore?" She asked. "Why don't you come and see if it's better, eh?" "Okay but we've got to be quick. I've told Lucy I've gone off to the cabins to have a short nap.

If I take too long she'll get suspicious. The two headed off to down one of the barely used tracks for 10 minutes and found a comfy patch of grass to get busy on. Cindy peeled her panties down her legs, followed next by her skirt, and flung away to the ground. She then spread her legs and presented her most private place for her brother to feast on. Tom leant forward and lightly kissed her inner thighs and her bottom around her vagina and then slowly licked her labia the entire length, flicking her clitoris with his tongue at the very end.

He repeated this a few more times before using his tongue to separate her lips and he suctioned his lips to hers and tongue-fucked her. Cindy's hands pressed her brothers head into her, her bottom lip being bit in an effort to keep her moans quiet as her brothers tongue invaded her most intimate area. Tom's hand slowly massaged her clitoris as his lips suctioned around her pussy, his tongue deep inside her waggling around like an enraged horse on PCP. Cindy groaned continually, the pleasure building.

A wave of pleasure tore right through her as she climaxed, her hips thrusting up and her pussy squeezing out lubricants all over Tom's tongue and face as he lost his suction and was now massaging her clit furiously while lapping up at her cunt while she bucked up and down.

Her orgasm finally passed and her hips stopped bucking as she panted, out of breath from the monster orgasm that had just torn through her. Her brothers face was covered in her juices.

"That was fantastic," she said out of breath. "Now lets see if yours still works after that little mishap last night." Cindy rested on her knees, her bottom half still naked and her pussy and thighs soaking wet with her juices.

She leant forward and slowly slipped her brothers dick head between her lips and tongued it slowly. His dick was a bit dry so instead of using spit as a lubricant she rubbed her hand along her pussy and then rubbed her juices all over his dick. Her head sunk slowly down the shaft until his dick was engulfed entirely.

She rose slowly and repeated it again and again until she could manage a fast pace. With her one hand balancing her on his thigh the other slowly alternated between fondling her brothers balls and rubbing his perineum as her head bobbed up and down on his penis. "Cindy, babe, I'm gonna blow," he warned. "I'm gonna bloooo - "Oh my god Cindy you're blowing your brother!" A voice shrieked from behind them.

Cindy jumped up, Tom's dick free from her mouth and she turned her head around. Tom groaned and shot his wad all over his sisters chest as his dick flexed and shot ropes everywhere, bouncing freely, his face resembling Edvard Munch's 'The Scream'. Behind them stood a shocked Lucy, staring at a naked-from-the-waist-down Cindy and Tom, both their sexes clearly aroused and post-orgasmic.

"Oh god Lucy!" Squealed Cindy, trying to cover here bare pussy with her hands, trying to find her skirt. She spotted it, right next to Lucy's feet. "Oh wow how long have you two been doing this?" Asked Lucy. "Lucy! I'm naked here can you pass me my skirt?" Cindy pleaded. Lucy picked up the skirt and looked at it in her hand, then at Cindy. "Move your hands," Lucy said in an almost whisper, staring at Cindy's crotch.

"What?" Cindy asked, bewildered.

Timmys cock is throbbing and his lubed up hole is demanding

She looked at Lucy, who was staring trance-like at her crotch with her skirt held tightly in her hands. "If. If I do this will you give my skirt back?" "Eventually," breathed Lucy, still staring at Cindy's hidden sex. Cindy looked back at Tom behind her. His erection had wilted and he looked just as scared, if not more-so, as she was.

Cindy slowly removed her hands from in front of herself, revealing herself privates completely to her friend, who gave a small gasp at the sight of it. "Now take off your top and chuck it towards me," Lucy whispered.

Cindy paused a second before pulling her shirt over her head, exposing her breasts to Lucy. She flung her shirt in Lucy's direction, who caught it and held it in the hand with the skirt. Lucy edged forward towards Cindy and she held the skirt behind her back. She sat down right in front of Cindy and examined her from head to toe. Cindy was sitting Indian style with her hands to her sides. Her nipples were stiff and pointed out, she was noticeably aroused.

"You're turned on," she stated. "K-kind of," blushed Cindy. Lucy inspected Cindy's breasts, and poking one with one hand. "You're just slightly smaller than me," she said.

Then she looked down at Cindy's wet crotch. "You know, I've seen your pussy several times in the changing rooms, but I've never seen it up close, or in such a state," she commented matter-of-factly. She reached out with her free hand and pushed Cindy's legs apart and brushed her hand against Cindy's pubic hair.

"I like what you've done with it," she commented, whispering. "In fact, I copied your style from when I saw it last. I wanted to tell you but then I didn't want you knowing I'd been looking at you while you changed." "I know," whispered Cindy, "I've seen yours too." Lucy used her fingers to spread Cindy's pussy open, revealing her completely.

"Ooh, so your brother hasn't fucked you yet," she said. She then let a finger rub gently over Cindy's clit, which shuddered at the illicit contact. "You like that don't you," Lucy giggled, "have you ever tasted yourself?" Cindy blushed and nodded. "What do you taste like?" She asked. "I've tasted myself, I couldn't really put a name to it, but it tasted kind of sweet." "Umm I can't really say," she said.

"Tom, do I taste nice?" Tom nodded. "You taste great. Why don't you find out for yourself Lucy?" "You know what. I think I will. Do you mind Cin?" Cindy paused for a second before giving a curt nod of permission, and opened her legs wider.

Lucy brought her index finger to her friends pussy and slid it down the slit and wiggled her finger inside. She slowly buried it to the hilt, causing Cindy to bite her bottom lip, before she slowly retracted her now dripping finger. She brought it up to her face and sniffed it before sticking her finger in her mouth and sucking it dry. "You're right, you do taste sweet." She turned her attention to Tom. "Why aren't you hard any more?" Tom blushed at the diminished size of his dick, and Lucy's attention to his nakedness.

"I guess I kinda lost it when you arrived. I was so surprised." Lucy reached out and touched his member, which twitched and started to fill with blood at contact. She gave it a few pumps and it returned to its full, throbbing, size. "There," she said, with a little giggle. "Much better." Lucy pulled Tom's shirt over his head so he was entirely naked and she ran her hands over his chest and stomach. "Niiiiiice," she grinned. "Now, tell me when this all started." "Well. it started on the bus ride over," said Cindy, and she explained what happened on the trip to Lucy.

"No way!" She gushed. "I totally thought you were getting a bit too much into that song. No wonder! I was sitting next to you while you were getting off on your brother, that is so hot! What else have you done?" Tom explained how they sucked each other off under water in the lake.

"How'd you hold your breath under water for so long?" Asked Lucy. "Oh no," said Cindy. "We masturbated each other until we were just about to peak and then we finished each." "What else?" Grinned Lucy. She now had a hand, moving around suspiciously in her dresses pocket. "That morning when you came in the toilets and mentioned Cindy's panties.

I was in there and she jerked me off. It was actually me that threw her clothes away and when she got them back I came in her panties while you were brushing your teeth right outside," Tom said, almost proudly.

Lucy was stunned at the kinky acts that she had unknowingly missed. "What else?" She asked, amazed. "I told him to give you that strip show in the showers," Cindy admitted. Lucy squealed. "You knew I was watching you all along?!" Tom blushed sheepishly and nodded. Lucy sighed. "Oh wow. You two have to be the horniest couple ever. You've made me so horny. And you owe me Tom. I haven't seen you cum yet. Do it now for me, please please please?" Tom looked at Cindy who just shrugged back, so he decided to go for it.

He started stroking himself, his audience members both watching paying strict attention. While Tom masturbated Cindy reached forward and reached her hand up Lucy's skirt and pressed it into her panties. Lucy flinched. "Wow your panties are soaking wet, Luce. You know, you can masturbate too, if you want. We can't blackmail you into anything as you've still got our stuff," she said. Lucy pondered for a second before deciding to go for it.

She lifted her bottom off the ground and peeled down her panties before chucking them in Tom's face and giggling. Cindy moved around so she was next to her brother so she could watch her best friend masturbate while her best friend watched her brother masturbate, while he was sitting right next to her, while she was also half naked. Lucy had a different approach from Cindy to masturbation. She lubricated her right hand's index finger and probed her anus with one hand while her left palm massaged her clit with her fingers pumped inside her pussy.

Her index finger pressed in her butt and she pushed it in to the first joint, then the second, while still frigging herself while staring at her best friends brother masturbating in front of her.

She managed to get her index finger fully inside her ass and she kept masturbating frantically. "I'm gonna cum!" Lucy squealed. "I'm going to cum infront of my best friend and her brother." Lucy groaned as her orgasm hit her.

Her pussy muscles and sphincter clenched, trapping her finger up her butt, while she kept frigging herself as her orgasm rolled through her. "Oh god," groaned Tom. He grabbed Lucy's panties off his stomach and held them on top of his dick and stroked furiously as he felt his orgasm rise.

He shot ropes of cum into her panties and wiped himself up as he watched Lucy get over her orgasm. "That was fantastic!" said Lucy and Cindy together, Cindy stating it ecstatically while Lucy said it contently.

"Now, where are my panties?" They both asked together. Lucy froze. Tom had a grin on his face as he held Lucy's soiled panties in his hand.

"Oh shit please don't punish me!" Squealed Lucy, her eyes brimming with tears. "I only blackmailed you guys because I was really horny from last night and I couldn't masturbate without waking any of the others and hadn't done it all day and you guys were naked and Cindy, you had your pussy pointing towards me and it was open and moist and it made me so wet!

Please guys don't blackmail me I'm so so sorry!" "Relax," Tom replied, "I won't do anything with them." Tom took Cindy's panties from Lucy and pocketed both pairs. "You girls have lost your panty privileges for the rest of the day," he grinned. Lucy looked flushed with embarrassment at the thought of getting caught without panties on, but then she thought why not, and nodded in agreement.

