Baba 31 cekiyor türkisch akitma

Baba 31 cekiyor türkisch akitma
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"Madison." I groan and push my face deeper into the warmth of the pillow. Hands run up and down my arms slowly bringing me out of my dreamy trance.

"Maddie." Kayla says in a sing song voice. I sigh and finally roll over and see my beautiful black goddess with her head propped up on her elbow and smiling at me. Her curly black hair was cascading around her shoulders and her brown eyes looking at me lovingly. I smile back and cover my eyes with my hand.

"Oh god. I don't think I'll ever get used to waking up to your "morning person" smile." She laughs and kisses my cheek. I move my hand from my eyes and she kisses me lightly. "Good morning to you too." I smile and kiss her. "Good morning gorgeous." She sighs and moves her hand to my opposite hip.

"You have to getup and I was going to make breakfast. Are you okay with eggs and bacon?" I groan and fling my arm around her waist. I pull her closer to me and bury my face in her bountiful chest, which was bigger and fuller than my small b-cups. "Will there be coffee?" I mumble against the sweet chocolate colored skin of chest. She chuckles and nods her head as she runs her hands up and down my back.

"Yes, there will be coffee Maddie." I smile and kiss her skin. "I knew I loved you for some reason." She chuckles and kisses the top of my head then smacks my ass.

I gasp and jump. Effectively waking me up with a real.jolt. "Get your butt outta bed lazy ass." She smirks smugly. I glare up at her and roll over to straddle her stomach.

She smiles up at me. "What happened to my usual good morning kisses and make outs? Huh? Why are you so content on me getting up and leaving?" I smirk down at her. A look of panic crosses her face as she tries to reassure me. "No-oh god. No, Mads you know I want you too stay. I really really do." She strains the word "really" and uses my nickname. I had to get up very early to go back to my college campus and attend my first of many classes today.

She was already out of college and had a successfull career as a CEO in one of those big brand name businesses. She barely had days off and begged me to spend the day with her today. We had a small fight after I told her that college was more important. It had come out wrong.

I had been with Kayla for 2 years now. Nothing was more important than her but I couldn't afford to miss my classes.

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We eventually hashed everything out and had amazing make up sex with a lot of rough fucking. But maybe I can afford to miss one day.They can send all of my work to my dorm. I smile and I lean down to her and kiss her lightly.

"Hmm.your off today, right?" She kisses me back. "Mhmm." She mumbles against my lips. I wiggle my ass, knowing she loves my firm ass very much. She groans and uses my ass to pull my body closer to her.

I kiss her again. "What if I call in sick? I can request to send all of my homework to my my dorm room." I kiss her again but she pulls away with bright eyes and the cutest smile ever. "Yeah? You'd do that?" I smile and nod my head and kiss her softly. "With one condition." I say with a smirk. She raises her eyebrows expectantly and I grab the hem of my tank top and pull it over my head.

I toss it to the side and lean down to kiss her again. She lets out a surprised moan and I break the kiss to sit up and start to unbutton her blue pin stripped pajama shirt. Her breathing gets faster and she moves her hands to my thighs and runs her fingers across my skin.

"And what condition is that?" She says breathily. I pull the collar of her shirt until she is sitting up and pull the shirt down her tone arms and kiss her lightly. I reach behind me and pull down her shorts as far as I can and she wiggles them the rest of the way down to be lost in the sheets.

I whisper against her plump lips. "You must, I repeat, must give me a proper good morning.

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Not-negotiable." She smiles and I kiss her quickly and toss her shirt to the floor. "I think I can do that." She wraps her arm around my slim waist and flips us over so she is on top. I giggle and she grabs my shorts and pulls them down my legs along with my panties.

She moves on top of me and kisses me softly. I moan and kiss her back. Our kiss soon turns passionate and her hand moves in between us. She smiles and moans softly as she touches my pussy. Which from waking up next to my gorgeous girlfriend and remembering the hot, hot, hot details of last night and the arousing anticts of this morning, was extremly wet with my arousal coating my pink pussy lips.

