Sweet boys sucking penis of each other gay he smells just like his

Sweet boys sucking penis of each other gay he smells just like his
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Maria Ammerman is an attractive 40 year old petite woman selling exclusive real estate in Dallas. I flew her to Miami, an hour later, Maria pulls up to the ornate wrought-iron gates of the estate, armed with the gate code and key box combination from Alicia's Rolodex. Sweet perfume from the surrounding citrus groves drifting in through the car's open windows following her up the long driveway to the house.

Maria had a little time before I arrived, so she dashes through the house, turning on lights and opening windows to flush out the stale, musty odors of a place that had been closed up too long. That done, she turns a critical eye on the house itself it looks nice, but a thick layer of dust has accumulated on the furnishings the owners have left behind. Congratulating herself on her forethought, Maria dashes to her car again for a bucket of cleaning supplies.

There isn't much time, but she can at least mitigate the worst of the dust, shine the mirrors, and wipe a few stains from the kitchen tile. " So… does the maid service come with the house? If so, I'll take it!" She whirls, startled by the teasing voice behind her. She had been so caught up in cleaning that she hadn't heard me arrive.

I stood in the doorway, silhouetted against the setting sun. I step into the house, revealing dark hair beginning to gray at the temples, green eyes, and a tasteful expensive suit that accentuated my figure.

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Blushing, Maria drops a cleaning rag into the bucket and straightens, smoothing her short skirt and extending her hand. " Good evening! You must be Mr. Malone?" She greeted me.

" Please, call me John." I smile, my eyes locking with hers in a way that made her shiver.


" And you must be Maria. If I may say so, you look very nice this evening." I rake my gaze over her body, almost as if I can see through her clothing, through her lingerie, to the vulnerable flesh beneath.

Taking her proffered hand, I bend and kiss it ever so gently, my lips warm and soft. " Umm… Thank you," She stammers, flustered but pleased. Stung by Blake's earlier words, she had taken special pains with her wardrobe tonight, selecting a slim-fitting black skirt, low-cut blouse, and high-heeled pumps instead of her usual conservative suit and comfortable, low-heeled shoes. Perhaps he'd been right dressing a little sexier might help her land the sale. Besides, there wouldn't be time to change before her meeting, and she wanted to make a good impression.

She had met me a few weeks ago, and this is to be our second meeting. " So, shall we begin with the kitchen?" She turns and starts through the doorway.

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" The granite counter tops were installed three years ago, along with stainless steel sinks and all-new appliances…" Maria glances over her shoulder to see if I'm following her, but I seem rooted to the spot, staring at her with an almost predatory gleam in my eye.

" The kitchen…?" She repeats, gesturing toward the door. " Perhaps we could start with the bedrooms," I counter, a confident smirk crossing my lips. The first tendrils of uneasiness prickled at her as she turns toward the stairs, but she told herself that she is being foolish - imagining things. As a junior executive in a real estate, she made an ungodly amount of money considering her age, and the fact that she had to climb up the hierarchy unassisted by handouts, completely relying on her professional talents.

Getting a client like this would increase her budget and reputation, she would rather spend the money on a mini vacation in Aspen or Glacier Park, or buy another high-end business suit to add to her collection, complete with a blouse and a scarf perhaps a cute little Fendi. She loves accessorizing with a good scarf of a nice timepiece, not just because of her line of work, but because she never deprives herself of the fine luxuries that made her feel attractive.

A black label suit with the right pair of shoes magically combined professional woman with Girly Fashionista without over doing either one.

We never exchanged personal information or gifts or anything close to that. I did, however, bring her a bright bouquet of flowers, explaining that I saw them on my way over, and it reminded me of her, " It smelled good. You smell good. I thought I'd unite the two." On a whim, she brought me a vintage, mini bottle of cognac telling me that it reminded her of me; it went down smoothly, but still burned like a son of a bitch, which drew a raucous laugh out of me.