"Sounds fair, I have been a very naughty girl," she giggled. Lucy gave Cindy her skirt back too and Cindy and Tom got dressed. "Now we both have panties caked in Tom's cum," giggled Lucy. When they were all dressed they decided to go back to camp as they had been out there for a pretty long time.

"So," Lucy said. "Are you guys gonna fuck?" Tom spluttered. "Nah I don't want to lose my v-card to my brother. That'd be a bit weird," Cindy said. "Oh yeah, and sucking his dick isn't!" Laughed Lucy. "It's not the same. Still. Are you gonna lose your virginity to him?" "Hey girls, I'm right here. Don't I have a say in the matter?" Tom said. Lucy giggled. "Can I?" "Yes," laughed Cindy. "I formally give my brother over to you so you can lose your virginities to each other." This set both girls off into a fit of laughter, and Tom grinned in anticipation.

"So when are we gonna do it?" "How 'bout tonight?" Asked Cindy. "Those bitches sleep like a rock and Tom can sneak in while they're asleep. I'll keep watch on the girls and if they stir I'll hiss and Tom can hide under the covers if they awaken?" "Jeez that's mighty risky, what if we get caught?" Asked Tom.

"I'm game," grinned Lucy. "What's the matter Tom? Don't want this?" Lucy flipped up her dress, flashing her pussy. "Fine, we're doing it tonight then. It's a plan." "Ooh goodie I can't wait to watch!" said Cindy, as they walked down the track back to camp, Tom holding both their hands. Part 4 In which a few virgins lose their virginities, and then some.

Tom rapped softly on the door. He had told his friends he was off to the bathroom and then he snuck over to his sisters cabin. It was at the dead of night. There wasn't a peep except for some owls, and the rustling of nocturnal animals foraging in the bushes. His sister opened the door and le him slip in. She was wearing her nighty and cum-stained panties. She held a finger to her lips and pointed at the two sleeping bodies sleeping on bunk beds on the left of the room.

Lucy was lying on the bottom bunk on the right side of the room covered in blankets. The room was illuminated in a soft glow by Cindy's cell phone. Cindy guided Tom over to the bed and pulled the covers off Lucy. Lucy was but naked underneath. She grinned up at Tom and spun around, keeping her legs wide open. "Are you ready?" she whispered excitedly. Tom was nervous. "Don't we need foreplay or something before hand?" "No I'm soaking wet, c'mon and fuck me!" Came the reply from Lucy.

"It's true," whispered Cindy. "She's been finger-fucking herself slowly all night. Even when those bitches were awake, she was doing it slowly I could see.

And smell. I'm not sure how the others didn't notice but you could smell her sweet pussy from a mile away." Tom grinned and gave a deep sniff. It was true, Lucy was excited and the aroma was delicious. Tom pulled down his pants and pulled Lucy forward so her pussy was hanging over the edge of the bed.

He got down on his knees and stroked his cock a few times. He looked at Lucy's face, and she gave him a nod, and he pushed his dick forward. His cock came in contact with Lucy's pussy lips. Cindy had her hand down her panties and was fingering herself slowly as she watched her brother fuck her best friend. Tom's dick hit Lucy's hymen and Lucy gave a quick nod and whispered for him to do it and he pressed into her.

Lucy let out a small squeal as Tom's cock broke her hymen and he sunk into her, and Tom stopped, but she urged him onward. Cindy pushed down her panties around her ankles now, She pulled off her nighty and had thrown it across the room and she spread her legs and she was frigging herself faster now, her eyes glued on her brothers cock inside her friends pussy. Tom pulled out and thrust again now, getting a feel for Lucy's vagina. He could feel the walls of her vagina, moist and soft, squeeze around his cock as he thrust inside her, his pre-cum and her pussy juices squelching with each thrust.

"It feels. fantastic," moaned Lucy to Cindy. "Your brothers cock feels fantastic inside me." Tom could only groan as he pumped inside his friends pussy. Lucy started frigging her clit now, rubbing it faster and faster as Tom's pumps became harder and faster. Lucy started squealing loudly. A louder squeal came from their left, Cindy started bucking and cooing as she orgasmed, her fingers never leaving her cunt, pumping in and out.

Her eyes were now closed as she enjoyed the sensations of her orgasm rolling through her. Lucy was the next to go. Tom felt, for the first time, as Lucy orgasmed with Tom deep inside her. Her cunt muscles contracted and spasmed as she came, her pussy oozing more juices as she came.

Her legs wrapped around Tom's back pushing him as deep as he could get inside her. Tom kept trying to thrust as well as he could to try get off.

He was ever so close now. He was so close to shooting his load deep inside Lucy, deep inside her pussy, when. He came. He shot a load right into Lucy's pussy. She moaned as she kept orgasming as she felt Tom's semen shoot deep inside her. Tom shot a second load, he pumped forward trying to get deeper in her. He was about to shoot a third when.

"Caught in the act you perverted sluts!" Tom spun around. His cock popping out of Lucy's acting cunt, his semen dripping out. He shot his third load as he spun around. A bright white flash. Tom tried to get up. His jeans were around his knees. He tried to step forward but tripped. His head made direct contact with a beam in the middle of the room. He spun around as he flopped unconscious on the ground. He shot off another few ropes of cum as he lay unconscious.

Tom woke up with a splitting headache, his hands tied around the beam above his head. The lights were on now and blankets were used to cover the windows.

Cindy and Lucy were sitting on the bed crying. They were both naked. Cindy was trying to be modest and covering her naked body with her hands while Lucy sat on the edge of the bed with her head in her hands crying, Tom's semen pooling out of her. Christina and Jessica sat on their bed, triumphant smiles upon their faces. They were both dressed in their sleeping clothes.

Cindy was wearing a short pink nighty that stopped just above her pink frilly panties and Jessica just had plain cotton white panties on and a tank top. "So, the perverts brother awakens," Christina said.

She picked up her camera and took another picture of Tom in his full nakedness. He had become flaccid in his unconscious state. "Just so you know if you try anything funny we will send the picture to everyone in our grade, and your parents. I've already sent it to Jessica's phone as backup." "How long was I out?" Tom asked groggily. "Just 5 minutes," replied Cindy. "Shut up slut," snarled Christina and she slapped Cindy hard across the face.

Cindy whimpered. "Innocent little Cindy. Watches her brother fuck her friend while masturbating. And here we all were thinking you were a good little girl. Imagine our surprise when we found you masturbating while watching your brother fuck your best friend. Tell me Cindy, do you like your brothers cock?" "Can I put some clothes on now please?" Cindy begged, avoiding the question. Her clothes were strewn on the floor in front of her. "Stop evading the question.

I'll take that as a yes. I'll tell you what, Cindy. Why don't you go over to him and show us how much you love his cock?" Cindy didn't move. "Bitch, that wasn't a question. It was a demand." Cindy got up slowly and sat down in front of Tom.

"Go on," said Christina. Cindy reached out and touched her brothers cock. It stiffened to her touch and rose to its full glory. Cindy looked questioningly towards Christina with her brothers cock firmly in her grasp.

"Fuck him." "What?" Asked Cindy, shocked. "Sex. It's when you place a penis into your vagina. I'm sure you've heard of it" replied Christina with a smug look upon her face.

Fresh tears rolled down Cindy's face.

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"I can't. I'm still a virgin. I can't lose my virginity to my brother!" "Oh sure. You don't have to. But then if you don't this picture will be circulating through our school within the hour." Christina snapped a picture of Cindy holding her brothers cock.

"Please Christina! Please Jessica! I'll do anything else. I'll be your slave. Anything. I just don't want to lose my virginity to my brother." "The clock's ticking, Cindy," replied Jessica. "Cindy just do it. Your brothers the best choice anyway. Which other guy would you want to lose it to?

They're all losers," said Lucy, still sitting naked on the bed, some of Tom's cum still dripping from her pussy. "Clean his cum from your pussy you slut, have you no dignity?" Spat Christina, throwing a packet of tissues at Lucy. Lucy opened the packet and wiped up the cum that had oozed out of her pussy and onto the bed and then cleaned herself up.

"Don't forget to clean all the cum. Tom shot it everywhere when he spun around," giggled Jessica. "That's it slut, we've given you enough time. Jessica, help me get her up." Jessica walked over to Cindy. "Get up on your knees." Cindy was unsure of what they were going to do so she got on her knees.

Jessica and Christina lifted Cindy up, one hand on each ankle and the other just below the knee. They hoisted Cindy into the air and Cindy had to hold on to their shoulders to prevent herself from tipping over. She tried to struggle out of their grasp but they were too strong. Christina and Jessica walked a struggling Cindy over to Tom and positioned her pussy above his erect cock.

Christina and Jessica slowly lowered Cindy down to her brothers cock, inch by inch. At first contact between her brothers dick and her labia she shivered. Tom's dick slowly sunk into her until he pressed into a barrier. "Stop it!

Please let me go!" She squealed. Her pussy was now directly above her brothers cock. "We can stop now. Please Christina I'll do anything for you." Christina grinned. "Now that I've thought about it, I think it's a pretty cruel thing to do. I guess we better let her go Jess, we don't want to force her to lose her virginity to her brother," she said, and with that both Jessica and Christina let go of Cindy.

Cindy's full weight fell to the ground, her virginity ripped open by Tom's cock as she fell and his full length entered inside her. Cindy's knees hit the ground with a bang. Tom's cock was inside her his full length. Cindy shrieked out in pain as her brother tore through her hymen and sunk his full length inside her. Little dribbles of blood seeped from her and mixed with Tom's matted pubic hair.

Cindy's whole body shook as she sobbed. Tom's cock was still inside her, his full length. "Th-there. I lost my virginity to my brother. I hope you're happy." Christina had a wide grin upon her face. She took some pictures with her camera. "Oh no no no. I'm not happy until you're happy.

I think you ought to give yourself a little orgasm. You've earned it. I wonder, Jessica, what should she use to get herself off?" "Her brothers cock?" Came Jessica's reply. "Oooh a splendid idea. Please continue." "I can't get off from having sex with my brother with all you watching me," pleaded Cindy. "I'll masturbate for you. With whatever object you like.