"God, your so wet." She mumbles against my lips. I moan and thrust up to her hand, making her palm rub against my clit and making me moan louder. "Oh god. You make me so wet baby." She smiles as leans down and kisses along my jaw as she teases my entrance with two fingers. I whimper and she slides her fingers deep inside of me. I let out a shiver and groan in pleasure.

"Yes, yes, yes.y-you feel so good Kayla." She moans softly and kisses down my neck. She pumps into me faster and I moan. "Harder.Harder, please." She smiles and puts her strong thigh behind her thrust. Now successfully thrusting harder, faster and deeper. Every thrust making me moan louder. I arch my back and grab her tight ass.

She moans and nibbles on the skin of my neck. I pull her in closer to me by her ass and her fingers go deeper than before. I moan loudly and my eyes roll back in my head.


"Oh god." She moves up to my ear and nibbles on the soft flesh of my ear lobe. "Look at me." She whispers sweetly. I was moving drastically towards the edge with every thrust. Her words flying right over my head. She tries again. "Look at me, beautiful." My blue eyes flutter open to meet her brown ones. She kisses me lightly. "I love you." A small smile spreads across my lips and my orgasm crashes down on me.

I let out a squeak and bury my head in her shoulder. My nails digging into her skin as my body is rocked with my huge orgasm. I shake and quiver. She holds me and kisses my neck and bites the tender skin. I slowly come down from my high and move my hands up her back. I sigh and leave a feathery kiss on her shoulder. She lifts her head and smiles at me. "Was that a good enough good morning for my gorgeous girlfriend?" I swallow and press my lips together, nodding my head.

" did great babe.very very great." I say breathlessly. She smiles and sits back on her heels. "I'm going to go make breakfast. Unless you want to sleep some more since it is 6:30 in the morning." I smile and shake my head.

"I couldn't go to sleep even if I tried. Not after that." She smiles and moves off the bed. She grabs her shirt and starts to button it back up as I lay on my side and watch her. She throws her hair up into one of her sexy ponytails. I give her a serious look. "Your hot." She looks at me and smiles. She leans over to me and kisses me lightly. "Your hot." I smile and watch her sway her ass downstairs. I get up and quickly take a shower.

Once I was finished I quickly pull my tank top and shorts back on. I walk downstairs to meet the smell of bacon. I smile as I see Kayla in the kitchen. She was dancing and had on only panties and her button up pajama shirt, with a few of the top buttons undone showing the tops of her gorgeous breasts.

Yeah, that's my girl. She's been doing this since day one. Couldn't have asked for it any other way. I take off my shorts and toss it on the steps, matching her outfit except for the shirt. I sneak up behind her and wrap my arms around her waist. I see her smile and hear her moan as I kiss her neck.

"You look so sexy in your panties and shirt." I whisper into her ear. She chuckles and wiggles her ass on my crotch, making me moan softly and igniting a fire in my center. "Thank you." I move my hands up and start to unbutton her shirt, looking over her shoulder to get a sneak peek of the breasts I so desperatley love but she stops me halfway.

"Ah ah ah. We're eating first." I smile and continue to unbutton her shirt. "Exactly." She lets me finish unbuttoning her shirt as she tries to figure out my hidden meaning. When I finish unbuttoning her shirt I reach in front of her and move the skillet to a cool hot plate and turn off the stove. "Wha-Madison!" She squeals as I turn her around and pick her up by her ass. She was definetly stronger then me but I was still strong enough to pick her up.

She locks her heels behind my back and her hands grasp the back of my neck. "What are you doing?" She says in a surprised voice.

I walk over to the dining room table and lay her down. I spread her legs and sit down in the chair between her legs. I smirk up at her as she props herself up on her elbows.

"Eating my breakfast." She opens her mouth to say something but a moan comes out instead. I had pulled the gusset of her panties to the side and started to flick her clit hidden in between her beautiful black pussy lips. "Oh fuck.yes, fuck yes." I smile internally and suck on her clit.