She didn't read much into the rose. Just like everything else, I'm a man of discriminating taste, from picking sleek Movado watches over Rolex or Tag Heuer -even though I can afford the latter, more expensive choices- to choosing an exclusive, limited-chain hotel instead of The Ritz Carlton. I made the more traditional choice of roses seem so elegant in comparison to the anecdotic pick of blase carnations. Her feet took her to the vase, sitting on the elaborate glass table, and her right hand darted out to touch one of the flowers unconsciously, before she pulls it back schooling herself to stay detached when it came to the small details that made John.well, John.

After refreshing quickly in the powder room, and fussing over a chip in her light purple nail polish, she decides to stop feeling so anxious seeing me, walking over to the large window that provided a panoramic view. Her day was difficult, and frustrating. It seemed like the deeper she dug, the more holes she found around the company.

The only thing that made her feel better was the promise of meeting John. I brought such a lucid sense of clarity that nothing and no one else provided for her before. The door behind her clicked closed startling her from her musings, and she swivels around to find me standing at the door, one hand in my pocket, the other on the door knob, and a teasing smile on my face.

Her heartbeat accelerated, and she blinks rapidly touching the tip of her tongue to her top lip quickly, before smoothing her hands on her black skirt.

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" You look good." I complimented, " I like the white blouse on you." Good meant Stunning. " Thank you. Nice tie." She regains her bravado, drawing confidence from my casual, easy attitude. I finger the light blue material, " Huh, thanks, it's uuh.blue!" I smile. " So?" she leans left, pressing the heel of her hand against a glass table.

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I click the door shut before facing her with a strange gleam in my eyes. She straightened and met my gaze head on, before her fingers met at her waist, starting to slip her blazer's buttons out of their slits one by one.

Her initiative jerks at the side of my lip in a ghost smirk, and I mirror her actions, unbuttoning my shirt when she did hers, and toeing my shoes and socks off before reaching for the fly of my trousers. She didn't need me to tell her to keep her stilettos on, those things are implicitly agreed upon, and her heels sank in the plush carpet, one after the other as she steps out of her skirt.

Her lavender and heather grey bra came off the same time I push my briefs down my legs. My chest has a scattering of gray hair that fans my chest, then tapers down to a happy trail that bisected my stomach, and ended in a darker triangle from which my cock stood, flagrantly aroused. Her heart hammers that sprint-y ratta-tat-tat beat again, and she has to coerce herself to avert her gaze from me not out of bashfulness, but more in self-preservation for she didn't want her mind to wander off and bring up suggestions of involvement with me.

If the thought of seeing me had made her damp between the legs on her way to the estate, and while she waited for me, the sight of me melting her core making her passion seep like molten lava that stretches into an obscene clear line between her pussy lips and the crotch of her panties when she pulls them down.

Her eyes met mine again, swallowing discreetly when she sees a lascivious grin split my lips apart, " I'll take that." I extend an open hand to her, she licks her lips again, dropping the balled up violet lace cheekie in my palm. I'm staring at her, as if I see something she didn't see in the mirror, something that others didn't notice, and is mystified and galvanized by it.

An intriguing lure that made my eyes go a few shades deeper, and my pupils expand their radius. How can a stranger make her feel so.whole? So precious, and rare? Don't question it, her head warns, just enjoy it.enjoy him. She did, placing her hands on my lightly furred chest, she let her fingers wander on my hot skin, making my left pectoral muscle jump slightly.

Rising on tiptoe, she offers her mouth to me, and when I merely brush my lips against hers and draws back holding them a centimeter away, she pinches my flat nipple between her thumb and forefinger, combing the fingers of her left hand through my hair, cupping the back of my head and bringing it down for a hungry, open-mouth kiss. I love to tease, I'm the most avaricious participant when I finally cease my play, it takes her breath away. A moan escapes her when I mold my open mouth to hers sucking her lower lip without a trace of gentleness, then twirls my tongue around hers, before twisting my head further to the side for a better angle.

I bracketed her cheeks with my hands, and ate at her mouth like I knew how to draw a secret sweet nectar from the depths of her soul to slake my thirst. My body is hot and hard against her softness, as she pushes her breasts against my chest wanting to cry out when my stiff chest hair grazes the plump mounds of her breasts.

