Mature francaise aux gros seins defoncee comme une chienne

Mature francaise aux gros seins defoncee comme une chienne
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I apologise in advanse of any and all spelling mistakes and promos to fix them all soon.

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Hi my name is Matic and this is my first story on this site so any costructive criticism is welcomed. This is a true story and I will try to tell it as detailed as possible. Lets start with a little back ground to better imagine the situation. My parents are divorced and when I was younger my mother and I would always spend a part of our vacation with our family in Serbia. We would spend most of the time in the wilage where my grandfather lived, there I would play and run around the wilage.

His name is Darko and is a month younger than me. Darko was at that time about as high as me and had dark black hair that got to about the middle of forehead and dark black eies. While i was at about 170 cm high at the time and have light brown hair and brown eies.

This story unfolds in 2009 when we were both 14 and wery much courious abaout whell everething.

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That particulare summer was extremly hot, recorh temperatures of the decade, not to mention the humidety and the fackt the air didnt cool down a bit during the night. That also happend to be the summer Darko and I decided to camp yust outside the house in an old army tent.

The firat night in the tent went without anything out of the ordenary happening we plaied cards into the night and went to sleep. But the heet made it next to imposible to fall asleep and i was rolling round in my "bed" all night.

The next morning i decided to ask Darko if he minded if i slept naked, for i often slepped naked at home where i had my own room and nobody would mind or notice. That evening after everyone had gon to sleep and we were getting reedy to do the same in our tent, I asked Darko if he minded if slept naked, due to the heat.

He said: "I don't mind at all, in fact I was just about to ask you the same question." At first I was a little bit shocked for he had always been more on the shy side, but I said OK and started to take my shirt of.

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"Wait!" said Darko, "if we are both going to be naked lets make a little wager…", "What kind of wager, what do you mean?" I asked for I had no idea what he was talking about. "lets bet whitch one of us has a bigger dick.

I bet my is much bigger than yours." he said and grinned slightly. "OK, you'r on" I replied "but what should we bet for?." "Lets bet that the looser should suck of the the bigger cock." Darko suggested.

"sure lets do that! But you better do it when I win." " No you better do it when I win."; "But first we should get hard before we compare our dicks" I noted. "Hmm… Lets watch a porno clip, I have one on my phone" he suggested, "Lets".

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With that we both took of our shirts and sat down to watch. I immediately started to get hard in my shorts, and so did he for I saw a bilge grow in his shorts and him rubbing his crotch frew this shorts. After a while he asked if I was fully hard already, I told him I was so we stood up. "on three and we both pull our shorts down." Darko said, "OK" "1, 2, 3…", on three I pulled down my shorts stood up and locked at his dick (he did the same), the difference was immediately obvious.


He only had a small pubic bush while my was much more noticeabely bigger for that age, he was also noticeably smaller. So we stood there our dicks hard, my pointing directly at him and his pointing slightly up.

"lets put them together to compare properly." we stepped closed to echother and put our dicks one next to another.

Like this the difference in size was even more obvious, my dick was for a full head bigger than his, I also noticed he had no hair on his balls while my have already started to sprout. He just stood there and stared at out two dicks, he was so sure he was going to win and shocked by the size of my dick he didnt say a word at first.


"get down on your knees and start sucking couz." I said. "com on you don't seriously think I am going to suck that python?" (not to underestimate my penis but it really wasnt that big).

"A bet is a bet, and you lost it so you must suck me! So start sucking". With reluctance he got down on his knees and took my dick in his hand, looking at it.

"Don't just stare suck it" with that he put it in his mouth(sloly sloly), and I felt the most amazing feeling I have ever felt. His warm lips closing around my dick sloly, the warmth of his mouth and my head hitting his tongue… I moaned… He paused a little "Don't stop, suck harder" that seemed to have encouraged him and he started sucking and bobing his head in and out more aggressively.

It was the most amazing feeling in the world, having my dick sucked by my cousin… With each pass i could feel his warm tounge slide along my glans. The warm feel of his mouth and the moisture of his saliva.


I took his head in my hands and started assisting him, he groned a little but continued sucking… My balls were bouncing of his chin with each bob… Bi now I was moaning heavily… I pushed my dick into his mouth as far as it could go and the head hit his tauncils. The most amazing feeling ever, my dick conpletly sorounded by his warm mouth.

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Than I let him suck it on his own a little. He was realy good at it and it braught me extreme plesure, every time he would bring my dick into his mouth he would make sure to slide his toung all the length of my dick and every time he would bob his head up, making sure only the head of my dick staied in his mouth, he wouls swurle his toung round it. That mption sent the sensation of plesure over my body every time.

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After a while I started cumming, it was the strongest orgasm I ever had my whole body reacted to the emence plesure, the first few bursts of cum shot out into his mouth, and the rest landed on his face.

With every burst i felt emence plesue and the cum keept on cummind streem after streem, it was musk more than i usualy came whem masterbuting. I told him to "finish the job, eat the cum on your face" and he did he did, with plesure i might add.

We than cleaned up and went to sleep… naked… To be continued.