Just please can I get off my brothers dick?" "You seemed to be getting off watching your brother have sex, and besides you don't know until you've tried," said Jessica. "You're not getting off your brothers cock until you've climaxed.

And if you're having problems getting off maybe we'll throw Lucy in mix." Cindy stopped arguing. She knew it was pointless. She got on all fours, her hands either side of Tom's chest, her knees either side of his hips.

She lifted up slowly, her pussy still sore after her brothers dick had ripped through her hymen. As she sunk back down again through the gentle sting she felt a tingling pleasure.

Cindy slowly started a rhythm of bucking up and down. With each thrust down she flicked her hips up, grinding her clitoris against her brothers pubic bone. Tom loved the feeling if his sisters velvet insides squeezing his dick, he began to thrust back tentatively, meeting his sister half way. "Yeahhh," his sister muttered, as she picked up the pace, to which Tom followed. Tom could feel the pleasure in his loins rise, but he knew he was a way off orgasming so soon after his previous.

Cindy, however, looked as if she could go off any minute. She had her eyes closed and she was biting her lower lip. A bead of sweat dripped off her forehead. The floor beneath them was now soaked in her vaginal juices, her brothers pubic hair was matted in the mixture of her juices and her virginal blood. Cindy began thrusting faster now, her hips grinding harder now, her clitoris aching in pleasure. All eyes were on Cindy now, but she was oblivious, her eyes still closed.

Jessica was looking at Cindy wide eyed, as if, almost in lust. Christina's was a look of disgust that Cindy was actually getting off on it, and Lucy was grinning widely. "I'm gonna orgasm," muttered Cindy as she kept fucking her brother, harder and faster still. "What was that?" Christina queried. "I'm. going. to. climax.," she panted.

And climax she did. She thrust down hard as her orgasm rolled through her, first starting at her clit, then rolling through her body in waves of pleasure. She thrust down deep again. Toms thrusts overpowered by hers. Her arms buckled now, she fell onto her brothers chest, her breasts rubbing against his chest. Tom has stopped thrusting now. His sisters pussy was squeezing his cock as her orgasm rolled through her.

Cindy kept thrusting softly with her breasts dragging up and down Tom's chest. Her thrusts came to a stop as her panting slowed down. She still had her brothers cock deep inside her. Tom was still rock hard, he had come close to cumming but couldn't quite peak. Cindy slowly lifted herself off her brother, his cock bouncing up once freed from the confides of his sisters pussy.

It was soaking wet with his sisters juices and fully erect. Cindy stood up now and looked at Christina and Jessica. Her juices had run down her legs with a little bit of blood leaving a trail down her tanned thighs. Christina snapped another picture, to Cindy's annoyance. "Wow you're still so horny, Tom. You're just as sick as your sister," Christina said. She rubbed the length of his cock with her foot causing Tom's dick to jerk and stiffen, to which Christina laughed.

"Are you happy? Can you please delete the pictures now?" Said Cindy. "But you've left your brother all excited and standing to attention. Don't you think he deserves a little fun?" "You do it," spat back Cindy. It wasn't that she didn't want to make her brother cum, it was the idea of obeying Christina that sickened her. "I think you're forgetting the little thing about the photographs, Cindy.

Why, I took even more while you were having the time of your life. Would you like to see them?" Cindy growled.


"Fine. But promise me this will be the last thing I'll have to do." "I'm not promising anything," said Christina. "Now Tom, tell us when you're about to cum, we've got a very special place we'd like it to go." Cindy started stroking her brothers cock, wondering what Christina's cryptic message meant.

Tom groaned in pleasure. His sister kept eye contact with him while she pumped his cock up in down, her pussy juices used as lubricant. Jessica leaned over and whispered something in Christina's ear. Christina's eyes widened and a wicked smile spread across her face. Cindy kept masturbating her brother, wondering what the girls were whispering about. She wiped her pussy with her other hand and spread her juices all over her brothers cock keeping it lubricated which caused Tom to groan in pleasure.

He began to feel his orgasm rise. "I'm going to cum," he groaned. "Now?" Asked Christina. "Just about, nearly." Christina yanked Cindy back, Tom's dick ripped out of her grasp. Tom moaned in frustration, bucking his hips, trying to orgasm after coming so close.

His balls ached for some release, his semen churned inside waiting to be shot free. Christina and Jessica howled in laughter at Tom's futile attempts to get off. He eventually gave up trying, knowing it was pointless.

Cindy sat back helpless, unable to help her brother. "I bet you're feeling pretty blue balled aren't you, Tom," laughed Christina.

"Well I see you two are getting aroused at this," said Lucy. Both Christina's and Jessica's panties had soaking wet spots where their lubricants had oozed out of them. Their nipples were hard against their night-attire. "So are you, skank. I can see your aroused clit all the way from here," spat back Christina. "Oh look, Tom's dick has gone down," said Jessica, pointing at Tom.

It was true. Tom had slowly become flaccid. "What's the matter Tom?" Asked Christina. "Are your sister and her best friends naked pussies not enough to keep you up?

Do you have erection problems Tom?" Christina giggled at the joke. "Maybe you need a little bit of help to get aroused?" Christina got up and walked behind Tom. He couldn't see behind him as his arms were tied around the beam behind his head.

He could hear whispering behind him as Christina and Jessica whispered and giggled behind them. The whispering and giggling stopped. Tom didn't know what was happening, but Lucy and Cindy's eyebrows both raised and their mouths opened in shock.

And then Christina's arm came swinging around and she mashed some material into his face. "Is this what you need to get aroused?" Christina laughed. She was mashing her pink frilly panties into Tom's face. Jessica joined in with her plain white cotton panties.

They were both laughing at Tom's struggling to breathe. He gave a deep breath through his nose, the girls moist panties had a strong aroma. An arousing aroma. He couldn't help it. He was so humiliated. His dick twitched and began to rise until he was fully erect.

His dick bobbled and flexed as the blood rushed through, aching for a release. Christina howled with laughter at his involuntary response. "That's it," said Lucy, as she jumped forward. She grabbed Tom's dick and started jacking him off in a flurry of movement. Without thinking Christina crawled forward to stop Lucy. This all happened as if in slow motion for Tom. Lucy's furious jacking of his cock happened at half speed, Christina's glorious ass came into view as she crawled past him to stop Lucy from getting him off.

Her ass swayed as she crawled from knee to knee. Her hairless pussy was visible, her sphincter was swaying and flexing with each crawl forward. Tom could see the aroused state of her vagina from behind. Her juices had spread across the backs of her thighs from her sitting on them.

Her breasts underneath her nighty swayed and bobbled as she moved forward. Tom's eyes widened as he watched the arousing scene take place. Christina took hold of Lucy's shoulders and pushed her back, Cindy leapt forward and pushed Christina back, her hands mashing into Christina's chest.

Jessica ran into view.

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"Stop!" She hissed. "I'll send it!" Everyone froze and looked up. Jessica was only dressed in a white tank top. She had fiery red pubic hair, her milky white thighs standing shoulder width apart. Her pubic hair was a matted mess of vaginal juices.

She held a phone above her head with her finger over the kepad. When Jessica realised Tom could see her pussy she gasped and covered up with one hand. Christina gasped too and looked behind her. Her ass and pussy was in full view of Tom. Tom looked at her and winked. Christina slapped him across the face and sat down, ending the show. A red hand print slowly formed on Tom's cheek.

Jessica sat down too, with the order restored. Tom still lay, erect. His balls aching even more for a release. He had come so close that time. Lucy and Cindy sat in front of Tom. Both the captors were sitting bottomless on either side of Tom, and the victims fully naked in front of him. "That was a very risky move, girls. Jessica nearly sent your picture off. Which picture was it, Jessica?" "The one with Cindy climaxing on Tom's dick.

You should see her orgasm face," Jessica giggled. She passed her phone to Christina who also laughed. "Well, girls. You're in need of punishment. As you know, no bad deed goes unpunished. Now. Cindy. Spread your legs." Cindy looked scared as she complied.

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As she opened her legs her labia slowly spread apart revealing her cunt. She was red, moist and very aroused. "Now, Lucy. Go in there and suck her filthy cunt." "That's not punishment. I'm bisexual, I don't care if she tongue fucks me," Cindy bluffed. "Bullshit, you're bluffing." "Watch me. C'mon Lucy, suck on my pussy." Lucy's eyes betrayed her, but she tried to bluff it too.

"Oh. yes. Bring your sweet pussy over here." She crawled slowly over to Cindy. She edged forward on her knees, spread apart and she leant forward. She placed her hands on Lucy's thighs, slowly bringing them together at the centre. Her hands became moist as they dragged through what little pubic hair Cindy hadn't shaved off, her pussy soaking wet. She leant forward closer and Cindy mouthed a sorry to Lucy when Lucy had blocked her face from their captors view.

Lucy gave a nervous smile and then poked out her tongue. Her best friends pussy loomed closer and closer, tiny little bubbles of pussy juice were stuck in the folds of Cindy's pussy, along with little beads of blood. Lucy's tongue made contact. Tom couldn't actually see what was going on, Lucy's arse was raised in the air blocking his view, but he did have a nice view of Lucy's pussy. A string of her juices slowly dripped down to the floor. Lucy's tongue licked all the way up Cindy's cunt, finishing at the clit.

"Oh yeah lick my cunt," cooed Cindy, putting on a show, pretending to like it even more than she was. Truth be told she was enjoying it a lot. Lucy's inexperienced tongue still felt fantastic as it scraped up her cunt. Lucy's hands gently massaged Cindy's thighs, coming together and massaging just around Cindy's clit as she got right into sucking her friends Pussy.

Jessica and Christina looked on, both in surprise and slightly aroused. Tom was hypnotised by the string of pussy juices dripping down from Lucy's cunt. "Tongue fuck my pussy, Lucy. Ooooohh," moaned Cindy, holding down Lucy's head into her crotch.