" Goodness!" She breathes pulling back to look at my eyes, then bites her lip suggestively rubbing her breasts against me, dividing her gaze between our chests and my eyes. I give her mouth a quick, shameless lick before drawing back, " Yes." I murmur running my hands along her spine, pulling them to her sides to caress her flanks, then finally cupping her nice ass, " Yes." I pull her up aligning her crotch with me to cradle my throbbing erection against her mound.

Why is she doing that? It only complicates things. She slithers down my body deliberately, to get on her knees in front of me the way we agreed upon. We had an arrangement; she will suck me off to a bone melting orgasm, and I will finger and eat her until her toes curl and a meteor shower speckles the inside of her eyelids. That is it. It isn't a cheap blow in a bathroom, or a quick 69 in the bed to get our rocks off before I had to go to some overnight business trip, and she has to rush to the airport to fly back to Dallas; it is more than that.it is what a human soul would feel like if it were a piece of gold that got flaked, heated to a red-hot lava, then gathered around a piece of metal to gild it.

We are both complete after our first encounter, more precious like two recherché pieces of giltjewelry. It can't go further, we didn't need to be attached to each other by the bond a more intimate relationship would bring. Sure, we were intimate now, but having me inside her, being one with me will move mountains, and breaks dams over rivers that threatens to flood. She fights the fantasies that want to force themselves into her head of what it'd be like if I buried my thick length inside her, and those lewd dreams that woke her up in a pool of her own sweat are not dwelt upon.

I had to stay John, and nothing more. Hands on my thighs, she presses her fingers into my muscles looking up at me with a smile. I groan, " Open your mouth." She licks my lips and pouted fluttering her eyelashes at me playfully until I nudge her chin with a knuckle, then tap at her mouth, " Open up." My voice had grown hoarse with unspent lust.

She loves that she can do that to a man like me, that she has power over me, that she is on top even when she is on her knees with her mouth open for me. I run the tip of my index finger on her tongue rubbing the pad of my finger in small circles as if to assess if her mouth is worthy of my cock, of my cum. My touch makes her salivate, and I slid the finger further into her mouth as deep as it went without gagging her. Slowly, I fuck the long digit in and out of her mouth, pushing down at her jaw to keep it open, and she swallows reflexively against the saliva gathering under her tongue and in the back of her mouth.

Her hands leave my thighs to sit on hers docilely. I look at her for a moment, mesmerized by her complete surrender to me; a woman who offers herself to me completely with no reservations. She sees it all in my eyes, the warring emotions as I cup her chin and inserting my thumb into her mouth as my forefinger, wet with her spit, nudges her chin up urging her to close her mouth and suck at my thumb.

She feels the edge of my closely cut fingernail scrape delicately against the roof of her mouth, feels every line of my fingerprint on her tongue like I'm stamping her on the inside, leaving my imprint on her. She sucks harder never looking away from my eyes, rubbing her tongue back and forth along my thumb wanting me, needing to show me.what?

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That she is hungry for the taste of me? That she craves pleasing me so much that it nears the point of obsession? I pull my finger back, but she clamps her teeth on it gently while tightening her lips around it, and I rasp, " Open up." then run the tip of my thumb on her upper teeth when she did. With my other hand, I grasp my cock wrapping my fingers around the thick shaft giving it a few pumps that make her wish it is her hand on me coaxing my pearly pre-cume from the small slit in the bulbous head.

" Do you want it?" I ask sliding the tip on her cheek to smear the clear fluid on her, marking her with it, " Do you want this cock, baby?" Oh God, yes! "Yes, I do." She turns her head to the right trying to get me in her mouth, but I hold myself away.

" What do you want?" " Your cock," She looks at my dick, then meets my eyes with meaningful intent in her eyes, " I want your big cock in my mouth." I touch her cheek with the sticky slick tip again, " What do you want to do with it?" " I want to kiss it, and lick it, and suck it until you come in my mouth." She licks her lips, " I want you to come in my mouth.

