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Schritt Dad alten Schwanz fucking Medizin für Teenie behaarte Pussy
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My cousin Kelly & I have always been.flirty. We used 2 play, 'show & tell' when we were like, 5 or 6. When we got 2 be teens there were a cpl times she sat on my lap. 1ce because there was no room in the backseat, (actually I think I was about 14 then, she'd been about 12) & 1ce on our grandmothers porch swing when she did it 4 the shiggles of it. I got hard both times & both times she looked at me & smiled.

Then 1ce sitting on a graveyard wall behind our grandma's house she just blurted out, "Well, I suck dick now." All I could think was a wish that she'd practice on me. Of COURSE I didn't verbalize it. (dumbass) Flash forward about 20 yrs. Kelly & I have remained close all this time. Even still a little flirty at times.

Sometimes when we'd go out 2 smoke during the Christmas get 2gether, we'd stand.oddly, close. A couple times she'd asked me 2 put my arm around her 2 protect her from the cold.& a cpl times I did it 4 the shiggles of it.Of course around the corner of the house out of any1 elses' view. Then there was last Nov. when I "accidentally" sent her a cell phone pic of my cock.

(Which btw she didn't freak out about, accepted the "accident" as meaning 2 send it 2 my gf 4 a Christmas card. Pretty sure she knew I didn't have a gf.) Well, about 4months ago I had 2 make a trip 2 her place. (u don't need 2 know why) I hadn't actually thought about her, really, sexually, in a while but when I walked in that all changed. GRANTED, it was 8:30ish, in the am, so she might have been wearing what she slept in, but then again she knew I was coming over.

When I walked in there stood my cousin in nothing but an over-sized (4 her) wife-beater that stopped just below her waist and a pair of pale pink thong panties. My cock immediately stood up and paid attention. I guess at this point I should describe Kelly. She's about 5'4" roughly 110 lbs. Wavy, dark blonde hair just past her shoulders green eyes, like mine, and probably a small b-cup set of titties with her nipples poking through her shirt.


She acted pretty non-chalant about the way she was dressed and just told me 2 sit on the couch. She sat beside me with 1 knee up on the couch and her other foot on the floor, allowing a good look between her legs.(which I'm now sure was intentional) so I could see the wet spot in her light pink panties. She had evidently had something on her mind well b4 I showed up, & was apparently eager 2 show me. I figured the hell with it and positioned myself so that my hard-on was evident.

I saw her eyes lower and her smile b4 she started talking. (again, none of ur concern) After we finished she asked me if I wanted a drink. "Sure, I'll take a coke if u have 1." She had other ideas. I watched as she took the mixers out of the fridge and fixed a very tall Long Island Iced Tea. I thought it was a bit early 4 that, but then again, I wasn't exactly thinking with the head on my shoulders.

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I took the offered drink & sat back, my hard-on plain through my shorts. As we sat and sipped, (well, I sipped, she pretty much gulped down her 1st & started on a 2nd) 3 things became very obvious 2 me. 1. the neck of her wife-beater had been cut out, making the tops of her tits all the more visible(as if her nipples weren't already).

2. the wet spot in her panties was.well, wetter. 3. she was trying 2 make both very obvious 2 me, with the way she'd lean down 4 a view of her tits or lean back so I could see her panties. I couldn't help myself anymore as my hard-on was becoming uncomfortable so I had 2 adjust myself.

I tried 2 be coy about it but when I did she immediately responded with a smile and kinda sarcastically, "Damn, Scott. That because of me?" & then a bit more seductively, biting her lower lip, "Or 4 me?" I felt totally flushed.

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I know my face was as red as the head of my cock but I figured there was no more point in bullshitting around the situation. I finally took a deep breath and the best smile I could muster said, "I guess it's a little of both Kelly." She reached over with her right hand and began stroking my cock when she said, "U know this has been coming 4 a long time right?" she asked between breaths.