Lucy was lapping now at Cindy's cunt, her tongue squelching into the folds of Cindy's pussy with each lick. Christina pulled Lucy's head back. "That's enough you dyke bitches." Lucy grinned. Her faces were covered in Cindy's cunt juice. She had a smear of Cindy's virginal blood on her cheek. "How'd you like the show Tom," said Lucy, winking at him, to which Tom could only gape at her, stunned at what they had just done.

Now Christina and Jessica had their attention on Tom. He still lay on the ground, his erection pointing up straight into the air, throbbing with each pulse. Christina put out a hand and pressed a finger onto the sticky underside of Tom's and slowly stroked down with a single index finger. "It's funny how when aroused, you're at your most vunerable," she said. Her finger had reached the base and now her hand wrapped around his scrotum. She squeezed softly, testing at first, and then squeezed harder until Tom winced.

Then she stopped suddenly and she got up. She was still naked from the waist down, her tall legs towering over Tom. She pushed Tom's legs apart with her toe and then raised it back and swung it forward. Her toes were tucked back, the front of her foot collided with Tom's sack. To be fair, Christina did not kick him very hard, but the pain shot through Tom's balls and into his stomach. He squeezed his legs together. The pain seared through him, aching as if his balls had been torn off.

"You kick him, Jessica," Christina giggled. Jessica did looked unsure. "Oh c'mon it's fun." Jessica got up and stood in front of him and Christina held Tom's legs apart. Jessica was cupping her pussy with her hand so Tom couldn't see her cunt, her fiery red pubes sticking out around her hand.

Christina however, seemed to have forgotten she was half naked she was kneeling down on her knees with her legs spread, leaning forward holding Tom's legs. Jessica raised her foot and let it swing down.

She didn't hit any where near as hard as Christina but the pain was excruciating for Tom. She sat down cross legged in front of Tom, forgetting to cup her pussy.

She looked as if she was sad. Christina looked at Cindy. "It's your turn bitch." "I won't do it," said Cindy. "We've had enough of your games I won't torment my brother any more." "You don't have a choice. If you don't do it we will send some pictures to all your friends. How about that one of you fucking your brother? Or that one with Lucy sucking your cunt?

Maybe the first picture, of you frigging your pussy while watching your friend fuck your brother. Would you like that?" "Just do it Cindy, this is all we'll do, I promise," said Jessica. "Don't make her do it," groaned Tom, still in pain.

"I'll lick you girls out, I'll fuck you, I'll humiliate myself, I'll do whatever you want. Just don't make my sister do anything more." "We don't want you or your dick, Tom," said Christina, her voice filled with malice. "All we want is to watch you and your sister suffer, you sick fucks. Now kick your brother, Cindy, or we'll start sending off some pictures.

Cindy stood up and towered over Tom. She raised a foot and hesitated before softly swinging it down. She connected with the front of her foot, smacking Tom's balls. She hit the softest by far, but the pain was still enormous.

"That doesn't count you barely hit him," spat Christina. Cindy's eyes flared with anger and she snapped. She leaped at Christina, knocking her off Tom's feet. Jessica's eyes darted to the phone on the floor behind Tom. She leapt towards it but Tom, with his legs now free, wrapped his legs around her waist, his dick tucked in between his body and her belly, the oozes of pre-cum coating her belly. His legs wrapped around her waist so tight she could not move.

Lucy leapt forward and held down Christina's arms and yanked the camera from Christina's hands while Cindy sat on her, holding her down. Both Jessica and Christina struggled to get free. Jessica reached for the phone but gave up when she realised Tom's grip was too strong. Christina struggled for longer but eventually gave up. "Get your filthy cunt off me," snarled Christina.

Cindy looked down. Her pussy was mashed against Christina's. Their juices combined and some of Cindy's blood was now on Christina.

Cindy laughed. "What's the matter? Scared of a little pussy?" Cindy undulated on top of Christina, mashing her pussy against her, much to hers and Lucy's amusement, and very much to Tom's arousal.

His cock stiffened even more against Jessica's belly. Jessica looked down at Tom's cock pressing against her. Truth be told she was enjoying having it pressed against her very much. Tingles of pleasure shot around her body radiating from her pussy. "What now, are you bitches going to rape me?" Snarled Christina.

"Oh no," said Cindy. "The tables have turned. It's time for a little vengeance. Pass me the camera, Luce." Lucy passed the camera and lifted up Christina's pink nighty, baring her breasts. Christina didn't fight. Lucy had let go of her arms and she just sat there, taking her punishment. Lucy got up and retrieved Jessica's phone and flicked through it. "Where is the picture? I can't find it." "It's not on there," said Jessica meekly.

"We couldn't figure out how to do it." Lucy laughed. "Can you girls untie me?" Asked Tom. "Oops I forgot," giggled Lucy. She went behind Tom and untied his hands from the beam. Tom rubbed his sore wrists. He still had his legs around Jessica and his cock pressed into her belly.

"I'm going to let you go now. If you fight back we will find a way to send that picture of your friend to everyone. That is a promise." Jessica nodded, scared, still looking at Tom's throbbing cock. Tom's unwrapped his legs from Jessica and stood up, the first time for ages. His cock was still jutting out and his balls were sore, not only from being kicked, but also from being blue balled for so long.

He sat down and watched his sister get her revenge. Cindy got up off Christina and gave Tom a hug. "I'm so sorry." "It's okay Cindy you were forced into it. Sorry for taking your virginity." "Hey," said Cindy. "I had to lose it some time, what better person than you, eh?

Excuse me while I clean up." Cindy went off to her bed and towelled herself off, wiping her blood and lubricants off her cunt and her thighs. She handed it over to Lucy who used it to wipe her face and then her pussy. Lucy dangled it over Christina's head.

"How would you like a taste?" "How would you like to suck my cunt, dyke," snarled back Christina. "Oooh," giggled Lucy.


"Is that an offer?" She leant over Christina and wiped Christina's pussy down, cleaning Christina's and Cindy's lubricants off her pussy and thighs. Then she handed the towel to Tom and he towelled himself off. Cindy took hold of the camera now and she grinned evilly at Christina. "Now, slut, spread your legs," Cindy said gleefully.

Christina complied without a word, but she looked mad as hell. Cindy snapped a shot. "How would you like to fuck that pussy, eh, Tom?" She said, grinning. "Not unless you want to get me pregnant you dumb bitch. I'm not on the pill like you and your skanky friend over there." "Me neither," said Jessica softly. "Oh, well we'll find something to do with you." said Cindy. "I had almost forgotten about you," she said to Jessica.

"I need to get a picture of you for blackmailing as well. Spread your legs." A tear rolled down Jessica's face. "Don't you start crying now. You should have thought about your actions before you started torturing us." Jessica spread her legs, tears rolling down her face as she softly cried. Jessica was visibly aroused, her pubic hair was extremely damp with her lubricants and her clitoris had engorged with arousal.

Cindy snapped a picture. "Cheer up sweetheart, if you do as we say won't release any photos. And we won't hurt you. We're not sadists like your little friend over here," said Cindy, giving Christina a little kick. "That revenge will have to wait," said Tom. "It's getting light soon." "Oooh, you're right.

You better head off to your room, your friends will probably wonder where you were all night. But they're probably sleeping by now." "Let me take care of that erection for you, Tom," said Cindy.

She moved over to where Tom was sitting and started jacking him off. All eyes were on him now as his sister jacked his cock up and down.

She used some of her juices to lubricate his cock and continued stroking him up and down until he told her he was about to cum. Cindy kept jerking him off but lowered her head and suctioned her lips around the head of his cock. His cock pulsed as he orgasmed, ropes of cum shot into her mouth. Her mouth filled with his cum as he shot rope after rope after rope of cum inside her. She didn't swallow but by the time he had finished he had filled her mouth with cum.

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Cindy lifted her mouth off his cock, her lips smacking together as his cock popped out and she tried to grin with her mouth full of cum. She stood up and cupped her hands and spat his cum into her hands, licking her lips until the strings of cum were gone. "Open your mouth, bitch." Christina glared at Cindy but she complied. Cindy lowered her head and sucked up some cum and positioned herself over Christina's face and spat.

Tom's cum shot from her mouth into Christina's mouth. Christina's face scrunched up but she kept her mouth open. "Now swallow it," said Cindy, to which Christina complied.

Cindy went over and did the same to Jessica. She was more hesitant to obey but caved in. "You girls best get used to that taste, there'll be a lot more of that tomorrow," Cindy said, and she sucked up the remaining cum from her hands. "Hey, leave some for me," said Lucy. Lucy scooted over and licked Cindy's hand and then leant forward and probed Cindy's lips until she opened and then they kissed, tongues swapping the cum around their mouths.

They separated and swallowed, giggling at what they had just done. Jessica looked at them in shock. "Well. Fun's over. We've all got a long day and night ahead so get some rest," said Lucy. Tom picked up Christina's panties and handed them to her. She scowled at him and snatched them from his hand and slid them up her legs.

Jessica did the same, and she dried the tears from her cheeks. Tom put on his clothes and gave Cindy and Lucy a final kiss before quietly slipping out their cabin and going back to his. He had a long day ahead. Part 5 In which vengeance is served, ice cold.

Tom woke up. His cock rock hard. A dull ache still hurt his balls. He grinned regardless. Tonight was going to be a good night.

He went through the morning ritual of getting up and ready and went off to breakfast. He was one of the last ones there. Except his sisters cabin, they all seemed to be missing. They came shortly after. Tom was facing them and all the girls were sitting on one side of the table, facing Tom. Tom tried to join the conversations with his friends but his heart wasn't in it, he was too distracted about the thought of what was going to happen at night.

Cindy whispered in Christina's ear. Christina gave him a dirty look and Cindy gave him a thumbs up and she motioned downward with her eyes. He looked under the table.