I crave your taste. I can't stop thinking about it." " You like my cum, baby?" " I love it." " I want you to kiss my cock like a good girl." I touch my penis to her lips, and she darts her tongue to lick my pre-cum, but I pull back, " Just a kiss, I'll tell you when you can taste it." She touches her lips to the engorged tip in a chaste kiss, then another, before moaning lightly and giving me an open-mouth, sucking kiss that made me hiss.

Fingertips digging into the top of her thighs, she places wet kisses around the head of my cock smearing my pre-cum on her lips and all over my shaft when she kisses the thick hard shaft. She went all the way down, then ran her lips up again until she reaches the knotted bundle of nerves under the glans to give it an indecently loud kiss opening her mouth and latching her lips to the gentle spot.

My right leg slightly jerks, and she notices my fingers tightening around the root of my cock, squeezing it harder as if that can help me hold off longer against her mouth. Pressing her mouth against the underside of my cock, she swipes her lips lower, touching the tip of her nose to me and gazing up into my eyes until she reaches my balls showering them with kisses taking her time, and using her lips as best as she can without taking me into her mouth.

She hears me curse under my breath, glancing up to see my eyes squeezed shut. " I want to taste it." She pleads, " Let me taste your cock, John." My closed eyes twitch before I breathe, " Go ahead; lick my cock." She didn't need encouragement, her mouth opens as she French kisses the tip twirling her tongue in maddening circles around my knob. She pulls back to survey her handy work finding a fresh flow of pre-cum oozing from the tiny slit that beckons her tongue to lick it off.

I taste salty, musky, and of something that is purely male, purely me. My hand finally lets go of my cock, as it bobs up against my stomach before slapping her on the nose and forehead, and my lopsided grin reappears when I watch her chase my dick with her mouth pushing up on her knees to trap my rock hard appendage against my abs and tongue me like a hungry kitten.

Her cunt is throbbing, it seems like every wet lick brought on more moisture between her legs making the insides of her thighs slippery against each other, " Can I suck it?" she is fidgeting and clenching her inner muscles instinctively seeking relief.

" How bad do you want it?" " Bad.baaaad." She traces her lips with her tongue alluringly. " Open your mouth again, and show me." She did, and stuck her tongue flat out in supplication. I tap my dick against her mouth, slapping her tongue lightly, and she darts it up in quick laps every time my cock touched her. " You have a beautiful mouth." I push my cock down against her mouth with two fingers pressing firmly between my groin and the bottom of my cock, " I always enjoy fucking it." Her lips encase the tumescent head and she sucks hard closing her eyes and finally getting a full taste of me.

They both groan, I'm a mouthful, and she knows I feel, how tight her lips hug my penis, and how she'd drive me crazy when she took me in the back of her throat. She took her time sucking on the glans with hollowed cheeks and closed eyes. There is nothing but her mouth and my cock, the taste of me is everything at the moment.

Ever so deliberately, she slides her mouth lower on my shaft taking a few more inches in, then pulling back, elaborately swiping the underside of my cock with her tongue, and suckling me like a lollipop at the same time. Her eyes open and clashes with my intense ones, and she swallows me deeper, relaxing her throat and soldiering on until I nudge the back of her throat, and her nose is buried in my dark pubic hair.

She draws back quickly for a breathe, then took me in again, and repeated the process until her gag reflex is only a faint shadow in a neglected corner and she is able to hold me all the way in with less difficulty.

Still, it isn't an easy task; I'm not by any means an average sized man, I'm endowed like a bull, she is curious how I walk around with a cock that huge demanding room in my pants. She relaxes her throat again, then swallows against me drawing a tortured groan from me, " Christ!" I curse, finally threading my fingers in her hair and holding her still.

She breathes through her nose feeling her eyes water slightly at the corners until I loosen my grip letting her get some air. She barely breathes before I plunge back into her mouth feeding my cock deep into her throat. I start fucking her mouth like a pussy, gently at first, then gradually more intense, then rougher, going all the way in. She starts gagging after all, not unpleasantly, just very obscenely, letting out the muffled gak-gak-gluck-glucknoises wet noises that results in making me grow more gruff.