"I really hadn't thought about it in a while till u sent me that picture of ur dick. I've been thinking about it almost non-stop since." I saw her left hand then begin rubbing the moist spot in her panties and reached behind her head and pulled her mouth 2 mine, kissing her deeply. Not at all like cousins should kiss, but a deep, passionate kiss. Our tongues exploring each others mouths probing a lil deeper each second, her right hand rubbing furiously against my hard cock then her left finding it's way 2 her pussy.

I still had 1 hand behind her head but as I moved my lips from her mouth 2 her neck the other joined hers on her pussy. As soon as my hand clasped over hers, she raised her hips & 2gether we slid her panties off. What I saw was quite a surprise, I always actually pictured in my head her having a really hairy pussy, but what I saw barely had any at all on it.

More or less like 3 or 4 days worth of growth, like she just hadn't gotten around 2 shaving it. She saw my expression & must have known what I was thinking. "I got.inspired, bout a year ago." "Inspired by what?" I asked.

"Taylor don't have any hair on her pussy so I decided 2 try it myself." HOLY SHIT, TAYLOR. Kelly's 10 yr. old daughter who it just dawned on me was staying with her 4 the summer and I guessed was still sleeping in her bed. I couldn't help myself but had 2 ask. "How do u know?" The easy answer would have been 4 her 2 tell me that she'd just seen her get out of the bath, or that, DUH, she was 10.

But her answer was nowhere near either. She leaned back on the couch opening her pussy 4 me & told me,"Because Scott, I've seen it." she paused 4 a second, "up close &" another slight pause with a lick of her lips & a smile, "personal." HOLY SHIT I thought.

Again. At 1st I had worried what would happen if Taylor walked in & caught us. It wouldn't be like her catching her mom fucking some random guy. She was familiar with me, knew we were related. Then I realised silently that Kelly's pussy was nothing Taylor hadn't seen b4. I usually have about a 7 inch cock, I would swear it grew an extra inch at that thought.

I knew 4 sure it felt like the skin stretched tighter than it had ever been b4.

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I didn't ask any questions, I figured I could get them answered later. Kelly then pulled off her loose fitting wife-beater exposing her beautiful little(ish) titties and her perfect little red nipples sticking straight out.I pull my shirt off and Kelly's mouth is on 1 of my nipples.

She strokes my cock a lil more b4 fumbling with my pants button. I pull her back and placed my mouth over her left tit and finished the job of removing everything from the waist down.

While I sucked on 1st, her left tit then moved 2 her right, my right hand found it's way 2 her wet hole. At 1st I rubbed my fingers up & down her slit b4 inserting my 1st & middle fingers inside her, while using my thumb 2 massage her stiff clit. I continued going back & forth between her tits while she leaned her head back and let out a huge moan. After a cpl minutes of fingering and tit sucking she pulled my face 2 hers 4 another long kiss. She then moved her mouth back 2 my chest and switched between my nipples 4 a minute b4 starting downward.

As she kissed my belly and stroked my cock I heard a door open. I leaned my head back 2 see Taylor dressed in nothing but a little pair of white cotton panties. She evidently slept with no top on, (something I'm guessing Kelly taught her.) her little barely A cup titties showing 4 the world. She already seemed wide awake & very aware of what was happening in front of her, evidenced by the little damp spot in her panties. B4 I could say anything, let alone protest, while my eyes were still locked on the practically naked princess behind me, I felt kelly's mouth surround my cock.

I looked down at the back of my 1st cousins head bobbing up and down then quickly back at my younger cousin, her daughter 2 c her reaction.

I thought 4 a brief second that Kelly may not have heard the door or knew her little girl was in the room but that doubt quickly passed when I saw Taylor had pulled her panties off & was tugging on her own nipples, what looked 2 be almost painfully.

But the look on her face was sheer enjoyment. I felt Kelly's tongue sliding up and down the length of my cock when I looked back down 2 see her look up & smile. "That feel good?" she asked. "Hell yes!" She cocked her head 2 her daughter, "Look good?" she laughed a lil.