Christina thread her legs and lifted the flap of her skirt. She wasn't wearing any panties underneath and her cunt was on full display to anyone who looked under the table. Fortunately for her it was only Tom. Lucy whispered in Jessica's ear and she looked around nervously before doing the same. Then Lucy and Cindy did the same. None of the girls at the table were wearing any panties. And they were all wearing extremely small miniskirts.

One puff of wind and those skirts would be raised enough for everyone to take a look at their not-so-hidden treasures. Tom grinned. 4 pussies in his sight. It was going to be a great night. The day rolled on excruciatingly slow. Each activity seemed to drag on for hours, the dinner seemed to last forever, but finally, it was night. "I'm off to the crapper," Tom said before he quickly slipped out of his cabin, and over to his sisters cabin.

He slipped quietly passed the supervisor, sleeping in their supervisors chair and further down the path until he got to his sisters cabin.

He rapped on the door and his sister quickly opened the door and let him slip in. Christina and Jessica were standing next to their bed. Cindy sat Tom down on the opposite bunk, facing them. Both Christina and Jessica were fully dressed in the days attire while Lucy and Cindy were in their night-attire their nighties and panties. "Okay now girls, don't you think it's a bit hot in here. I think you two are a bit over dressed. How about you take off a few layers. After you're done, keep standing." The girls stood up and started removing their clothes.

Jessica's face was blotched from crying earlier, and her eyes brimmed with tears and she looked as if she was going to burst into tears again but she didn't. Christina's face was dead still. Her chin didn't tremble, her eyes weren't filled with tears, in fact, it looked as if she was glaring at Cindy while she took off her clothes. Surprisingly they both had panties on now, Cindy and Lucy must have allowed them to put them on.

They were both down to their bras and panties now. They actually had fantastic bodies. Christina was tall and skinny and a rib or two protruded from her chest, while Jessica was a bit shorter and had a bit more body fat, but she was not chubby by any means.

"Girls girls girls, you still look mighty hot. I think you should just take off the rest." Christina's face showed no emotion and she started to comply immediately. Jessica looked at Christina then looked down and complied too.

A single tear rolled down her face as she unclasped her bra and her breasts swung free. They were big and heavy looking. Way bigger than Cindy and Lucy's breasts, Tom decided.

Her breasts were deathly white and Tom was memorised as they jiggled. Christina unclasped her bra and let it fall to the ground. Her breasts were around the same size as Lucy. Not too small but not very large either. Her areola were tiny and her breasts were untanned in contrast to the rest of her body.

"Keep going girls," Lucy demanded. Christina went first. She hooked her thumbs under the band of her panties and pushed them down and they fell to the floor and she flicked them over to the pile of clothes with her toe. Tom stared as she exposed herself completely. Her pussy was completely shaven. There was not a hair on her body. She was completely hairless below the neck. Lucy picked up the camera and took a few pictures of Christina's naked state.

"These ones are just some more insurance," she explained. "Tom, why don't you take a closer look, I can see you like what you're seeing," Cindy said. Tom looked down and saw his erection straining to pop free from his jeans. He was embarrassed that his erection was called out for everyone to notice, even though he had been watched while fucked his sister AND Lucy in front of them the other night, and there was a lot of naked female flesh on display tonight.

He stood up about a metre in front of Christina as she stood still, completely naked. She looked at him in complete disdain as he slowly crouched and checked out her chest. He couldn't decide whose breasts he liked the best. He went even lower until he was squatting in front of her pussy.

Now that he was closer he could see her pubic hair was growing back and she had a bit of stubble. "Nice," he said. Christina raised an eyebrow at him and put her hands on her hips, that was the most her facial muscles had moved that night. "Why haven't you taken your panties off Jessica?" Lucy asked.

Jessica trembled a bit as she slid her panties down and exposed her sex. Tom didn't have to get up close to see if she had pubic hair or not. Her pubic hair was as fiery red as he hair and it was trimmed neatly. "Beautiful," Tom whispered, to which Jessica lips upturned slightly into a quick smile. "Tom, whose pussy do you like the best?" Lucy quipped.

"I don't know, it's hard to say, they're all so. beautiful." "Here," Lucy said, "lets all get together side by side so he can make an educated choice." She stripped off her top and panties in two quick seconds and stood beside Jessica and Lucy did the same.

Tom was now sitting in front of four sexy naked girls. Four sexy vaginas, all different in their own ways, yet all so. fuckable, and eight bouncy, unrestrained breasts. "So?" Asked Lucy, putting her hands on her hips.

Tom stood up close and inspected their breasts first. Moving in a slow line he checked out all their chests. Jessica had, by far, the biggest breasts, but they drooped a bit. Lucy was the next biggest, and Christina was not far behind. He noted now seeing Lucy and Christina naked together that Christina had smaller breasts, but not by much. "I can't say. All your breasts are different and sexy in their own ways." "What about our pussies Tom?

Who has the most fuckable looking pussy?" Asked Lucy. Lucy thrust her hips forward and used her fingers to spread open her pussy completely exposing her cunt hole.

She was literally dripping with moisture she was that turned on. Tom moved on to the next pussy his sisters. When he was directly in front of it she thrust her hips out just like Lucy did and spread her pussy lips. She too was visibly turned on, her clit was engorged and her wetness coated her fingers.

Tom moved on to the next pussy. This one belonged to Jessica. When he got infront of her she slightly jutted her hips forward but did not spread her pussy lips. "Christina, would you be so kind as to spread Jessica's cunt lips please?" Lucy asked, or rather, demanded, sweetly. Christina complied again without a word or any expression. She placed her fingers on Jessica's lips and spread them apart to expose Jessica's sex to Tom. Jessica's legs trembled as Christina touched her most intimate place.

Lucy and Cindy both were examining her pussy right up close next to Tom. "Still a virgin, and boy she's so wet!" Lucy exclaimed, making Jessica blush so deeply her freckles disappeared. But it was true, the pubic hair right next to her slit was all wet and matted down.

Lucy took the camera and took a picture, right up. "Next!" Cindy said and pushed Tom in front of Christina. Christina pushed her hips in Tom's direction and spread herself. "Oh no Christina, I think Jessica is quite capable of doing that for you," said Lucy.

"Me?" Jessica asked nervously. "Yes please." Jessica looked up at Christina's face with a nervous expression on her face and went ahead and reached over and gently spread Christina's lips apart. She was visibly aroused too, but not to the same extent as Jessica. "I see you're enjoying this," Cindy observed, taking a picture. "Not as much as you, you dyke bitch." retorted Christina. "Ouch, you hurt my feelings. I'm surprised you're still a virgin." Cindy said.

She stood up straight and placed a hand on Christina's stomach and whispered softly. "But you're right. I am enjoying this. Very, very much." With that said she slowly slid her hand down and stroked a finger along Christina's wet slit that was being spread open by Jessica and raised her finger to her mouth and put it in and sucked the full length slowly, Christina's face still not showing any sign of emotion while Lucy went into a fit of giggles. "What does she taste like?" asked Lucy. "Hmm.

I don't know, why doesn't Jessica tell us." Jessica looked at Cindy in surprise and then looked to Christina for confirmation but Christina said nothing so she took her fingers up to her face to see if any of Christina's juices had gotten on her fingers.

"Oh no girl there's not nearly enough to get a proper taste. Here," Cindy said. She took Jessica's hand and bent all fingers except the index then pushed it into Christina and then withdrew it. Jessica brought the intruding finger to her face and gave it a sniff before sucking it dry. "Well?" asked Lucy. "Kind of nice. I can't put it in words. Kind of musky too." Jessica tried to explain.

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"Your time to find out how Jessica tastes," said Cindy, turning to Christina. Christina turned in front of Jessica and lowered her hand and roughly shoved her finger up Jessica, then pushed up some more before withdrawing her sopping finger and sucking it dry. "Well?" Christina gave a shrug. "Sweet." "Ooh you hear that," giggled Lucy.

"Christina's a lezzo who loves tasting pussy!" Tom and Cindy laughed, and even Jessica managed a smile. "Hmm, what to do now," pondered Cindy. "Kick Tom in the balls?" suggested Christina. "Oh that's right. Tom's balls probably still hurt from all that kicking, don't they Tom?" "Actually they're alright now." "Nonsense," said Cindy.

"I think they need some healing, and you know the best way to heal testes? Sucking on them. Get to work girls, and take off your pants Tom." Tom unzipped his jeans and stepped out of them. His cock was clearly erect and very excited and his boxers had a wet patch from all the pre-cum.

He took a breathed in deeply then took the plunge and took off his boxers. His cock sprung free and bounced up and down, he had pre-cum dripping all the way down and there was some matted into his pubic hair making it all sticky.

"Oh look, Tom's saved you the trouble of touching his cock and given you clear access to his balls. Sit on the ground and spread your legs Tom and let these fine women heal you." Jessica approached from the left and Christina from the opposite side and their mouths both slowly engulfed his balls.

It felt wonderful and he just sat back and enjoyed the sucking. Pre-cum oozed out of his cock and dribbled down his length until it dropped off onto Christina's nose to which she ignored completely. Jessica stopped her sucking and let go of his teste with a 'pop' and looked to Cindy. "Is that enough?" "Hmmm. yes, I think you've done a good job," replied Cindy, to which Christina stopped sucking his other ball. "Except," continued Cindy, "his dick is really dirty and I think it needs to be cleaned." "It doesn't look dirty," noted Jessica.

Cindy stood up and squatted over Tom and lined his cock up to her pussy and sunk down on it slowly, his length slowly filling her hole. As soon as she bottomed out on him she stood up, his cock free from the confines of her pussy and now soaking wet with her juices. "It is now," said Cindy. Christina reluctantly moved forward first and pressed her tongue against the base of his cock and licked all the way up his length, prompting Jessica to come forward and stick out her tongue and give it a little lick.

"No no no girls, you mustn't clean with your tongues, but with your mouths!" "But we can't both have him in our mouths at the same time," said Jessica. "Well then I guess one of you will need to volunteer to clean my dear brother, we don't want him to be dirty now do we?" Jessica looked pleadingly at Christina who just sighed and rolled her eyes and lent forward to Tom.