She opens her mouth surrendering to my cock, letting me fuck her until her saliva dribbles around my cock, and a line escapes the corner of her mouth. More tears escape her eyes messing up the mascara on her bottom lashes, and she fought the strange urge to laugh thinking this is why I don't wear mascara! " No one else has taken it that deep, no one's been able to take it all in," I'm saying, " you're the only woman for this cock." " Mmmfff.Ohh.guuuh." she mumbles a muffled Oh God!

With me in her mouth still, and I went on, " No one ever sucks it this well, you're the crème de la femme." I declare, grinning at my remark. I said well, not good. I said well where it matters, and she winces rubbing her thighs together, why would a thing like that turn her on even more? She hears her own moans like a background noise that she had tuned out until a brief moment of clarity took her by surprise.

It is dirty, vulgar, it drove her insane, yet made her more at home than anything else she's done, as if this pleasure is her calling. She swallows every time I hit her throat adding to the madness her blow job drove me to. I cursed and grunted as my grip on my control dwindles threatening to slip, and I release her head sliding out of her mouth with a pop, and took a step backward.

She pulls a large drop of saliva from the corner of her mouth with her right ring finger and sucks it into her mouth watching me rake my fingers through my hair, " Motherfucker!" I hiss. " You were so close." She remarks playing coy. " Jesus.yes." M breathing is ragged, and I sound angry. She leans forward in a seductive show, dropping on all fours and arching her back, " Don't you wanna give me your cum?" " Fuck!" I lick the corner of my mouth.

" Don't you want me to swallow it?" she crawls over to me with her head up turned and her lips parted. " Damn you!" I hiss cupping her chin with one hand, and feeding her my cock with the other, " Take it!

Suck it!" She did, with everything in her, she sucked hard on me holding my ass cheeks with both hands and bobbing her head frantically forward and back ignoring the ache that starts to pulse in her jaw. I took her right hand in my left, pressing my thumb hard against her palm, while my right hand cradled the lower part of her skull right above her nape, and I whisper, " Do that thing with your tongue, again." She darts her tongue out as best as she can with my cock thrusting into her mouth, undulating it against my dick licking, sucking, and gagging on my manhood until I let out a slew of curses that burns her ears, then declares, " I'm coming.here's your cum, here's your cum." I grunted, and my right leg did a spasm-jerk again.

My buttocks muscles tenses under her fingers, and my hand squeezes her other hand tightly. Her silky hair is tangled between my right hand's fingers, as the heat in our eyes met and knotted, churning like a geyser.

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" Fuuuck!" I grunted releasing myself into her mouth. The first spurt is thick as it shot straight to her throat making her swallow convulsively. She pulls her head back a little catching the next squirts on her tongue, " Don't swallow it just yet." I manage between guttural groans. She isn't planning to; she loves making a show out of swallowing my cream in front of me.

There is so much of it; I never do anything half-assed, always fully equipped and larger than life. By the time I pull out, she is struggling to breathe properly and holds on to my load in her mouth.

The hand in her hair loosens and drops to her nape massaging it, " Show me." My voice is gravelly. Going up to her knees, she opens her mouth again, proudly showing off her prize.


She moves the white fluid in her mouth with an undulating tongue, careful not to spill any. " Swallow it." I tip her head up with my knuckles, sliding my hand to the front of her neck.

Her eyes locked with mine, she noisily gulps down with her mouth open. My thumb rubs her throat following the swallowing motion, and her brows furrow when she blinks and accidentally lets some drip from the corner of her mouth. I swipe it with my thumb wiping it against her lips, then another drop tumbles free and I let it go, my eyes following its path down her cheek and chin. Her lips quivering when she brought them together, the ache in her jaw alternating between dull and pain, and she let her tongue sweep her lips tremulously.