What was I gonna do, lie? "Hell yes!" was my reply again. Kelly went back 2 sucking me while I watched Taylor still tugging at her nipples tho she had moved 2 the chair a few feet away. I took inspiration from her and reached below Kelly's chin & began tugging at my balls. I almost lost control and warned her as such. "Give me a minute or 2 2 calm down." "Yea," she said with a smile, "I get that." While I laid my head back and caught my breath I looked back over at Taylor.

She was still using 1 hand 2 practically pull her nipples off & the other had made it's way 2 her little bald slit. As she rubbed herself she let out a long gasp and finally spoke.

"Mommy, u said u'd show me how." "How what?" I asked. Instead of Kelly, Taylor answered. "She said she'd show me how 2 suck, how 2 REALLY suck.

Besides a banana or dildo." "& I will." Kelly replied, almost angrily. Taylor just flopped back in2 the big chair, clearly frustrated but still with her hand on her pussy. She wasn't really playing with it anymore, just a lil rub every few seconds. "I'm sorry hon," Kelly said, "u mad at mommy?" Kelly pouted her bottom lip and taylor grinned, then laughed.

"Come here sweetie." Taylor got up and walked over 2 her mom. Kelly stuck her bottom lip out again and Taylor took it between her lips, sucking on it lightly. Kelly then used her upper lip 2 tug on her daughters.


Their mouths parted and I saw their tongues begin playing b4 their mouths closed on each other. They kissed 4 a good while, every now & then breaking 4 air with me getting another good look at their intertwined tongues. "I will show u baby," Kelly finally said, "u've just gotta be patient." "U've been showin me how 2 play with & eat pussy 4 over a year, I wanna suck a dick." "I'll tell u what, show ur cousin how u eat pussy, & I'll try & get u a good cock 2 practice on." This seemed 2 at least momentarily sate her as she quickly buried her face in her mommy's soaked pussy.

I sat up on the arm of the couch. All I could see was Taylors dark hair moving around on her mom, and her lil ass sticking up in the air. But Kelly's moans were all I needed 2 tell me the story 4 the moment.

I saw Kelly place her hand on the back of Taylors head as she began 2 thrust in2 her face and I knew she was cumming. She let out a shriek, "Oh.oh fuck.oh YES!!!!!" Taylor raised up & kissed her mom again, Kelly then licked her cum off Taylors chin & lips, then pushed her back 2 her pussy.

"Oh Taylor, my baby." She began moaning again and between them motioned 4 me 2 come around where I could see. Sure enough Taylors tongue was hard at work going between Kelly's clit and inside her. Kelly continued 2 grind her baby's face then caught me eye 2 eye. She looked down at the lovely pre-teen whose face was buried between her legs then mouthed the most amazing thing I'd ever.not, heard.

"Would u let her suck u?" I didn't have the tact 2 answer silently & just blurted, "Fuck, yes I will." My cock was already near Kelly's head and she gently pushed me down even with Taylor's head which was still licking up mommy juice.

She then put her right hand on my ass and used her left 2 lift up her daughters head & turn it towards me and saying, "Here it is, suck it." Taylor looked up at me with a literal, wide eyed innocense, like she wasn't exactly sure if she should.

Kelly told her softly, "It's ok baby, he wants it." I added equally as softly, "Go ahead Taylor, I'd be honored 2 be the 1st cock in ur mouth." She then seemed 2 lose any inhibitions she might have had and wrapped 1 small hand around my cock & began 2 lick it from about midway 2 the head and back again.

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She repeated this several times, me & Kelly both looking on in awe, b4 stopping at the tip and wrapping her lips around the head.

She sucked lightly on the head 4 a few seconds b4 taking a cpl inches in2 her mouth. She sucked on those 2 inches a few times b4 releasing me & saying, "This is harder than with a toy." "It's ok hon, ur doing wonderful." Kelly assured her.