She placed her hand at the base of his cock and slowly put the head of his cock in her mouth. Her tongue swirled around his urethral opening and snaked along his frenulum and then she sank down and took his full length into her mouth. Tom groaned in pleasure as she slowly lifted up and licked around the head of his cock again before sinking down again. Tom noticed Lucy was idly fingering herself slowly as she watched the scene unfold and Cindy was taking pictures with the camera. Christina slowly sucked up his length again and wrapped her tongue around his dick head and licked his piss hole again.

This set him over the edge. "Oh shit I'm going to cum," warned Tom. Christina unlatched herself and sat back down. "Premature ejaculator," she snarled. Cindy slapped her and grabbed Tom's dick and stroked him ferociously until he spurted cum all over his belly and chest. "Well that was a stupid thing to do Christina, you just made him even more dirty. Now you're going to have to lick it all up.

You can help too, only if you want Jessica, since you've been the nicest so far," said Cindy. "Thank you," she responded quietly. Christina lent forward and started lapping up the cum off his stomach and chest. Her breasts rubbed across his cock as she licked. Jessica put out a finger and swiped a bit of cum off his nipple and gave her finger a lick.

Christina kept licking Tom's chest and stomach until she had cleaned up all the cum. "You missed a spot," commented Lucy, pointing towards his cock. Christina picked up his now flaccid cock and licked it clean causing him to return to a semi-hard state.

"You got some on you," said Cindy, pointing towards Christina's chest. She was right, there was cum coating her left breast. "I can't reach that," replied Christina. "Well then, it just looks like you'll need someone else to do it for you," said Lucy, looking at Jessica. Jessica gulped and reached out and held Christina's breast and gently licked long broad strokes up her chest and removed the cum off her titty.

Cindy took a picture of this too. Jessica and Christina sat still Indian style waiting for their next instructions. A wet spot on the carpet had formed underneath them. "It appears you like what you've been doing, huh girls? You're all wet!" Cindy said with glee. Jessica blushed. "Well you'll like what's to come then. You're going to cum. But, there's only two ways you can do it. A, you can tongue-fuck each other or B, Tom here can fuck you two separately and after you've cummed he'll pump his seed into your fertile young pussies.

I know neither of you are on the pill, so make your choice. "What's to say he'll only cum after I've cum?" snarled Christina. "He hasn't shown a very good stamina tonight." "Well then Jessica will have to finish you off." "Can I use his cock to get me to the edge then use Jessica to get me over?" "No.

One choice only." "Can it be Tom who licks me out?" asked Jessica quietly. "Oh definitely not. What would Christina's punishment be then? Get going girls make your choice, we don't have all night." "Can I use fingers to help get her off then?" asked Christina. "Fingers can be used as long as you're also using your tongue.

What do you want Jessica?" Jessica looked worried. "I don't want to get pregnant but I don't want to force my friend to touch me.

Can't I just touch myself?" "I'm afraid not Jessica, this is meant to be a punishment for her as much it is pleasurable for you," Cindy said. "Fine. I'll get her off." Said Christina. She turned to Jessica. "Lie down." Jessica lay on her back and spread her legs and lifted her knees, presenting her hairy cunt to her 'friend'. Christina dove in. She sucked on her friends pussy lips as she slowly pumped two fingers inside her vagina.

She then removed her fingers and used her other hand to finger fuck her friend and latched her mouth onto her clit, sucking it and licking it with her tongue. She placed a well lubed finger against Jessica's butt hole and slowly wormed it up to the first knuckle. "Ohh goddddd," moaned Jessica. Christina pumped her fingers in Jessica's cunt faster now. She licked her cunt in long slow strokes and sucked on her labia before returning back and attacking her clit with her tongue.

She slid her finger up Jessica's butt to the second knuckle causing Jessica to buck and moan in pleasure. "Keep going," gasped Jessica as she squirmed under the touch and tonguing of her friend. Christina stopped finger fucking now. She used her fingers to press and play with her friends clit and she used her tongue to fuck her cunt hole. She slipped her finger fully into her friends butt as she tongue-fucked her.

"I'm cumming!" squealed Jessica. Her thighs clasped around Christina's head, trapping her down face first into her pussy. She rubbed her nipples and bucked her hips as a powerful orgasm rocked through her body. Tom, Cindy and Lucy watched with wide eyes as Jessica shuddered and rocked under her friends touch.

Finally she loosened her thighs lock and Christina removed her face from her friends cunt and her finger from her butt. Her face glistened with the love juice of her now-happy friend.

"Well look who's the master pussy feaster! I wonder how many girls worlds you've rocked," giggled Cindy. "You should see how hot the pictures I took of it are.

How was it Jess?" "It was. great," said Jessica. Her face was bright red from the orgasm high or maybe she was embarrassed to have been brought off by a girl so fast and so powerfully. "I guess I have to return the favour now. or are you gonna get Tom to fuck you?" She asked Christina. "That bastard isn't going to knock me up. You're going to have to get me off." Christina lay down on her back.

Jessica inched forward and spread Christina's legs and brought her knees up. She bent forward and kissed Christina's thighs and licked around her cunt and made soft little kisses on her clit and labia and she kissed her cunt hole before she poked her tongue out fully and started licking her cunt. With one hand massaging a breast and toying with the nipple, her other hand had a finger inserted deep into her friends pussy. She kissed and sucked at her clit and lightly nibbled at her labia and sucked on her pussy lips as she inserted a second finger and pumped faster.

Jessica focused on sucking and licking at her friends clit and she inserted a third finger into her cunt and pumped as fast as she could, in out, in and out. Cindy went in for a close up picture of Jessica's face in her friends cunt.

Christina was showing no signs of pleasure though. "This isn't working," stated Christina flatly. "I can't cum." "Well Jessica do you think you've been punished enough?" asked Cindy. Jessica nervously nodded her head. "And Christina, do you think you've been punished enough." "I don't think I should have been punished at all," replied Christina. "Oh really? You make my brother practically rape me and you think you deserve to get off scot free?

You make my friend lick my cunt, you make me hurt my brother and you humiliate us and you think you shouldn't be punished. If it were up to me, I'd get Tom to fuck you up your arse without any lube and then cum deep inside your pussy and keep your pussy up high for hours until all the cum has soaked up. I'd make him cum in your hair," she spat. "I'd make cum in your eyes and force them open as his cum burned your eyes." Then she grinned.

"Now. How do you propose to cum?" "If you want me to cum quickly I'll need." she paused, "something deep inside me. I could get off fast with just my fingers if anyone has any porn on them?" Everyone looked at Tom. "Hey just cause I'm a guy doesn't mean I carry porn around," he exclaimed. "Fine. What's something big then?" asked Cindy "Jessica's arm?" suggested Lucy. "No, too wide. Won't fit." "Tom's rock hard cock?" Cindy asked, giving it a stroke.

"No, I don't want him to be inside me. His pre-cum has sperm in it. I don't want to get pregnant." "Okay then how about you shove your hairbrush inside you," Lucy suggested. "Too short." "Aha! I know what's long enough. The cucumber in the fridge!" giggled Cindy. "Good idea Cin!" laughed Lucy.

"Well who's going to put their clothes on and get it then?" asked Christina. "Oh no. It'll be you who'll be getting it," said Cindy. "And you won't be wearing any clothes," added Lucy. "Plus, you'll have to cum out there and put the cucumber back," added Cindy, bursting into fits of giggles with Lucy. "Oh no, you said this stays between us. I'll get caught out there. I'll go and pick it up naked and I'll bring it back and fuck myself with it." "No you won't," said Cindy. "You'll fuck yourself with it in the kitchen or I'll send an interesting bunch of pictures to the teachers, your parents, all the boys in our school." Christina sighed.

"Fine. But this is all I'm doing." "Wait a second," said Lucy. "We can't all go outside and watch her do it.

Even if we all put clothes on except her and watched, it'd be mighty hard to explain why we're watching her get off on our lunch if she gets caught. Only one of us will go, they'll dress up and get proof of her doing the deed then report back." "Tom should do it. He'll enjoy it the most," said Cindy. "Here, take this camera and take pictures of her doing it as proof." Tom got dressed and took the camera and looked at Christina. "Ready?" "As I'll ever be," she said, and she slipped out the door, pulling Tom behind her, and she closed the door behind him.

Immediately she pushed herself against the wall and pulled him in close. "Just in case anyone is looking," she explained. "Now listen up. I'll run over to the kitchen, get out a cucumber and stick it in my pussy and you'll take a picture of it, and instead of me fucking it, I'll suck your dick behind the cabin." "I'm afraid I must decline. If my sister wants you to fuck yourself with a cucumber to orgasm, you'll do it. I'm sorry." Tom replied. "Fine. When we get back from camp, I'll get some condoms and you can fuck me in the school toilets until you cum.

Hell, I'll buy some lube and you can fuck my ass too, just don't make me go in the open naked. I don't want to get caught." "As tempting as that is, I'm afraid I must decline yet again." "You bastard," she hissed. "You should have thought before you forced my sister to loser her virginity on me," tom replied.

Christina groaned. "Lets do this. You lead the way." Tom ran out of the shadows towards the kitchen, stopping and waiting for Christina to catch up. Her breasts bobbled up and down as she ran after him. "Stop!" she hissed at him, when he got to the next shadowed area. "You're going too fast. Can I piggy back you?" "Well. okay. You'll still be naked. Here, hop on" She jumped on his back with her arms wrapped tight around his chest.

He could feel her engorged clit through his t-shirt pressed into his back, and her nipples were rock hard and squished against him. As he ran he felt her pressing harder against him and the moisture from her loins seep through his shirt. When he made it to the kitchen she jumped off and went to the fridge and searched it for the cucumber. "Fuck!" she hissed. She pulled the cucumber out. "It's not big enough!

They all are. This is the biggest one!" The cucumber was only 4 inches long or so. "Well you still have to get off, I'm sorry. That's the final demand." Christina groaned in frustration and hopped onto the bench and spread her legs.