Her hips buck up into my face and her hand moves down to clench in my hair. She pulls me closer into her wetness. I moan and the vibrations transfer down to her clit and she moans again. I touch the tip of my tongue to her clit and her hips jerk towards my tongue. "God Mads, your driving me c-crazy." I moan and suck her clit lightly before pulling away and quickly pulling her panties down her legs and tossing them somewhere behind me.

I go back down on her and shove two fingers into her wet pussy. She squeals and arches her back with pleasure as I start my motions hard and fast. I was hungry and loving the taste of her as always, which meant fast, rough, mind blowing cunt munching on our dinning room table at 6:50 in the morning. Neither participants objecting to the antics. Wanting to see her face I glance up at her and moan as she does, in fact have her "fuck me till I pass out" face on. Which has occasionally happened on the most special days of our lives; my birthday, our one year anniversery, our two year anniversery, her birthday, and the day she got the job as CEO.

Her teeth biting down hard on her lucious lip and her eyes tightly closed and her brow furrowed in deep concentration of her appending orgasm, or rather orgasms. She lets out almost a roar of pleasure and throws her legs over my shoulders and uses the hand in my hair to hold my mouth to her clit as she bucks her hips on my fingers and mouth. Both currently dripping of her arousal. I moan and suck harder.

She moans loudly. "Don't stop! Oh Fuck don't stop baby! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" I groan into her wetness as I hear her words. As if she had to ask me not to stop.

I let out a small giggle as I make a personal note to make her scream for me to stop. I reach up to her with my free hand and cup her beautiful breast with a soft palm but rough fingers, tugging and twisting at the small sensitive nub of dark flesh.

I feel her start to quiver and her muscles tighten around my fingers. She was close and bucks harder into my face. Once she reaches her orgasm she lets out an animalistic cry and her back arches off the table. Her legs trembling as she reaches down with her other hand to tug at my brown straight hair. I groan from the slight pain of my hair being pulled and the aching in my jaw and burn in my arm. I continue to suck and fuck her through her orgasm, successfully sending her into another orgasm.

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I finally slow down my motions and ease my fingers out of her when she begs for me to stop. I pull my mouth slightly far away, at least enough that her fingers still tangled in my hair but now laying limply on my head will allow. I softly kiss her thigh as I wait for her to come down from cloud 9. Once I here her breathing go back to normal and feel her fingers slide from my hair I move her legs from my shoulders and climb on top of the table.

I lay down on her side and trace my finger in circles on her stomach. She gulps hard and takes a deep breath. "I fucking love you." She says softly. I smile and snuggle closer to her. "I love fucking you." I say with a sly smile.

She wraps her arm around my back and let's her hand rest on my hip. I sigh and look up to her. She had her eyes closed and her lips were parted with a beautiful and hazy smile. We eventually get up and she puts on her panties that had ended up ontop of our mirror in the dinning room. I had watched her as she gracefully stood on the balls of her feet to reach the panties. Groaning quietly as her shirt raises enough to show her sexy ass. She eventually starts to button her shirt but I stop her.

I move closer to her and wrap my arms around her waist inside the shirt. "How about you leave that open? We have all day to do whatever we want and I have a couple of ideas that involve you not wearing a shirt." She smiles and kisses me lightly.

"Oh, do you?" I kiss her softly and smile into the kiss as she kisses me harder. "Mhmm." I mumble against her lips. She breaks the kiss and smiles. "Well.I'm starving and your the only one that "ate" this morning." She says the word ate with air quotes. I laugh and nod my head. "Then I guess we should go eat then." She puts the eggs and bacon on two plates and we sit down. She makes conversation about my classes and she continuously tells me to stop staring at her breasts.

Which is completely hopeless and she knows it because she eventually lets me continue staring. She wears a smirk the entire time my eyes linger all across her chest.

She gets up and takes my plate when I'm done and I watch her ass sway to the kitchen. She turns around and smiles when I blush from being caught looking at her ass. She walks back to me and throws a leg over my legs and sits on my lap.