She raised up 2 sit on the couch and took me in her tiny hand again. Then taking a deep breath she decided 2 get bold. She practically forced over 3 inches in2 her mouth b4 sliding her lips back up, then about 4 inches, her lips slid back up and another release. She seemed a lil frustrated. "I can get almost a whole 7 inch dildo down." Her lips slid over my cock again. Again 4 inches and back up. Kelly reminded her 2 relax her throat, then took my cock from Taylor.

Kelly's lips wrapped around my head, then with both hands on my ass took me slowly so taylor could see, all the way down. Her lips slid up, then all the way again.


And again b4 releasing me & handing me back over 2 her kid. "Remember, relax." Taylor did as her mom had done and placed her hands on my ass, wrapped her lips over my cock-head, & took the previous 4 inches easier than b4, I felt her breathe out through her nose b4 trying a little more, then a little more. Soon I was sure she had a full 6 inches down her throat. I leaned my head back and felt her lips slide back up my shaft, b4 taking me again.

She repeated this several times, each time seemingly getting easier 4 her, & definitely more pleasurable 4 me. When she did stop 4 good I saw Kelly hugging her close then kiss her again, tasting her cousins cock on her daughters breath.

I sat on the other side of Taylor & let my hand find it's way 2 her wet, hairless cunt while she continued 2 kiss her mother. My finger found her tight little hole & she broke the kiss from Kelly and turned 2 me. I told her she did an excellent job, then she reached behind my head 4 our own kiss. I continued 2 finger her little hole, while our tongues explored each others, when suddenly she broke.

I looked and saw Kelly sucking on her left nipple practically trying 2 tear it away between her teeth. She had put a hand behind her mother's head while she continued 2 nibble so I just joined in taking her other perky little nipple in2 my mouth.

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We continued the sucking till Kelly finally stopped & told Taylor 2 move 2 1 end of the couch. While Taylor leaned against 1 couch arm, I leaned against the other. Kelly straddled me, facing her daughter & guided my cock in2 her sopping wet hole.

She guided it in easily and the feeling when my cock fully penetrated her was, well.indescribable. I reached around pinching Kelly's nipples like she was sucking on Taylors. She began sliding up and down my cock feeling her slippery cunt against it. I couldn't see Taylor but knew she was playing with her pussy watching mommy get fucked from the noises she was making. Kelly then just began grinding her hips against mine in rythm with my thrusts.

I heard Taylor say she wanted 2 do that, but I don't think Kelly did because her orgasms were coming hard and coming fast. Over and over she convulsed, her pussy tightening around my cock until at least 4 had taken her.

When they subsided she fell over putting her hands down 2 catch her fall. I pushed her off me long enough to get on all 4's b4 plunging in2 her again from behind. I could now clearly see Taylor rubbing her little clit furiously and like her mother b4, cumming over & over again.

Kelly then grabbed her daughter by the ankle & pulled her close enough that she could bury her face in her daughter's cunt.

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I watched my cousin eat her daughter's pussy while I pounded away from behind, knowing i couldn't last much longer. I grabbed Kelly by her hair, jerking her mouth off her daughters' pussy & pulled out. My 1st shot landed from her chin 2 her forehead.

She then opened up & took about 2 inches in her mouth, using her hand 2 milk the last 3 shots. When I was spent, she opened her mouth 2 show me what she had, then turned 2 her baby girl.

When they kissed u could see the cum seeping between their mouths. Taylor curled her nose up at 1st, & I think tried 2 pull away, but mommy held firm.

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Soon the cum was dripping between them landing on their chests & bellies. When they did part, cum was all around both their mouths & all over their chins. Kelly swallowed the last bit in her mouth, & Taylor, mimicking her did the same. Taylor then whispered something I couldn't hear in2 her mothers ear & all Kelly did was laugh a lil & say, "Maybe."