" That was sweet." I complimented, and she wipes her chin with the heel of her hand before giving her palm a long lick to capture all traces of cum into her mouth. " Damn, you're a beautiful cocksucker." I smile at her. From anyone else, that comment would've offended her, and probably a resounding slap across the face, but from me, it is the best praise.

" You're delicious." She eyed my softening cock, then gives me a soft lick, "I wanna clean you up." "It's all yours, baby." He stroked her cheek as she lapped his dick smacking her lips together then rubbing them against me until she got all my seed off and into her mouth.

" Your turn." I offered her a hand, pulling her up like she weighed nothing. She is embarrassingly wet between her legs, dying for an orgasm, " You curse, I don't know if I want that filthy mouth of yours on my good girl pussy." She teases touching my lips with a finger. " Oh yeah? Well, how about if I kissed you with it?" I didn't wait for her to come up with a witty reply, mashing my lips to hers in a kiss that she feels down to the tips of her toes, " Now you're just as filthy as I am." I whisper against her mouth giving her a teasing peck, " Turn around and bend over the back of that sofa." I instructed signaling a burnished-silver deco couch.

She swiveles on her heels sauntering away slowly to give me a full view of her lush ass while combing her fingers through her hair and throwing it around like an exotic dancer. Being who she is, she didn't comply completely, and rested her ass against the low back of the couch facing me, " I want to watch you eat me." she told me and watch me grin dropping to my knees for her, just like she did for me. My hands settled on her thighs, masculine against feminine, white against tan.

I caress her legs spreading heat everywhere I touch, slithering lower and lower to squeeze her knees then lower until I settle my thumbs on the insides of her ankles to massage her ankle in circular motions. The way my eyes devoured the sight of her body made her head spin. " Wider." I prompted tugging at her ankles to spread her legs wider. The position forcing her forward, and she is thankful for the heels of her shoes that she dug into the carpet pushing up to keep her body from slipping forward and onto the floor.

" That's a girl." I cheered drawing closer, and planting kisses on the insides of her legs, her knees, and along her soft thighs, " You smell good." " Thanks." She croaked adjusting her left leg as I cup her ass in both hands pulling her towards me.

" Here," I sweep my nose onto her thigh, " and here." I plant a kiss on her mound drawing lower until my nose nudges her clit, " Especially here." " Mmmhmm." She whimpers, then clears her throat, " Uhh.thanks." I gaze up at her with a grin, " Don't thank me yet," I'm holding her ass, but moved my hands so that the tips of my fingers can touch her nether lips from behind, " thank me when you're too exhausted to walk in those stilts you're wearing!" " Oh!" is all she manages to let out, too distracted by my fingers that move around spreading her moisture and pulling her pussy lips apart.

My mouth is hot as it latches on to her slick folds. I give her a long lick with no preamble, swiping the flat of my tongue all the way from her anus to her clitoris making her moan and hold her knees stiff in their position to stop her thighs from trembling.

My hands supporting her, but the position is tricky to maintain, she is going to walk out with sore thighs afterwards for sure. That's my workout for today, she comforts herself, now I can have some chocolate without feeling guilty about it.though I'd rather have him instead. Oh wait, I will! Jesus, she was babbling in her own head!

What was he doing to her? Just a few moments ago she held the reins and had him cursing a blue streak like one of those proverbial sailors who seem to cuss at every occasion. " You have a gorgeous, juicy pussy." I hummed, " Plump," my tongue licking at her outer lips alternating between both sides as if to give them both the same opportunities to enjoy me, " Moist," I took her flesh between my teeth lightly biting then held it between my lips and pulled, " Pink," I release it with an indecent smack, " Tight," my tongue darting into her cunt for a quick second then pulls out to circle it and lap at her cleft, " Beautiful." I watch her pussy quiver and spasm every time I came in contact with her clit.

The bastard has a light growth of stubble that abrades her inner thighs, creating a sweet friction every time it came in contact with her pussy. The thought that mere oral sex from me is going to leave her sore, made her dizzy with arousal, when did she become such a glutton for eroticism and physical gratification? Maybe it was in her all along, and all she needed was a man a stranger- with an insatiable sex drive to unleash it all. I touch her clit with the tip of my nose again, and she gasps unable to take her eyes away from me despite her lids' getting too heavy to keep open.