"Can you at least stand in front of the door so if anybody comes in they can't see me directly?" "Sure," Tom replied. Christina spread her pussy lips with one hand and inserted the cucumber with the other. Immediately she started pumping it in and out ferociously fast while rubbing her clit with her other hand.

Tom took out the camera and set it to video and started recording. "Show me your cock," she whispered in frustration. Tom looked at her in surprise. "It'll help get me off. C'mon." Tom unzipped his jeans and let his cock out of his pants.

He was erect again and nearly dripping precum. Christina started fucking herself with the cucumber again with renewed vigour. Her eyes were glued to Tom's cock as the cucumber sliced in and out of her pussy. "Fuck!" she whispered and removed the cucumber. "This isn't going to work. We're going to have to sort something else out." She went to put the cucumber in the bin but Tom stopped her. "Put it back into the fridge," he whispered with a smile, and Christina thought for a second before putting it back to the fridge, smiling.

She turned back and hopped on Tom's back and he piggy backed her all the way to the cabin. "It's not too late you know.

You don't have to tell them I didn't cum. I'll suck your cock until you cum right here, I'll fuck you when we get back, I'll get Jessica to fuck you. She won't mind, she needs to lose her virginity some time." "I'm sorry Christina, but my loyalty lies with Cindy." Christina sighed. Tom quickly made his way across to his cabin and rapped on the door.

Cindy opened the door and let them in and Tom spun around and dropped Christina off and shut the door behind him. "So did she do it?" asked Cindy excitedly "Nah," Tom said, and he spun around to talk to his sister. "She said it was too What is that?" Tom pointed to the object that was hanging from his sisters legs.

"Oh what, this?" She asked. "Just a toothbrush." "Oh you cunt!" snarled Christina. "Give me back my toothbrush!" Cindy and Lucy burst into fits of laughter and Cindy gave Christina back her toothbrush. "It's been up all our pussies," giggled Lucy. "I wanted to put it up our butts but Cindy thought you might get a disease from that." Cindy burst into fits of giggles again. Finally when they calmed down Tom explained.

"The cucumbers were all too small, she claims. She couldn't get off." "Did you get any proof?" "Oh shit! I'm still recording," said Tom. He pulled the camera from out of his pocket. "Wait, you were video recording that?" asked Christina.

Her face blushed ever so slightly. "Oooh gimmie here gimmie here!" Lucy said in delight. They all crowded around the video cameras LCD screen and watched as Christina fucked herself. "Show me your cock. It'll help me get off. C'mon" the video recorded voice of Christina said. Lucy and Cindy simultaneously gasped at this and watched the video of Christina furiously fucking herself with a cucumber.

"Oh wow that is so hot!" said Lucy. They continued watching, the part where they put the cucumber back (they giggled) and then when Christina tried to bribe Tom. Cindy gasped. "Thank you brother! Mwah!" She kissed him, all over his face and neck and gave his dick a tug through his pants.

"And you! Trying to bribe him with yourself. Offering to prostitute your friend out to him. You're disgusting. I think you deserve to get fucked by an unprotected cock. I think you deserve to get pregnant." "No stop!" Jessica pleaded. "I know what she said was bad, but its got some truth to it. Just don't make her pregnant.

You'll ruin her life." "Hrmfph. Fine. But she still has to cum." "Well how's she going to do that?" There was a moment of silence before a small voice popped up. "Well. maybe we could make our own. pornography." It was Jessica. "What do you mean?" "Well she says she gets off to porn but it takes a while, why don't you make your own? Tom shrugged. "I'm up for it." "Will it work?" asked Lucy.

Christina shrugged. "Maybe. Depends on what you do." "Okay. I'll fuck someone and then the other can get their pussy eaten out by Jessica," Tom suggested. "Hey wait a minute, I don't want to be a part of this porn!" blushed Jessica.

"She can get me off," giggled Lucy. "Tom can fuck his sister again. Anyway. I'll get you off too Jess I wouldn't mind." Tom got out of his clothes and sat watched as Lucy and Jessica straddled each other, both taking tentative licks of the others pussy before diving in head first into a sucking and licking frenzy.

Tom stroked his cock and as a joke pushed his hips in Christina's face and stroked right under her nose. Cindy giggled at this, until Christina look the head of his cock in her mouth and gave it a quick suck, before Cindy pulled Tom back out of her reach.

"Hey, this is meant to be punishment, you don't get to suck his cock." "You're just jealous I could probably get him off faster than you could, with my mouth." "Pfft. C'mon Tom. Fuck me." She jumped on his lap and positioned his cock above her pussy and slid down in reverse cowgirl position, so she and Tom were facing Christina.

"Ooh you feel so good inside my Tom," she moaned as she slowly lifted herself up and down his cock, teasing Christina. "Tom, pass me the camera!" Tom passed her the camera and she took a few shots of herself getting impaled, of Christina finger fucking herself while sticking two fingers in and out of her butt, and of Lucy and Jessica feasting on each others pussies.

"C'mon Tom, thrust back," she groaned in pleasure. Tom timed his thrusts so they met in the middle, thrusting his hips into her butt while he pushed balls deep inside her tight little pussy. He watched as Christina's gaze flicked from looking into Tom's eyes, then Cindy's eyes, then watching his cock slice into his sisters pussy, then flicked over to Jessica and Lucy lezzing it out.

Jessica was cumming now. Her body trembled as she ground her hips down into Lucy's face as she orgasmed and shuddered on top, all the while keeping her tongue and fingers deep inside Lucy's pussy. Lucy was the next to cum. She squealed loudly as the orgasm rolled through her body.

She pushed herself up into Jessicas face and Jessica didn't stop licking and finger fucking until the orgasm passed. Lucy gave Jessica a quick peck on the lips and licked her juices off her cheeks and Jessica returned the favour. They turned their attention to Christina's masturbation and Tom and Cindy's fucking. "Cindy's close now," Jessica observed. She was right. Her friend was breathing heavy now, and her cheeks were flushed with the effort she was putting in.

Her fingers were a blur. She squeezed her eyes and opened her mouth in a silent scream, as Tom and Cindy watched on, fucking faster now. Christina gave a small gasp and her eyes opened wide at the peak and she orgasmed. She shoved her fingers deep inside her pussy and bucked her hips and squirted a single squirt of cum right in the direction of Tom and Cindy.

It hit Cindy right in her pussy as Tom's dick pistoned out of her. Christina groaned as she tried to shove her fingers deeper. Her eyes locked on the illicit incestuous activities of the brother and sister as she rolled through her orgasm.

"Holy. fuck. she's a. squirter!" gasped Cindy, to which Christina blushed an even deeper crimson. Cindy slammed down on her brothers cock and started frigging her clit with one hand as her pussy contracted on her brothers cock.

"Ohh god,"she groaned. "Soo. hot" her frigging slowed and her pussy muscles stopped clamping down on her brothers cock as her orgasm stopped. "That was so fucking good," she groaned. She lent her head backwards and to the side and kissed her brother on the lips. "Now cum in me." Tom picked her up and spun her around while she was still on his cock so that her back was on the ground and he pumped hard and fast into her pussy as the 3 other girls watched on. "C'mon Tom.

Keep going, fill me. Fill your sisters pussy with your hot spunk!" she squealed. This set Tom over the edge. He slammed balls deep, his balls slapping into her butt, and he came ropes and ropes of cum deep inside his sisters pussy. "That was fantastic!" gushed Jessica. "You two are so hot!" Tom lifted his sisters hips and kissed her gently before slowly withdrawing his cock from deep inside her, her pussy muscles twitching as he took himself out of her.

"Hey look at that cum," Lucy giggled. "If Tom put my hips down that'd all dribble out of me," Cindy said. "Or I could squeeze it out with my pussy muscles. But it feels so good knowing my brother deposited that inside me." "That looks so good I could suck it out of you," Lucy said, licking her lips. Cindy giggled.

"Do it!" "No make Christina do it!" Tom interjected. "What? I'm not interested in her, why Tom?" "Well I've already seen Lucy suck you, but I haven't seen Christina do anything with a girl except Jessica," Tom replied. "Fine. Christina, would you like to suck it out?" Christina sighed and lifted herself up and bent over Cindy and lowered her head into her crotch.

She drove her tongue in deep and waggled it around and sucked all of Tom's cum out of his sister. Cindy opened her eyes wide in surprise as Christina's tongue flicked over her clit and licked at her labia. She removed her head from Cindy's pussy and held it back and gulped. She opened her mouth and poked her tongue out to show she swallowed all of Tom's cum.

"You have got to show me where you learnt to suck pussy. You have a talent. That was amazing." "She was fantastic," pipped up Jessica. Everyone looked at Christina expectingly. She rolled her eyes. "It's amazing what you'll find out when you're flexible." It took a moment to sink in.

"No fucking way!" gushed Jessica. "Oh you have to show us," gasped Lucy. "No way. I even fucked myself with a cucumber to avoid doing it in front of you. Out in the open." "Show us, show us!" The girls chanted. Christina sighed. "You promised if I brought myself to orgasm that would be the last thing. Then I had to suck cum out of a pussy, now you me to do this?" "I didn't order you to suck that cum," Cindy giggled.

"I only asked you." "Fine. If I do this, we're even. You stop blackmailing me, I won't blackmail you, we're even and no more forcing for anyone." "Deal!" said Cindy and Lucy in unison. "I can do this by myself but if someone helps I'll be able to do it much faster.

Can you girls push my feet behind my head?" She asked. Jessica and Lucy helped place both her feet behind her head, leaving her pussy facing upward, her lips were open and her clit was peaking out of its hood. "Quick Tom, fuck her now," joked Cindy, and she jokingly stuck a finger inside Christina. "Get out of the way," she snapped. She lifted her head and bent her whole body forward and attached her lips to her pussy.