I smile and put my hands on her hips. "What would you say to a good old fashioned lap dance?" I laugh. "I'd say we need some music." She smiles and nods her head, embarassed. "Right. I forgot. One second." She gets off of my lap and turns on a song with a slow beat then comes back to me. She gets in her position again and grabs the back of my chair for support.

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I put my hands on her hips as she starts to move her ass over my crotch. I groan and slide my hands down to her ass. "Fuck baby." I whisper as I spread my legs a little to feel her more when she grinds down on me. I move my hands up her sides to her shoulders, brushing my thumbs across her erect nipples and pull her shirt down.

She moves her hands off of the chair and assists on removing her shirt. My breathing gets faster as I reach down to her ass and press her harder into me. She lets out a soft moan as her heated core presses against my hip. I tilt my head up enough to take one of her breasts in my mouth. She smiles and moans. "Th-This isn't a lap dance it?" I smile and switch to her other breast and lightly scrape my teeth over the sensitive flesh, making her gasp at the sensation.

"Oh baby, it was never really a lap dance." She lets out a small laugh then moans as she grinds harder into me. Not wanting to wait any longer, I use her hips to push her back and she whimpers at the loss of contact. I smirk and quickly push my hand past her waistband and into her soft wetness. She lets out a deep growl as I rub her clit. "Ride me baby." She moans and leans down to kiss me hard. I moan and slip my tongue in her mouth as she starts to frantically grind into my hand.

She moans and I move my fingers with her thrust. She moans into my mouth and caresses my tongue with hers. Her thrusts get more needy and she breaks the kiss to get her lungs full of air.

Her hands grab onto the chair again and I look down at my hand moving in her panties and moan. I look up at her. Her lips parted and her eyes shut tight. She moans out again and whimpers. She was close and I know that's my cue to start telling her exactly what she wants to hear.

"You are so hot baby." She gasps and moans deeply. I lean forward and kiss her neck softly. "God, your gorgeous when you ride my fingers.I want you to cum." She moans and let's a small smirk spread on her lips.

"I want to cum." She moans and rest her forehead against mine. I smile and take a harder jab at her clit and she gasps. "Don't be a smart ass. I know you want to cum. I feel that you want to cum. Your so fucking wet Kayla." She moans and nods her head. "I'm close baby." I nibble on her bottom lip then soothe the bites with my tongue.

She whimpers and I feel her body start to tense. She was on the edge. "Cum Kayla. Please cum. Cum for me, I need to see you cum for me. I need it." I say pleadingly. Her back arches against my body and she moans.

"Oh god. Oh god.ahh.Maddie." I smile and kiss her neck as she screams my name. She trembles on my lap and I hold her close. God, that will never get old. She tries to come down from her high as I tilt my head up and kiss her softly. She moans and releases her iron grip on the chair to cup my face gently.

She eventually has to pull away and fill her oxygen deprived lungs with panting breathes. I slide my hand out of her panties and move them to her hips. I smile as I look at her neck. She had a barrage of hickies on her neck from last night and this morning. I smile at the memory. I love marking her. Everyone can see that she's mine. Grant it, I keep them out of sight. Most of them. I move a hand to her neck and lightly trace the bruises.

"You have so many hickies-like almost 10." She looks down at me with a far away look on her face. "I what?" I smile and look at her neck. "Hickies baby, hickies. Everywhere." She groans and gets up and walks over to a mirror to examine her neck.

She pouts when she gets there. "Babe, I thought we agreed to not give hickies in visible places. I have to go into work tomorrow. Everyone will see this." I sigh and stand up and walk behind her.

"Its nothing a little make up can't fix. I promise babe. Half of them will be gone by tomorrow." She glares at me through the mirror. "Liar.


You bite too hard for them to be gone in a day." I smile knowingly and she grunts and rolls her eyes at my smugness. I grab her hips and kiss her neck. I look at her innocently through my eye lashes. "I'm sorry Kayla. Forgive me?" I bat my eye lashes and she smiles brightly.


"Your forgiven." I smile victoriously. "Only if you let me have my way with you." She whispers.