I stroke the hood of her clit with my nose moving it around over my sensitive distended nub and making her shudder violently on the brink of climax. I sensed her nearing it, I pull back wiping my mouth with the back of my hand then blew at her clit, kissing it, then blew at it again cooling her down, but exciting her more at the same time.

My teasing is the ultimate sexual paradox, she hated the torture and having to wait so long for release after being denied several times, but at the same time she loves everything about the nasty little games I play, and how explosive her orgasm will be when I finally let her explode into a million tiny stars. Her pussy juice seeping lower between her ass cheeks pooling over the puckered star of her anus, and that's where I sent my tongue to swirl her moisture and swipe it into my mouth.

I lick it some more without inhibitions, unlike any other man she's ever been with, I didn't mind having my mouth there, and my tongue poking at her tight ring then penetrating it with bold strokes.

" Oh God!" she swore placing a hand on my gray head urging me to go faster, " Yes, please." She whispers, I pull back again, giving her ass cheeks an affirming squeeze, then attack her cunt again licking and nipping at her with abandon.

The naughty noises I make, and the way I hum my enjoyment in eating her made her feel like she is about to have a cramp in her shaking legs as she braces herself for the threatening orgasm to come, then right before she went off, I stop. She opens her mouth to object or call me a nasty name, but I'm on my feet in a flash, holding her body flush against me and devouring her mouth. Her tangy taste on my lips is baffling naughty, she kisses me back with fervor twirling her wetness around my tongue, and licking it off my lips.

My hands settle on her hips while we devour each other, as she twines her fingers in my hair ready to push me down to finish her off, but I surprise her by turning her around decisively bending her over the couch. I had eaten her from behind before, so she isn't expecting me to rub my penis along her cleft after I parted her legs and stepped forward. " What are you-" " I'm going to fuck you." I interrupted her.

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She looks ahead and finds a mirror right in front of the sofa, using this sofa is erotic, and the strategic position provides her with an unparalleled view of me behind her with my hair mussed by her, and my chest hair matted with sweat. " John, I don't think-" she starts to say, I cut her off again already pushing the head of my cock into her tight opening, " Don't think, I need to be inside you. I know you want me to fuck you." She did, I push the large tip into her and she lost her train of thought letting out a loud whimper.

She needed that, too, maybe more than I did. She glances at the mirror through half closed eyes, and sees me watching my penis disappear into her cunt inch by agonizing inch. I'm so very thick, and she hadn't ever been with a man with a monster cock. It has been a long time since has been with a man, so it is definitely a stretch. Had she not been so wet and aroused, it might have been a very painful fit. Oh, I'm careful, delicate yet firm in the way I enter her; unrelenting and thorough.

She isn't thinking straight, she would've asked me to use a condom if she were. Now she is no novice; she is on birth control, but she is never careless about protection before, ever.until now.until me. Her body resists, muscles clenching around my girth when I'm halfway in, " OH GOD.Too big," she gasps, " Oh God." " It's alright, sweet, you can take me," I massage her flank soothingly, my voice gentle and deep, " I'm almost all the way in.

You're so tight, you fit like a glove, it's perfect; you're perfect." Then placing my hand on the small of her back to keep her in place, I push all the way inside her bottoming out, and she cries out feeling stuffed and.complete. She wants me to stay inside her, deliciously over filling her like that, stretching her limits and showing her what pleasures her body can revel in. " Fuck, you're tight!" I grumble bracing my left hand on the couch while my right hand moves over her body to caress her skin.

" This feels good." " Yes.better than good, you're gripping me like a vice." " A vice or a glove, make up your mind?" That earned her a slap on the ass, and she giggles despite the sting, then her laugh transforms into a moan when I pull halfway out, then thrust back again. " Smart mouth." I admonish. " You love my mouth." " You know I do." " Mmmm." she closes her eyes feeling me stroking in and out of her with fore thought and finesse priming her for a rougher fuck.