Her extremely long tongue licked along her slit and back. "Oh my god you are so flexible. That is so hot!" Lucy giggled. Cindy took a quick picture. Christina then unhinged her feet form behind her head and looked up with a smile. "There. Now can I go to bed?" "That was amazing!" gushed Cindy, and to Tom she faced. "You're going to help me stretch so I can do that myself!" "You need a combination of extreme flexibility and luck to be able to do it.

I doubt you'd be able to no matter how much you stretched. I guess I'm just the lucky one. Can you delete the pictures now, please?" queried Christina. "Oh no. I'm keeping these, for my own pleasure, and Tom's. And Lucy's. Even yours and Jessica's pleasure." "What? You promised!" "I promised to stop blackmailing you. Which I will. But I'm not going to delete these awesome pictures? This is enough jacking off material for Tom for years! Hell, I'm going to finger fuck myself to a few of them.

I'll give you copies of any one you request, but I'm not deleting them. I promise I will stop blackmailing you. If this camera went into the wrong hands we'd all get fucked. You know I have good incentive to keep it hidden away." "Fine," grumbled Christina.

"Give me a copy of all of them." "Me too!" Peeped up Jessica. "You sure as hell can bet I'll be fingering myself to these. Oh, and Tom. This one's for you." Lucy picked up the camera and dipped some fingers in her pleasure pocket and took a picture." Cindy giggled and spread her pussy lips. "Take a picture of this Lucy!" Cindy and Lucy had a little photo-shoot, posing in all sorts of crude positions.

"Any one else want to take some pictures for us all?" It was silent for a second before Jessica took the camera and took a self shot of her self with a few fingers buried inside her. She looked at Tom gave him a little blushed smile. Christina took the camera next and went up to Tom and squatted down to take a picture of his erect cock. "Hey, not that!" Tom said. "Tom, I've seen you masturbating, fucking your sister, fucking your sisters best friend, I've sucked your dick," she listed.

"And now you don't want me looking at your cock? Besides. For every picture I take of you, you can take one of me." Tom thought for a second before lowering his hands. She took a frontal close up of his dick, a shot from the side with Tom stroking his cock, and a full frontal profile of him and then she handed the camera to Tom.

"Ok, sit on my lap," Tom said. "You're not going to penetrate me." "Oh no, just sit on my lap and spread your lips. I want a shot of my cock right next to your pussy." Christina complied while the girls looked on. The next shot Tom took was of Christina sitting on the bed with her legs on the bed, spread on either side, while spreading her pussy lips open for him, and the last picture was a full frontal, Tom said to pose sexily, so she had lent forward and brought her palm to her lips and blew a kiss towards the camera.

"Can I have one more photo of all of you together fingering each other, please?" Begged Tom. "Oh c'mon Tom. We've had enough." Said Christina, "lets just get some sleep." "I'm game," said Cindy, and Lucy agreed. Everyone looked to Jessica. "Lets do this!" she giggled. The four girls all sat on the bed. Their knees up high and their feet by their sides up on the bed.

Each girl had their fingers in the girls pussies next to them. "Say cheese!" Tom said, as he took the picture. When they were done Christina and Jessica got dressed and slipped off to sleep in their beds. "Thank you so much for that Tom. That was fantastic. Plus I think they've learnt their lesson," Cindy said. "We learnt A lesson," called out Christina. "That you're all horny fucks." "Tom, sleep naked in my bed with me! You can slip out in the morning!" Lucy whispered.

Cindy smirked. "You too love birds better get some sleep. Don't fuck all night or you'll be tired tomorrow," she giggled and put back on her panties and t-shirt and slipped into bed and went to sleep. Tom slipped into the bed behind Cindy, his dick pressed against his stomach and Cindy's butt. "Nooo," she whispered.

"That must be uncomfortable. Put it like this." She grabbed his dick and pulled it down so it was nestled comfortably between her sopping wet pussy lips. She lent her head back and semi turned around. "G'night Tom," she said, and pecked him on the lips before putting his arm over her and closing her eyes. "Good night," Tom whispered, his eyes closing slowly and he drifted into the realm of unconsciousness.

Tom's dreams were filled with hot sticky sex. He was in the middle of dreaming he was pounding Christina's pussy while she was bent over and licking his cock while he was fucking her when she orgasmed and screamed - "Wake up Cabin 6.

Rise and shine!" Tom's eyes opened with a start. His cock was as rock hard as it was when he went to sleep, and it was soaking wet from Lucy's pussy.

"Cabin 6 don't make me come in there!" Tom realised the voice from his dream was from the person outside their cabin. "Don't come in, I'm naked!" shouted Lucy in a panic. "You're naked?" the voice asked bewildered.

"That's right. Not a stitch of clothes on my body. I sleep that way. You better not come in!" "Well. hurry up!" said the voice, and they trudged away. The girls burst into fits of laughter.

Lucy got out of the covers bare naked and stretched with her hands over her head and her chest jutting out. "Boy am I horny. I've had that cock poking at me all night." "I can see," commented Christina, looking at Lucy's engorged clit. "I don't suppose you can give me one of your famous clit sucking sessions?" "Hah. Not now," smirked Christina. "Well come on Tom," said Lucy, and she picked out some clothes and picked up Tom's clothes and led Tom into the toilets.

"No peeking perverts!" She said and she closed the door. They emerged 10 minutes later, fully dressed and with a smile on their faces. "Well? How was it?" Asked Cindy. Lucy smiled and lifted her skirt to flash Cindy her panties, which were covered in cum. "A little present from your brother," she giggled. "You better get going to your room Tom, your mates might be wondering where you've been all night." Tom groaned. "Oh shit, I totally forgot about that." "Don't worry babe," Lucy said.

"Just say you spent all night fucking me." Tom laughed. "I'll do just that. They'll never believe it anyway. I'll see you all later. Thanks for the fun night. Oh, and Christina and Jessica, I forgive you both, and sorry for doing that to you." "Don't worry about it, sorry Tom," the girls said. Part 6 99 Bottles of beer.

Tom slipped out and went back to his cabin. "Where the fuck have you been? You must be one constipated fuck!" Rick said. Tom looked blankly at him. "What?" "You said you were going to go to the toilet last night, and you never came back. Did you get lost in the dark all by yourself?" laughed Steve. "Oh, no," Tom said. "I just spent all night fucking Lucy." The boys all roared with laughter.

"C'mon Tom you bullshitter, lets go before they stop serving breakfast." The boys all went out of their cabin to the breakfast hall.

All the girls in his sisters cabin were all seated at one table and they were whispering and giggling to each other. The boys sat down and ate cereal and toast and pancakes. One particularly loud giggle brought Tom's attention over to the group of girls again.

They had green and long on their plate. Lucy stood up and walked over to Tom's table. "Hey Tom. Do you want some cucumber?" she asked sweetly. Tom looked at all the other girls. They each had a piece of cucumber in their hands and when he looked at them they put it in their mouths and chewed it trying not to burst into laughter. Lucy handed him a piece and swallowed hers and went back to her table. "What the FUCK was that about?" Asked Steve, bewildered by the whole situation.

"Beats me," said Tom. "Anyone want any cucumber?" "Fuck off." "Hell no. "Nah mate." "Suit yourselves," Tom said, and he popped the piece in his mouth and swallowed it, prompting cheers from the girls table. Rick rolled his eyes. "Boy those girls must have something wrong with them." Tom just smiled and finished his breakfast quietly. "Listen up children," shouted Mr Chalkson.

No one heard him. "SHUT UP KIDS!" He roared. That got their attention. "I have some bad news. We're cutting the camp back two days. You're to back your bags after breakfast. Unfortunately that means we couldn't arrange for a bigger bus so it looks like the twins will have to share again.

Hah." There was an out roar of complaints. "Why are we leaving 2 days early?" Came a voice from the back. "Well, theauthorranoutofideasfortwomoredaysoferoticsex," he shouted, his words coming out in rapid succession.

"What?" shouted out Rick. "I said, there's a cyclone coming our way and we've been told that we can't leave you kiddies out here to fly away when it comes. Unfortunately. Now get lost and pack your stuff. If you're not finished by 9 the stuff you haven't packed is being left behind." There was a panicked scramble as kids rushed off to their cabins to pack their stuff. Tom was finished and waiting outside the bus with his group when he saw Cindy and Lucy and their two new friends walking up to wait for the bus to open.

When Lucy saw Tom she whispered something in Cindy's ear and dropped her luggage and ran up to Tom and jumped up. He caught her around her waist and she wrapped her legs around his waist and kissed him. Her tongue snaked past his lips and entwined with his while his friends watched on, and his sister watched on jealously. "Break it up perverts.

Get your grubby hands off each other. This is still school time you can't do that here," shouted Mr. Chalkson. Lucy reluctantly broke the kiss and walked back to her group of friends, but not before turning back to Tom and winking at him.

"Bloody hell Tom. You weren't lying about last night where you?" Rick asked, stunned. Tom just smiled and shrugged his shoulders while his group of friends argued over if what he said was true or not. Tom placed his luggage in the under carriage of the bus and hopped on and sat down at the window seat and Lucy slid in beside him grinning. Cindy came in next and plonked herself down on his lap. He could feel her soft skin through his pants.

Finally when the bus was fully boarded they took off. Cindy had her two hands holding the seat for balance in front of her. Tom felt a hand push between him and his sister's butt. He felt his zipper come down and after some struggle, the button on his boxers fly undone.

The hand then reached in and gave his cock a tug and pulled it through the maze of clothing until he was free. He made immediate contact with his sisters behind, when he realised what was different. She wasn't wearing any panties, and she wasn't sitting on her skirt. He looked down at the arm and his gaze travelled back to to the owner and he saw Lucy's smiling face. She pulled his cock and positioned it directly on his sister throbbing hot wet heat and then she let go, and Cindy pushed her hips back on Tom, her cunt devouring his cock in a hot wet thrust.

She did an experimental bounce to make sure he was well inside her, then she started swaying and bouncing and sung: "99 bottles of beer on the wall!" The end. (No, there won't be any more of this series. Thank you for reading.)