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I look up to her eyes as my smile fades and everything turns serious. I nod my head once and she turns around to face me. She cups my face in her hands and I close my eyes at the feel of her warm soft skin on mine. I feel her move closer and lean towards me. I wait patiently for her lips to touch mine but she stays stuck in her position. I start to say her name.

"Kay-" She cuts me off with a hard and passionate kiss. I moan softly and return the kiss. I grip her waist and press her closer to me. She moves forward and we stumble into the living room and she pushes me onto the couch. She straddles my hips and kisses me again. I moan and reach up to cup and squeeze her breasts. She smiles and grabs the hem of my shirt and pulls up, making me pull my hands away from her body. She throws my shirt behind her and my hands immediately move to her skin.

I grab her ass and remember that she still has her panties on. I start to pull down her panties but she was already getting off the couch to take off mine. Once they are off she drops them and quickly takes off her own panties. I bite my lip and move my hand in between my legs and starts to rub myself as I wait for her because I know it turns her on.

She sees me rubbing myself and moans deeply, almost a growl of desire. I smirk and rub faster, moaning at the friction on my clit but she grabs my hand and gets in between my legs. She leans on an arm by my side and brings my fingers up to her mouth. "That's my job." She whispers before she takes one of my fingers in her mouth.

I let out a soft moan as her long tongue swirls around my finger. She moves to the next finger and continues her teasing rhythm. I swallow and use my other hand to slip my fingers into her hair and pull her into a kiss. She pulls my fingers out of her mouth and kisses me hungrily. I moan into her mouth and she slips her tongue between my lips to explore my mouth. I feel the soft touch of her fingers on my thigh motioning me to spread my legs further and I do.

She breaks the kiss and latches her mouth to my neck. I moan and smile as she bites on the tender skin, undoubtedly leaving a mark. Then again and again, slowly moving down my throat leaving a path of hickies in her wake. She reaches my breasts and I gasp as she leaves a mark on the top of my breast. I feel her smile against my skin and move lower to mark the sensitive flesh on the underside of my breast.

Making me gasp and jump at the sensation of her teeth biting my skin. She soothes the pain with the warm wet touch of her tongue and I moan as she finally stops biting and just trails her tongue down my stomach. She reaches my pussy and I bite my lip in anticipation. I feel her blow hot air on my pussy lips and my hips twitch up to find friction. She leans forward and starts to work her tongue across my clit.

I moan loudly and arch my back. She works faster and faster. I moan again and move a hand to her head. I guess she was in no mood for more teasing and I thanked god that she wasn't because my body was aching for release and my arousal was dripping down to the couch. I was soon on the edge with my right leg thrown across the back of the couch and my hand tightly gripping the cushions.

I was panting and moaning uncontrollably. "Oh god, Kayla! Don't stop! Fuck me baby!" I get pushed over the edge into my climax and arch my back. I move a hand down to her head and push myself onto her face. I buck my pussy into her face, riding out my massive orgasm.

I finally relax back onto the couch and let my hand move from her head. She pulls away and kisses my thigh softly. She sits back and moves the leg that was on the back of the couch back to the seat cushions and lays down next to me on the inside of the couch. I sigh and roll over so I'm facing her.

She wraps her arms around my shoulders and I wrap my arms around her waist and pull her closer. She grabs a blanket and pulls it over us. I close my eyes and let her old me. After a few minutes she whispers to me. "Thank you." I was honestly so exhausted I had started to drift off into a state of sleep yet awakeness.

I mumble. "Hmm?" She starts to move her fingers up and down my back. Effectively pushing me deeper into sleep. "Thank you for staying with me today." I smile and use her chest as a pillow. "I love you Kayla. I'm glad I stayed home. I'm sorry. I'm about to fall asleep on you." She smiles and pushes back hair from my face.

"I love you too Maddie. You can fall asleep baby. I'm not going anywhere." I smile and fall asleep in her arms. Listening to her heart beat and dreaming of her. Yeah, I'm glad I stayed home.