Bit by bit, my thrusts progresses into a faster pace, and the slapping sounds my body makes against hers got louder, our combined sweat making us obscenely pornographic. Harder and deeper I drive into her, mating with her. It is strange that, despite my roughness, my thrusting is smooth, refined. She sees me watching her in the mirror, and our gazes met, twined, and locked. Right there and then she chokes on the word " John".

How can she call me by my name when I'm a stranger her? She knows that it will be unwise for her to think we will be more then just strangers inside her head, it is dangerous, but being with me like that spin the fortune wheel changing the rules of the game.

I'm no longer her anonymous oral lover John, he was.no, damn it! She isn't going there! She wrenches her gaze away from me. I might as well enjoy this, she muses, he's a terrific lover and over-thinking isn't an option right now. Then, bracing her forearms on the back of the couch, she buries her fingers in the posh fabric, and starts moving against me, synchronizing her movements with me.

Every thrust plunges me all the way to her cervix, stretching her tight sheath to accommodate my length and thickness while stroking her insides like no one else has before me.

I pull all the way out, rubbing the heel of my hand against her opening, then ramming myself home once more swiping at her g-spot with my cock. She is so close, and after being denied that first time, she prepares herself for a shattering climax.

I didn't need to touch her clit to keep her fire burning; the blaze grows with every thrust going higher, bigger, hotter to birth a conflagration of pleasure. She cries out, as I reach around swirling her slick juices across her clitoris back and forth adding extra stimulation to the hundred thousand I've already evoked. My fingers creating a delicious friction against the pearly nub, and she begins to get numb with pleasure, slipping into a haze of satisfaction.

" Oh God," she prays biting her lower lip and humming, " Gooood.uh," she squeezes her eyes shut, as the word slip out for lack of an actual name, "Jooohn." She wails weakly without noticing that she has just contradicted herself.

I brought her back to reality though, with a hand fisted in her hair, I pull her head back, " It's John; my name is John." Her eyes shot open and bore into me in the mirror, " Say it when I fuck you," I commanded and she merely bit her lip trembling all over. This isn't happening, it is a rare, delicious lucid dream and she is going to wake up any second and lose the bliss her mind has created for her.

" Say it!" I pull her hair once more, yanking her head back " Say my name, goddammit!" No, definitely not a dream. This is rough and primal, and God forgive her soul, she loves it! " John." My name rolls out of her mouth, " John, John, John," once she starts, she can't stop, and it spurs me on; my hips thrusting wildly nailing her against the sofa and drawing loud moans from deep within her.

" John, oh God, John, fuck me.make me come for you." I roll and pinch her clit between my fingers and she explodes with a loud scream. Her eyes fluttering filling up with tears, but she didn't take her gaze away from my reflection. I didn't slow down to accommodate her orgasm which made it more intense. She feels me swelling inside her, then hears my guttural groan right when she feels my seed release deep inside her. " Jesus.fucking.ahhh.hell!" I'm shuddering grasping her hips with iron fingers and emptying myself into her.

She blacked out for a few seconds, her brain went blank for a moment and she sees bright dots behind her eyelids when she finally closes them. I'm on top of her, heavy and sweaty, cradling her back against my body.

" John." She whispers weakly, feeling me stir, relax, then move again, collecting her into my arms. I carry her limp on shivering legs until we both collapse on the couch. " That was marvelous." I whisper against her temple leaving tiny, tired kisses on her skin.

" Yes, John, it was." She smiles letting her eyes fall close again, then later a few minutes, she whispers against my neck, " My name really is Maria" and hears me huskily whisper, " I know that. I know who you are." She is shrouded in blissful, tired oblivion in my arms.

" Maria, make an offer on this property for me. I want you to resign your job and come to work for me. I want you to be my representative in my real estate divison, selling and buying residential and commerical properties for investment.

You will have a team of agents for National and International business. When we go back to Dallas, we will discuss your salary and you will be available to me 24/7.

There will be a corporate jet available to you 24/7." Maria stares at me stunned.